I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 129

I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods

#129. The Fallen Angel, Lucifer (1)

“Umm~ This is absolutely a delicacy!”

Adel Sharon savored the food with her eyes closed.

Before her was a feast of various dishes.

It was the garden of the seventh guardian, the dragon race’s Shaorong.

Ju Suyul and Adel Sharon had been staying here for days, preparing for a possible attack by Elia.

“Adel, how are you going to train after eating so much from morning? Eat moderately.”

Ju Suyul said so, but Adel Sharon waved her hands dismissively.

“What are you talking about, Suyul? Telling me to eat these beautiful and tempting foods moderately is an insult! An insult!”

She then turned to Shaorong, the seventh guardian who was grilling meat over a huge bonfire.

“Shaorong! You really cook well!”

Giving a thumbs up, Shaorong twisted his body bashfully.

“I never knew dragonkind could cook so well. In our magical world, dragons have a very rough image!”

Adel Sharon continued to praise endlessly while stuffing her mouth with food.

“It’s nothing special, really.”

Shaorong’s body was the color of strawberry milk.

Not because he was blushing, but because he was originally a pink dragon.

‘Even though he looks like this, he becomes quite frightening when there’s something he needs to protect.’

Ju Suyul recalled a memory from a past life while watching the bashful pink dragon.

When Shaorong’s girlfriend was hurt by a demon, how brutally he tore that demon apart…


Ju Suyul let out a small sigh.

That’s what dragonkind was like.

Capable of turning anyone into rags if they so desired…

Yet, there was a reason why Ju Suyul had come here to protect such a Shaorong.

‘Elia is too dangerous, after all.’

If it were a fair one-on-one fight, Shaorong would naturally win.

However, Elia would never do something as foolish as that.

Whether it’s a surprise attack, using necromancer abilities, or employing the powers of Tartaros, the Abyssal Eyeball, he would find a way to kill Shaorong instantly.

‘Shaorong’s timid and trusting nature probably plays a part in this.’

In many ways, the seventh guardian Shaorong was a person of concern more than the fifth guardian who Tan Deok had gone to fetch.

‘At least Lucifer is there, so they won’t dare kill the fifth prince recklessly.’

Ju Suyul was convinced of this. No matter how clever Elia was, the Demon King Lucifer was not someone to be trifled with.

He was…


Suddenly, Shaorong screamed.

Ju Suyul’s gaze quickly shifted to him.

“What’s wrong? Are you hurt?”

Adel Sharon also looked at Shaorong with her cheeks bulging with meat.

“Ahaha, no. I just got pricked by a sharp bone…”

Blood was oozing from Shaorong’s blunt front paw as he was handling fresh meat.

The soft part where the claw retracts had slightly torn.

“A bone sharp enough to pierce a dragon’s skin…”

Ju Suyul approached and cast a healing spell.


Shaorong spoke sheepishly.

“Ah, this is a Six-Horned Cow from the demon world. It’s tough because it grows in harsh environments, so its inner bones are unusually hard and sharp like its outer horns.”

“Okay. Don’t move. I haven’t finished healing you yet.”

“Ahaha, yes. Thank you.”

As Ju Suyul’s healing spell intensified, the bleeding was stubbornly persistent.

“Suyul’s healing skills, obtained from the fairy realm, are really amazing. Shaorong will heal quickly.”

“Yes, of course. No worries. Haha.”

“But if it lived in the demon world, wouldn’t it taste awful?”

“Not at all! Its shell is permeated with thick demonic energy, but the flesh inside is very soft and moist. It’s a real delicacy.”

“A delicacy?!”

“Yes! You’ll be surprised!”

Adel Sharon and Shaorong continued their cheerful conversation, but Ju Suyul remained silent while treating the wound.

Was it just a feeling?

An ominous feeling crept up.

It had been four days since they had moved to the dragon’s nest to find Shaorong.

Yet, there had been no signs of assassination.

“It’s done.”

The healing spell ceased.

Shaorong smiled broadly and thanked Ju Suyul.

Then he hurriedly went back to preparing meat, and Adel Sharon eagerly started talking about food again.

Ju Suyul watched the two, unable to hide her unease.

Her eyes trembled slightly.

‘Could Elia have gone to the demon world…?’

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