I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 133

I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods

The black blood sprayed into the air with a hiss. As it fell onto the crimson earth, multiple streaks of blood were drawn across the ground. Asmodeus staggered back, his six arms weakly flailing through the air. “How dare this young fool…!” he gasped, dropping his sword powerlessly and clutching his throat with both hands.

Despite his efforts to stem the bleeding, blood continued to seep through his fingers. “Damn it…!” Asmodeus, planting his remaining four arms into the ground like canes, managed to steady himself. He stared ahead in disbelief at the large sword hovering over Damduk’s head, coated in his own blood and crafted from blue magical energy.

The sight of the gleaming blade brought back vivid memories of the deep wound on his neck, which now throbbed violently. “If it had been just a bit deeper…” Asmodeus’s grip tightened, his eyes more menacing than ever. “It’s over,” Damduk said emotionlessly, as the majestic blue sword slowly aimed at Asmodeus’s neck.

Though they were about five meters apart, the sword’s immense size more than compensated for the distance. It was well within striking range. Asmodeus’s expression twisted in anger, but he was incapable of any significant action. A fatal blow had been narrowly avoided, but the wound was deep enough to put him in a temporary state of shock, rendering three of his six arms limp.

As one of the swords he was leaning on snapped, Asmodeus’s body swayed and collapsed with a crash. “To be defeated by a mere child…!” he ground his teeth in humiliation. The blue glow of the great sword, and Damduk’s eyes shimmering blue, only added to his sense of disgrace.

Where did that great sword even come from? Unlike the white sword that Damduk wielded directly, this blue sword seemed to move on its own. “So, this is how it ends,” Asmodeus scoffed, disbelief turning into laughter. “What is that accursed sword anyway? Where did it come from?”

“Who knows,” Damduk replied dryly, his surroundings eerily silent as everyone watched. Asmodeus chuckled again, blood spurting from his mouth with each laugh, though he seemed unfazed. “I’ve seen someone like you before. A kid wielding a strange power.”

This wasn’t the first time he had encountered a self-moving sword—a spectacle one could never forget. “He was an interesting one. Worth crossing swords with.”

“Useless chatter. If you’re trying to stall for time, you’ve chosen poorly. I’m about to finish you,” Damduk declared, preparing himself as the blue sword resonated ominously. Asmodeus continued, undeterred. “Don’t get cocky just because you landed one successful strike when I was off guard.”

“That was your mistake,” Damduk said coldly, stepping forward as the blue sword advanced towards Asmodeus’s neck. Damduk’s eyes fiercely glowed blue. “Yes, it was my mistake. I wielded six swords, yet lost to a single one.”

Asmodeus slowly raised his head, resignation and regret mixing in his gaze as the lethal blue sword hovered directly before him. “But you’re not the only one who can wield such a sword. Someday, you might die just as absurdly,” he hinted with a sinister chuckle.

“Is that what you were getting at? That there was someone else like me?” Damduk asked. “Yes, he said he came from a place called ‘Murim.’”

The mention of ‘Murim’ caused a slight stir among the listeners, though it went largely unnoticed. Asmodeus continued, “He scoffed at my power, calling it not a divine power but a martial art.”

“Whether it’s a divine power or martial art doesn’t matter. Either way, you die here,” Damduk stated flatly. Asmodeus smirked. “Blunt as always. Even though I’m far more experienced in swordsmanship. I wonder who would fall first if you ever met him.”

“Enough talk. Let’s end this,” Damduk said, his body tensing as he prepared for the final blow. Asmodeus, a formidable devil known as the king of swords and ruler of the 44th floor, had been a significant threat in past lives. “Now’s my chance to finish it.”

The first attribute of Excalibur, , activated, doubling Damduk’s abilities for the next ten minutes. A powerful aura erupted from him as he poised for the attack. But before he could strike, a distant voice shouted, “Wait! Killing him now will only complicate things…”

But it was too late. The white Excalibur pierced Asmodeus’s neck, followed by the blue sword. With a massive explosion of blood, the battle was over. Asmodeus’s upper body was nearly obliterated by the size of the great sword.

As Damduk withdrew his sword, a fountain of blood erupted, and Asmodeus’s body crumpled lifelessly to the ground. Silence fell as Damduk turned away, his face expressionless, the grave silence enveloping not only the immediate area but also the distant onlookers—princes and demons alike.

[System Notification: You have slain the king of the 44th floor. Your infamy spreads throughout the demon world. Your divine power increases significantly.]

Ignoring the system messages, Damduk stared at a woman standing amidst skeleton soldiers, her long silver hair fluttering. “It’s over, Elia. Your plans end here.”

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