I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 124

I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods

“Please come this way.”

In the dimly lit corridors of the Demon King’s castle, Damdeok was following the lead of an unfamiliar butler.

The butler looked like an elderly grandfather, yet the two dark red horns protruding from his head were proof of his demonic nature.

‘If Baekgureum saw this, he’d find it incredibly fascinating.’

Damdeok had come alone, leaving his companions behind for several reasons. Firstly, the job description suggested he wouldn’t be working alone, and secondly, since the demon world was unpredictable, he thought it best to conserve his divine power.

‘If the others are needed, it won’t be too late to call them.’

He felt reassured, having filled his ranks with wolf soldiers.

Moreover, Baekgureum had been seriously dedicating himself to his training lately.

Damdeok had no intention of bringing him along just to be a distraction.

‘It feels like just yesterday that guy was overflowing with arrogance, thinking he’s a genius.’

Perhaps the presence of formidable guardians like Adel Sharon, Etin, and Pao had influenced him.

Maybe Baekgureum was just excited about acquiring Achilles’ armor set?

Regardless, his serious training was a welcome development for Damdeok.

The sound of footsteps echoed quietly.

Through the arched windows of the corridor, the fiery landscape of the demon world was visible.

‘This place definitely has an eerie feel to it.’

The air was thick with a sticky, dense demonic energy.

Was this what they called demonic qi?

Unlike divine power, which felt clean and crisp, this energy was uncomfortably pervasive.

“How much farther do we need to go?”

“To the residence of the fifth prince, we still have a long way to walk. As you know, dimensional travel is not possible inside the Demon King’s castle,” the butler explained in a somber tone.

It seemed similar to the restriction they had inside the pyramid where dimensional travel was also disabled.

Ever since arriving here, all they had been doing was walking…

With the employer, Lucifer, temporarily out, it was the butler, Albert, who explained the details of the job and led the way. Damdeok had no choice but to follow silently.

‘I was hoping to see what Lucifer looked like while taking up this part-time job in the demon world.’

These days, it seems difficult to even catch a glimpse of the boss when taking a job.

The bosses delegate the work to part-timers and are always out and about.

It seems to be a universal truth everywhere.

With a sigh of disappointment, Damdeok continued walking endlessly through what seemed like the same repeating corridor.

* * *

“Introduce yourself. This is our new fencing instructor. He is known as the Sword God in the foreign realms, with divine power of 500,000 and a rank of mid-level deity. He already has four direct disciples, all of whom possess exceptional combat skills.”

Butler Albert recited Damdeok’s credentials without taking a breath.

Thanks to that, Damdeok had to keep his mouth shut, not getting a chance to introduce himself.

Before him, a large round table was surrounded by five high-ranking demons, the official instructors of Prince Demone Alui.

Each exuded a lofty demeanor.

‘They really do look terrifying.’

Damdeok genuinely thought so.

Their heads were adorned with bizarrely twisted dark horns, and their faces were grotesquely distorted as if burned by hellfire, with their skin turned a sickly shade of dark red, either from decay or saturation with demonic energy.

Just looking at them was enough to feel an overwhelming sense of intimidation.

‘Is this the look you need to be an instructor?’

Looking at Albert, who had guided him here and appeared quite normal and even handsome compared to them, Damdeok thought,

As Damdeok was sizing them up, the demons were also scrutinizing him with displeasure.

“Hmm, a mid-level deity?”

“Divine power of 500,000?”

“That’s still far from being a high-level deity.”

“Albert. Didn’t I tell you that we need at least a high-level deity to train Lord Alui?”

“The struggle for the Demon King’s throne is no child’s play…”

While they all grumbled, Albert bowed his head quietly without changing his expression.

“It’s Lord Lucifer’s decision.”



At the mention of the current Demon King, everyone fell silent.

Eventually, the official instructors stood up in a sullen atmosphere.

“Follow us. We’ll take you to the lord right away.”

A large demon said this and abruptly turned around.

The rest glanced at Damdeok before turning their backs and leaving.

In the chilly atmosphere, all Damdeok could do was let out a hollow laugh.

‘So, this is how they show their territorial behavior. If I didn’t have resistance to fear, I’d probably be unable to breathe.’

As Damdeok shook his head, Albert quietly approached and added an explanation.

“The struggle for the Demon King’s throne started a few months ago, but Prince Alui has not won a single match yet. Currently, he is ranked last. It’s understandable that the official instructors are on edge.”

Last place…

Was his talent that lacking?

“How many participants are there in the contest?”

“Seventy-seven. All bear the status of princes of the demon world. The smaller the number prefixed to their title, the purer the Demon King’s blood in them, granting them stronger power. Despite being the fifth prince, Alui was recently thrashed by the seventy-third prince.”

“So being the fifth prince means his blood is the fifth most concentrated?”

“Yes. The blood of the Demon King is rich within him, so he certainly has tremendous potential, but Prince Alui has always…”

Albert trailed off.

“Always what?”

Damdeok pressed for more as sharp voices came from outside.

“What are you doing inside? Come out immediately!”

“Such nonsense! Even the assistant instructors are not following the official ones. How can this help Prince Alui rise in rank?”

“Lord Lucifer really… why waste his reputation on such trivial matters…”

The overt scorn from the official instructors seemed to be why Albert had stopped speaking.

“…You should probably follow quickly. If you fall out of favor with the official instructors, you might have to return immediately.”

While Albert’s explanation was polite, it lacked any emotion.

It seemed he too wished Damdeok would just quickly follow along without causing any trouble for him.

After all, the official instructors were high-ranking demons, and Damdeok was just a mid-level deity from outside.

Damdeok chuckled.

Territorial demons.

What an intriguing experience.

‘Let’s see just how great their teaching is.’

Quietly, Damdeok started walking.

* * *

“So, the assistant instructor has changed again?”

Prince Demone Alui.

He glanced at Damdeok with listless eyes before lowering the wooden sword he was swinging.

His hair tinged with red and his pale skin stood out.

He looked more like a noble young lord from Eastern Europe than a demon, except for the large horns on his head.

‘If it weren’t for those big horns, he’d be just a typical teenage boy.’

Damdeok thought of Baekgureum, who was diligently training, and imagined they might get along since they seemed to be of similar age.

However, watching Alui’s actions, it was clear he was nothing like the confident and motivated Baekgureum.

“Lord Alui. Have you still not managed to slay even a single goblin?”

“It’s not that I haven’t slain one; I chose not to.”

In a corner of the vast training ground, various monsters had been captured, and among them, a goblin was tied to a central wooden post.

It seemed to be a training tool set up for Alui to practice on instead of a straw dummy,

but Alui hadn’t inflicted a single wound on the goblin’s body.

“Why are you holding a wooden sword! I clearly told you to train with a real sword!”

“I said I don’t like real swords. I don’t want to harm life.”

Alui responded bluntly.

The official instructor seemed to be bursting with frustration as Alui’s real sword lay covered in dust on the ground.

“What is this now?! Have you been feeding the goblin as well?!”

“…It’s pitiful. It’s been tied up here all day.”

Nearby, a bowl with water and an empty bowl that had contained food were visible.

The official instructor kicked the bowls away angrily.

“Why do you keep doing this! Behave like a demon, I’ve told you countless times!”

“You think feeding it is straying? Why are you kicking the food bowl!”

“Why are you showing kindness to such a lowly monster! Why do you keep doing good deeds!”

“Ugh, always nagging.”

“Lord Alui! This isn’t nagging…!”

“Enough. You’re a nag.”

Despite the official instructor’s serious admonitions, Alui only pouted, and as he continued to ignore them, the instructors’ frustration grew.

“How peculiar.”

A demon performing kind acts.


Why would he act this way alone?

Though many questions arose, upon deeper reflection, it wasn’t all that strange.

‘There’s always a mutant everywhere, isn’t there?’

Not everyone can be the same.

A being different from the ordinary.

Such beings always existed as part of the world, yet belonged nowhere.

Strictly speaking, wasn’t he one of them?

A talentless among the talented.

Thus, Damdeok could somewhat understand Alui’s actions.

“May I ask a question?”

Damdeok turned to Albert, who had been observing alongside him.

“Yes, please speak.”

“Does Alui have to participate in the contest even though he seems to have no interest in the throne?”

Albert looked surprised at Damdeok.

Why such a look?

Was that such a shocking question?

Surely he wasn’t about to say, ‘Born a demon, you cannot even imagine being without such ambition.’

“Why? Did I say something strange?”

“…I was surprised.”

“What surprised you exactly?”

Albert took a moment before continuing.

“…Firstly, I was surprised that you called the fifth prince by his name, Alui, as if he were a friend, and secondly, that you said he seems to have no interest in the throne.”

Albert was good, but his speech had a robotic tone, devoid of emotion.

Typical of an old demon.

“Ah. From now on, I’ll address him as Lord Alui. Anyway, you were surprised by my comment about his lack of interest, so does that mean Lord Alui actually has ambitions for the throne?”

Albert nodded with a serious expression.

“Yes, of course. Lord Alui desires the throne more than anyone among the 77 princes. He even requested that we hire a separate assistant instructor because he was dissatisfied with the guidance from the official instructors. He has great ambitions for the throne.”

What kind of statement was that?

A demon who cared enough to provide food and water to a captive goblin desires the throne more than anyone?

As Damdeok was still processing this confusion, Albert asked him a question in return.

“Listening to you, it seems you are not very familiar with matters of the demon world.”

“Yes, I’ve never worked a part-time job in this realm before…”

“I see. Foreign deities usually avoid coming to the demon world. Well then…”

Albert trailed off again, then stared intently at Damdeok.

His eyes, red as blood, met Damdeok’s gaze.

“…You probably didn’t realize how dangerous this part-time job could be, did you?”

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