I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 13

#13. A Low-Level God, Yu Damdeuk

“Lower-level god?!”

It was unexpected news that bewildered me. Regardless of my shock, new messages continued to appear…

[New attributes will be unlocked!]

[The ‘Authority’ system has been released!]

[The ‘Symbol’ system has been released!]

[The ‘Title’ system has been….]

My profile began to update with the incoming messages.

A strange thrill surged inside me.

“Is this like leveling up or something…?”

[You will be assigned a new name.]

[Please select a name for the god.]

A semi-transparent window popped up with various name candidates:

God of Gourds, God of Water Bottles, God of Chairs, God of Scoops, God of Flyswatters… and so on.

I chuckled to myself.

Apparently, I was wrong to hope for a cool name like ‘Thor the God of Thunder’.

‘Alright, I guess that’s what you get for being a low-level god, right?’


Being promoted from the lowest god to a low-level god holds the promise of becoming a mid-level god, even a high-level one.

‘With a joyful heart, I shall choose one.’

Even an insignificant name is better than none.

Who knows?

I might find something decent among these lackluster names.

As I calmly scanned through the names…

“Mr. Yu Damdeuk, please give us a statement!”

“When did you gain the ability to pass through gates?!”

Microphones burst through the translucent message windows.

Reporters, researchers, and representatives of the Hunter Association clustered beyond the window.

A scene reminiscent of the labyrinth dungeon situation unfolded, though on a somewhat larger scale this time.

‘Darn, I really don’t want to deal with this now.’

Without a chance to choose a name, and seeing no easy way to slip away, I complied with a brief interview.

I told them I was just lucky to have obtained a rare skill that let me pass through gates and that it was the core nucleus I obtained from defeating the goblin boss that allowed me to destroy the gate.

‘No reason to lie after all.’

Of course, the reporters tried to continue their inquisition, but Damdeuk cut them off decisively.

“Ah. That’s it for the interview.”

I began to walk away.

The crowd of journalists parted around me like the Red Sea.

Unlike the labyrinth dungeon incident, nobody dared to block Damdeuk’s path this time.

* * *

“Hmm, okay. This looks like the best one.”

A message loomed before my eyes.

[Do you wish to select ‘Sword(劍)’ as your divine name?]

A satisfied smile naturally spread across my face.

‘See? I knew there’d be a respectable name in here.’

After almost an hour rummaging through the pile of names, I had found a gem.

God of the Sword.

To be referred to simply as Sword God (劍神).

What a grand name that was.

“It’s weird, why hasn’t anyone chosen this until now?”

– Will?

Baekseol, who was observing from my shoulder, tilted her head in curiosity.

“Well, it seems likely there’d be a Sword God out there….”

But then again, I don’t recall hearing any famous myth or legend featuring a Sword God.

The term Sword God always referred to a ‘human’ renowned for their swordsmanship.

Anyway, what did it matter?

From now on, I would walk the path of the Sword God.

“Okay, let’s go!”

[The name ‘Sword(劍)’ will be bestowed upon the low-level god Yu Damdeuk.]


The message coalesced into a sphere of bright light.

It was over in an instant.

The perfectly compressed light sphere slipped right into the center of my chest.

“Agh, what’s this?!”

It was a mysterious sensation.

The dense light sphere delved into every corner of my body, spreading warmth throughout.

As the sensation sped up, my blood boiled with such intensity that my entire body seemed to overheat.


After what felt like an eternity of unbearable heat that threatened to overflow, my entire body seemed to turn into a luminous mass.

[Congratulations, Mr. Yu Damdeuk! You have been ordained as the Sword God (劍神)!]

[A nameless goddess blesses you!]

Sweat streamed down my face.

I felt drenched as if I had just left a sauna.

“Whew, it sure is tough to receive a name.”

The intense heat swelled from my body had now completely dissipated.

Instead, I was faced with an intriguing choice.

[Please select the initial Authority of Sword God (劍神)!]

[Physical Enhancement: Strengthening the legs for quick footwork.]

[Strength Enhancement: Strengthening arms to swing a massive sword.]

[Dynamic Visual Acuity Enhancement: Sharpening your ability to closely observe your opponents’ movements.]


I burst into laughter involuntarily.

“Finally, I can use a god’s Authority, huh.”

I looked over the Authorities with satisfaction.

It was an exciting moment, my heart pounding in my chest.

“Hmm, they aren’t dramatic, but….”

Perhaps because these were initial Authorities, there was no jaw-droppingly powerful option.

However, they all seemed more useful than the average ‘skills’.

“Pretty decent, oh! The ones further down look even better.”

As I scrolled further down, I started to see some pretty powerful Authorities.

[Sword Qi (劍氣): Infuse your sword with divine power to cut through anything.]

*Unattainable, lack of divine power*

[Impenetrable Body (强體): Infuse your body with divine power to withstand anything.]

*Unattainable, lack of divine power*

Even though I didn’t have enough divine power to equip them just yet…

“Again with the lack of divine power. How high does it need to be?”

I spoke with a hint of sarcasm, but I felt good.

“Still, one day I’ll be able to obtain them.”

If I receive them as my divine power grows, I can gather Authorities much faster than buying them from the god’s shop at a steep price.

“So, my first Authority will be….”

I had one in mind from earlier.

[Do you wish to select Intuition (直感) as your initial Authority?]

[Intuition (直感)]

Description: Beyond the basic five senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch, a sixth sense is unlocked.

Better than simple passive abilities like Strength or Physical Enhancement, especially in situations where quick reactions are vital.

‘If I boost my sixth sense, my combat coordination will surely improve.’

It would undoubtedly be of great help.

After selecting my initial Authority and looking at my updated profile, I now seemed to have the visuals befitting a god.

[Yu Damdeuk (Human)]

[Occupation: Lower-level God (下級神)]

[Symbol: Sword God (劍神)]

[Divine power: 10120]

[Authority: Intuition (直感)]

[Talent: Swordsmanship Talent (SS), Hand-to-Hand Combat Talent (SS)]

[Skills: Combat Focus (S), Dwarf Hammer (B), Boxing (E+), Dagger Techniques (E), Instant Charge (F), Counter (F), Slash (F)···.]

I was proudly viewing my profile when I heard a knock on the door.

Knock knock!

…Who could it be?

This is an outpost building of the Mountian Guild.

Namgung Do-yeok had instructed his guild members to treat Damdeuk with the utmost hospitality after receiving news of the gate incident. I had no reason to refuse such an offer since I had been eager to find a quiet place to examine my profile…

‘But there shouldn’t be anyone here looking for me?’

Especially since Namgung Do-yeok, who invited me over, had gone to tackle an underwater dungeon near Okinawa.

“Who is it?”

As I opened the door, a woman was standing there.

She was around 170 cm, with jet-black hair that flowed down to her waist.

Her facial features were delicately placed, and her translucent, porcelain-like skin complemented her undeniable beauty.

There was an unfamiliar emptiness in her eyes that transcended everything else.

‘Hold on, this woman…’

Her face was familiar.

I’d seen her consistently on TV.

‘She’s the future guild leader of the Mountain Guild, isn’t she?’

Standing right before me was a celebrity—

a star among stars that any Korean would recognize.

‘Joo So-yul is here? Why?’

Joo So-yul.

At 27, the youngest ever to ascend to the position of the future guild leader of the Mountain Guild. With her beauty and combat abilities, she had been a frequent face on television and in international circles; a star known to everyone in Korea.

‘Fascinating. To see Joo So-yul up close…’

In the past, I would have scrambled for a pen and paper to get her autograph, but after navigating the worlds of gods and having realized her identity, I felt strangely unimpressed.

“Um, what is the reason for your visit?”

“The guild leader asked me to pass on something.”

Joo So-yul handed me a plastic card.

“What’s this?”

“It’s an access card for the Mountain Guild. It allows you to use all the facilities and training halls within the guild.”

I didn’t ask why she’d given it to me, as I knew Namgung Do-yeok had been interested in me since the labyrinth dungeon incident.

‘Maybe he’ll make a scouting offer when he returns from Okinawa….’

Whatever the case, it didn’t sound bad to have access to a renowned guild’s building for free.

I pocketed the card.

Joo So-yul watched me intently.

‘What’s going on? Why isn’t she leaving?’

I expected her to leave after handing over the card, but Joo So-yul silently stood there in the hallway.

The silence was awkward, and I decided to close the conversation.

“Thank you. Then, if you’ll excuse me….”

As I was about to shut the door, something leaped into her arms. Whoosh!

“What the-?”

– Will!

It was Baekseol.

She leaped through the closing door and directly into Joo So-yul’s embrace.

“Hey, you!”

Though I was startled and tried to pull her away, Baekseol had already snuggled deeply into her arms, beyond my reach.

“Oh, I’m sorry. She’s not usually like this….”

The situation took me by surprise, but Joo So-yul seemed rather unfazed.

“It’s okay, your summon is really cute. Do you mind if I give her a treat?”

“Yes? Oh, yes….”

A treat out of the blue?

Baekseol was a spiritual being, so any food she ate would burn up almost instantly.

She could eat literally anything.

Nonetheless, there was something unsettling about the situation.

‘That’s a treat?’

The item Joo So-yul presented was a large seed.

Baekseol was no hamster, and…

Giving seeds to a fox was weird, but what was stranger was Baekseol’s reaction.

‘She’s ridiculously happy, too happy.’

Baekseol was thrashing around happily and purring deeply in Joo So-yul’s arms.

‘She never cared a bit for the hospital staff.’

It was quite an unseemly change of heart.

Honestly, she looked as if she had known Joo So-yul longer than me.

‘This is strange, really strange….’

This was indeed a logical suspicion.

“Um, that seed is a treat…?”

“Oh, yes. It’s like a nutritional supplement. Nuts are healthy, you know?”

Joo So-yul replied, smiling softly, while gently patting Baekseol.

Crunch! Crunch!

The sound of munching on stones echoed in the quiet hallway.

Is that really good for her?

However, I found myself unable to speak out.

The atmosphere felt odd.

Once Baekseol finished the seed, Joo So-yul gently set her down.

“It was nice meeting you today. Let’s see each other again, Baekseol.”

With a brief farewell, Joo So-yul turned and left without hesitation.


The door closed, and a bewildered whisper escaped me.

“What was that all about with that woman…?”

It was as if I’d been bewitched.

“Hey, why were you acting so out of character… huh?”

I was just chiding Baekseol, who was sprawled on the bed, when I felt a sudden chill crawl over my skin.

‘Wait a minute….’

Joo So-yul’s words echoed back at me.

“It was nice meeting you today. Let’s see each other again, Baekseol.”

Had I ever mentioned Baekseol’s name to her?


I flung the door open and rushed into the hallway, but it was already empty.

“What the heck is going on…?”

Perfect timing—as the empty hallway stretched out before me, a new message popped up.

[The job listing you had saved has been updated!]

“Saved job listing?”

[Kerberos Feeding: Urgently Needed!!]

Employer: Hades (Hades)

Divine Power: Over 10,000

Experience: Welcome anyone who has experience with spiritual beings!

Job Description: I’ll be out to Olympus on a business trip for 3 days, leaving the underworld unattended. Just shower Kerberos with love and it’s an easy job! (Full accident insurance included)

Payment: 200 Hades coins + 200 Hades coins (PS. Why is there no one applying? I’ll double the salary!!)

The message was arrogant, quite unlike any other job listing. Plus, the note at the very bottom from the employer was the highlight.

[A note from the employer: My dog doesn’t bite. ^‿^*]

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