I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 123

I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods

#123. Variable (變數)

“So you’re saying right now…”

Hera looked at Damdeok with half-opened eyes.

Damdeok just stood awkwardly with a troubled expression.

Behind him, hundreds of wolves sat in orderly rows.

[Number of pack following you: 502]

There were 166 Sun Wolves, 184 Cloud Wolves, and 100 Lightning Wolves. Including the Deadly Hounds, Ice Wolves, and Cerberus from Egypt who were not present, it totaled 502 wolves under Damdeok’s command.

Although Damdeok should have been happy to achieve his goal so quickly, Hera’s sudden appearance had left him quite flustered.

‘Isn’t this going to cause trouble?’

Especially since Hera was in a sharp mood due to Zeus’s recent indiscretions.

[So, you, a mere mid-tier god, have the authority to control all these spirits?]

Hera’s gaze flicked past Damdeok to the wolves.

They sat like well-trained soldiers, lined up in rows.

Honestly, it was quite amazing.

These creatures weren’t known for their obedience, yet here they were, so well-mannered.

‘And the way he commanded them earlier…’

Sit. Paw. Lie down. Turn. Bang.

It was a performance no less than a talent show.

Such detailed commands would have been difficult to enforce even by Zeus himself.

And yet, a mere part-timer had managed it?

Hera’s eyes narrowed with suspicion.

[What exactly is your power that allows you to do all this?]

If he had the power to give such specific commands to the wolves, it seemed likely he could find Zeus soon.

The name of the power.

For Hera, such a power could just be bought from the store.

‘It’s not a power but a trait gained from the title of Cerberus.’

However, he couldn’t just explain it outright.

Skills, title effects, traits, all these complex matters were tied to ‘talent’.

To gods who only used divine power and authority, these concepts were alien, and he could not afford to say anything that might arouse suspicion.

Damdeok scratched his head briefly before replying.

“The name of the power is… Dog Emperor.”



Hera and her attendant Rael tilted their heads at this unfamiliar term.

Dog Emperor?

It sounded quite strange.

[Hmmm… Dog Emperor…]

Hera began waving her hand through the air as if scrolling through a divine store.

After a long moment of scrolling, her brow furrowed.

[I can’t find such a power in the store. Is it not registered?]

Some special powers were not sold in the store.

Hera bit her lip in frustration.

Sun Wolves, Cloud Wolves, Lightning Wolves.

These creatures were Zeus’s wolves, but sometimes they didn’t even listen to their own master, making them the black sheep of the Olympian realm.

Even at the sheep farm, these wolves would often catch and eat Zeus’s cherished sheep.

Other gods or spirits couldn’t even imagine doing what these wolves did casually.

Yet, these unpredictable creatures seemed to at least pretend to listen to her, Zeus’s wife, which was somewhat relieving…

But now, a god who could command the wolves like his own limbs had appeared.

A god who could handle the wolves even better than Zeus.

Naturally, she coveted that ability.

‘But a power not even in the store…’

Hera’s eyes of regret soon turned into realization.

‘No, if I can’t obtain the power directly, I should make this guy join my side.’

Hera nodded slightly.

[But you, daring to tame the king’s wolves. You’d have no excuse if struck by lightning right now, right?]

She deliberately threatened him, planning to naturally recruit him by comforting him with a ‘don’t worry, what wrong could you possibly do?’

“It was Zeus’s command.”

The part-timer wasn’t flustered at all.

[What? Taming the wolves was Zeus’s command?]

“No. The command was to protect the sheep from the wolves.”

[So? You just followed the command?]

“…I’ve kept both Zeus’s sheep and the attacking wolves perfectly safe, is there a problem?”

Hera was momentarily at a loss for words at Damdeok’s audaciously innocent question.

Such a brazen part-timer was a first for her.

‘What kind of god is he…?’

Hera stared at Damdeok, her suspicious gaze suddenly widening.

His appearance was nothing special.

But the more she looked, the more familiar his face seemed.

‘Ah! That low-tier god!’

The low-tier god who had competed against Hades with restricted divine power, eventually defeating the King of the Underworld and attending the gods’ banquet.

Olympus had been buzzing about him for a while, but she had completely forgotten.

‘Right! I heard he even tamed Cerberus!’

A gleam of excitement began to form in Hera’s eyes.

‘I definitely need to make this guy my ally.’

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