I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 16

#16. Feeding Cerberus (3)

– Grrr?

Cerberus, sensing something amiss, slowly opened its mouth, and saliva drooled out in a long, sticky thread.

“Yuck! You filthy little…”

Despite his disgust, Damdeok’s body was completely unscathed.

– Grrrr?

As Cerberus made a face that suggested this couldn’t be happening, it attacked even more fiercely.

Behind the creature, I could see the pale face of Persephone.

“Stop! Cerberus!!!”

Persephone shouted urgently, but by then Cerberus’s maw had already engulfed Damdeok’s field of vision.

Crunch! Snap! Snap!

Cerberus was biting Damdeok’s head much more violently than before.


‘What the? It really doesn’t hurt at all?’

Inside the creature’s mouth it was just disgustingly wet, but there was no pain, not even as much as a fingernail’s worth.

Through the large, uneven fangs I could see Persephone’s face turning pale.

Persephone’s mouth opened slightly as her eyes met Damdeok’s flickering gaze.

‘What on earth is going on?’

Damdeok was also shocked beyond belief.

Piecing together the messages that had popped up in front of me…

‘Could this be related to the mythological River Styx?’

There is such a story in Greek mythology.

“If you bathe in the River Styx, you become an invincible warrior.”

According to myth, the sea goddess Thetis wanted to make her son the strongest warrior, so she dipped him in the River Styx.

‘She held him by the heel of his baby foot and dipped him, right…’

But because the heel she was holding wasn’t wetted by the magical river, it became his deadly weak spot later on.

That son’s name was Achilles.

This myth is where the term “Achilles’ heel” comes from.

“…Achilles’ heel.”

The same waters of the river styx, but there would be no Achilles’ heel for me.


Because I dipped myself into the river from head to toe!

“So you’re telling me I’m now completely invincible?”

I had finished the calculations.

With both hands, I pushed against the beast’s scalding palate.

Of course, even with my strength, pushing Cerberus away was not enough.

But since it wasn’t biting down, as expected, after a while Cerberus grew tired and spit out Damdeok.

“That’s a wise decision.”

As I emerged from its mouth onto solid ground, Persephone pointed at me with trembling hands.

“Ho-how did you…?”

Even as she spoke, Cerberus charged forward again, audibly chomping on one side of his head.

“Hey hey. Are you treating me like dog chew or what…”

Damdeok spoke nonchalantly, stirring uproar not only from Persephone but also from the nymphs watching from afar.

‘I should stop being smug and finish this quickly.’

The invincibility lasted for merely one hour.

It seemed a better judgement to finish everything before that ran out.

“Now that I’ve had my breakfast, shall we go for a walk straight away?”

Damdeok’s suggestion left Persephone with a complicated expression.

“…Yes. We should… take a walk.”

“How do we do that?”

“See that iron chain tied up over there? That’s the leash for walking him.”

She pointed weakly at the dislodged pole.

‘This is too sloppy.’

I effortlessly untied the chain from the pole.


“Cerberus hasn’t had a walk in a while, so walk him as slowly as possible…”

Midway through Persephone’s advice, Damdeok’s body suddenly lifted into the air.

– Whoof! Woof!

Because Cerberus had taken off like a runaway train.

“Hey! Dude! Stop! Stand still!”

No matter how frantically I cried out, the beast only ran faster with a growling noise.

This wasn’t a walk; it was more like being dragged, no, practically flying.

Cerberus sped across the barren wasteland of darkness, with Damdeok’s legs barely touching the ground, almost flying.

‘This is dangerous!’

Cerberus’s speed was so fast it felt life-threatening.

To mock the situation, a message appeared.

[ skill has been created!]

“A skill at a time like this!”

It seems the system thought I was running, not being dragged.

“Ah, whatever, just slow down a bit…!”

“What are you doing! Quick, enhance your strength!”

Persephone, who somehow had kept pace, shouted urgently.

“Do what…?”

“Use divine power to enhance your muscles. Cerberus’s strength is beyond imagination. Why haven’t you used divine power till now?”

Her face was twisted with effort, trying to keep up with the speed of Cerberus.

‘Use divine power?’

Wasn’t that just a condition like intelligence? How am I supposed to use that?

Damdeok gave her a blank look, and Persephone incredulously asked back.

“You really don’t know how to use divine power?”

“…I don’t know how to.”

“Are you kidding? A god who can’t use divine power?”

Persephone stopped in shock, quickly falling behind.

‘Just how far are you going to run!’

I might just break out of the underworld at this rate.

“Pant, pant, try to recall the sensation when you used your power!”

Persephone called out with difficulty once again.

‘That feeling?’

During the battle with Charon, something had activated instinctively.

Divine power, intuition.

A feeling like all the blood in my body was rushing to one spot.

Persephone continued to shout.

“Imagine it! Like you freely control the water in your body!”

“The water in my body… freely control…”

As soon as I thought about it, something clicked.

The water inside me.

Not just blood, but something else was overflowing inside me.

‘Is this divine power?’

“Focus divine power on a part of your body to enhance it!”

Following Persephone’s advice, I drew the surging divine power into my arms.


– Grrr?!

Cerberus came to a halt as if by magic.

The iron chain was taut, and my arms’ veins popped out.

‘What… Is this for real?’

It was unbelievable, even though I was doing it myself.

– Grrrrr!

“Fine then, you brute.”

Cerberus was glaring with bulging eyes and hesitated around the iron chain.

“What, you think it’s game over if you stop, huh?”

– Woof!

“No way, dude.”

– Grrrr! Woof! Woof!

The creature was thrashing in place.

I ignored it lightly, holding the chain firmly in hand.

I used all my divine power, focusing it into my arms.

“Give up. It’s easier once you do.”

Persephone, who was observing Damdeok and Cerberus, seemed more at ease.

“Your name is Yoo Damdeok, right?”

She approached with a smile.

“To be this successful with your first use of divine power… It looks like we finally got a proper part-timer this time.”

Persephone’s words were kind, but one question lingered.

‘It seems she’s quite powerful, so why doesn’t she deal with Cerberus herself?’

Even a lowly god like me could control Cerberus with divine power.

‘Persephone is quite famous as far as I know….’

She is the wife of Hades and the goddess of the underworld; surely she could control Cerberous with her divine power?

Since the trouble began, though her face had turned pale, she had not once intervened directly.

It was strange.

“May I ask you something?”

“Go ahead.”

“Why have you not approached Cerberus up until now?”

Was it too direct of a question?

Silence followed for a moment.

After a long consideration, Persephone started to speak.

“…Because I am bound by restrictions.”


“Cerberus is the watchdog of hell. He not only stops the numerous souls who try to return to the world of the living but also thwarts the intrusion of those driven by curiosity to enter…”

I knew that much.

If it guards the underworld, then that’s just how it is.

But why suddenly talk about such things now?

A deep sadness lay on Persephone’s face.

“I’m one of those souls as well. The one who yearns to return to the land of the living.”


I began to understand once I heard more.

‘That’s right, Hades kidnapped Persephone for her beauty and brought her to the underworld.’

Even while reading it, I thought, ‘How could this be part of the myths?’ But considering the vibrant witness before me, it must be true.

“So are you bound to the underworld and thus cannot touch Cerberus?”

“Something like that. Only my husband can control Cerberus. Or a few other gods temporarily allowed by him…”

“Like a part-timer like me?”

Persephone nodded.

Now I understood why she, reigning as the queen of the underworld, could not control Cerberus.

‘Gods are even worse than humans, I swear.’

A forced marriage after abduction, isn’t that a crime?

“But it’s okay, in a month I can see my mother again.”

“Oh, is that so.”

Thinking of my mother in the hospital made me feel sentimental.

A sense of misguided justice stirred within me, but I let it go.

‘What could I even do?’

Her husband is Hades.

The brother of the supreme god Zeus, managing the vast realm of the underworld….

“Let’s go then.”

Ultimately, Damdeok dragged the rebellious Cerberus back the way they came with Persephone.

As they walked, Cerberus kept resisting, so I had to concentrate on keeping the divine power in my arms.

‘Handling divine power will become second nature with a bit more practice. Perhaps it’s somewhat akin to the concept of mana?’

The more I got used to it, the less difficult it became.

‘So the magic that gods use is divine power…’

As I mentally sorted through the rough concept, we quickly reached the Hades’ gate.

The pole, which had been swinging loosely, was now properly back in its place.

The nymphs bowed their heads to greet Persephone.

“Phew~ That’s a relief, Lady Persephone. Cerberus ran off and until a moment ago even the throngs of the dead had been coming near the gates.”

“Is that so? No one has escaped, right?”

“Yes, it seems they noticed that Cerberus has returned.”

Listening to their conversation, Damdeok asked,

“If Cerberus is far from the gates, it’s a problem, right?”

The nymph replied as if it were obvious.

“Of course. If Cerberus is away from the gates, it provides an opportunity for the dead to escape.”

‘The dead trying to escape…’

Damdeok’s gaze shifted to the imposing Hades’ gate.

The great closed gate of the underworld.

‘Is the true underworld beyond that?’

– Grrrr!

Cerberus growled threateningly close to the gate, probably chasing away any nearby dead.

“Although its unruly, it works hard in what it does. That’s why I can’t leave either…”

The more I listened to her story, the sadder Persephone’s words sounded.

‘The others can only operate outside the gates with permission… Persephone, Charon, and the nymphs.’

Meanwhile, it was Cerberus who supervised all of them.

‘A dog supervises the gods…’

It seemed Hades was particularly obstinate.

“Sigh, what’s the point of having a pet dog only you can control?”

Just as I moved to tie the chain back to the pole,

[The divine ability Intuition is activated!]


A red aura flowed out from the pole.

‘It’s not alive… an item?’

I instinctively reached out my hand.

I wanted to see what it was.

‘It’s inside the pole.’

Tying Cerberus to the opposite pole, I quickly transformed Whitedew.


Persephone was too preoccupied giving orders to the nymphs, and Cerberus was busily barking at the doors of the underworld.

My arms swung swiftly.


The sudden loud noise caused the nymphs to scream and flee towards the storeroom.

Persephone looked over in astonishment, and Cerberus, covered in dust, glared at me with murderous intent. None of that mattered to me at the moment.

The only thing that I cared about was lying right in front of me.


Among the collapsed debris, a shining item of red armor.

[Cerberus’s Collar (★★★★)]

Description: A collar used by Hades to tame Cerberus. When used, it allows one to command Cerberus at will.

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