I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 114

I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods

#114. The Fourth Guardian, Pao (2)


That was the first word that came to Papi’s mind.

‘Why is the boss here…?’

Papi’s wavering gaze settled straight ahead.

Standing in front of the wide-open door were Damduk and Baekgureum,

and in front of them, a man of large stature.

Black jackal hair,

a robust physique.

Even the reddish hair bristling on his forearms.

It was unmistakable.

This god was one of the nine chief gods of Pyramid Egypt and the president of Pyramid Delivery, Seth.

‘No, why is the boss popping up here? Why exactly!!’

Papi silently screamed.

The moment when all the employees cheered at the news of the boss’s vacation was still ringing in Papi’s ears!

Between the faint hallucinations, another sound was emerging.

The sound of his future delivery life getting messed up…

‘This is really bad. A very bad situation.’

As Seth’s eyes narrowed while watching the restless Papi,

his gaze fell on the [Pyramid Delivery] uniform.

The blue vests worn by Papi, Damduk, and Baekgureum.

Seth’s head tilted slowly,


[…What are you all doing here?]

A voice that was deep yet slightly irritable.

It suited his reputation as a malevolent god perfectly.

[Surely the 444th floor was off-limits?]

His gaze turned icy.

“Th-that… So, sir, that is…”

Papi began to stammer, unable to stay still.

The malevolent god, Seth.

Among the Egyptian gods, his notoriety was well-known,

‘Remember the god who was whipped to death for a wrong delivery…!’

Papi clenched his eyes shut.

The current situation was a far more serious rule violation than a mere delivery error.

If he didn’t want to be beaten to death, he had to make some excuse.

Should he say he took the wrong path?

Or just beg for forgiveness outright?

Papi’s eyes darted around in panic.

Sweat dripped down his back.

‘No choice. I have to beg! Just beg outright!’

With that thought, Papi bowed deeply at a 90-degree angle and exclaimed.

“I’m sorry! I, I took the wrong way! I was about to leave but suddenly the maze changed…! I’ll leave right now! Please overlook this just once…”

But Seth was resolute.

[That makes no sense. How could you take the wrong path in a place clearly marked with a warning sign at the entrance? You know the rules. Violators are dealt with immediately.]


Papi tried to plead with a pitiful look on his face when Damduk calmly spoke up.


Seth’s gaze flicked to Damduk.

The very person who had brazenly opened the door to the chamber.

If anyone should be apologizing first, it should be him…

‘What’s the first thing this silent guy going to say?’

Even looking at him didn’t make him back down.

Seth looked down at Damduk indifferently.

Seeing a human child beside him, he seemed like a bolt missing from his head.

‘A mid-level god, huh? Those who come here for delivery usually don’t have such high divine power.’

But it was unusual.

No matter that he was a mid-level god, how could he remain so composed while Seth emitted such a subtle aura of killing intent?

Even if not trembling like Papi, showing some signs of tension like the human child would have been normal…

As Seth stared at Damduk, he grumbled irritably.

[Do you have any excuses left? If you’re going to make excuses, make them more plausible…]

Damduk cut off Seth’s words.

“It’s not an excuse, but… I understand this is a restricted area, but does that only apply to mid and lower-level gods?”

Seth paused for a moment, but endured.

[It applies to all Egyptian gods. And especially not for a human child.]

As Seth said this and glanced sharply at Baekgureum, the latter flinched and gripped his sword tightly.

Damduk smirked and tilted his head.

“All Egyptian gods are not allowed… But why are you here, sir?”

It was an unexpected provocation.

The air in the chamber instantly froze.

“Hyung, are you crazy?”

Baekgureum’s eyes widened in shock as he looked back and forth between Damduk and Seth,

“Uh, um…”

Papi was completely flustered and lost his composure.


Seth was also dumbfounded by the mid-level god’s audacious provocation.

Is this a challenge to me?

Or just madness?

Seth’s brow furrowed deeply.

In Egyptian mythology, his position was significant.

He had once ascended to the position of a chief god, and was the notorious evil god who had gruesomely killed the previous chief god, Osiris.

Within the Pyramid!

Or at least within the world of Egyptian mythology!

Except for Horus, no one could mock him.

But… what? You’re asking me why I’m here?


Seth leaned in close to Damduk’s face.

[Your audacity reaches the heavens.]

In that moment,

an immense aura burst from Seth.


[You are facing a terrible fear!]

[The first title effect of activates!]

[You resist the status ‘Fear’!]

[The deity’s divine power is too high, the title effect is negated!]


[You are facing a terrible fear!]

System windows popped up in front of Damduk’s eyes.

Despite the tremendous aura, Damduk’s body flinched momentarily, but he clenched his teeth and held on.

And then,

[The second title effect of activates!]

[You emit an aura of ‘Fear’!]

The aura emitted by Damduk collided fiercely with the one from Seth.

A tense standoff of energies.

Damduk bit his lower lip so hard it tasted of blood.

‘Normally, my divine power wouldn’t stand a chance in this fight!’

It was natural for a mid-level god’s aura to be no match against Seth, the highest god. However…

‘What if this isn’t just my own aura?’


[Medusa’s ‘Fear’ fills the space!]

[The terrible fear is diluted!]

[You grow accustomed to resisting fear!]

[Your resistance to fear evolves to a new level!]

Damduk’s counterstrategy was successful.

‘That’s right!’

It was a title he had earned by facing the legendary Medusa herself.

Even if the opponent was the highest god, he could not overcome the fear of Medusa.

‘Medusa’s curse could even petrify gods.’

The story of Athena scaring gods with was well-known across several divine realms.

‘Visiting the Gorgon Island to meet Medusa was a divine move.’

Of course, it didn’t completely suppress Seth’s aura, and his skin still crawled…

‘It’s bearable.’

Damduk deliberately showed a relaxed smile.

Seth’s expression instantly hardened.

“Uh… Hyung, stop…”

Papi was about to foam at the mouth and faint,

‘Should I cut ties with this guy?’

Baekgureum also stared tensely at Damduk.

Seth couldn’t understand the situation.

‘Was he resistant to fear?’

He hadn’t given his full effort, but he had emitted a strong aura, yet the guy in front of him seemed unaffected.

‘Or is this… a madman?’

Seth seriously considered this.

Among the gods, there were occasionally mad ones.

And most of those mad ones were the highest or upper gods, who acted without regard for others.


That was a premature judgment by Seth.

Damduk was much more…

Insanely mad to a great (Great) degree.

“I have a question.”

Damduk spoke.

A purely innocent question.

Papi and Baekgureum had given up being surprised.

[What? You’re asking me a question in this situation?]

“Yes. Is that… not allowed?”

It was almost laughable.

Could someone really be this fearless?

‘I should just kill this reckless fool.’

While Seth had spoken of immediate execution to scare Papi, in truth, he had planned to quietly send them away today after dealing with the intrusion.

But the newbie in front of him was crossing the line.

‘Arrogant fool.’

Seth’s red hand twitched, unable to contain its violent intent.

He was close enough to smash his skull.

‘This little thing, I could kill him anytime if I wanted. But…’

His twitching hand eventually calmed down.


Seth’s gaze shifted to the back of the room, to the very corner.

Several sarcophagi surrounded by golden decorations.

Today was the day of the great ritual.

The day to lead the resurrection of Osiris by gathering all the former Pharaohs.

This 444th floor was made as an altar for the resurrection of Osiris.

Finally, today, having gathered all the sacrifices, the ritual could proceed…

‘Huh, on a day like today, killing would surely bring that guy’s wrath.’


He was an utterly shameless guy who constantly threatened to gruesomely kill Seth if he did not help resurrect his father, Osiris, according to the prophecy.

‘Either this guy or that guy…!’

Seth’s face scrunched up.

「Don’t make unnecessary killings.」

After Horus took control, following his principle had been excruciating.

But what could he do?

The pyramid now belonged to him….

‘Huh. Such is my fate.’

Damduk was still looking at Seth with sparkling eyes.

“…Sir Seth? May I ask a question?”

Seth waved his hand dismissively, annoyed.

[Enough. I’m not taking questions. Everyone, just go back. To exit the maze, keep going through the right door until you reach the entrance.]

Seth turned away after saying just that.

Not delivering the packages they were supposed to, but slacking off here.

He felt like killing them all…

He was irritated.

‘This common-looking guard with a dog’s head. I’ll definitely kill him if I see him again.’

Seth glanced at Damduk and turned around.

That’s when it happened.


As soon as Seth turned around, the sound of a foot stomping the ground came from behind,

and soon a warm sensation landed on Seth’s head.

Seth himself, Baekgureum, and Papi’s eyes all filled with horror.

‘Oh no…’


Papi and Baekgureum thought the same thing simultaneously.

Flapping –

Hermes’ winged sandals.

Damduk was seriously patting Seth’s head.

Pat-pat –

[The trait ‘Dog Emperor’ activates!]

[The deity’s divine power is too high to activate ‘Dog Emperor’!]

[Trait activation canceled!]

“…Ah? So it doesn’t work after all.”

As Damduk scratched his head awkwardly,

[You bastard!!]

Seth’s hand violently struck Damduk’s torso.



In his excitement, Seth didn’t realize.

At the moment he was hit, Damduk deliberately twisted his body diagonally backward…



Although it hurt from being hit too hard, Damduk ended up crashing into the far corner of the room as intended.

Thanks to that, the sarcophagi gathered there were all flung open, overturned, and their contents spilled out in a total mess.

“Ugh. Damn… Maybe trying to subjugate the highest god as a ‘Dog Emperor’ was too much of a stretch.”

Damduk struggled to his feet.

If it weren’t for the physical defense option of the Hercules’ lion armor, he would have been seriously injured.

This whole thing was a stretch.

A serious stretch, Damduk knew well.

But he continued with his loose-screwed actions anyway…

It was originally a ‘nice if it works, oh well if it doesn’t!’ kind of attempt.

The previous patting was a kind of gamble.


to be more precise…

“It was bait.”

Bait to bring him here in one go.

From the moment the door opened and he faced Seth, Damduk had calculated everything meticulously.

‘If it weren’t for the hint Jusoyul gave me, it would have been hard to act this way.’

Keep in mind that Seth (Seth) is stuck because of the current ruler Horus (Hprus)’s command.

Even so, he was so nervous that his hand might pierce his body…

“Haah. It’s tough, tough.”

Damduk sighed as he looked at the coffins turned into a mess because of him.

Among the scattered coffins,

a mummy emitting a unique aura was curled up.


The fourth guardian Jusoyul mentioned.

[You bastard…! I’ll kill you right now, no matter the ban on killing!]

From afar, an excited Seth was stomping towards him.

At the same time, Pao’s tightly closed eyes slowly opened.

“Man, you’re terribly hard to meet.”

Damduk’s lips curled up in a smirk.

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