I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 137

I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods

Lucifer slowly approached Damdeok, and as his large black wings flapped slowly, Damdeok felt chills all over his body without knowing why. He immediately understood one thing: this being was truly powerful. The mere presence of the man in front of him was overwhelming.

“Is this the power that transcends even King Arthur’s serenity?” Damdeok thought, realizing that Lucifer could control the space around him more perfectly than the time-limited powers of King Arthur.

Lucifer, observing Michael moving in slow motion, muttered, “Michael… have you come yourself this time?” His eyes were devoid of any emotion.

His emotionless gaze swept over the chaotic battlefield and then slowly returned to Damdeok. “Has Asmodeus disappeared because of you?” he asked, looking elsewhere.

Damdeok, faced with the direct question, retorted boldly, “Would you kill me if that were the case?”

Lucifer smirked. “Amusing.” He knew Michael wouldn’t have killed Asmodeus, nor was there any demon on this floor capable of such a feat. That left only one possibility: a powerful outsider, skilled enough in combat to take advantage of Asmodeus’s unguarded moment.

“I already believe you’re responsible for Asmodeus’s death,” Lucifer clarified. His confident gaze pierced Damdeok, who was now trying to gauge the situation.

“What are you planning?” Damdeok thought, feeling extremely uncomfortable. The battle for the throne of the Demon King was long lost, and his only goal was to escape this dreadful situation with his comrades.

The appearance of Eliya and Asmodeus had complicated things beyond repair. “What’s the use of defeating Asmodeus if even more powerful enemies appear?” Damdeok lamented internally. He knew he was outmatched, not just by Michael, but by the fearsome Lucifer.

Time seemed to stretch on, yet the slowed space showed no signs of dissipating. “King Arthur’s serenity drains divine power instantly, yet Lucifer doesn’t seem strained at all.”

As Damdeok remained silent, Lucifer continued, “You’re not talking. Scared, are you?” He noted the sword of pure white that Damdeok held. “Asmodeus would have liked it. It’s a pity he died at the hands of a foreign god… But perhaps it’s for the best. He was a warmonger, after all. Now, the unnecessary sacrifices on the 44th floor will greatly diminish.”

However, Lucifer’s situation had become complicated with Michael leading the heavenly army. “Now the cure is worse than the disease,” he muttered to himself.

Damdeok felt an odd sense of dissonance listening to Lucifer. “He talks like a peace-loving sage rather than the supreme Demon King…”

Seeing Lucifer’s interest in Aloui, who stood with his back to the white clouds and brandished his sword, Damdeok realized something. Despite his powerful combat skills, Lucifer seemed to dislike fighting, much like Aloui, who had impressive talent but seemed reluctant to use it.

“Maybe there’s a way to use this situation,” Damdeok thought, seeing a potential breakthrough in this dire situation. “If I can convince Lucifer to support Aloui…”

Opening the conversation, Damdeok finally spoke, “About your earlier question, yes, I did kill Asmodeus. But I think you might be more interested in something else right now.”

Lucifer’s expression changed at the mention of Aloui. “What do you mean?” he asked mechanically.

“Aloui wants to be the Demon King,” Damdeok declared boldly. “He wants to bring peace to the demon world.”

Lucifer fell silent, pondering Damdeok’s words. “Why tell me this? It’s natural for a prince to aim for the throne.”

“But you didn’t know why Aloui wants it, did you? Unlike the others, he doesn’t seek to rule through power or slaughter. He seeks peace.”

Lucifer clenched his jaw, turning his gaze towards his son, Aloui, who now wielded a real sword instead of his usual wooden practice sword. He stood back-to-back with a young boy with white hair, both supporting each other, surrounded by others cooperating in the battle.

“So, what are you trying to say? You want to escape this situation? But remember, all of this chaos started because you killed Asmodeus. Ultimately, it’s your fault…”

Damdeok interrupted, “Yes, it’s my fault. But I’m not asking for an escape. I’m asking you one thing: why did you come here?”

Lucifer, knowing that the angels had invaded with his tacit consent, wondered why he had personally come. “Are you testing me?”

“No, I genuinely want to know.”

Lucifer grimaced, realizing he didn’t have a clear answer. He had felt something was wrong, rushed here impulsively, and now faced the consequences of his actions.

“Support Aloui,” Damdeok urged. “Don’t just say it doesn’t matter who wins. Give him your direct support.”

“You think you know so much… What do you know about the weight I carry…”

“I know,” Damdeok said confidently, smiling. “Aloui told me all about his dislike for killing and his desire for everyone’s happiness. Doesn’t he resemble you? So I understand both of you.”

Silence fell. Lucifer considered Damdeok’s words, realizing that maybe he had come here hoping for guidance from this audacious foreign god who had killed the mad Asmodeus and transformed Aloui so vibrantly.

Maybe, just maybe, he had been seeking direction all along.

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