I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 119

I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods


Jo Yoon-hee stopped brushing the yard and lifted her head.

The small, continuous vibration that had been occurring.

Normally, she would have thought it was an earthquake or a gate appearing and would have been scared, but Jo Yoon-hee was calm.

“Dham-deok, I told you to rest…”

She just sighed while looking inside the house.

Although her son never really showed it when he was tired, for the past few days, Dham-deok had been lying down, sleeping continuously.

Of course, Pao, who came with him, tickled Jo Yoon-hee’s heart like a cute charmer, and Papi helped out with the housework effortlessly, playing his part in the household well. But Dham-deok had been cooped up, sleeping for three straight days, which naturally worried her as a mother.

‘But it was needless worry.’

Jo Yoon-hee’s eyes grew weary.

It would have been better if he had just continued to sleep.

Suddenly, since this morning, Dham-deok had been shut in the underground bunker, repeatedly practicing.

Of course, he was not alone in his enthusiasm for training; Baek Gu-reum was with him.

“Aigoo, that bunker, did I make it for me or did they make it for their training? Anyway, when will they comfortably rest at home…”

Jo Yoon-hee shook her head.

Through the glass window, she could see Pao laughing while watching TV. Next to him, Papi was pushing a vacuum cleaner, wearing an apron.

A smile spread across Jo Yoon-hee’s face.

“Still, it’s nice to see the family growing.”

As she watched them fondly, another slight vibration was felt under her feet.


“…What kind of training are they doing? Just break it, break it.”

Jo Yoon-hee tried to ignore it and walked into the house.

“I should hang out the laundry. The sunlight is really nice today~”

The vibration continued under her feet, but for Jo Yoon-hee, it was a peaceful afternoon.

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