I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 122

I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods

#122. Zeus’s Sheep Ranch

[Defend Zeus’s Sheep Ranch!]

Employer: Zeus

Divine Power: Over 300,000

Experience: Must be good with animals (especially sheep!)

Job Description: Shepherd (Cloud wolves, sun wolves, and lightning wolves from Olympus are constantly attacking the sheep! Protect the flock from these creatures!)

Working Hours: Until Apollo’s sun chariot passes!

Salary: 100 Zeuses

‘Shepherding, huh…’

It felt too leisurely a part-time job at a time when a war among gods could break out at any moment, but there was no choice.

Damdeok opened the profile window and displayed the information of the Dog King.

[Number of followers in your pack: 107]

‘We lost too many wolves in the pyramid.’

The wolves, which had been tamed to number over 300, had plummeted to just over 100.

Of course, Damdeok also had Etin’s ice giants and Pao’s mummy troops, but that was hardly comforting.

‘The demon world is a different dimension from other peaceful divine realms.’

Since the next destination was the demon world, it was necessary to reinforce the forces.

‘First, I need to quickly tame the reduced number of wolves.’

In a large-scale brawl, numbers are everything.

Isn’t that what it all comes down to?

‘The opportunity has come, so I must seize it.’

The job of protecting the sheep ranch from the divine wolves.

‘Earning a reputation and taming wolves.’

It was a job that killed two birds with one stone.

‘After all, time flows differently in the divine realm and reality.’

Even though the job lasted until Apollo’s sun chariot passed, it was only a day.

In reality, only a few hours had passed.

Damdeok nodded and glanced at the living room.

Papi was handling guild work at the window table, Pao was giggling at the TV, and Baekgureum was stretching in the yard with a wooden sword, having gone out at some point.

‘I’ll go and come back quickly by myself this time.’

If anything happened, he could always be summoned by the gods, and he didn’t want to disturb Baekgureum’s training or Pao’s fun.

Damdeok quietly moved to the backyard and clicked to apply for the job.

* * *

[Shh! Quiet!!]

As soon as Damdeok arrived, someone’s hand covered his mouth, and he found himself face-down on the lawn.

“What is this…!”

He tried to get up, twisting his body, but the difference in divine power was too great.

Zeus, in the form of a little boy, was firmly pressing down on Damdeok.

Unable to turn his head or move his body, after a while, Zeus finally released his hand from pinning Damdeok.

[Phew, they’re gone.]

“What are you doing…”

He was about to complain when he suddenly lost his words.

In front of him, the child-like Zeus was just one part of the surprise, but behind him stood a goddess wrapped in silk, standing shyly.

Damdeok’s eyes widened in astonishment.

“This… can’t be…”

He hurriedly looked around.

The vast plains beyond the bushes.


The frolicking flock of sheep.

And the back of a goddess who seemed to be looking for someone in the distance.

It had to be Hera, no doubt.

Damdeok looked at Zeus with incredulous eyes.

Zeus, more caring than anyone else, was soothing the startled goddess behind him.

Wow, seriously.

This guy, was he hiding here having an affair?!

Feeling Damdeok’s blatant gaze, Zeus cleared his throat and turned around.

Where had the honeyed look gone, replaced so quickly by a solemn expression?

Still, the weight did not seem to feel right given his child-like appearance.

[Oh, right, part-timer. So, there’s nothing much about today’s job… Huh? Wait a minute. You’re that guy I saw before, right?]

Zeus’s eyes sparkled with interest.

[Wow, I thought Hades would have killed you right away after that, but you’ve managed to survive? Well, he’s really busy these days, so you were lucky, haha!]

Nice way to put it.

As Damdeok stood with a displeased face, Zeus nodded as if he understood everything.

[But don’t worry. You even made a vow in front of me, so I wouldn’t blatantly kill you, right? However, you might want to be careful since someone else might try to kill you. Yep.]

If you were going to warn me, you should have said it earlier. Why bring it up now after all this time?

[Haha! You’re lucky, aren’t you? I can trust you to handle today easily~ Oh, Dia! Say hello too! This guy is really something.]

Zeus turned to the goddess ‘Dia’ and teased her.

In fact, Dia was not a goddess but the wife of King Ixion of Thessaly, but to Damdeok’s eyes, she appeared nothing more than a goddess involved in an affair with Zeus.


Damdeok looked at the joyously laughing Zeus and Dia and sighed inwardly.

Apparently, hiring a shepherd wasn’t just about managing the flock.

‘It’s none of my business, but…’

It felt petty to be involved in such a trivial domestic affair, and he wasn’t too pleased about it.

[Alright, young lamb. I’ll explain your task, listen carefully.]

Zeus approached with a playful face and started explaining the job.

It wasn’t much.

Ever since the wolves near Olympus tasted this sheep meat, they’ve been flipping their eyes and continuously attacking the sheep.

And more importantly, Hera had planted spy wolves among them.

[If Hera catches you in the act, it’s over. Really over!]

Zeus made a shushing gesture and leaned in solemnly.

[Hera’s wolves come in silently. You can’t tell them apart from real wolves by their appearance. I’ve tried to warn them off with my lightning, but it only works for a moment. So… you know what you need to do today, right?]

Zeus looked at Damdeok with a ‘I trust you!’ expression.

“…Sigh. Understood.”

Damdeok reluctantly nodded, and Zeus waved cheerfully, taking Dia with him as he disappeared.

* * *

“You’re going to hurt yourself doing this.”

The attendant nervously draped a silken winged robe over Hera’s shoulders.

Hera was biting her nails, deep in thought.

[Zeus is definitely around here somewhere… near here….]

Zeus’s sheep ranch was located quite far from Olympus, surrounded by cliffs, making it an excellent environment to let the sheep roam free. However, that also meant that the only way out was through the sky.

[My dear little ones are guarding the sky, so he hasn’t escaped yet, right? Lael, you haven’t seen Zeus leave either, have you?]

“That’s… true.”

Lael reluctantly nodded.

But what did that mean?

In any case, Zeus would be whispering sweet nothings in the bushes of this sheep ranch.

‘He’s definitely not thinking about escaping from here.’

He was, after all, the supreme god of Olympus.

Hiding and whispering love was his best consideration for her.

Where he was having an affair didn’t matter to him.

‘Zeus, really… You could at least make it less obvious….’

How many times had this happened?

With such drama unfolding several times a month, it was only natural that Hera’s temperament was viewed as sharp.

‘She’s usually warmer than anyone else…’

The attendant looked at Hera with a pitying gaze.


Suddenly, Hera exclaimed.

[Lael, why didn’t I think of this before? Zeus might be hiding among the sheep!]

The plains were wide open, and even though it was so blatant, he wouldn’t dare carry out such an act there. Initially, she hadn’t paid much attention to the fields where the sheep were, focusing only on the forests surrounded by natural barriers, but without much success.

If there was only one place left.

However, there were too many sheep to search through them.

[Right. I can just look from above.]

Hera’s steps quickened.

Attendant Lael followed her.

Before long, Hera, who had climbed to a hill overlooking the sheep ranch, scowled as she surveyed the field.


The peaceful bleating of the sheep and the chirping of birds sounded like a harmony.

In such a romantic place…

Hera’s expression grew increasingly grim.

Attendant Lael, noticing her mood, cautiously spoke up.

“…Even so, I don’t think Zeus would hide among the sheep to share his love….”

The sheep were large enough to provide cover, but they moved irregularly as they grazed.

Even Zeus couldn’t control the movements of so many sheep.

But Hera didn’t hear her words.

[There are too many sheep! It’s too hard to find him like this!]


[I can’t do this. Lael, call some wolves nearby. Reducing the number of sheep will make it easier to see. And it’ll serve as a lesson for Zeus…!]

“But that’s…”

Unable to bear the thought of the innocent sheep suffering, Lael swallowed her words.

Hera’s eyes were already blazing.


Lael left.

Hera continued to scrutinize the sheep.

A god who appeared to be a part-timer was lying in the field, whistling, but Hera paid no heed to such things.

‘Zeus…! If you get caught this time, I’ll really…!!’

In reality, she couldn’t punish the supreme god Zeus, but catching him in the act and shaming him was possible.

Even though it would only matter to Zeus at that moment, she had no other choice.

This was the only way to soothe her anger.

Soon, Lael returned from the west with the wolves.

Each had an extraordinary appearance.


The cloud wolves with white, creamy fur,

Flickering flames!

Sun wolves wrapped in flames,

Crackling sparks!

Lightning wolves sparking all over.

Hera smiled as she saw the wolves rise into the sky.

[That’s right, Lael. That should be enough to find Zeus.]

Since Zeus’s sheep were not ordinary livestock but rather spiritual beings, ordinary wolves couldn’t even bite through their fluffy wool.

But cloud wolves, sun wolves, and lightning wolves were a different story.

[Begin. Lael.]

Hera’s lips curled up as she spoke.

If killing Zeus’s beloved sheep was a form of revenge, then it was.

Seeing his own sheep fall would surely force Zeus to reveal himself.

Attendant Lael, though reluctantly, initiated the command.

“Come on, cute wolves. It’s time for dinner.”

– Woof!!

– Grrr! Woof!

– Grrrrrr!! Woof!

Hundreds of wolves simultaneously descended toward the sheep.

Hera watched calmly, arms crossed.

‘It’s one or the other now.’

Zeus would either rush out to save his sheep.

Or Zeus, hiding among the sheep, would foolishly reveal himself!

But Hera’s confident expression quickly distorted.

[What, what is he doing…?]

The part-timer who had been whistling suddenly sprang up and charged at the descending wolves.

The part-timer’s movements were so swift, he seemed like the north wind god, Zephyrus.

[ skill activated!]

And that wasn’t all.

The hundreds of wolves that had fiercely charged were suddenly hesitating in fear,

[ second title effect activated!]

[Emits an ‘Aura of Fear’!]

Thanks to that, not a single wolf could approach the sheep.

Hera was dumbfounded.

She knew Zeus often used part-timers at the sheep ranch, but a part-timer who could easily fend off hundreds of wolves?

She had never heard of such a thing.

A being with that level of divine power wouldn’t normally stoop to such lowly part-time work.

Moreover, this part-timer was even wearing Hermes’ shoes.

[Who exactly is that guy…?]

Hera’s eyes narrowed.

But her astonishment didn’t end there.

“Right~ Good boy!”

“Good, good! Well done!”

“Okay! I’ll pat you too!”

The hundreds of wolves, frozen in fear.

The part-timer was patting each of their heads, and at an incredibly fast pace.

It was bizarre.

Hera watched the part-timer with her mouth slightly open, and soon, attendant Lael was doing the same.

[What… is he?]

“Who knows…”

While the two were dazed, Damdeok completed taming the last wolf.


Damdeok grinned and shouted.



“Lie down!”




A spectacle of hundreds of wolves performing tricks in the sky.

“Keke, isn’t this a sight to behold?”

Laughing and enjoying the strange part-timer’s antics, Hera and Lael’s mouths finally dropped open in astonishment.

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