I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 112

I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods

A tense silence hung in the air. Suddenly, the third Sphinx, enraged, bared his teeth and snapped the iron sword aimed at him, shattering it into pieces that scattered across the floor. The speed was so fast that it was hard to react. Damdeok took a few steps back, his face a mix of shock and caution.

“How dare you… how dare you point a sword at my throat?” The third Sphinx puffed up threateningly, looking ready to pounce like a runaway train. The situation was critical, but Damdeok remained composed.

“Look, I only spoke the truth. Why are you so angry? Surely, the great Sphinx isn’t upset just because I pointed a sword during the process of answering a question? That would be petty.”

“What…? Petty…?” The third Sphinx glared murderously at Damdeok but hesitated to attack, taken aback by the accusation of being petty.

Damdeok knew why. ‘My answer was correct.’

The Sphinx, a mythical creature defined by riddles, couldn’t punish him further if his sword-pointing was part of solving a riddle.

“Why? Was my answer incorrect?” Damdeok challenged.

The faces of the first and second Sphinxes darkened, confirming the correctness of his answer.

“Stop now, youngest one,” the first Sphinx, Sus, intervened as the third one began to angrily ram into the wall, causing it to crumble.

“Enough!” Ping, the second Sphinx, stepped in, and finally, the third Sphinx stopped his assault. Silence returned.

The Sphinxes remained quiet, but Damdeok knew he had solved the second challenge. Only one more to go, and it would surely be the hardest yet.

“Let’s make the final question ‘Angels and Demons,’” Sus suggested, and Ping agreed, noting it had the lowest correct answer rate historically.

Damdeok’s heart raced as he anticipated another difficult challenge. Beside him, Baekgureum moistened his dry lips, both wary of what was to come.

The third Sphinx mischievously introduced the final question. “Here are an angel and a devil. The angel always tells the truth, and the devil always lies. If you want to go to heaven, what should you say? You only get one chance.”

The stakes were set: answer correctly to survive, or fail and be devoured. Damdeok and Baekgureum faced the daunting task, the pressure immense.

As the tension mounted, Baekgureum glanced at Damdeok, usually unflappable in crisis, now silently pondering. An uneasy feeling crept up—this time, even Damdeok seemed at a loss.

The countdown began, and in that moment, Baekgureum saw Damdeok’s lips curl into a slight smile.

“Whether angel or devil, take me to where you are. That’s my answer.”

The Sphinxes’ expressions froze. Damdeok had found a loophole, satisfying both conditions with a single answer.

Damdeok, Baekgureum, and the newly joined Papi continued their ascent, discussing the clever solution. Damdeok’s father had once posed a similar riddle, helping him unknowingly prepare for this moment.

Thanks to a childhood memory, Damdeok not only solved the riddle but also reconnected with his father’s wisdom. Armed with newfound resolve, he was ready to face any challenge, protecting the land where his family resided, no matter what threats lay ahead.

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