I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 116

I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods

Krrrrr! Krrrrr!

In the labyrinthine chamber where giant metal spheres rolled,

screams echoed. “What are you doing! Cerberus! Get rid of that metal sphere!”

As soon as Cerberus halted the sphere,

Screech! Screech!

Arrows and spears flew from all directions.

Damdeok and his party dodged traps like acrobats, racing through the ever-changing chamber maze.

‘Just when we barely escaped, traps in every chamber are activated!’

To make matters worse, Egyptian gods were swarming behind them like ants.

“If we get caught by those bastards, they’ll kill us!”

“Wait! Don’t mess with Cerberus!”

“It could start a war with Olympus!”

“Everyone, aim carefully!”

Screech! Screech!

The quickly changing maze seemed to burden even the gods, slowing down the structural transformations as they approached, reducing the danger.

This slowdown was optimal for Damdeok’s party to escape.

“Charge full speed to the front at 3 o’clock!”

Papi shouted.

True to his reputation as the god of mathematics, Papi accurately predicted the slowed maze’s transformations.

“We must get out at all costs! You know this, Papi!”

“Yes, brother!”

However, the situation remained difficult.

As Papi predicted the next path and ran, he stepped on a stone slab that caved in.


“Argh! I stepped on another trap!”

At Papi’s shout, sharp spikes shot up from the floor.

Chang! Chang!

While the maze changed slowly, various traps sprung up in the chamber, which even the god of mathematics, Papi, couldn’t predict.

Jjejeong! Jjeong!


Damdeok dealt with obstacles by freezing and shattering the spikes with his ice attribute mana.

“Eek! Protect me first!”

Pao, hanging from Damdeok’s side, screamed with a pale face.

“Quiet, kid! Even a king can’t run properly!”

“How dare you! I am the 12th king of the 18th dynasty…!”

“Shut up!”

As Damdeok leaped over a wall, Bastet, the cat-headed god, followed swiftly, slashing with sharp claws.

Shwook! Shwooook!

Damdeok dodged easily and fled with a wind sprint skill. Bastet immediately changed direction and charged at Papi.


Papi dodged the attack acrobatically, tears streaming down his face despite his large build.

“Papi! Stick close to Cerberus!”

Damdeok shielded him with a wave-cutting skill, allowing Papi to finally escape Bastet’s attack.

Kang! Kang!

Again, sharp sounds echoed.

The crocodile-headed god, Sobek, and Baekgureum clashed swords.

“Eek! Such tremendous power! Brother, can’t we just teleport like we did in the magic world?!”

“No! We need to get out of this floor first!”

[<Glacial Slash(S)> skill activated!]


Sobek dodged swiftly, but one of his arms froze, causing him to falter.

Baekgureum quickly escaped the attack range.

“Nice, brother!”

But that was it. Bastet and Sobek quickly closed the distance again.

‘As expected, it’s hard to shake off higher gods.’

If Cerberus hadn’t joined the fight, this escape would have ended long ago.

– Krrrrrr! Keung! Keung!

“Damn, that’s annoying!”

Damdeok shielded everyone from behind Cerberus, desperately looking at the system window.

‘Please, let something work!’

Baekgureum mentioned teleportation, but it was insufficient.

[Using God’s Name Value ‘2300 Yoo Damdeok’ to initiate teleportation.]

[Cannot be used on the 444th floor!]

[Teleportation is canceled!]

Baekgureum tried to send himself first, but even that was impossible.

[Deactivating ‘Call of God’.]

[Cannot be used on the 444th floor!]

‘It worked fine when summoning the wolves and Cerberus earlier, why not now!’

Clearly, the highest gods had interfered separately.

Glancing back,

Set and Anubis were rapidly approaching, with the leisurely Horus, the eagle-headed god, following behind.

‘They were quiet until now, but they’ve caught up!’

Perhaps their strategy meeting had ended.

Whatever the strategy was, one thing was clear.

‘If caught, we’re definitely dead!’

There was no choice.

In this situation, they had to resort to the last method!

“Everyone, get on Cerberus!”

At Damdeok’s shout, everyone moved in unison.

“You too, get on!”

Damdeok’s eyes sparkled as he threw Pao onto Cerberus.

[Using the ‘Call of God’ ability!]

[Summoning the 3rd Priest ‘Ice Giant Etin’!]


A tremendous roar.

A giant ice giant suddenly appeared in the middle of the chamber.

Due to its enormous weight, the floor of the floor caved in, causing the chasing gods to slam on the brakes.

“Kugh! What’s this all of a sudden!”

“Where did this giant come from…!”

Koong!! Koong!!

As Etin moved towards Damdeok, the chamber floor began to ripple like waves.

Bastet and Sobek, as well as Anubis and Set, began to stagger, unable to maintain their balance.

“What’s going on now?”

As Etin approached Damdeok, he spoke.

“Etin! Call all the giants!”

Damdeok shouted as he jumped onto Cerberus’s back.

“Is that all. Understood…!”

Etin’s eyes flashed brightly.

Koong!! Koong!! Koong!!

Giant ice giants appeared one after another.

The weight of the suddenly appearing giants was unimaginable,

and soon the entire 444th floor began to collapse.


Like a disaster movie, the ceiling crumbled, and the floor began to cave in.


“What, what is this! Aaack!!!”

Egyptian gods residing on the upper and lower floors faced this sudden disaster, screaming and running in panic, mingling with Damdeok’s party.

[They’re getting away! Catch them!]

Set shouted in anger,

“It’s impossible!”

“There are too many of our gods!”

In a state where friend or foe was indistinguishable, and with the ceiling and ground collapsing, who could catch whom!

“Good! Keep running!”

– Keung!

At Damdeok’s shout, Cerberus charged fiercely.

Kwaang!! Kwaang!!

Among the collapsing building debris, Cerberus ran like an arrow.

[Warning! Warning!]

[Divine power consumption is severe!]

‘Ugh. Did I overdo it?’

Having used the King of Dogs three times today and summoned Cerberus and Etin…!

Damdeok gritted his teeth.

Hermes’ shoes, which moved by absorbing divine power, had long lost their strength.

‘Divine power is almost exposed.’

Just a little more.

Just a little further and we can get outside!

‘I still have a little divine power left to teleport…!’

Once outside, it would be goodbye to this detestable pyramid!

Damdeok’s distance to the outer wall seemed to be closing.



Cerberus crashed into the wall head-on.

Along with numerous brick fragments, Damdeok and his party were flung into the air.


At the same time their bodies were thrown into the air, Damdeok’s summoning of Cerberus was forcibly canceled.

[Due to lack of divine power, the ‘King of Dogs’ trait is deactivated!]

“Uh? Uh uh? Aaaaah!!”

“It’s too high!!”

As Cerberus suddenly disappeared, the party faced a dizzying height with their bare bodies.

“Everyone, stay calm!”

As they fell rapidly, Damdeok saw,



The giant pyramid collapsing.

Set and Anubis, along with other Egyptian gods, were too flustered to even think of catching Damdeok.

‘Good. Now, just teleport…!’

[Insufficient divine power!]

[Teleportation is not possible!]

[The ‘Call of God’ ability is deactivated.]

‘Ah… I’m screwed.’

It seemed the remaining divine power had been consumed faster than expected.

Shuak- Shuak-

In an instant, Etin and the ice giants, and even Baekgureum next to him, disappeared.

Now only Pao, clinging to his side, and Papi, flapping his large limbs, remained.

Damdeok’s face turned pale.

‘If teleportation is impossible, the three of us will…’

It was dizzying.

At least several hundred meters above the ground.


The sound of falling was like a cannon shot.

“Brother! When are we going to teleport?! Why did only Baekgureum disappear!”

Papi looked at Damdeok with anxious eyes.

Large teardrops formed in his eyes.

Probably his first experience falling at such a speed.

Me too.

Holding tightly to…

“Hurry and do something! If we hit the ground like this, not even bone fragments will remain!!”

Pao also shook his cute limbs, urging Damdeok.


The wind noise battered his ears. Damdeok closed his eyes tightly.

“Whining won’t help. The divine power is all gone.”

Neither teleportation, Hermes’ wings, nor a skill to reduce the impact of hitting the ground was possible.

“What, what is divine power! How can I help!”

Due to the impact of the falling wind, Pao’s bandages were already completely unraveled and tattered.

As Damdeok squinted at him, his eyes suddenly widened.


A clear shout.

Papi and Pao looked at Damdeok at the same time.

“You said the only thing you can do is control the mummies, right?”

“That’s right! But in this situation, falling from the sky, how can mummies on the ground help!”

At Pao’s words, Damdeok grinned.

“No. It helps.”

Damdeok instructed Pao, and Pao’s round eyes grew even wider.


[What are you all doing! Catch that bastard first!]

Inside the collapsing pyramid, Set’s angry voice was heard.

But no one responded to his call.

Everyone was busy evacuating, and even the boss Horus was helping weak gods flee, not paying attention to Damdeok.

[Set sir.]

Anubis was the only one to respond to Set.

As soon as he arrived, Set’s expression brightened, and the two immediately jumped down and headed straight for the falling Damdeok.

Screech! Screech!

Just before Damdeok was about to hit the ground,

“Aaaaah!! No!! I can’t die here!!”

Papi cried out, looking at the rapidly approaching ground.

Then he saw some writing on the ground.

Papi’s eyes widened.

“What is that?”

[Pyramid Collapser! Sword God Yoo Damdeok!]

[Extreme Terrorist! Yoo Damdeok!]

[Delivery part-timer who came to collapse the city of gods!]

Letters made from unraveling the mummies’ bandages.


Pao’s golden bracelet flashed incessantly.

Damdeok looked at the rising system window and grinned.

[The Egyptian gods tremble at your evil deeds!]

[Fame increases significantly!]

[Divine power increases!]

Feeling the divine power enveloping his body, Damdeok smiled faintly.

At that moment, Set and Anubis, who had caught up to Damdeok’s head,

[It’s over, you bastard!]


As their spear tips aimed at Damdeok,

Damdeok turned towards them and grinned mischievously.

“Next time, I’ll definitely adopt you guys.”

[Using God’s Name Value ‘2300 Yoo Damdeok’ to initiate teleportation.]

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