I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 15

#15. Feeding Cerberus (2)

“Let’s start with feeding it.”

Persephone said kindly.

– Grrrrrrrrr! Bark! Growl!

Contrarily, Cerberus barked so loudly that Baekseoli, who had been on my head, had to cover her ears with her tail.

‘Phew, my eardrums are going to burst.’

I followed Persephone with my ears covered.

A small side door next to the gates of the underworld. As we opened this door, a wide, natural cave-like space unfolded.

“This is the storeroom where Cerberus’s feed is kept. The nymphs of the underworld transport them here.”

“Wow, it’s just like a wholesale butcher shop.”

Divided by parts, like a meat market, ‘fairies of the underworld,’ the nymphs were classifying the pieces of meat.

“It doesn’t matter which part, just give it four pieces in the morning. Five for lunch, and six for dinner.”

According to Persephone’s instructions, Damdeok shouldered a chunk of meat.

As soon as we stepped outside, Cerberus drooled incessantly, eyeing the meat.

‘What? It was barking so much before?’

Seeing its docile appearance now, I couldn’t help but tease it a little.

“Here! Meat~ meat!”

Waving the meat back and forth, all three of Cerberus’s heads oscillated, unable to take their eyes off of it.

“Heh, this is kind of cute.”

In reality, one of Damdeok’s favorite part-time jobs had been caring for large dogs.

‘The pay was pretty good, and there’s a certain charm to big dogs.’

Of course, Cerberus before me was not just a large dog, but a colossal monster… Still, as I watched it fixate on the chunk of meat, memories of my time working with large dogs came flooding back.

“Good. Sit!”

I lifted the meat and shouted, my heart full of excitement.

‘Sit’ is the most basic of training commands.

I’ve done the large dog part-time job dozens of times.

‘Sitting should be a piece of cake.’

But that was wishful thinking.

“What’s with that expression on its face?”

Cerberus rolled its eyes lazily, its face exuding an air of disbelief.

The following bobbing of heads.

It was as if it were saying to just casually give it the meat and be done with it.

I was irked.

“…Hey, sit and you’ll get it immediately, got it? Sit!”

Cerberus lifted its front paws and waved them languidly.

It seemed almost like it was saying ‘enough, just hurry up and throw the meat.’

“Ha! Fine. That’s how you want to play it, huh?”

After all, Cerberus was firmly tied to a pillar.

If I didn’t throw the meat, it wouldn’t be able to eat.

“You better think about who benefits here, mutt.”

I threatened, but Cerberus didn’t budge.

Instead, it let out a heavy sigh and began lazily digging the ground.

Wham! A whole lot of sand flew into my face immediately.

Baekseoli, taken aback, hid behind my back.

“Eww, ptui, ptui!”

Persephone had approached at some point and burst out laughing.

“Pfhaha, an interesting part-timer this time. Training is useless. Cerberus only listens to my husband.”

“Ah, I see…”

“Please, take your time. I will be helping in the storeroom, call me anytime if you need help.”

The kind Persephone went back to the storeroom chuckling.

Left alone, that was Damdeok.

And Cerberus lay with an arrogant posture.

– Bark!

It arrogantly pointed its snout toward the food bowl.

The gesture clearly meant: fill it up with feed quickly and get lost.


A thick vein popped on Damdeok’s forehead.

“Alright, fine. I’ll give it to you now.”

I grabbed a chunk of meat tightly.

‘I see why no one volunteered to do this.’

I bet it’s not because they’re afraid of Cerberus. It’s just that they can’t stand that insolent dog!

“Take this!”

I launched the meat with all my might.

The second head of Cerberus attempted to snatch the meat agilely but missed by a hair.


Ultimately, the meat crashed into a distant corner near the gates of the underworld.

Cerberus looked at me with a face as if it had eaten something disgusting.

“Ah. Sorry, sorry~ I didn’t gauge my strength properly.”

Apparently hungry, after giving me a glare, it promptly went to fetch and eat the meat.

– Bark!

Almost as soon as it barked for more, I quickly threw another piece of meat.


This time the meat landed too far in front. It fell quite a distance from the gates of the underworld.

“Ah! Oops… I overdid it trying to ease up. Sorry, sorry!”

Cerberus looked at Damdeok with a look of disbelief.

“Mistake, mistake, I’ll give it to you properly this time!”

It growled softly then trudged forward.

As it lifted its head after finishing eating,

– Jing!

A hefty piece of meat fell onto the left eye socket of its middle head.

“Ah! I didn’t aim that properly.”

With a teasing tone in my voice, Baekseoli burst into giggles, enjoying it.

– Grrrrrrrrrrrr! Growl!

Riled up, it flung its body roughly.

‘It’s tied up anyway, so what?’

However, as Cerberus lunged forward with all its might, the pillar to which it was bound began to shake violently.

“Hey! That can’t be! How can it even move that size?”

The pillar was roughly the height of a 5-story apartment building.

Yet the pillar wobbled precariously with each of Cerberus’s determined lunges forward.

“This is ridiculous, it’s shoddy construction…”


Eventually, with a tremendous noise, the pillar tipped over.


In an instant, Cerberus’s sharp fangs came alarmingly close to my face.


Thanks to the battle focus skill, I barely managed to evade, but my heart pounded uncontrollably.

Had I made a slip, I could have been taken by those terrifying teeth.

“This creature…!”

After just a touch of teasing, was it seriously emitting a killing intent?


Instantly, with Heracles’s cudgel transformed, I swung at it with all my strength.

“Was it you who started all this?”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The dwarf hammer summoned with intense force.

A desperate struggle for survival.

It wasn’t until the air became so dusty that I couldn’t distinguish what was in front of me that Damdeok backed away.

‘That should’ve scared it somewhat, right?’

But as the dust cleared to reveal Cerberus, it just hung its tongue out and sneered.

‘Not a scratch on it…?’

I was shocked.

I had swung the dwarf hammer so much…

Cerberus, drooling copiously, began to approach slowly.

‘Stay calm, stay calm.’

I moved back slowly, bit by bit.

Plop! Splash!

There was nowhere else to go.

Behind me, the River Styx flowed.

“Don’t! Don’t fall into the river!”

There were nymphs huddled en masse in front of the storeroom.

Among them, Persephone appeared pale as a ghost.

“If you fall into the Styx, you’ll be eaten right away!”

Something eats you?

I didn’t know what, but cold sweat dripped down.

“Cerberus! Stop! Sit!”

Persephone tried to stop it, but it was utterly in vain.

Cerberus did not budge an inch.

‘That creature, previously mentioning it only listens to Hades…’

That meant: no one here could stop it.

– Roar! Bark!!!

Cerberus charged fiercely.


A searing pain grazed my forehead as blood poured out immediately.

Just a light scratch from its fang, and it felt like my entire forehead was torn off.

– Growl!

Dodging another assault of fangs, I flung my body.

“This beast!”

Damdeok bit down hard and launched a counterattack, but perhaps due to the tension.


The muddy ground was slipperier than expected.

In a rush to step, my foot slipped and my whole body tilted precariously.

Right behind was the River Styx.

For a moment, rather than the river, death itself seemed to open its vast mouth.


Everything felt slow motion, and my balance was gone. Before I knew it, I was floating above the river.

‘That damn dog…’

The last thing I saw was Cerberus’s paw coming toward me, then…

Splash! Blub blub!

Damdeok’s body plummeted into the dark abyss.

* * *


The water was darkness itself.

‘It’s so cold…’

An eerie chill wrapped around me.

A creeping terror of death approached.

I didn’t want to believe it.

I wanted to use some flashy skills or a new divine power I had acquired, but my body just wouldn’t move.

‘No! It can’t end like this…’

I couldn’t die now.

There were still hundreds of items bookmarked in the shop of the gods!

‘I haven’t even bought one yet. Damn it….’

The consciousness continued to sink endlessly.

How long had it been?

‘It’s suddenly warm…’

Comfort, peace, a sense of security.

It was different from the beginning; positive sensations slowly enveloped me.

If this was truly death, I thought it might not be so bad after that.

As my eyes began to drift shut,

– Determination!!!

Backseoli’s shout spread through my body like a shockwave.

Flash! My eyes snapped open.

‘Oh, crap!’

Blub blub!

I spewed out water. Deep in the dark water where not a single ray of light penetrated, consciousness returned before I had a chance to rejoice.

‘Ugh! What is this!’

Beneath my feet, numerous white hands fluttered about.

The hands, dancing, started to wrap around my ankles and climb up.

‘Get off! Get off me!’

Slash! Slash!

I hacked away with my sword frantically, but the dead would not stop reviving.

They came back to life again and again.

It even seemed as though the severed hands were multiplying by division.

‘I can’t let it end like this!’

Only after I had crushed several with my dwarf hammer did the white hands start to retreat bit by bit.

Damdeok didn’t look back and swam upwards with all his might, breaking the water surface.


I emerged, but the gaping mouth of Cerberus was the first thing I saw.

“Avoid it! Cerberus sees anyone who comes out of the Styx as the dead!”

Along with Persephone’s urgent cry, Cerberus’s enormous mouth closed rapidly over my face.


The sound was ominous.

My head should’ve been smashed normally… but it didn’t hurt. Instead, the view in front of me was crystal clear.

“What is this…?”

[The effect of the River Styx’s water is taking place!]

[You gain immunity against all physical attacks!]

[You gain immunity against poison status ailments!]

[You gain immunity against bleeding status ailments!]

[You gain immunity against stun status ailments!]

[Duration: 1 hour.]

Inside Cerberus’s gaping maw.

The light from the messages brightly illuminated Damdeok’s face.

… What on earth is all this?

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