I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 117

I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods

Paoh, also famously known as Tutankhamun, was indeed a figure of intrigue. Despite his youthful appearance, which seemed even younger than his actual age of nine at the time of his mysterious death, Paoh was busy enjoying cupcakes at the courtyard table. Dangdok couldn’t help but feel amazed observing this. The bandages loosely unwrapped from his face, revealing his pale skin, made him look less like a mummy and more like a child.

The realization that he had completed the recruitment of his fourth guardian brought a satisfied smile to Dangdok’s face. During a critical moment of falling, he had managed to get Paoh to sign the priest agreement. It was unlikely Paoh understood what was happening amid the chaos of plummeting towards the ground.

Now with Paoh’s unique skill, the Mummy Army (SS+), Dangdok felt a bit more at ease, despite the eerie similarity to necromancy that bothered him about Elia. Paoh might turn out to be the most formidable of the guardians, especially if a war among the gods were to break out, where having a strong army could prove crucial.

“So, what exactly is this priest thing you mentioned?” Paoh asked, his mouth smeared with cupcake. Dangdok had tried explaining in mid-air, but the complex terms were too much for the young boy. Simplifying it, Dangdok responded, “It’s like family, you know? Priests are like family.”

“Family?” Paoh’s eyes wavered slightly.

“Yes, family. You know what that is, right?”

Paoh, reassured by the explanation, seemed content and resumed his vigorous eating of cupcakes. Meanwhile, Baekseol, a small creature, was eyeing the cupcakes greedily, much to Paoh’s chagrin who protested loudly to protect his treat.

The peaceful moment was interrupted by Papi, who looked distressed sweeping in the corner. He lamented about failing a delivery and feared harsh punishment from his boss. Dangdok tried to console him, suggesting they had bigger worries since Dangdok had accidentally destroyed a pyramid, potentially angering powerful beings.

Amidst the chaos, Dangdok reassured everyone that they were safe for now and proposed that they stay there, hinting at the impending chaos of a godly war without stirring too much panic.

Despite the underlying tensions and the looming threat of divine conflict, there was a fleeting moment of peace and normality as everyone engaged in their small activities, unaware of how soon things might change.

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