I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 12

#12. Gate Destruction (3)

“It’s eerie.”

The inside of the cave was shrouded in darkness.

Not a single speck of light penetrated the gloom.

Reliant on only his groping hand, Damdeok moved forward.

‘Did I come in here for nothing…?’

He had confidently entered with the intention of destroying the gate, but he felt a bit uneasy.

‘Is there really something here?’

How was he supposed to destroy the gate when he couldn’t even see an inch in front of him?

– Willpower!! Willpower!!

Suddenly, Baeksoli started to have a fit.

“Ah, you scared me! What’s wrong?!”

Baeksoli crept down and then hid behind my back.

A sudden chill crept up my spine.

‘Animals are said to see ghosts, could it be…?’

I shook my head quickly.

No way, ghosts… what am I thinking…

“Baeksoli, please let’s go quietly. Quietly…”

– Willpower!! Willpower!!

My heart felt like it was about to drop.

“Hey, you really…”

In the end, I quieted him down by transforming him into a sword.


It continued to cry out from within my hand…

“Sigh, my fate.”

I tapped the sword on the ground like a walking stick, slowly moving forward.

Before long,


I sensed a presence in the darkness.

‘A monster?’

Rustle! Rustle!

Not being able to see anything heightened the tension.

‘Stay calm, if I can’t see them, they can’t see me either.’

I took a deep breath and focused my senses.

I could hear them.

Many footsteps moving in front of me.


“Damn it!”

I swung my sword in surprise and immediately something was sliced away.

– Kieeek!

The sound of footsteps hastily retreating.

I repeated the Battle Concentration skill.

Knowing they were no match for me, the more I swung my sword, the more they frantically ran away.

As I got used to the darkness, I could make out pale green forms.


a familiar shape.


The tension eased a bit.

I had already subdued them to the point of exhaustion in the labyrinth dungeon.

Squeak! Purrbuck!

The talent of swordsmanship and martial arts.

The two talents merged into an elegant motion, pouring out towards the goblins.

Dancing around the cave, I discovered an interesting fact.

‘These aren’t like the dungeon monsters…’

If dungeon monsters were like programmed robots, these creatures felt like truly living beings with intellect.

That is, they realized the difference in our abilities and were checking for an opportunity to escape while fleeing.

Such details were unimaginable in the dungeons.

Dungeon monsters just attacked, over and over.

‘Well, since the gods made the dungeons that way, it makes sense…’

Then the gate is not an artificial space like the dungeon.

‘There was no such thing as creating gates in the part-time job listings.’

Then what exactly is a gate?

One thing was certain, unlike the clean and comfortable atmosphere of the dungeons, this place had a vile and sinister energy overflowing, an environment I desperately wanted to leave.

But I couldn’t leave until I found the goblin chief.

Defeating the boss monster is key to clearing the challenge.

‘Of course, I’m not sure if the same applies to gates…’

The only thing I could try at the moment was this.

“Boss~ oh Boss~ where are you hiding~?”

I slung my sword on my shoulder and started walking towards where the goblins fled.

Every living creature has an instinct to return home, so eventually, I would come across the chief’s lair.

A goblin that only had its head hidden in the crevices of a rock caught my eye.


– Kiiek?!

The creature freaked out and tried to run, but my hand was faster.

“Where do you think you’re going.”

The goblin that I grabbed by the scruff of the neck started to cry out, making a fine hostage.

Sure enough, as its cries echoed, the movements of the goblins ahead halted.

“That’s right, goblins have a deep sense of kinship, don’t they?”

I tightened my grip.

The creature’s cries turned more frantic. With that sound, the eyes of the retreating goblins changed.

‘About twenty ahead… ten coming back from behind…’

Before I could finish my thought, goblins rushed in from all around.

Frankly, there was nothing different.


With a single blow of the dwarf hammer, the creatures crumbled like crackers.

“What the heck!”


“Where is!”


“The boss!”

Boom! Boom!

I didn’t feel the slightest bit of guilt.

I knew well enough of the cruelty of goblins through YouTube.

I kept swinging my sword, and the goblins kept rushing in.

How much time had passed?

‘I’m getting a bit tired…’

There were more goblins than I expected, and I still hadn’t seen a sign of the chief goblin.

‘The dwarf hammer might not last much longer either…’

This was not good.

If the gate didn’t have a boss monster like dungeons do…

‘Sigh, was it all in vain?’

Just as I started seriously considering retreating,


A quick green light moved ahead.

I was instantly alert.

“Okay, got you now.”

I dashed towards the green light.

The minor goblins trying to block me posed no threat. I fought my way forward.

I reached the green light in an instant.

In the darkness, the goblin boss’s eyes flickered.

“So, there was a boss after all?”

He was significantly larger than the regular goblins. It was clear this one was the boss.

‘But something looks off…?’

Something was wrong. Drooling and with half-crazy eyes, it was as if it had been brainwashed…

– Kiieek! Keureuk!

Whether it noticed me or not, the creature started swinging a spear as tall as itself haphazardly.

Honestly, there were too many openings.

“Tsk, tsk, that’s the chief…”

I easily avoided the clumsy spear thrust, and snapping the spear shaft with my foot, I struck at the goblin’s neck,

– Ssshhlick!

Blood spurted in all directions.

It was unbelievably an easy battle.


I waited but no clear message appeared.

“Hmm, so it is different from the dungeons after all…”

I licked my lips in dissatisfaction.

The surrounding goblins had already disappeared.

“Ah, really? Is that it?”

I lingered around in disappointment.

“Sigh, can’t be helped. Then I’ll take this…”

I sat down near the corpse.

I planned to extract the core nucleus.

Even if it wasn’t a gate destruction, the nucleus would be proof that I had conquered the boss here.

It would serve as solid evidence that it was killed. In anticipation of such an event, I had watched the ‘Super Easy Monster Core Extraction Technique!’ video on YouTube hundreds of times. First, I made an incision at the center of the chest with the tip of my sword, and then shoved my hand in.

“Let’s see, it’s usually located below the heart…ugh.” The squishy feeling of the innards was unpleasant. The experts in the video extracted the core so neatly, but when I tried it, I ended up pulling out clumps of flesh and blood. “Ugh, damn it.” It was then, as the stench grew overwhelming and I covered my nose, that I heard a splat.

“…Huh?” The core had suddenly slipped out of my hand. I was dumbfounded. “What, did it just move?” The core on the ground was desperately wriggling away. “Ha, what in the world…”

Its appearance was odd too. A monster’s core typically shone in luminous colors like blue, turquoise, or red like gems. But this one squirming on the ground looked more like a lump of black clay. “Why is it so pitch black?” Regardless, I needed to prevent it from escaping, so I lightly pressed it down with my sword. The dark matter quivered and fluttered.

At the same time, Baeksul, transformed into my sword, seemed to express her disgust through her entire body. “I got it, Baeksul. Just bear with it.” I said so, but honestly, I too felt extremely uneasy. ‘Just looking at it gives me a bad vibe…’ As if watching a soul rotting away. It definitely was not a pleasant feeling.

Baeksul trembled. It seemed she particularly disliked this strange dark matter touching her body. She seemed to be screaming to get it off of her immediately, but I couldn’t do that. Because,

“In my view, this is…” I was transfixed as I picked up the dark matter. And sure enough, a message surfaced.

[Gate Core]

Description: Permanent gate closure possible upon destruction.


* * *

The valley near Gwanmosan Mountain.

The area around the flickering rift was filled with a diverse crowd of people.

“Hey, I told you it’s an exclusive scoop, right? You owe me a big one for this later.”

“Got it, mate. But are you sure about what you saw? It’s hard to believe…”

“Ah, I’m telling you it’s real! There’s more than one person who’s seen it!”

From the broadcast station personnel who came down from Seoul,

“Should we not stop the professor? If this gets out in real-time, it will cause major chaos.”

“And that’s not all! The whole academic world will pour scorn upon us for spreading misinformation.”

to the renowned Dungeon & Gate scholars.

“Chairman, what should we do?”

“Let’s just watch for now.”

and the high-ranking officials from the Hunter Association.

They all looked at the rift from different perspectives.

“Oh?! It’s coming out!!”

Upon someone’s shout, everyone’s gaze gathered in unison.


the rift shimmered ever so slightly.

The subtle ripples grew more violent, and then….


A man emerged.

Just his head peeking out from the rift in space.

For a moment, everyone’s jaws dropped.

That was a shocking sight.

“Ah, quite a lot of you came.”

The man chuckled sheepishly, and in an instant, the scene turned into chaos.

Barraged by incessant questions, the man frowned briefly before smiling brightly again.

“Ha, let me get out first…”

The man twisted and turned his body, then popped out of the rift with a leap.

“Whew, there’s nothing like the air outside.”

He dusted off his feet and moved around lightly, stretching his body. The people present couldn’t hide their astonishment.

“To bypass the rift’s ring…”

“As if he’s passing through a hula hoop…”

After a moment of silence, the journalists started to clamor again.

‘Who exactly are you? Which organization do you belong to? Are you really Korean?’ Questions ranged from these to more direct ones such as ‘Did you really go into the Gate? Tell us what’s inside, it’s not some sort of trick, is it?’

Damdok shook his head disapprovingly.

“No, that’s not what’s important right now.”

The journalists’ eyes widened, as if asking what could possibly be more important.

“What’s important is that humanity can now…”

He purposely dragged on the last words.

Why reveal the highlight all at once? That’s no fun, is it?

The people’s eyes eagerly followed the movement of his mouth.

Damdok smiled leisurely before stating candidly,

“Humanity can now… destroy Gates.”

The sudden bombshell flipped the scene on its head.

“De, destroy?!”

“Does that mean we can clear Gates like dungeons?”

“Please explain more specifically!”

Through the cacophony, Damdok quietly raised one hand— the one that held the core.

“Do you all know what this is?”

The people squinted at his hand. However, no one knew what it was. After all, even the professional journalists had never seen such material before.

“I’ll make it clear on this occasion.”

I grasped the tip of the dark matter tightly. As it wriggled and squirmed, a few people let out sounds of disgust.

‘The mood is good.’

I rode the momentum and released the dark matter I was holding into the air.

The plummeting dark wriggle.

I swung my sword with the highest speed I was capable of, aiming to make the move as cool and stylish as possible.

The blade that cut through the air stopped dead in front of a camera, and I didn’t forget to shoot a gaze into it.


With the sound, the dark wriggle exploded quite pathetically. Following that, the Gate that had been rippling…

Crackle! Pow!

Like a burst balloon, it vanished without a trace.


No one spoke. They simply stood with their mouths agape.

One journalist barely murmured,

“Who are you really…”

It was the question I had been eagerly awaiting.

I sheathed my sword and recited quietly.

“Yu. Dam. Dok.”

All eyes turned to me.

“My name is Yu Damdok.”

Thanks to the quiet scene, my name resonated loudly.

“Yu Damdok?”

“If it’s Yu Damdok, then…”

“Is he the hunter from the Labyrinth Dungeon?”

As the murmurs of people floated around, a pleasant message appeared before me.

[Your divine power surges dramatically!]

[You have reached 5,000 in divine power!]

[You have reached 6,000 in divine power!]

And then,


[Congratulations! You have reached 10,000 in divine power!!]

[Congratulations, Mr. Yu Damdok! You have ascended from a ‘Lowest-level God’ to a ‘Lesser God (下級神)’!]

“…What? A Lesser God?”

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