I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 136

I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods

Squeak! The sound of the wind was as sharp as a window shattering. ‘Again…’ Lucifer thought as he flew swiftly over the red lands of the demon world. Just moments ago, Albert, who had hurriedly followed him, brought news. “Lord Lucifer, the angels have invaded the demon world again. What will you do?” Albert’s expression was stiff as he asked, hinting at a deeper question. He wasn’t really asking what Lucifer would do, but rather if he would again tacitly consent to this invasion.

The invasion of the demon world by the angels was a clear provocation, enough to justify immediate war. However, Lucifer had never directly confronted such actions, which had caused friction with other demon lords countless times. Out of six invasions, he had let five go, but once, there had been a major clash with the angels and other demon lords. It was only because Lucifer had personally intervened at the last moment that a greater tragedy was averted.

Since then, sinister rumors had spread throughout the demon world. The current ruler of the demon world, Lucifer, was rumored to be a puppet of the detestable angels. ‘Nonsense,’ Lucifer gritted his teeth. There was likely no one in the demon world who hated angels as much as he did. However, the distorted rumors spread quickly, and naturally, factions opposing Lucifer emerged.

The rebellion that started in an obscure corner of the demon world had grown so significant that it now dared to challenge Lucifer’s position. But the demon world was a place where the strong preyed on the weak. It was foolish for them all to confront Lucifer directly. Thus, the rebels resorted to a final strategy. ‘Asmodeus…’

The demon lord of the 44th floor, Asmodeus, had a natural talent for fighting. If one were to choose the second most powerful being in the demon world, there would be no disagreement that it was him. However, for some reason, Asmodeus had not joined the rebellion. Lucifer had heard all about the situation through Albert, but he couldn’t easily understand Asmodeus’s actions. It was puzzling.

Lucifer was pursuing a different path from other demon lords. Moreover, if someone as strong as the second-in-command should be leading the rebels, it would make sense. But Asmodeus did not do so. His only interest was in the sword. He continuously sought worthy opponents, even venturing into other dimensions, which all other demons avoided.

He often left his throne for months at a time, and when he returned from meeting reclusive masters in other dimensions, he would talk excitedly about his adventures for hours. ‘Maybe it’s because he’s also originally an angel,’ Lucifer thought bitterly. Asmodeus had been an angel under Archangel Metatron and was one of the Punishing Angels before being expelled from heaven after being relentlessly combative with his fellow archangels, eventually having his wings torn off and cast out.

Even after being exiled to the demon world, he immersed himself in combat and eventually ascended to the throne of the notoriously fierce 44th floor. However, he had always tried to maintain a close relationship with Lucifer. ‘Until that dark figure, Tartaros, appeared…’

Lucifer’s eyes darkened. “Lucifer, have you heard? A guy named Tartaros is stirring up war across all dimensions,” Asmodeus had said excitedly when he first described the entity known as the gate. “Cool, isn’t it? A war of the gods. Since we were unfairly dropped into the demon world, we certainly qualify to participate as forgotten gods!”

But Asmodeus’s excitement didn’t last. “What? You’re not going to participate? Why? It’s a perfect opportunity to wreak havoc. Lucifer, we could get back at those celestial beings in a big way!” From the beginning, Asmodeus and Lucifer had different goals. Lucifer disliked fighting with his comrades, which is why he descended to the demon world, while Asmodeus loved the very act of combat, which is why he was expelled.

And the reason Asmodeus did not join the rebels was simple. His opponent, Lucifer, did not use a sword. To him, it was a fight utterly devoid of value. However, the war of the gods was a different story. After that day, Asmodeus stopped speaking to Lucifer. Instead, he busied himself visiting the depths of Tartaros every day, scheming something.

Lucifer’s thoughts were interrupted as he felt Asmodeus’s life force disappear in an instant. ‘Maybe I shouldn’t have agreed to involve an external god in the struggle for power.’ It was a decision made to appease Asmodeus’s temper, knowing that if he joined the rebels, a significant conflict would be inevitable. ‘What exactly is going on…?’

The angelic invasion was one thing, but who in the demon world had killed Asmodeus was a mystery. His head was spinning. Shaking his head slightly from side to side, Lucifer thought, ‘Well, I’ll find out soon enough.’ With that, he silently increased his speed.

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