I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 126

I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods

“Right now…”

“What did you say…?”

The faces of the formal instructors contorted in disbelief.

They wanted to compete against them?

Certainly, the swordsmanship of the foreign god before their eyes was exceptional.

Neat, weighty, beautiful, and efficient.

Yet, that was all.

In the Demon Realm, swordsmanship could not dominate everything.

A middle-tier god might be recognized for their skill in foreign lands, but here, this was the Demon Realm.

The Demon Realm, where their specialty, demonic energy, overflowed.

To them, the audacious remark from the foreign god was like a soccer player challenging deep-sea divers to a contest of swimming, diving, and lung capacity.

It was not only absurd but also utterly impossible and ridiculous.

Among the formal instructors, the most hot-tempered weapon master, Kun, stepped forward.

“Your arrogance pierces the heavens. So, your pride is hurt by merely being called a swordsman? Because of that fragile pride, you will meet your end here today.”

Kun drew various crude and unrefined weapons from his waist.

These weapons, surrounded by thick demonic energy, began to float in the air.

“There’s no need for everyone to step in. Today, I’ll show you what true weapon mastery is.”

Kun, holding a large spear in his right hand and a savage-looking sword in his left, unfurled his black wings.

Alrui’s expression stiffened.

The meaning was clear when demons spread their wings—it was a sign they intended to kill.

‘No, not this again…’

Being around the formal instructors was suffocating for Alrui.

All they did was emphasize their demonic nature and force repulsive actions.

The presence of assistant instructors from foreign lands was like a breath of fresh air to Alrui, rather than being true mentors.

At least they didn’t force him into malicious acts.

“No… you mustn’t kill!”

Alrui shouted, causing Kun and the other instructors to look at him in shock.

However, Alrui was quickly restrained by his butler, Albert.

“Your Highness, did not this foreign god request the fight? Then it is only fitting to kill him cruelly, as per the demon’s way.”

Alrui’s face twisted in pain.

“Albert. You’re the same. Please stop talking about that damn demon’s way!”

“Your Highness…”

Albert looked at Alrui with pity, but he only bit his lip.

There was no way the foreign god could defeat a weapon master.

It was frustrating, but in the Demon Realm, battles couldn’t be won with swordsmanship alone.

The only one who had reached the pinnacle with a sword was Asmodeus, the Demon King of the 88th floor, known as the King of Swords.

‘Why did he have to intervene suddenly…!’

From Alrui’s perspective, it was an incomprehensible act.

It was impulsive and foolish.

Even if it scratched his warrior pride, was it worth more than his life?

He felt like he had finally met a true mentor, not just someone to give him a breather!

He liked the freedom of the foreign god’s swordsmanship more than anything!

And before he could even learn from it or have a conversation, it seemed he was going to die.

Alrui could only look at the foreign god with a mournful expression.

“Why aren’t you drawing your weapon? You’re not planning to face me with that rotten wooden sword, are you?”

Kun taunted, and Damduk glanced at his wooden sword before throwing it behind him.

Suddenly, a radiant white fox appeared on Damduk’s shoulder.

Everyone froze.

In the Demon Realm, where only red and black existed, this brilliantly white being stood out.

A spiritual creature.


Kun’s laughter broke the silence.

“So, you were planning to fight with that fox? You think you can defeat me with that?”

Kun’s mockery was actually born from unease.

Demons were weak against sacred entities.

And the spiritual creature, particularly the white fox, exuded an aura that was clearly superior to ordinary beings.

Instinctively, his DNA told him to stay away from the white fox.

However, Kun didn’t show it.

Or rather, he couldn’t.

He was also a prideful demon.

– Will!

Baeksul transformed into a radiant white Excalibur.

The sword in Damduk’s hand began to resonate with a humming sound.

The demons were shocked that the white fox could transform into a weapon, but Kun maintained a calm facade.

“Hmph! So, you have a conscience, not making it two against one. But you had to do that to increase your chances of winning, right? How else could you hope to defeat me? My weapons controlled by demonic energy will continuously charge at you, and I am skilled not only in swordsmanship but in using spears, axes, all kinds of weapon techniques! Plus, I have wings that allow me to fight in the air. You, who only practice swordsmanship, will never…!”

“Wow, you sure talk a lot. Yes, okay. We get it. You’re a mixed bag. You can stop talking now.”

“What, what? Mixed… bag?”

Though he didn’t fully understand the term, it was clearly not meant in a good way.

Kun’s face twisted in anger even before Damduk’s body emitted a skill effect.


“Controlled by demonic energy? Is that supposed to be impressive?”

[ skill activated!]

[ skill activated!]

[ skill activated!]


In an instant, daggers surrounded Damduk.

Without giving anyone a chance to react, Damduk spoke again.

“And what about those wings for air combat?”


Damduk’s body slightly lifted off the ground.

The fluttering of Hermes’ shoes captivated the eyes of the demons.

“And what else did you say… proficient not only in swordsmanship but also in spear and axe techniques?”

[Using 5 Zeus to purchase talent!]

[Using 5 Zeus to purchase talent!]

Even after buying two talents, he still had 90 Zeus and 100 Hera left.

This was definitely cost-effective.

“Baeksul, transform into a spear.”

– Will!

Damduk grasped the spear and spun it around, recalling all the combat moves he had seen before.

The same went for the axe technique.

“Baeksul, transform into an axe.”

– Will!

From the axe techniques of Namgung Do-yeok, to the axe skills of the dwarves and Thor’s hammering, Damduk swung the axe powerfully with natural movements, then lightly landed on the ground.

“Seems like we’re about ready. Shall we begin?”

A sword was now in Damduk’s hand.

Kun felt overwhelmed.

What kind of performance was this?

He knew that the spear and axe techniques he had just seen were definitely inferior to his own.

However, Damduk had clearly shown that he was not to be underestimated as someone who only knew swordsmanship.

‘It’s not always best to go down quietly.’

Damduk gripped his sword.

His decision to engage in this low-level provocation was because of the nature of the Demon Realm.

‘A world of the survival of the fittest.’

The formal instructors not only disregarded him but also the Fifth Prince, Alrui.

They maintained a high-handed attitude using their status as high-ranking demons, and while they somewhat heeded Prince Alrui due to his royal status, they considered the assistant instructor, like himself, to be less than worthless.

‘This won’t do at all.’

Think about it.

When would an assistant instructor, who only helps with lessons, ever get close enough to the Fifth Prince to bring up the stories of the gods’ wars and become his master?

Participating in the next conquest alone wouldn’t solve everything.

Extreme measures were necessary.

‘Suppress the formal instructors’ spirits and gain the trust of the Fifth Prince.’

It seemed the Fifth Prince also disliked them, and if Damduk could just demonstrate his capabilities, the prince would surely support his participation in the lessons much more.

“Let’s begin.”

Therefore, Damduk was ready to give his all.


Of course.

No matter how superior the high-ranking demons were, what couldn’t he defeat in a one-on-one fight?

“This audacious fool… to the very end…!!”

Kun charged, wielding his spear and large sword.

Thick demonic energy flowed, but Damduk had a counter for that.

[ first title effect activated!]


Kun’s weapons imbued with demonic energy flew at him, but Damduk had a skill to counter that as well.

[ skill activated!]

[ skill activated!]

[ skill activated!]

“Die, die!!”

Kun flapped his dark wings, engaging in aerial combat, but Damduk also had wings.

And finally,

Clang! Clang! Clang!

When Kun’s weapons all lost their power and crashed to the ground,

Damduk still had the power to neutralize many more of his tricks.

Damduk hadn’t even drawn out his black flames, used ice mana, or employed any of the presidential powers or divine abilities yet.

“Damn it…”

Thus, Kun had no choice but to acknowledge his defeat.

He instinctively knew it.

This foreign god was someone he absolutely could not defeat.

A middle-tier god, yes, but already beyond the scope of a middle-tier.

“Master Kun! What kind of disgrace is this?”

“Yes! How can a formal instructor of the prince lose to a mere assistant instructor!”

However, the watching formal instructors had a different view.

They judged that Kun had lost due to his hot temper and poor self-control.

And so, the formal instructors charged at Damduk like moths to a flame.


“Your voices are loud. Martial arts is, after all, a form of conversation with the body.”

Clash! Sizzle!

Martial arts instructor ‘Urang’ couldn’t withstand attacks wrapped in black flames and ice.

“Hmph! The divine power of foreign gods is no match for demonic energy!”

“When did I ever say I only use divine power?”

Damduk, who skillfully manipulated energy sources like divine power and mana, forced martial arts instructor ‘Ciel’ to surrender.

“Stupid! No one can match the cruelty of demons.”

“Well, I also have a ruthless nature when necessary.”

Instructor ‘Kio’, who taught cruelty, also crumbled helplessly under Damduk’s murderous intent intensified by the Gorgon’s Eye.

“The demon army cannot be led with just any level of command!”

“Is that so?”

Even ‘Hyun’, who taught command, was left speechless and frozen when Damduk summoned hundreds of spiritual wolves and Cerberus.

All of this took just thirty minutes.

In just half an hour, the duel between the formal instructors and Damduk had ended.

No one was injured, but the duel had clearly shown who was the strongest.

Damduk quietly sheathed his sword and slightly bowed to the stunned formal instructors.

“Thank you for your efforts.”

Alrui’s face, who had been watching, was now brightened.

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