I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 115

I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods


Damduk blinked his eyes as he scanned Pao, who was staring back at him. Surprisingly small in stature, like a child, with short arms and legs.


A tuft of chestnut hair peeked out from a partially slipped bandage. His eyes were round.

“Who… are you?”

His voice was youthful, perhaps no older than seven.

‘Jusoyul did mention it, but seeing him in person, he’s even younger than I expected.’

There were many questions Damduk wanted to ask, but now was not the time for leisurely conversation.


Suddenly, a thick shadow loomed over Damduk and Pao’s heads.

[This annoying brat…]

Set looked down at Damduk with a menacing glare. He was visibly irritated.

‘This damn guy, stuck here of all places.’

All the golden crowns that had sealed the Pharaohs had been toppled!



Because of that, the Pharaohs were waking up one by one.

Sacrifices for the resurrection of Osiris.

Those who should have quietly completed the ritual in their sarcophagi were moving about even before Osiris’s sarcophagus arrived.

There was nothing more troublesome than this.

[I swear, you’ll die more painfully than anyone else…!!]


As Set gritted his teeth and shouted, sensing the threat, Damduk’s body shot out like an arrow.


[ skill activated!]

Damduk, holding Pao, flew to the opposite side in an instant. Although Set’s hand followed roughly, Damduk narrowly escaped.


Bang, bang, bang!

Their noisy escape caused even the relatively intact sarcophagi to topple over.



The number of awakened Pharaohs increased.


Deep wrinkles formed on Set’s forehead.

That cursed guy, even as he fled, he only made more work.

Set’s eyes coldly scanned the mummies.


What were they?

Puppets created by the Egyptian gods to automatically garner reverence from humans.

When the gods allowed the to use ‘magic power’, the Pharaohs performed miracles for the common people, proclaiming, ‘All these miracles are because I have been chosen by the gods!’

Thus, the Egyptian gods were able to continually increase their divine power while idly enjoying themselves within this pyramid.

For thousands of years, using this shortcut to increase their reverence, the Egyptian gods never dreamed that a Pharaoh capable of freely manipulating magic power would appear.

However, a talent born once in a thousand years.

A Pharaoh who absorbed the lent magic power and increased it several folds.

That was…

“Is everyone gathered? Stay close to me from now on.”

Damduk and his group, having moved as far from Set as possible, gathered in a corner of the room.

And there, hanging from Damduk’s side, was the little mummy, Pao.

Set’s brows furrowed.

‘The others have negligible amounts of magic power, but this one is different.’

The rest were just side dishes, but the main dish was this little one.

The most useful of the Pharaohs to be sacrificed.

Set cracked his knuckles menacingly as he glared at Damduk.

[Yes. I’m almost grateful for this. Now I can tear you to pieces without Horus being able to spout that nonsense about ‘no killing’.]


It happened in an instant.

A terrifying murderous intent filled the room, suffocatingly thick.

The other Pharaohs, staggering to their feet, had their movements severely slowed by Set’s murderous aura.



The mummies could barely make a sound.

In contrast, the little Pao spoke very clearly.

“Let me down, you brute!”

His voice was crisp, like a young child’s.

“You brute? Why so curt?”

“How dare you! I am the 12th Pharaoh of Egypt’s 18th Dynasty!”

“Really now.”

Damduk found the stern little kid amusing but set him down anyway.

This was no time to be fooling around.

The murderous intent (殺氣) was deepening.

The only ones unaffected were ‘Pao’ and ‘himself’; the faces of Papi and Baekgureum next to him were rapidly changing.

“Krgh. B-brother…”

Papi looked terrified, but Baekgureum was different.

Even shaking, he held his sword firmly.

Suddenly, Baekgureum’s eyes flickered blue.

[First Priest Baekgureum endures the terrible fear!]

[First Priest Baekgureum’s resistance to fear increases!]

[ skill is generated for First Priest Baekgureum!]

As the skill was generated, his expression relaxed slightly.

To create a skill with his bare body, without any equipment or potions.

‘A genius indeed.’

Damduk nodded in satisfaction, and

“What will we do, bro? Run or fight?”

Confidence boosted, Baekgureum shouted.

Damduk fiddled with his sword, murmuring,

“No. Why should we run? It’s just one guy.”

[ skill used!]

[Summoning all wolves tamed so far!]

– Growl!

– Growl!

– Growl!

The Deadly Hound, the Ice Wolf, the Sun Wolf, and even the guard ‘Dog Headed Intermediate God’ he had seen on the first floor.

“Eek! Lord Set?!”

“You lead the pack. From now on, you’re the boss of these wolves.”


The dog-headed guard had a terrified face, but bound to the Dog President, he had no choice but to obey.

Though he seemed like just an intermediate god,

‘He’s sufficient to lead an army of hundreds of wolves.’

The forces filling the chamber under Damduk’s command looked quite impressive, but Set just scoffed.

His steps were unhindered.

Just straight forward.

Walking straight towards Damduk.

[Is that all? Call more. I’ll rampage to my heart’s content after a long time.]



With every step he took, cracks began to appear on the stone floor tiles.

Tremendous pressure.

Watching this, Pao suddenly raised his right arm.

“Vile evil god Set…! I will never forgive you for using the Pharaohs to only fill the gods’ bellies!”

It was hard to believe such words came from a child.


With a cute face, Pao shouted angrily, thrusting his raised right arm forward.


The thick gold bracelet on his wrist shone brightly.

The light was so intense that it made not only Damduk’s face but also Baekgureum, Papi, and even the approaching Set’s face shine like the moon.

‘The Pharaoh’s bracelet!’

Damduk inwardly cheered.

Among all the Pharaohs, only could fully wield it.

And its purpose was…!

Suddenly, a bustling noise started somewhere.

Soon after,

– Woo-woo!

– Woo-woo-woo!

Mummies began to pour in from somewhere.

All the mummies existing on the 444th floor were continuously entering the room where Pao was.

[Wolves and now mummies.]

Set, with a contemptuous face, waved his hand.



– Gasp!

– Gasp-gasp!



Despite just lightly waving his hand, the wolves and mummies were torn apart like pieces of paper.


Even as Pao’s golden bracelet shone, mummies continuously revived and obstructed Set’s path,

Yet it was only a matter of time before he reached Damduk’s group.

“What a monstrous thing…!”

Seeming to decide it was futile, Baekgureum was about to dash out when Damduk stopped him.

“Wait. Our side isn’t done yet.”

[ skill used!]

[Summoning the hellish sentinel ‘Cerberus’!]


With a sound that shook heaven and earth,

– Grrrrrrrr…!!

The three-headed monster, Cerberus, was summoned.

Its size was overwhelmingly different from ordinary wolves, with the entire room visible between its legs.

Not just its massive size, but the hellish heat emitted by its three giant heads was powerful enough to counteract even Set’s dense murderous intent.

Baekgureum and even Papi looked more relaxed.


‘Ugh. Summoning this guy takes too much divine power.’

Damduk was distressed.

That was why he generally didn’t want to summon this creature.

‘But I have no choice now.’

Cerberus was the hidden card of this battle.

Damduk smiled satisfactorily and looked forward.

As expected, Set, who had been attacking relentlessly, suddenly stopped and just stared at Cerberus.

Was it because Cerberus was scary?


If the supreme god Set seriously charged, he could wipe out not only Cerberus but everyone here.


‘What kind of being is Cerberus?’

Think about it.

Cerberus is a symbolic entity in the Olympian divine realm.

The symbol of the underworld.

‘To mess with him is almost the same as messing with his master, Hades.’

Damduk knew this very well.

From Set’s perspective, attacking Cerberus was a very burdensome task.

A wrong move could turn the entire Olympus against him.

‘With Cerberus in front, Set can’t easily attack us.’

Damduk chuckled and began to speak.

“Hey, how about we just go our separate ways here? I just need to take this kid, Pao. I won’t touch the other Pharaohs, so just let us go.”

Damduk’s sudden informal speech made Set’s face crumple.

[How dare you speak to me like that. Are you truly mad?]

Damduk responded with a face full of disbelief.

“Then what… How should I speak? Should I beg ‘Oh dear teacher, please spare my life!’ to someone coming to kill me?”

Set gritted his teeth with a snap!

He could no longer hold back and lunged forward.

[I’ll rip that insolent mouth apart!!!]

The mummies and wolves in front were knocked away like bowling pins.

However, the rapidly approaching Set had to hesitate due to Cerberus’s appearance.

– Grrrrrr!! Groan!! Woof!!

Despite his harsh words, Set couldn’t retaliate against the fierce attacks from Cerberus’s three heads.

He just cursed and backed away.

After several attempts to charge at Damduk, it was impossible to break through Cerberus’s stubborn defense without attacking.

‘Indeed, it was worth pouring out divine power.’

Just when Damduk was nodding,

[You idiots!! Do you even understand the situation?! Hurry up and come over!!]

Suddenly, Set yelled at the air, and soon the quiet labyrinth began to move rapidly.

Rumble rumble rumble rumble!!

‘Oh no. Was he controlling the labyrinth too?’

What was he trying to do?

Separate us from Cerberus?

“Everyone, stick close to Cerberus!”

At Damduk’s shout, everyone gathered under Cerberus.

Rumble rumble rumble rumble!!

But contrary to expectations, it wasn’t the room where Damduk was that was changing.

The structures of the surrounding rooms were rapidly shifting.

Rumble rumble rumble rumble!

Drumming drumming drumming!

Rumble rumble rumble!


To the east, west, north, and south, four more doors appeared.

As Set sneered and the four doors opened simultaneously.





The god with the head of an eagle,


The god with the head of a dog,


The goddess with the head of a cat,


The god with the head of a crocodile,


Behind each, numerous intermediate and high-level gods appeared.

A truly grand army.

Surrounded perfectly from all directions, a moment of silence followed,



– Creak…?

Baekgureum, Papi, and even Cerberus turned to look at Damduk.

Damduk swallowed once and then shouted with the most serious expression ever,

“…Everyone, run!”

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