I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 125

I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods

“…this part-time job is dangerous?”


Albert’s eyes deepened into a more vivid red, a sight so eerie it could instill fear beyond comprehension. Normally, one would step back or at least flinch, but Damduk just stood there, tilting his head as if worried.

“Albert, are you feeling alright? Your eyes are bloodshot…”

Caught off guard by Damduk’s reaction, Albert’s eyes quickly returned to their normal color.

“Cough! Ahem!”

Albert cleared his throat. He had intended to play a joke, feeling sorry for always being an errand runner for foreign gods…

‘He’s not scared at all.’

Honestly, it was a bit surprising.

Albert was a high-ranking demon, similar to the formal masters present there. Turning one’s eyes fiery red was a typical ability used by high demons to intimidate others.

<High Demon’s Fear (A)>

‘A mid-level god shouldn’t be able to handle the magic of a high-ranking demon…’

Yet, Damduk still looked at Albert with concern.

“Are you okay?”

“…I am fine.”

“That’s good to hear.”


After a brief silence, Damduk spoke again.

“So, what’s dangerous about this part-time job?”

“…Didn’t you see it in Lucifer’s announcement? The salary is only paid if you’re alive.”

“Oh, right.”

“Didn’t you find that odd?”

Damduk thought for a moment. Sure, the salary being 1000 Lucifer was strange, and so was the employer’s condition of ‘if you survive.’ But…

‘Isn’t that common in the world of gods?’

Having encountered many odd things, such a strange clause seemed trivial.

Damduk shrugged.

“The greater the reward, the greater the risk, right? If you survive, you get a generous reward… It was quite a heartwarming announcement from the boss. Ha ha!”

It was half sincere, half mocking.

But Albert, taking it seriously, nodded.

“I played a needless prank. With that mindset, I’ll serve you best during your stay.”

“I’d appreciate that.”

“Still, you should be cautious. The survival rate for assistant masters is extremely low, after all.”

It seems there really was something to it.

Damduk asked for more details about why the survival rate for assistant masters was so low.

The story Albert told was quite shocking.

“…So you mean assistant masters have to participate in the Demon King contest?”

It was an unexpected reason.

Suddenly, he remembered what Alrui said when they first met.

「…Has the assistant master changed again?」

Albert explained that there had been incidents where assistant masters fled after feeling threatened when Alrui lost in the Demon King contest.

‘This scenario is really something.’

Damduk frowned.

He was only supposed to bring the fifth guardian. He had absolutely no intention of participating in the Demon King contest.

“Why do the assistant masters have to participate?”

“It’s tradition. Since demons live their lives alone, the rule was made long ago that during the Demon King contest, masters and disciples would compete together. It’s said that this tradition started because many princes who became Demon Kings brutally killed their masters, who were stronger than themselves…”

As expected of the demon world.

The origin of the tradition was quite brutal.

“So, it’s to foster a bond between master and disciple. Is that why this rule was added?”

“Exactly. Alrui requested an assistant master, but in truth, you need at least one person to participate in the contest.”

“But if it’s about fostering a bond, shouldn’t the formal masters be the ones participating? I’m not even a demon; I’m a god from outside.”

“I’m sorry, but it would be unfair for high-ranking demons to participate directly in the contest, and if they did, the princes would barely have a chance to compete before dropping like flies.”

What kind of nonsense is that?

The real purpose is to foster strong bonds with powerful masters… But what’s this about fairness? Dropping like flies? What are they even talking about?

‘Just don’t try to understand it.’

In any case, it seemed like a useless tradition that only led to innocent part-timers dying.

Damduk clicked his tongue as the formal masters gathered around him.

They had all given up on the stubborn Alrui.

In Alrui’s hand was still a wooden sword instead of a real one.

“…Hey, assistant.”

Kun, who was in charge of weapon training, spoke to Damduk irritably.

He planned to show the rookie how to handle the stubborn Lord Alrui.

Of course, he was also planning to vent his accumulated stress by shouting and showing off a bit.


Damduk didn’t respond.

Already frustrated with the prince who wouldn’t listen, now even the part-timer was ignoring him?

A deep frown formed on Kun’s face.

“Hey, assistant! Can’t you hear me?”

Then, Damduk casually responded.

“Ah, were you calling me? My name is Damduk, not assistant.”

A tense silence followed.

The weapon instructor Kun, along with the martial arts instructor Urang, the magic instructor Ciel, the leadership instructor Hyun, and the cruelty instructor Kio—all five formal masters were momentarily lost for words at Damduk’s cheeky reply.

“Yes. What is it?”

Damduk leaned forward as if listening intently.

Kun, thinking about slamming the weapons at his waist into the part-timer’s head, had no choice but to restrain himself.

“If you change the assistant master again, I won’t let it go.”

Alrui was glaring this way with sparkling eyes.

It wasn’t just because the assistant masters had to stake their lives in the Demon King contest; the terrible hazing by the formal masters also played a significant part.

Alrui had reported the formal masters’ misconduct to Lucifer, and they had faced severe reprimands.

‘Damn brat!’

If it weren’t for his status as a prince, they would have taught him a lesson long ago. But in the end, Kun suppressed his anger and began explaining the future training guidelines to Damduk.

* * *

First, martial arts.

Second, weapon skills.

Third, magic manipulation.

Fourth, cruelty.

Fifth, leadership.

Damduk nodded as he read the words carved on the wooden board.

‘The five virtues to become a Demon King…’

“Hey, don’t dawdle, start quickly.”

Weapon instructor Kun urged him.

The formal masters were lined up crookedly, watching Damduk who stood in the center of the training ground.

‘So, teach one of these virtues to the fifth prince in front of their eyes?’

It seemed like a kind of performance review or class observation.

Though the looks they were giving him seemed more eager to find faults than simply observe…

‘Well, if they want it.’

He’d just show them.

Instead of pulling out Baeksol from his armor, Damduk picked up an old wooden sword from the training ground.

Then, Alrui, looking reluctant, slowly raised his wooden sword.


Damduk was slightly surprised.

Alrui’s stance was flawlessly perfect.

‘He doesn’t seem to need guidance?’

“Hey! Hurry up and start!”

“Why are you dawdling?!”

“If you’re not confident, just say it now!”

‘Tch, they’re noisy.’

As the formal masters clamored, Damduk stomped the ground first.


He started with basic attacks like horizontal cuts, vertical cuts, and diagonal cuts.

Tak! Thwack! Tha-at!

Alrui’s sword moved perfectly according to the textbook.

He calmly blocked the following attacks as well.

Then, Damduk began to vary his swordplay.

He swiftly raised a cut, then immediately switched to a diagonal cut, stabbed like a bee, then spun a round cut. He performed curved cuts in an S-shape and swung the sword heavily like an axe.

But the result was the same.

Tha-at! Thack! Tha-at!

Alrui blocked Damduk’s attacks quite well.

No, he even seemed to know the perfect timing for a counterattack, but he deliberately did not attack.

‘What’s this? He’s already quite skilled. Then… this too?’

Damduk’s movements quickened.

Alrui’s swordplay also became dazzlingly intricate.

[<Formless Sword Technique (SS)> skill activated!]

Various forms of swordplay began to pour from the tip of Damduk’s sword.

Starting with the rhythmic swordplay of the White Cloud, threatening with the powerful swordplay of Hercules, seducing with the smooth swordplay of Athena, and intermittently unleashing the chilling blade of Hades like a storm.


Alrui, who had been relaxed, gradually became flustered and, finally, the last thrust from Damduk sent Alrui’s wooden sword flying far away.

Whirlick! Thump!

Alrui looked at Damduk with wide eyes.

Damduk slowly sheathed his sword and casually bowed his head to end the bout.

It was a nearly perfect display of swordsmanship.

Silence fell.

Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!

Butler Albert, who started clapping alone, received glares from the formal masters and cleared his throat.

“…What are you? A sword god?”

Weapon instructor Kun, with the blades at his waist clinking, asked.

He had wanted to find any fault to embarrass the part-timer, but seeing the flawless swordplay, he was visibly frustrated.

“Yes. I am the sword god Yoo Damduk.”

“Hmph, I never asked for your name. I saw your tricks. But remember, you’re just an assistant master…”

Kun emphasized the word ‘assistant’ as the other formal masters joined in to belittle Damduk’s swordsmanship.

“Yeah, swordsmanship doesn’t even fit the virtues of a Demon King.”

“Martial arts, weapons, magic, cruelty, leadership—swordsmanship isn’t even listed as a standalone among these.”

Encouraged by his colleagues, weapon instructor Kun spoke arrogantly.

“We’ll acknowledge you as an assistant master. From the next lesson, just polish Alrui’s weapons until they shine. That’s all you need to do.”

A small vein throbbed on Damduk’s forehead, but he didn’t rush to anger.

“And after polishing the weapons, what should I do next?”

“That’s it. You just need to assist in the lessons well.”

“Aren’t you going to teach Alrui swordsmanship?”

As Damduk asked this, the faces of the formal masters crumpled.

“This damn…! How dare an outsider god teach a demon?”

“Don’t get it twisted! You were just hired as an assistant. Just do as you’re told—why try to take on the role of a formal master?!”

“You only know swordsmanship, and your mouth is the only thing alive!”

To say he only knew swordsmanship…

Damduk felt a surge of indignation.

“Demons need to know a variety of weapons, not just swordsmanship! What else can you do besides swordsmanship? Do you know any other weapon skills? Can you fight unarmed? Do you know martial arts? You dare to guide Lord Alrui with just your swordsmanship?!”

As the criticism and mockery continued, Damduk quietly bowed his head and muttered softly.

“Just swordsmanship…”

An ominous aura began to emanate from him. Alrui, the fifth prince, along with butler Albert and the formal masters, all turned their eyes to him.

Damduk slowly lifted his head.

A faint smile was playing on his lips.

“Then, would you like to have a match with me?”

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