I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 132

I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods

[Excalibur’s second trait has been unlocked!]

[Activating !]

‘King Arthur’s Composure?’

It was a strange experience.

Through the translucent window, I could see the furious face of Asmodeus.

His trident, which had been swirling like a storm, was now moving in slow motion.

‘What’s this?’

It wasn’t just him.

All the surroundings seemed to rewind slowly in black and white, like a tape being wound back.


Asmodeus’s shout stretched out slowly, and his sharp trident slowly stabbed through the air.

It was an attack aimed directly at the neck and eyes, but Damduk just stared at it blankly.

‘This is… too slow?’


It was too slow.

Like a snail crawling, the trident was boringly slow as it approached Damduk.

‘So this is King Arthur’s Composure?’

Damduk’s eyes shimmered as he slightly shifted his body.

With this speed, even if a demon king’s grandfather came, it would be easy to win.



Thinking his body would move as usual, he tried to react,


‘Oh no,’

Unexpectedly, his body didn’t move as quickly as he thought.

‘Hmm, so the mind and vision are fine, but the body itself is constrained by time and space.’

It was a bit disappointing, but what could be done?

After all, as long as he focused his mind properly, dodging Asmodeus’s attack wasn’t too hard.

‘The trajectory of the attack is so slow that it’s blatantly obvious.’




In the slowly moving time-space, Damduk easily dodged Asmodeus’s attacks.

Though his body moved frustratingly slow, he managed to dodge without a single error.

Until a moment ago, he had been busy blocking Asmodeus’s attacks, but suddenly, it felt like his combat ability had greatly increased.

‘This is really amazing.’

A thrill spread throughout his body.

It felt like he had become a god of the battlefield.

‘Great. Let’s keep dodging the attacks and aim for the vital spots!’

Damduk’s eyes sparkled.

‘King Arthur’s Composure, what a jackpot trait.’

Damduk smirked and focused on Asmodeus.

[You keep dodging my attacks…!]

Asmodeus, perhaps frustrated, roared slowly and raised his weapon.

His trident began to split into six blades.

Of course, even that was incredibly slow, unfolding like a blooming flower.

‘Come on.’

Damduk remained relaxed.

Whether his blade had six parts or eight, he just needed to dodge them all and hit the final blow.

‘This is my only chance!’

Although his body moved slowly, dodging and landing a successful attack wasn’t easy.

‘If the first attack fails, the chances of success keep dropping.’

He would finish it in one go.


Just as Damduk slowly gripped the handle of his sword,


Suddenly, as if a gust of wind had blown, all sensations vividly returned to his body.

The surroundings, which had been black and white, instantly turned colorful.

[You have failed to open the Eye of the Mind.]

[ has been deactivated.]

‘What? Eye of the Mind?’

What was that?

But before he could even think about it,


Asmodeus’s blades stormed in front of him.

Crash! Clang!


He barely blocked the blades aiming for his neck, but his right shoulder and left side were instantly torn open.

The wounds quickly soaked with blood.

Damduk grimaced at the unpleasant warm sensation.

‘It’s hard to properly block when there are six blades.’

Moreover, after having been in the slowed time-space and returning to reality, even the same speed felt twice as fast.

[Where did all that composure go just now?]

Asmodeus taunted as he swung his blade.


Crash! Crash!

Damduk was steadily pushed back.

[You call yourself a sword god, but you’re just playing soldier. Watch closely. This is the true pinnacle of swordsmanship!]

Asmodeus, like a ghost from hell, pressed on Damduk.

‘Ah, it’s too fast…!’

Every moment of distraction felt like his body would be torn to shreds by relentless attacks.

‘This can’t go on…!’

Among the flurry of blades, he saw his comrades struggling.

The ice giants blocking giant skeleton soldiers, Baekgoom sprinting across the bloody field like a tiny beast, Jusoyul flashing a small dagger like lightning, Adel Sharon summoning a huge pit of fire effortlessly, and Alui fighting earnestly for the first time in a real battle.

Pip! Pick!

Meanwhile, Asmodeus’s blades continued to slash at Damduk’s body.

His skin split and blood burst out, but Damduk didn’t care.

[ ability activated!]

Such minor injuries would heal quickly.

What mattered now…

His comrades were fighting desperately.

He had to respond in kind.

Think. Think.

‘If I can open this Eye of the Mind like the system mentioned, I could use the slowed time more effectively.’

The message about failing to open the Eye of the Mind and deactivating King Arthur’s Composure didn’t just appear for no reason.

‘The Eye of the Mind… Is that the key to this battle?’

Damduk concentrated again.

[Activating !]

Time slowed again.

The threatening blades of Asmodeus instantly turned into slow-moving snails.

‘If I remember correctly, I only have about 20 seconds.’

It’s a short time, but it’s long enough.

But clearly, it was too short to dodge all of Asmodeus’s attacks and precisely target his vital points.

‘My body is slowed down too.’

So, he needed to open the Eye of the Mind.

Otherwise, this slowed time-space would break again.

Damduk closed his eyes.

Eye of the Mind.

The eye of the heart.

‘I haven’t tried something like meditation before…’

Damduk calmly closed his eyes.

Even then, Asmodeus’s six blades were advancing lethally slow.


Damduk’s eyelids trembled.

The trait King Arthur’s Composure was consuming an enormous amount of divine power.

The 20 seconds that felt like an hour passed.

[You have failed to open the Eye of the Mind.]

[ has been deactivated.]



“Damn! Again…”

Damduk struggled to block the attack.

Asmodeus grinned as he clashed his blade. His face split into dozens of beastly expressions, alternating between grinning and serious.

‘Nasty demon bastard!’

Damduk gritted his teeth and continued the attack. Desperately engaging in a battle with the demon, he squeezed out divine power and activated King Arthur’s Composure once more.


Time slowed down.

He tried to find the Eye of the Mind with his eyes closed, but again, after 20 seconds, the Composure was deactivated.

Again, Asmodeus’s attack became sharper.

Boom! Boom!


Another deadly exchange followed.

He gritted his teeth and endured, activating King Arthur’s Composure again.

Failing to find the Eye of the Mind, Asmodeus’s stormy attack resumed, and the cycle repeated.

How many times had it repeated?

[This is strange.]

Asmodeus suddenly stopped moving.

His head tilted quirkily.

[It feels like I’m fighting a different person every now and then.]

‘He’s quick to notice, huh?’

But what can he do?

The slowed time-space was a privilege only he could enjoy.

‘Just 20 seconds.’

Though it required an immense amount of divine power, it didn’t matter.

Damduk’s lips curled up leisurely.

‘Now I’ve got the hang of it.’

It was already the twelfth repetition.

He substituted skills with magic power, and used up every last bit of divine power he had.

‘This time, I will definitely open the Eye of the Mind and strike his neck.’

He felt strongly that he could do it.

[What are you scheming? If you’re really a god of the sword, fight honorably.]

Damduk simply gripped his sword without responding.

[Not even a reply now? Arrogant fool.]


Asmodeus’s blade bloomed into multiple blades again. At the same time, a message appeared before Damduk’s eyes.

[Activating !]


Damduk took a deep breath.

Eye of the Mind.

The eye of the heart.

It wasn’t something to be found by closing the eyes.

‘Rather, I should open my eyes wide and focus on the opponent in front of me.’

It was a fact he learned after twelve repetitions.

In this slowed time-space, the only thing moving at the same speed as him was his opponent, Asmodeus.

‘Everything else moves slower than us, almost at a standstill.’

The others, who seemed almost frozen, couldn’t be said to be in the same time-space as Damduk and Asmodeus.

‘So, being trapped in this time-space are just him and me. Just the two of us.’

Then, just focus on that.

Damduk looked directly at Asmodeus.

His furious face, the veins popping out on his several forearms, the expanding capillaries, the rapid movement of his blood.

Things that would normally be imperceptible were vividly felt.

Various minute movements and the cells under his skin zoomed in and out.

It felt almost like he was thoroughly scanning Asmodeus with a microscope.

Koong! Koong!

A loud heartbeat was heard.

‘My heartbeat?’


Koong! Koong!

An alien heartbeat he had never heard before.

Damduk’s brows narrowed further.

Asmodeus, with his six fully spread blades, was slowly pushing off the ground.

Koong! Koong!

His heartbeat was exactly in sync with Damduk’s.

Damduk’s pupils dilated.

Koong! Koong!

Asmodeus’s blades soared into the air, dancing,

Koong! Koong!

And in sync, the heartbeat sounded even more violently.



The intense vibration shook his entire body, and Damduk couldn’t move.

He felt it.

His movements.

Not the current ones, but the next ones.

And the ones after that.

And even the ones after those.

Everything about how he thought and acted was being vividly conveyed.

It was as if he and Asmodeus had always been one from the beginning, something indescribable….

[You have gained the ability Eye of the Mind!]

[Your understanding of the Sword God Unity has grown!]

[ skill has evolved into !]

A giant sword form appeared above Damduk’s head.

It was a sword that perfectly reproduced all of Asmodeus’s vitality that Damduk had felt.


Like a butterfly fluttering its wings towards a flower,

Damduk cleanly sliced Asmodeus’s neck.

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