I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 140

I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods




Sounds were rampant in the forest. Damdeok and his group looked around in a daze. Dense trees and lush, unnamed plants filled the area. The vibrant noises made it feel like they had entered the Earth at the dawn of time. They stood alone in this unknown primeval forest.

“…Jungle? Amazon? What is this, a martial arts world?”

“Did we land in the wrong place?”

“Brother, this feels really off…”

“This is much more serious than the northern forests of Atlarum.”

Amid their worries, Damdeok opened the system. Dimension C-132 area. It was definitely a martial arts world.

“…Ten Million Great Mountains? It says we’re at the Ten Million Great Mountains?”

As Damdeok read aloud from the system, everyone tilted their heads in confusion.

“Ten Million Great Mountains?”

“A mountain where ten million troops are hidden?”

“…Ah, if that’s true, the name is pretty cliché.”

While everyone mumbled meaninglessly, Baek Gureum, a fan of martial arts fiction, sparkled with excitement.

“You guys don’t know the Ten Million Great Mountains?! It’s the stronghold of the Demon Sect! Named because it’s made of tens of thousands of peaks!”

Of course, including Damdeok, those not interested in martial arts fiction just nodded reluctantly.

“Oh~ so it’s the Ten Million Great Mountains…”

“Yeah. Whether it’s ten million or a million, looks like we’ll get our fill of nature today.”

“Hmph, I prefer the sands! In such lush places, I can’t find peace of mind…!”

Just then—


A huge snake lunged out from the bushes towards Pao’s bandages, flicking its tongue.

“Ah, protect me, everyone! Gather around!”

“What? What’s that!”

“What’s going on!”

“Yikes! How can a snake be that big?!”

The fluorescent snake, easily over three meters long, looked down at Damdeok’s group with its tongue flickering.

After a short silence, Adel Sharon licked her lips and quietly conjured a fireball in her palm.


“Hmm. I haven’t tried snake barbecue, but I’m getting hungry.”

Seeing her relaxed smile, Damdeok scolded her in horror.

“Are you crazy? Do you plan to burn down the entire nearby forest? I told you not to draw attention!”

“Well, I mean, it’s just a saying…”

Adel Sharon withdrew quietly after Damdeok’s intervention. As she stepped back, Baek Gureum stepped forward, drawing his sword.

“Damn it! I’ll handle this!”


With a crisp sound, the elegant blade of Achilles’ sword was in his right hand, and Achilles’ shield in his left.

Golden-armored, like a young general, Baek Gureum swung his weapon at the giant snake.

“Get lost, you beast!”



The giant snake dodged adeptly and then slithered away.

“Where do you think you’re running?!”

As Baek Gureum chased after it, a flapping sound suddenly obscured his view.

“What is this nonsense.”

Alru’s black wings had completely blocked Baek Gureum’s view.

“…Move it.”


Alru folded his wings, but by then, the giant snake had long disappeared into the dense forest.

“What are you doing?”

Baek Gureum growled at Alru, his actions clearly threatening, but Alru remained calm.

“It got away, that’s enough. It was just startled by our intrusion. It might have had babies nearby.”

“What? Are you seriously worried about the snake’s babies now? Pao was almost swallowed whole.”

Baek Gureum pointed accusingly at Pao, who was shivering in fear in Papi’s arms.

“That’s right. I almost became food!”

Baek Gureum looked more assertive as he glared at Alru.

“Hey, are you more concerned about the safety of that fluorescent snake than your comrades?”

Alru sighed softly.

“That’s not it. The snake showed no signs of attacking us. There’s no need to chase and kill it.”


Baek Gureum snorted exaggeratedly and turned to Damdeok, his face incredulous.

With an exaggerated shrug, he seemed to be asking for support, but Damdeok did not meet his expectations.

“Enough. Alru is right. There’s no need to kill it. Our goal is to find the next guardian. Let’s move on.”

As soon as Damdeok started walking, Baek Gureum began to complain, but soon stopped under Jusoyul’s stern gaze.

“Damn, that guy looks like a devil but why does he look so pale? Like a rice cake… And his courage is as small as a bean. I really don’t like him!”

Despite his complaints, Alru simply chuckled and ignored them.

Compared to what had happened in the Demon World, this was nothing.

Eventually, Baek Gureum, tired of his own complaints, stopped and vented his frustration by slicing through giant spiders and unusually large wild animals they encountered in the bushes.

Thus, Damdeok and his group were making their way relatively smoothly through the Ten Million Great Mountains.

How long had they walked?

Damdeok finally spoke up.

“Hey, Jusoyul. Are we going the right way? Are we even on the right path?”

They had been pushing through thickets and following a river for a while.

“Yeah. The Demon Sect’s headquarters is well hidden, so we have to go this way.”

Hearing this, Baek Gureum excitedly chimed in again.

“Yep, a group that has made enemies across the entire Central Plains needs to be hidden in a hard-to-find place!”

“Is that so…”

Damdeok looked unconvinced, and Baek Gureum started giving additional explanations based on various settings he had read in martial arts novels.

“So the Demon Sect is… that’s why the enemy is…”

“Stop it, man. It might be different here. This is the real world.”

Rebuked by Damdeok, Baek Gureum pouted.

Just then, Jusoyul suddenly stopped walking and looked up at the sky.

“What’s wrong?”

“The path ends here.”


Damdeok followed Jusoyul’s gaze.

Two peaks soared above a sheer cliff. Beyond the cliff in front of them, no other paths were visible.

“Hey, Jusoyul, don’t tell me…”

“Are we supposed to climb this…”

The group looked at her with faces that said, ‘Surely not.’ But Jusoyul simply nodded as if it were obvious.

Their faces quickly darkened.

“We can reach the Demon Sect quickly once we get over this cliff.”

Saying this, Jusoyul lightly stepped onto the cliff.



“That lady is seriously…”

As if walking on flat ground, Jusoyul climbed the cliff with ease. Alru, Pao, and Papi could only stare in awe.

Damdeok, Adel Sharon, and Baek Gureum, having seen this scene at the cliff of the Three Gods, simply looked on with indifferent expressions.

“How long are you all going to just watch? She’s going up alone. Alru! You can carry those two, right?”

Damdeok pointed at Papi and Pao.

Alru nodded casually.

“Yeah. No problem.”


Alru spread his black wings like the sails of a pirate ship.

In an instant, he scooped up Pao and Papi by the napes of their necks and soared into the air.


“Wow! Amazing!”

“I, I am the 12th Pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty of Egypt! Take care, take extra care… Aaah!”

Watching Alru powerfully ascend the cliff, Damdeok concentrated his divine power in Hermes’ shoes.


“Alru’s wings might be more powerful, but…”

Damdeok grabbed the napes of Baek Gureum and Adel Sharon.

“It’s not impossible!”


Damdeok’s body surged powerfully into the air.

After killing Asmodeus in the Demon World, Damdeok’s divine power had already surpassed 970,000.

“Just a bit more and I’ll be a high-tier god…!”

Whether it was the Demon Sect or the martial world, if a decisive show of force was needed to recruit the next guardian, he was more than willing to provide it.

‘Getting the guardian and ascending to high-tier god at the same time…!’

That would be the ultimate achievement.

‘Finally, ascending to high-tier god is just around the corner…!’

Though he didn’t show it outwardly, Damdeok was already full of ambitious dreams before even arriving in this world.


An explosive force filled Hermes’ shoes.

His nearly 1,000,000 divine power was more than enough to handle Baek Gureum and Adel Sharon like feathers.

“Yeehaw! Jusoyul, you’re last in this cliff-climbing race!”

Watching Damdeok swiftly pass by her side, Jusoyul frowned as if it was childish.

“Alright, bro! Let’s overtake that rice cake-looking guy too!”

“Yeah, you greedy boss! Let’s go!!”


Excited, Damdeok flew close behind Alru.

The sheer cliff was quite high and steep, requiring almost vertical flight, but for Damdeok, who was on the verge of reaching 1,000,000 divine power, it was not a difficult course.

“This is nothing!!”


Damdeok sped past Alru like he had boosters attached.

“Argh! I’ve been overtaken!”

“How dare you surpass the Pharaoh!”


Damdeok’s body quickly soared past the high cliff’s edge.


After winning the short and intense race, a breathtaking view unfolded before Damdeok.

“Awesome, just killer!”

“Wow, what a spectacular view!”

“Bro, we arrived first! Yeehaw!”

The landscape stretching to the horizon made them feel exhilarated.

Moreover, arriving first on the cliff, even though it was a minor thing, felt gratifying and enjoyable.

After a joyful high five, Damdeok’s expression hardened as he landed on the peak.

“…What is that?”

Hundreds, maybe thousands of years of erosion had artistically shaped the rocky cliff.

The scene, which should have been mesmerizing just to look at, was horrific in itself.


“How many people died here…”

The cliff was a sea of blood.

It looked as if it was naturally red, with countless bodies strewn everywhere.

Not just the cliff, but also the basin-like terrain below was piled high with bodies, forming a mound.

“…This is unbelievable.”

“How can there be so many bodies?”

Baek Gureum, Adel Sharon, and the newly arrived Alru and Jusoyul all stared blankly at the gruesome scene.

And then,

Something wriggling caught their eye amidst the sea of corpses.

In that dreadful place, filled with nothing but dead bodies, a pair of fierce eyes met Damdeok’s gaze.

“That guy, could it be…”

Instinctively muttering, Jusoyul nodded in agreement.

“The eighth guardian, Cheonma (Heavenly Demon) Cheontaerang (Heavenly Great Man).”

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