I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 113

I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods

Finally, they reached the 444th floor.

The scene before them was different from the other levels of the pyramid they had seen so far.

“…Is this the 444th floor?”

An arched stone door was in sight.

It looked like the entrance to a small castle, prominently placed at the end of the stairs leading to the 444th floor.

‘There weren’t doors like this on the other floors.’

Normally, after climbing the stairs, a wide corridor would unfold.

“Why is there such a grand entrance only on this floor?”

Baekgureum tilted his head in curiosity.

Then, Papi, who had been leading the way, added with a serious face,

“As I said, the 444th floor is the most shrouded in mystery within this pyramid….”

Before Papi could finish, Damdeok waved his hand dismissively and stepped forward.

“Yeah, I know, I know. Once you enter, you can never leave, hence it’s called the ‘Labyrinth of Death,’ right?”

“…Yes, that’s correct.”

Papi nodded gravely.

Damdeok smirked.

It was a story he had grown tired of hearing on the way up.

Unlike other floors, the 444th floor was filled with sealed chambers connected like a labyrinth,

and it was off-limits to all Egyptian gods, a place where ordinary gods dared not tread.

“But for a restricted area, the security seems pretty lax?”

There were no guards like the ones with dog or bird heads seen on the first floor, no safety mechanisms to prevent entry, nor any warning signs.

“Is it so lax that no one dares to enter?”

“Of course, initially, many gods who were fearless like you, brother, entered. But….”

Papi spoke in a sinister tone, setting the mood.


“Not a single one! Not even one has returned from there. Not a single one….”

Papi raised his index finger firmly.

Damdeok looked at him silently.

A flashlight was shining under his chin, though it was unclear where it came from.

“…Put it away.”


Papi obediently placed the flashlight back into his cube, and Damdeok slung his sword over his shoulder.

“Whatever it is, let’s just go and see.”

* * *

“Ugh!! Disgusting!!”

Papi screamed and hid behind Damdeok.

In front of them, mummies wrapped in bandages were stretching their arms out and approaching.

– Grrrr!

– Grrr!

Damdeok’s sword flashed like lightning, cleanly severing the heads of two charging mummies.

Damdeok glanced back.

Papi was peeking out, watching cautiously.

“Aren’t you supposed to be quite powerful among the lower gods?”

“That’s different. You’re a god from another world, but I am an Egyptian god! I absolutely cannot lay hands on Osiris’s direct subordinates, the mummies!”

While he spoke, he forced his large body behind his own back again.

‘To me, it seems like Osiris is just an excuse, and he’s actually scared of the mummies.’

“Man, your size is going to waste.”

“That’s why I told you not to come in here! This is a place you should absolutely never enter…!”

Suddenly, Papi’s eyes widened, unable to finish his sentence.


Suddenly, Damdeok’s fist, glowing with a flash of light, headed towards his face.

[ skill activates!]


Right next to Papi’s face, a mummy’s head burst open.

Watching the mummy collapse lifelessly, Papi just trembled, his face pale.

“Ah, sorry. It was urgent, I didn’t even tell you to dodge. But you’re alive because of me, right?”

Damdeok grinned, while Papi’s face grew increasingly gloomy.

‘What am I even doing here!’

The reason Papi had followed was simple.

In front of him was Damdeok, a cheerful foreign god.

He had promised to complete the delivery of goods for the entire 666 floors of the pyramid with him today, in this A-zone where the highest gods resided!

‘If we really complete deliveries on all floors of A-zone…!’

It was clear his performance would skyrocket.

Damdeok was just a new part-time god he was in charge of.

‘I’m the main, and he’s the sub!’

As the saying goes, the bear does the work, and someone else takes the profit.

When Damdeok had readily agreed to his proposal, Papi had felt on top of the world.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime luck to have a middle-ranked god roll under him so easily.


‘What on earth are we looking for in the 444th floor that even delivery work is halted…!’

Papi’s face grew even more sorrowful.

Indeed, he had no other recourse.

He couldn’t stop Damdeok with force or persuade him with words.

Moreover, since he was Damdeok’s responsible partner, if it was discovered that he had entered the 444th floor, he would inevitably receive severe punishment as well.

‘And if we lose the delivery cube, that would be even more terrifying… Sigh!’

Staring intensely at Damdeok’s yet-to-be-delivered cube, Papi let out a small sigh.

‘Whatever it takes, I just hope we can finish quickly and get out of here!’

Contrary to his desperate wish, Damdeok seemed quite excited.

The scene of the battle unfolding before them was not just a fight; it was closer to a slaughter.

Zzzzzz! Zzzz!

Ice extended from his fists,


Flames burst from his sword,

As Damdeok swung his hands, feet, and sword, the mummies were scattered in various forms.

It was truly a spectacle of dazzling effects filling the chamber.

Papi watched the scene from a safe distance, his back pressed against the wall.

‘He’s a monster… a monster….’

Certainly, Damdeok was strong.

Not just Damdeok, but the young boy with white hair beside him also possessed incredible skills.

Swoosh! Swipe!

The cleanly swung sword, the young human flashing blue lights in his eyes, looked eerily formidable. It was completely different from the playful demeanor he had shown while climbing the stairs.


Papi swallowed his saliva.

Are middle-ranked gods, even if human, this powerful?

As they nearly finished clearing the mummies in the chamber,

Rumble rumble rumble!

A large vibration began.

Papi shouted urgently,

“Brother! The room structure is changing!”

“Ah, okay!”

After cutting off the last mummy’s breath, Damdeok and Baekgureum quickly ran towards Papi.

The tiles on the chamber floor began to rise one by one, rearranging like Tetris.

Rumble rumble rumble!

Thud thud thud!

The structure of the chamber changed rapidly. The giant bricks moving unpredictably were much more threatening than the mummies.

“Hold on tight!”

Damdeok firmly grabbed the necks of Papi and Baekgureum and forcefully jumped.

Hermes’ shoes.

In a space where the entire floor was moving grotesquely, it was much safer to avoid it by flying.

Rumble rumble rumble!

Thud thud thud!

The rapidly changing structure.

Damdeok poured divine energy into Hermes’ shoes, dodging the giant bricks.

Swoosh swoosh swish!

After about 30 seconds of violent structural changes, the movement gradually subsided.


Damdeok finally landed on the flattened floor.

Papi’s large frame was so big that his knees thudded on the floor.

“Brother! It hurts!”

“Blame your size. It’s unbalanced when flying. It’s unbalanced.”

Flying with two people hanging on seemed to use three or four times more divine energy than usual.

Damdeok looked ahead.

The room they were in was much smaller than the one before.

Previously, the room had doors on both sides, but the newly changed room had doors in all four directions: east, west, north, and south.

A completely new structure.

“Now I don’t even know which side the entrance was.”

Damdeok said this while looking around.

The maze’s floors changed irregularly every 10 minutes or so.

It felt like they had been inside for an hour, but they hadn’t even found the room where the fourth guardian was.

“But at least there are no mummies in this room, right?”

Papi straightened his shoulders, relieved at the small mercy.

Damdeok looked at him with half-closed eyes.

“Is that good? This isn’t the time to relax. Hurry up and interpret the map and guide us, Papi. Or what? Don’t you want to finish the delivery?”

Damdeok shook the cube with the unfinished delivery hanging at his waist.

Papi cried out as if wronged,

“No, brother! What use is a map in a place that changes every moment! This map! This! It’s a prank by the Sphinxes!”

“So what do we do. There’s no other way to find it without the map. Aren’t you a god of mathematics? Apply some formulas and try to figure it out somehow.”

At Damdeok’s words, Papi reluctantly pulled out an old parchment map.

The map given by the Sphinxes when they left the Sphinx room.

Among the intricately intertwined rooms of the 444th floor, there was a room marked with an ‘X’ like a treasure map.

It was where the fourth guardian was supposed to be.

Papi bit his lower lip and began to mutter,

“So… the room structure drawn on this map was based on when we left the Sphinx room, and it’s been two and a half hours since we reached the 444th floor, and we’ve been in the maze for an hour, so analyzing the patterns of the rooms that have moved so far, the room structure that changed after three and a half hours would be….”

Papi’s eyes sparkled.

“Oh. Did you figure it out?”

Damdeok’s expectant eyes met Papi’s dry gaze.

“I figured it out… not! It’s not a problem even a god of mathematics can solve!!”

“Ah well. Then we just have to search blindly.”

Damdeok waved his hand dismissively and walked towards the door ahead.

“Hey, brother! You’re going to the next room right away!”

“Yeah~ We have to find it quickly so we can leave~”

“Let’s go together! Brother.”

Baekgureum glanced at Papi and hurriedly followed Damdeok.

Papi gloomily watched their backs.

‘If we run into the boss here, it’s really going to be a disaster….’

The owner of the Pyramid Delivery Service,


He was extremely brutal by nature, and if the employees made even a slight mistake, he was merciless to a cruel extent.

Papi’s body shivered as he imagined the boss’s hellish demeanor, but he soon took a deep breath and calmed himself.

‘No. It’ll be fine. Today isn’t a special day, and the boss went on vacation a few days ago.’

It was something he had heard during last week’s training.

‘Right. The best thing to do is to help brother find what he wants and get out of here quickly!’

With that thought, Papi hurriedly got up and chased after Damdeok.


The Sphinx’s map was indeed complicated, but given enough time, it might be solvable.

“Brother! I’ll try to figure out the location, so please wait just a moment…!!”


Damdeok flung open the door to the next room.

And there,


Papi’s steps halted abruptly.

Beyond the wide-open door, a pair of fierce eyes filled with murderous intent were visible.

The moment he saw that face, Papi turned deathly pale.

“Bo, boss…?”

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