I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 135

I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods

Michael, the Archangel, made a grand entrance upon the earth, followed by thousands upon thousands of angels who landed silently on the red soil of the demon world. The quiet surroundings soon turned into a buzz of confusion.

“What’s going on now?”

“What are they actually doing?”

“Did angels really come to the demon world?”

“And so many of them?”

“Are they crazy?”

The aimless murmuring of the demons continued endlessly. The sudden appearance of the angelic host, following the murder of a demon lord by an unknown foreign god, naturally caused chaos among the watching princes and demons.

“Could this be part of the strife for power?”

“Did Lucifer plan a grand event this time?”

“Maybe this is the final contest of the power struggle.”

The angels maintained their silence, not moving first, just staring blankly at Damdeok’s group and the body of Asmodeus lying behind them. Damdeok and his companions faced the angels with hardened expressions.

“Hey, Jusoyul, I really don’t understand. I can’t grasp why Asmodeus was one of the angels, and even if he was, what does that mean? He was the demon lord of the 44th floor, right? And now angels have rushed here for revenge? Leading such a large force?”

Damdeok questioned the angels in front of him as if speaking ventriloquially. Jusoyul took a moment before replying.

“What do you think that guy was doing here on the 44th floor?”

“Is now really the time for riddles?”

Damdeok retorted, and Jusoyul shook his head before continuing.

“Asmodeus was mad with swords. He was unpleasant as a foe and not much better as an ally. Do you think Elia came here with him to assassinate the Fifth Prince?”

“That’s what actually happened.”

“No, Asmodeus had no interest in Alui. This is just my guess, but he came here to face you with a sword. Probably Elia hyped him up saying you’re some god of swords or something.”

Damdeok listened but kept his eyes on the angels, who remained motionless. Archangel Michael, a name that echoed sanctity, stood resplendent in golden armor, armed with a menacing spear and sword.

Why are they just standing there? It was unclear, but it was fortunate that it gave Jusoyul and Damdeok time to discuss the situation.

“So, Asmodeus was just a sword-crazy guy? But what does that have to do with the angels swarming here like dogs? Anyway, you’re saying they came here because Asmodeus was killed.”

“Half right, half wrong.”

Damdeok looked at Jusoyul, puzzled by his cryptic words.

“It’s clear they came because Asmodeus was killed. A pretext for revenge. But at the same time, it was the angels who wanted Asmodeus dead sooner.”

Damdeok frowned.

“Can you please make it simple?”

The tension was palpable. Damdeok was drained of all divine and demonic power after a fierce battle with Asmodeus.

‘We’ll surely lose if we fight here…’

As Jusoyul continued to talk in circles, Damdeok grew impatient.

“Speak plainly! Just lay it all out at once!”

“Okay. Asmodeus was an outcast in heaven. He was good with a sword and fought well, but his fierce nature was problematic. A typical fallen angel. After being expelled from heaven, he must have enjoyed wielding his sword in the demon world, eventually conquering the 44th floor and ascending to the throne of a demon lord. What next?”

“The next part is simple. Asmodeus wasn’t the only fallen angel. While heaven continuously loses a certain number of angels to corruption, the demon world doesn’t produce ascendant demons to heaven. So, the heavenly forces are always experiencing a shortage.”

“Wait, so you’re saying the angels invaded the demon world under some rule to prevent loss of power?”

“Yes, that’s it. A pretext. Angels always care about having a pretext. They must always be righteous and beautiful.”

“What, that doesn’t make sense… So they came to kill other demons under the guise of avenging a comrade?”

“Exactly. There are quite a few fallen angels, and each time one dies, the angels lead a large force down to stir up the demon world.”

“Ha! Really…”

Damdeok scoffed, unable to believe the twisted logic. The angels in their shining armor and pure white wings looked utterly despicable. The mood among the demons beyond the hill was turning hostile.

“What are they doing just standing there?”

“Looks like they’re underestimating us.”

“Coming out like this must mean they want a war.”

“Seems like it.”

Anger slowly turned into madness. Jusoyul shook his head slightly.

“This too is what the angels want. If the demons attack first, it also serves as a pretext for the angels.”

Damdeok carefully assessed the atmosphere. Most princes had disappeared from the hill, leaving only the common demons who had flocked to the scene. Alui, the Fifth Prince, was the only royal left. The rest were nowhere to be seen.

Damdeok clenched his teeth.

‘Always the same, in this world or the next.’

With only the expendable forces left, it wouldn’t matter if they were all wiped out. Michael slowly gripped his spear again, and the thousands of angelic soldiers did the same.

The tension was suffocating.

“It looks like we have no choice but to fight.”

“Right. Here’s a potion from the fairy realm. It’ll temporarily restore your divine power, but be prepared for significant side effects.”

“Now’s not the time to worry about that.”

Damdeok gulped down the dark brown potion Jusoyul handed him.


It tasted awful, but the system messages popping up confirmed a significant restoration of his divine power. Jusoyul’s face had lost any sign of ease.

‘The demon world is always like this.’

No matter what scenario unfolded, every moment was a crisis.

‘Just need to get through this time.’

Jusoyul clenched his teeth secretly.

“Let’s hold out a bit longer before we try to escape. It’s too risky to run now.”

He drew a dagger and stood to Damdeok’s right, adopting an aggressive stance not seen before. His eyes sharply targeted the enemies.

“Ah, really…”

Quietly listening to the side, Baekgureum also moved quietly to stand on Damdeok’s left.

“Bro, you know? I was already insanely skilled, but now I’m insanely equipped too. I can knock down hundreds of those pale monkeys in one go! Just watch~”

Adorned in the sparkling armor set of Achilles and a flamboyant sword slung over his shoulder, Baekgureum grinned.

“Ah, that kid’s bluffing. Just staying unharmed is helping enough~ Isn’t flashy long-range always better? As for the angels, just burn their wings and it’s over, right?”

Flames blazed.

Adel Sharon smiled leisurely and stood behind Damdeok.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Ettins and ice giants also silently positioned themselves around Damdeak, with wolves moving between them to balance the formation.

“Bro, what on earth is going on!”

“Summoning me here is outrageous! I was just enjoying snacks while watching Aniverse!”

Having somewhat restored his divine power, Damdeok also summoned Papi and Pao, and soon Pao’s mummy troops layered around them.

And finally,

“Hey, why are you standing in front of me?”

Damdeok glanced quizzically at Alui, who had quietly moved in front of him.

“Stop messing around and move back. No matter how well you fight, you’re still a kid. Can’t you see the situation? Whether it’s a contest or not, our goal now is to safely get out of here.”

But Alui wasn’t listening.

He just gripped his sword, trembling as he fixed his gaze ahead.


Just as Damdeok was about to add another word, Archangel Michael’s voice reached them.

[Stupid rabid dog, in memory of Asmodeus… everyone, charge forward.]

His voice wasn’t thunderous or resonant.

However, the angels’ wings unfurled all at once at his quietly muttered words.


Like threateningly venomous flowers blooming simultaneously, the bodies of the angels surged forward.


Surrounded by his comrades like a fortress, Damdeak quickly pushed Alui aside and charged at the angels first.

Archangel Michael spotted him first.

[It’s you. I really appreciate you opening this festival!!!]

It happened in an instant.


The spear of Archangel Michael flew swiftly towards Damdeok’s eyes.

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