I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 118

I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods

Beneath an unusually bright blue sky, white clouds marched briskly across. People’s attention was drawn immediately.

“What’s that?”

“It looks really expensive…?”

“Do people still wear that for fighting nowadays?”

“It’s not just flashy, it’s dazzling.”

The footsteps of Baekgureum were light and lively. He was dressed from head to toe in the brilliant golden armor of Achilles, resembling a young general from the Three Kingdoms era. Naturally, this sight captured the attention of onlookers.

“Looks like he’s really enjoying himself!”

Damduk quietly followed him, shaking his head in disbelief. These were Achilles’ armors found in Horus’s Cube. Tempting as they were at first sight, Damduk had reservations about wearing them himself. The armor set had a critical downside—it drastically reduced the efficiency of attribute mana.

“What in the world is it made of…”

Considering Hephaestus crafted it, it was expected to be extraordinary, but wearing it somehow blocked the proper channeling of attribute mana.

“Normal mana works fine though.”

It didn’t affect using skills or auras, but using black flame or ice attribute mana was significantly challenging.

“This means I’m not the rightful owner.”

Eventually, Damduk handed over the armor set to Baekgureum, who, after trying it on and looking in the mirror, dashed out in his current state.

“Hey, where are you off to?”

“We’re almost there!”

Their steps were buoyant, clearly in high spirits. They soon arrived at a dilapidated location.

“This place looks haunted.”

Damduk looked around nonchalantly. It was an old dungeon, its entrance collapsed, with piles of stones and trash scattered around.

“Dungeons are almost extinct now.”

The world had changed; gates were now more common than dungeons.

“This must be a sign that the war of the gods is near.”

Perhaps the gods who created dungeons were now preparing for war. While it was unknown how much they had learned through investigating gates…

“Don’t drag us innocents into your battles.”

Damduk looked around coldly at the trash heap. Suddenly, urgent voices could be heard.

“We’re almost done! These disgusting creatures!”

“Make sure to distribute your stamina well! We’ve got three more runs today!”

A mercenary group was fighting fiercely at a small gate. Baekgureum, looking thrilled, drew Achilles’ sword.


A resonant sound filled the air.


With a shout, he charged into the fray. The mercenaries were momentarily taken aback but soon brightened up upon seeing Damduk behind him.

“You’re here to destroy the gate!”

“Thank you!”

Damduk nodded in greeting.

‘I knew it.’

Baekgureum had rushed out impulsively wanting to test the armor.

‘He hasn’t even fully recovered yet…’

After squeezing out the last drop of his divine power for a dimensional shift, his divine energy was at its lowest. Baekgureum, having been through the ordeal with him, obviously had no stamina left either. Yet, he was as lively as a colt.

“Die! Die! Ugh!”

[First Priest Baekgureum has created the skill !]

Impressive. Creating skills on the fly? The quality of the gear must really make a difference. Even as monsters swarmed him, Baekgureum’s shield and armor remained unscathed. And with each swing of Achilles’ sword, the monsters were easily cleaved in two.

“Why would an Egyptian god order Achilles’ armor?”

With luxury so abundant, nothing was really surprising. Damduk shrugged his shoulders. Watching Baekgureum fight made him itch to join the fray.

‘I’m out of divine power, but…’

[Activating skill!]

‘I still have some magic left, don’t I?’

The Magic Dagger skill had been upgraded to 1.5 stages while fighting mummies in the pyramid.

Woong! Woong!

The dagger became clearer, its destructive power more substantial.

Thwack! Thwack!

Damduk accurately hit the monsters’ heads with his magic daggers, while Baekgureum brushed off physical immunity like a tank rolling over enemies. The mercenary group had quietly retreated to the background.

“Um… we’ll be going now.”


* * *

As the red sunset bathed the street, Damduk and Baekgureum trudged along the now yellow-tinted alleyway.

“It’s already evening. We left at noon.”

“Since we’ve wiped out all the small gates in the area, that figures. Ugh, my whole body aches. Let’s take a break, bro. I might get sick at this rate.”

“You’re the one who rushed out, and now you’re blaming someone else?”

“I was only going to do it once, but then you kept going….”

Baekgureum rolled his eyes. Damduk chuckled lightly and glanced at his system window.

[Ju Sooyul: I might be late. I’m heading out to meet the fifth guardian first. I’ll catch up soon.]

It seemed Ju Sooyul was serious this time.

‘He must be pushing his training hard.’

Given how the war of the gods was unfolding unexpectedly, Damduk understood his urgency.

“Adel Sharon is going to be miserable.”

Ju Sooyul was notoriously ruthless, and Adel Sharon liked to indulge in good food and self-pride.

‘Ju Sooyul will definitely push him hard.’

Imagining Adel Sharon getting a cold stare from Ju Sooyul for complaining about food made Damduk chuckle.

“Why Adel, bro?”

“Nothing. Heh.”

“What is it! When are those two coming?”

“Mind your own business~”

“Ah~ Bro!”

“Let’s go home~ We need to rest a bit before we meet the next guardian.”

The fifth guardian, Demon Prince Demone Alui, was currently deeply involved in a contest for the throne of the demon world.

‘If the underworld grandma’s words are true, Asmodeus will be there too.’

A new determination firmed within him, though his heart felt uneasy.

‘Ha. I have to enter that dreary demon world again…’

The sky was blood-red, the landscape desolate.

‘It’s a place I really don’t care for.’

‘Ju Sooyul went to train in the fairy realm.’

How nice that must be. If nothing else, the scenery there would be spectacular.

‘Ah, I’m envious. I wish I could go to the fairy realm soon.’

Since the sixth guardian was said to be the Fairy King, he would likely head there after the demon world.

A wry smile appeared on Damduk’s face.

‘Wait for me, fairy realm. I’ll clear the demon world quickly and move on!’

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