I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 14

#14. Feeding Cerberus (1)

My vision slowly got consumed by darkness.

It’s my third part-time job for the gods already.

This transition of scenes has become somewhat familiar.

‘Aside from the address, …’

For now, I didn’t want to miss this great opportunity of ‘Double Pay Chance’.

‘With double the pay, I can finally buy something from the store.’

It was a perfect chance to become a consumer at the gods’ store, famous for its outrageous prices.

‘This job must be about not getting bitten by Cerberus….’

[Boss’ Note: Our dog doesn’t bite. ^‿^*]

That definitely means it will bite.

‘Yep. Absolutely.’

But I wasn’t too worried.

‘After all, I just need to take care of feeding it.’

Considering the skills and talents I’ve acquired so far, and the divine power of the Sword God that I’ve just received, I believe feeding it should be more than doable.

‘But I wonder what Hades looks like? Is he as fierce as depicted in the books?’

Just then, the view started to get brighter.

Shapes flickering before my eyes.

As the view became clearer….

“Ah, you startled me!”

Damduk exclaimed aloud.

A face was way too close in front of him.

A bald head with a fierce look.

And a man dressed in tattered clothes slowly opened his mouth.

“You… are not one of the dead.”

A low, damp voice.

Along with that sound, a boat in the back began to sway in the water currents.

Creek! Crreeaak!

‘A boat…?’

It’s only then that the surrounding scenery came into view.

A river submerged in darkness.

An old ferryboat behind the man.

It all clicked.

The man must be the ferryman.

Transporting the souls of the deceased…

‘Then, this must be the river Styx.’

The river Styx.

In Greek mythology, it refers to the river that surrounds the underworld.

If comparing it to our country, it would be like Samdochon.

The man gestured firmly.

“Go back. This is no place for a young whelp. The living cannot cross.”

The word ‘whelp’ made Damduk’s eyebrows twitch.

“Hmm. Then, where do I go to meet Hades?”

At the mention of ‘Hades’, this time the ferryman Charon’s eyebrows twitched.

“How dare… You frivolously speak His name.”

“Then what am I to call Hades if not Hades? What do you want me to say? God of the Underworld? King of the Dead? Your Excellency?”

Charon’s mouth twitched furiously.

…Did he just curse in Greek?

“Isn’t your life precious to you?”

“That’s what I want to ask you. You were the first to provoke.”


“Yes, you. You started speaking rudely first.”


Sparks flew from the ferryman’s eyes. As Charon, glaring murderously, turned on his heels, he brought out a long, oar-like pole from the boat.

What’s he going to do with that?

Hit me…?

“I clearly warned you. Go back.”

Charon menacingly pointed the pole at him.

Because of his bald head and his large size, Damduk felt just a little… only a little intimidated.

“Hot-blooded lower gods like you all ended up hanging on this pole and dying.”

“Wow. You really are a bad guy.”

“…Worthless chatter. This is your last chance. Just go, whelp.”

Ugh, ‘whelp’ again.

Why does that word irritate me so much?

He quietly flipped his middle finger.

“You insolent!”

What? Does he understand that?

Charon’s pole began to swing threateningly.

I quietly shifted the Moonlight Fox over my shoulder.

Charon snorted.

“Hmph, you think you can fight with a spiritual beast? There isn’t a god in this world who would waste time on a puny thing like that!”

Charon swung the pole like a whip.

I also quickly transformed Baeksul.


A heavy metallic sound echoed.

A simple deflection.

But Charon was staring at Damduk in disbelief. It wasn’t that he blocked his attack.

“You… How do you wield that?”

Charon’s pupils were shaking violently.

The corners of my mouth rose smirkily.

‘Looks like the stories in the mythology were real?’

I just threw the now-visible white staff over my shoulder.

“Why? You recognize this staff?”

Rotating the staff, Damduk’s words sent Charon into a frenzied rage.

Harumdada…, Harumdada!

That staff made of olive wood!

No doubt, that was,

“The club of Heracles…!”

Charon gnashed his teeth.


He was the one who dared to come to the underworld while alive and beat up the god of the dead – himself – and just crossed the river.

And that as a mortal!

Worst of all, he didn’t even pay the ferry fee!

ืA sheer robber!

It was the very olive wood club that Heracles had used to beat him up at that time.

‘Different color, but definitely the same thing.’

Charon ground his teeth.

Apart from the rising fury,

He couldn’t move rashly.

Damduk tapped his shoulder lightly with the club.

“Well, if you recognize this club, the story will go quicker.”

Charon felt the cold sweat dripping down his back.

The terrifying memory of that day, the trauma, began to creep up inside him.

“…What exactly are you trying to say?”

“What’s there to say? Just hurry up, I’m busy.”


“Why? Don’t like it? Are we really going to do this?”

As I lowered the club, Charon flinched and took a step back.

“Then at least pay the fare…”

“What? Are you joking?”

The atmosphere turned grim, and Charon shut his mouth.

‘This guy is totally like that Heracles!’

Everything, from the threatening demeanor, the tone of his voice, and even his style of intimidation, was exactly like Heracles.

‘Damn it, what wrong have I done to deserve this!’

It was the moment when Charon’s pride crumbled.

He had been beaten like a dog during Boknal.

Honestly, he just wanted to ferry him across as soon as possible and not see that club anymore.

“…Follow me.”

In the end, giving up and about to guide him to the ferry when suddenly, an imperial command from Hades passed by.

「Useless one! To let the living in! You shall be sentenced to a year of chains!」

A shiver ran down his back.

It was Heracles who had committed the threatening and assault, but it was him, the victim, who ended up receiving the dreadful punishment.

Charon, trembling with fear, suddenly turned and swung his oar-like pole.

“I cannot be subjected to chains again!!”


For Damduk, who was defenselessly standing, it was an absolutely unavoidable attack.


[Divine Ability Intuition activates!]

Huh? What’s this?

A sensation of my blood rushing to my head.

I felt it.

In a fleeting moment, the murderous intent overflowing from Charon!


The pole narrowly missed grazing my left cheek, and Damduk instinctively kicked off the ground.

“This bastard is going behind my back?!”


Though it was a split-second, Charon saw in Damduk the image of Heracles.

Adorned in the skin of the Nemean lion, beating him mercilessly like a hellish beast – that was Heracles.

“Sa, save me…!”

A severe trauma-induced panic attack hit him.

Over Charon’s frozen head, Damduk’s club swung down heavily.



Instantly, Charon’s eyes rolled up and soon after, he collapsed, frothing at the mouth.

As the battle ended anticlimactically, Damduk awkwardly scratched his head.

“What the… Why so weak?”

* * *


Upon disembarking the boat, a huge cave was in view.

“Oh ho, this must be the entrance to the underworld?”

He asked Charon, but there was no response.

Looking back, he was quickly rowing away.

Woosh! Woosh!

– @#&@$%#@!

He seemed to be shouting something as he drifted farther away – likely cursing.

“…Such a coward.”

Damduk was clicking his tongue a few times when a beautiful voice came from behind.

“Are you the one in charge of Cerberus?”

Turning around, there stood a goddess. Not metaphorically, but a real goddess.

With lushly braided golden hair, translucent white skin, and especially her striking red pupils, the woman proved that she was not a mere mortal.


For a moment, I mistook her for the goddess of beauty, but that couldn’t be.

‘This is the underworld, after all.’

I composed my voice.

“Yes, I’m Yu Damduk.”

“Nice to meet you. My husband was so angry about not having any applicants, I almost had to do it myself.”

The goddess offered her hand with a smile.

‘If Hades is her husband… then she’s Persephone.’


The goddess who reigns as ‘Queen of the Underworld’ alongside Hades.

“Let’s go. I will guide you to where Cerberus is.”

I followed the goddess down a winding path for a while.

What was astonishing was despite entering through a cave entrance, the path intermittently opened into vast wastelands stretching endlessly.

“Cerberus is quite far away.”

“Previously, we would immediately summon people to where Cerberus is… But then my husband decided not to do that anymore.”

“Why’s that?”

“Because half of the part-timers they summoned would be overwhelmed by Cerberus and run away. So he thought that anyone capable of subduing Charon the ferryman should be able to handle Cerberus as well.”

‘So that was a kind of test.’

I got it. Cerberus in mythology was called ‘Hell’s watch dog,’ an intimidating beast.

‘I’m getting nervous again.’

How long had we been walking?

Far away, a faint light appeared.

“We’re almost there.”

As the goddess spoke, an open terrain unfolded before us.

“That’s Cerberus….”

Its size was enormous.

Its body as large as a house, with shiny black fur befitting the underworld.

Above all, it had three heads.

– Growl!

The creature bared its teeth towards me as all three heads acted simultaneously.

‘I might have to make a dash for that door to the afterlife behind me if it bites….’

Behind me stood a formidable gate to the afterlife.

A gate that seemed ten times larger than Cerberus itself.

‘The scale is impressive.’

Being in front of the real gates of the underworld was a profoundly new experience.

However, my time of admiration was soon interrupted….

– Grrrr!

Cerberus growled menacingly.

Ready to pounce at any moment, but Damduk stayed surprisingly calm.

‘At least it’s tied up, so that’s somewhat calming.’

Next to the imposing gate stood a massive pillar.

Cerberus was securely tied to that.

“Before you start working, you might want to read this.”

Persephone handed over an old piece of parchment.

[*Cerberus’ Precautions*]

Usually very gentle, but high risk of injury when feeding. Especially watch out for your hands, arms, head, torso, legs, etc., so you don’t get bitten!

‘The precautions are hands, arms, head, torso, legs… Just tell me to be careful with everything.’

Other scenarios where caution was advised included when Cerberus guarded the gate, when Cerberus was lying down, when Cerberus stood up, when Cerberus sat, when Cerberus licked its paws, when Cerberus yawned… and so on.

‘Is this some kind of joke?’

I almost crumpled the parchment in frustration, but instead I patiently folded it up neatly.

“The precautions have been put together by my husband, so they should be reliable. There’s also a detailed daily schedule on the back, so refer to that.”

Moved by Persephone’s kind explanation, I unfolded the parchment again.

As she said, the daily schedule for Cerberus was written on the back.

[*Cerberus’ Daily Schedule*]

Breakfast and a walk (in the underworld only!)

Lunch and a walk (in the underworld only!)

Dinner and a walk (in the underworld only!)

The schedule was as clear and straightforward as it gets, but Damduk was still shocked.

A walk? Seriously?

“Cerberus goes for walks?”

To my question, Persephone just smiled silently.

The expression was saying, isn’t it obvious?

But the job posting clearly stated I just had to feed it…

My gaze slowly shifted towards Cerberus.

– Rumble!

The beast’s bared teeth seemed to be saying one thing.

I will kill you! I will bite you to death!

“…Haha, this is crazy.”

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