I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 138

I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods

#138. Preparing for the Next Journey

[Demone Alui (Demon Race)]

[Job: 5th Priest]

[Talent: Magical Energy Management (SS)]

[Skills: Demon Swordsmanship (S+), Demon Spear Technique (A), Demon Martial Arts (A+), Demon Flight (S), Greed Predator (SS)]

[Description: As the fifth prince of Lucifer, the ruler of the 100th floor, renowned as the most powerful in the demon world, his talents in swordsmanship, spear technique, and various other combat skills are exceptional. Among these, his innate ability to manage magical energy is particularly notable. His flight and martial arts abilities also far surpass those of his demonic peers. However, he has a critical flaw: unlike other demons, he is too gentle and peace-loving, which has led to his ostracization throughout the demon world. Despite this, he dreams of becoming the Demon King and creating a peaceful demon world, which certainly makes him no ordinary fool.]

“Calling a child a fool, what nonsense…”

Damduk muttered quietly as he scanned the system window.

After barely returning to the present world, Lucifer had instigated a massive war against Michael’s forces, plunging the demon world into chaos.

‘It would look like hell itself.’

Lucifer’s true power, which had seemed indecisive at first, was beyond imagination.

He alone could effortlessly contend with half of the heavenly forces, including Michael.

Overwhelmed by his power, Damduk and his companions had no choice but to flee back to the present world without any guilt.

Originally, they had intended to help a little, but it turned out to be completely unnecessary.

As all the demons from every layer of the demon world gathered, the angels’ forces, no matter how large, seemed helpless.

As time passed, Lucifer and the demons following his will became more frenzied.

Although they didn’t watch the battle to the end, the outcome seemed all too clear.

“At least with Alui joining, gathering the guardians will speed up.”

At Jusoyul’s words, Damduk turned his head.

She sat relaxed on the sofa, petting Baeksul.

As soon as they got home, she sent the others out to the yard to talk privately with him, and after a long silence, she finally spoke up.

“So, what did you want to say?”

“That’s all I had to say. The gathering of the guardians is progressing well, now all that’s left is…”

Damduk interrupted her.

“You’re talking pretty casually. Aren’t you worried, even though Eliya caused the death of the sixth guardian? One of the 12 guardians is now missing, is that really okay? Can we still prevent the war of the gods?”

Jusoyul’s hand paused briefly as she petted Baeksul.

“There’s been a loss of power, but… it’s not a desperate situation.”

“What do you mean?”

“Gathering the 12 guardians is important, but the key to all this is you. Your potential hasn’t even begun to be tapped. We don’t yet know how the future will unfold.”

There she goes again.

More enigmatic words.

Damduk’s eyes narrowed.

“Can you stop with the cryptic talk?”

Jusoyul just shrugged her shoulders.

‘You still think I know nothing.’

Damduk glanced at the system window.

The fragments of memories that had surfaced, especially after encountering Tartaros (Abyssal Eye), revealed truths Jusoyul had kept hidden from him.

“I get it. I understand why it’s hard for you to tell me everything. Since the Abyssal Eye has absolute prophetic abilities, you couldn’t help it.”

Damduk murmured, causing Jusoyul’s eyes to widen slightly.


“It makes sense. Since my divine power is still low, if the Abyssal Eye uses its prophetic abilities, it could expose all our plans. You probably have a power prepared against that, but I still have nothing, so it’s understandable.”

“How did you…?”

Jusoyul stared at him as if bewitched.

It seems unbelievable.

‘Even with repeated lives, this notebook-like system was unknown?’

This brought him one step closer to the truth the system messages suggested.

Damduk continued nonchalantly.

“Are you surprised by that? And we’re just getting started.”

Damduk started listing the facts he had deduced from the fragments of memories in the system.

In fact, Jusoyul wasn’t a prophet, but a ‘returner,’ a concept akin to endless reincarnation.

The task of preventing the gods’ war with the 12 guardians was far from the end of it all.

Throughout the conversation, Jusoyul’s face contorted in shock.

“Looks like I’m right, judging by your expression.”

Damduk pushed away the system window and smiled.

He didn’t mention the fragments of memory.

There was no need to speak of them now; he needed to keep some cards to himself.

“Hey, how long have you known all this?”

Jusoyul’s voice trembled a bit.

She seemed more shocked than expected.

“Well, let’s just say it hasn’t been long.”

“How could…”

“Don’t ask such cliché questions. You wouldn’t tell me anyway.”

Damduk grinned mischievously, and Jusoyul clamped her mouth shut.

Silence fell in the living room, but the bustling noise from the yard penetrated the glass.

– Come at me! Just try!

– Ah, why is this kid like this again? Stop it!

– Yeah, Adel, you stay out of this!

– This is for my sister!

Damduk shrugged and stood up.

“You’ve kept plenty of secrets from me, so let’s call it even this time. Okay?”

Jusoyul stared blankly at him, and he walked out to the yard cheerfully.

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