I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 134

I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods

#134. Lucifer’s Sorrow

Boom, boom, boom!

The dark earth began to swirl and get sucked in like a black hole.

Dham-deok stared blankly at a giant eyeball at the center of the whirl.




Any negative word seemed appropriate to describe it.

Dham-deok’s eyes glazed over.

“No! Don’t look at it directly!”

Ju So-yul’s shout could be heard from afar, but Dham-deok couldn’t tear his eyes away from that eyeball.


[The Eye of the Abyss is looking at you!]

No, he didn’t look away on purpose.


[New fragment of memory discovered!]


[New fragment of memory discovered!]


[New fragment of memory discovered…]

Continuous pop-ups of the system window.

His mind was a mess.

Random combinations of characters hammered into his brain in real time.

[Because you encountered Tartarus too early in this life…]

[You shouldn’t meet him so early, or your plans will be discovered too soon…]

[The Eye of the Abyss, Tartarus, its only loyal servant…]

[He has no physical form, just organically connected to the demon world…]

[The forgotten gods plan all this within Tartarus…]

It was overwhelming.

But at the same time, there was too much information to process.

Like a slot machine in a casino, system messages popped up chaotically.

Though the amount of information was overwhelming, Dham-deok immediately knew.

‘Tartarus! This is the key to the war of the gods…!’

No need for further causal connections.


This was one of the major axes causing the war of the gods.

As this realization hit him, strength involuntarily surged into Dham-deok’s hands.


Then what?

What should he do now?

“By just eliminating that one, we might be able to avoid the war of the gods, right?”

It was a simple conclusion.

But was there a more attractive option?

A conclusion filled with certainty quickly formed in Dham-deok’s mind.

His eyes hardened in an instant.

“What are you thinking? Hey!!”

Ju So-yul, who had been watching Dham-deok closely, sensed something odd and shouted again.

But Dham-deok paid no heed.

He was just focusing more on the situation at hand.

His own secret technique that had just allowed him to eliminate Asmodeus.

King Arthur’s Equanimity.

Among the many abilities and powers he had acquired, this was certainly top-tier.

If only he could handle that guy with it!

Dham-deok’s mind and vision spun rapidly.

Elia moving away.

The eyeball that kept watching him.

‘After all, that guy has no intention of attacking right now.’

The eyeball had been just watching him quietly, with no hint of murderous intent.

It seemed its main purpose was to hide Elia in the darkness.


‘I should make the first move!’


Dham-deok’s eyes flashed blue.

[ is activated!]

Time slowed down once again.


The swirling vortex of darkness began to flow sluggishly, as if put in slow motion.

Looking into the slowly rotating black hole, Dham-deok felt an eerie sensation.

If he let his guard down, he might be swallowed by the darkness in an instant.

‘Keep calm.’

Dham-deok reassured himself.

No matter how high-level a being Tartarus was, in this situation, he was the only one not governed by space and time.

‘About 20 seconds. I’ll bet everything on that.’

His divine power was nearly exhausted.

If he failed, there would be no second chance.

Dham-deok calmly took the next steps.

‘King Arthur’s Equanimity isn’t just about slowing down time.’

Mind’s Eye.

It was an ability that could connect him and his opponent as one,

perhaps the pinnacle of martial arts.

And this laid the foundation for that ability.

‘Focus. Become one with Tartarus.’

Just as he had been organically connected to Asmodeus before.

If he could just connect with Tartarus, if only he could, then eliminating him here might not be impossible.

‘If I do well, really well, I might finish all this in one blow.’


He took a deep breath.

Oxygen entered through his windpipe, his lungs expanded, and his vocal cords contracted—all these processes felt slow and vivid.

Dham-deok stared at the eyeball.

Tartarus’s giant eye blinked slowly.

‘Become one with him. One with that guy…’

Dham-deok stared intently, persistently at Tartarus’s eyeball.


[The Eye of the Abyss is looking at you!]

[ title is activated!]

[Fear resistance increases by one level!]

[Fear resistance increases by one level!]

[Fear resistance increases by one level…]

Dham-deok’s body shuddered and then stopped repeatedly.

The being was far more immense than he had thought.

‘No, I can’t connect as one…!’

It was like trying to cram a huge elephant into the body of a tiny ant.


Dham-deok’s face contorted in pain.

And soon,

[ is deactivated!]

The ability was canceled.

And the vortex began to suck in powerfully again.

Boom, boom, boom, boom!

Dham-deok, drenched in sweat, could only look down.

A face of utter despair.

Elia’s silver hair had become distant and blurry, and the giant eyeball was still just watching him.

No, to be more precise, as the radius of the vortex gradually decreased, the eyeball too was slowly disappearing into the deep darkness.

‘Is this a failure then?’

Dham-deok clenched his teeth.

Yet, there were two reliefs in his mind.

First, Tartarus didn’t seem to have much interest in him yet.

‘If that guy had unleashed his attacks, everyone here would have been instantly killed.’

The thought alone sent shivers down his spine.

Second, worked even against such a formidable being.

‘Then there’s still a way forward.’

As he pondered how to effectively use Mind’s Eye the next time they met,


Suddenly, Dham-deok’s vision flipped, and his body was dragged downwards.

“What, what?!”

Feeling a sudden sensation of floating, Dham-deok looked at the owner of the hand that had grabbed his neck.

“You’re insane.”

A familiar voice was heard.

Fairy wings ability, Ju So-yul, with transparent wings, looked down at Dham-deok indifferently.

“Are you trying to get yourself killed? What would you do just standing there?”

While speaking harshly, Ju So-yul carefully set Dham-deok down on the ground and frowned as she questioned him.

Dham-deok awkwardly replied,

“Why are you making such a big deal? I was just testing a new ability.”

Ju So-yul was incredulous.

Did he even realize what kind of being he had just encountered?

“Anyway, you….”

Ju So-yul started to retort but then closed her mouth.


“Hey!! Evil boss!!”

“Wow… Master. Awesome….”

Baek Gurum, Adel Sharon, Etin, and Alui all gathered around Dham-deok.

They were all covered in dirt and scabs, but seemed to be largely unharmed.

“Wow, it feels like it’s been ages since I last saw you.”

“That’s what I’m saying, it’s like a reunion of separated families. The evil boss looks pretty haggard, huh?”

“Bro! Why didn’t you call Pao?! There were too many skeletons, I thought my arm would fall off!”

“Keke, does divine power spring up indefinitely? I was debating between Pao and Etin and ended up summoning the ice giants. Giants are better in combat than mummies.”

“Ah, my arm’s killing me.”

Listening to Baek Gurum’s whining and his lively companions, Dham-deok laughed brightly.

‘Even though the scramble turned into a mess.’

He had killed Asmodeus, gained new abilities, and now all that was left was to persuade Alui to return.

“Thank goodness. Things worked out somehow.”

Everyone nodded in agreement with Dham-deok’s words, but Ju So-yul’s expression was dark.

“What’s wrong now?”

Ju So-yul’s gaze turned to Asmodeus’s lifeless body on the ground.


Her gaze lingered on the corpse for a moment before slowly moving upward.

Ju So-yul murmured softly,

“The real fight starts now.”


“What did you say?”

“What are you talking about…?”

Everyone followed her gaze upward.

For a moment, time seemed to stop as everyone’s movement froze.

The sky, a symbol of the demon world, was blood-red.

Now it had turned pure white, as if a filter had been applied.

It was as if a white light bulb had been turned on, an otherworldly sight for a sky in the demon world.

“Ugh, it’s dazzling.”

“The sky….”

“Why is it like that…?”

Moreover, the bright white light was so dazzling that they had to shield their eyes with their hands to look at it.

Everyone frowned as they looked up at the sky.

The other princes watching from beyond the field did the same.

The attention that had been focused on Asmodeus and Dham-deok had now shifted entirely to the sky of the demon world.

It was a strange sight.


The murmuring sound gradually grew louder and spread through the reed field.


Dham-deok muttered first,

“…What is that. Wings?”

The brightly shining things were gradually approaching the ground.

Wings emitting light.

Pure white wings.

Dham-deok muttered again,


Others also chimed in one by one.

“Seems like angels, right?”

“Why are there angels in the demon world?”

“What’s going on…?”

As Dham-deok quietly watched the scene, he felt goosebumps all over his body.

The lights he thought were a white sky were actually the wings of angels.

Not a sky covered in black, but truly a sky covered in white by the celestial army of ruling angels.

They were slowly descending to the ground, armed with platinum and gold, as if they were about to go to war immediately.

Dham-deok’s face gradually hardened.

“Hey, Ju So-yul. Don’t tell me… the opponents we have to fight now are….”

Dham-deok looked at Ju So-yul with disbelief.

She quietly bit her lower lip.

“The rules of the angels.”


“The first rule of the angels is to avenge a comrade, even if it takes them to the ends of hell.”

“What are you talking about.”

“Revenge for a comrade?”

“Why would they seek revenge here all of a sudden?”

Facing the questioning gazes, Ju So-yul slowly muttered,

“Because Asmodeus… was one of the ruling angels.”

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