I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 11

#11. Destruction of the Gate (2)

Silence reigned inside the express bus.

The monitor displayed a lively debate among experts.

Damdeok was keenly listening to their discussion.

“So what you mean, Dr. Hwang, is that although gates may not pose a significant threat now, there will come a day when they will far surpass the danger level of dungeons—is that correct?”

“Yes, that’s accurate. Based on the trends over the past five years, there’s been an increasing pattern…”

‘Dungeons’ and ‘Gates’.

A ‘dungeon’ was a term for a three-dimensional structure like a pyramid or a cave, whereas a ‘gate’ quite literally referred to a gate.

A two-dimensional portal that shimmered in mid-air.

These two phenomena were always hot topics among experts.

“Dungeons can be entered and conquered! But gates? Entering them is impossible, right?! What if these gates, instead of dissipating naturally, continue to spew out stronger monsters than we see now? The damage would be catastrophic!”

I nodded in agreement with the young scholar’s words.

He was right.

‘People these days take gates too lightly.’

Dungeons appeared in the world over a century ago, but gates were a newer phenomenon, first appearing just ten years prior.

Yet despite being a newly emerged and more caution-worthy phenomenon, gates were treated like traffic accidents…

‘The monsters from gates are just small fries compared to dungeon monsters, and besides, gates naturally dissipate after a certain period.’

Essentially, the argument was that gates weren’t particularly threatening.

“Hmm, isn’t it that the experts are being too pessimistic? A gate disaster causes less casualty than a typhoon.”

“That may have been the case up to now. But what about the future? We are wholly ignorant when it comes to gates.”

“That’s correct. It’s time the public was informed! The government is focused solely on conquering dungeons for the various natural resources and items, while relatively unrewarding gates are neglected in research.”

“Come now, Dr. Hwang, isn’t that an overstatement? The government isn’t ignoring this! Aren’t they unable to investigate gates simply because entry is impossible?”

“If we can’t enter, shouldn’t we be researching why we can’t enter first?”


“Everyone, please, let’s calm down. This meeting is merely for…”

The discussion grew more heated.

I quietly nodded to myself.

‘Gates are absolutely impenetrable, huh.’

“Heh, is that really the case?”

* * *

In the vicinity of Gwanmosan in Yongin.

A ripple spread over the surface of a quietly flowing stream.

A small gate.

A constant stream of monsters spill out from the crack.



A battle raged between the green creatures and the defense squad members.

“Whew, they keep coming no matter how many we kill.”

“Monster waves are always like that, aren’t they?”

“Huff, huff, isn’t it about time yet?”

Each squad member exchanged words as they swung their weapons.

“We have three minutes left!”

With the squad leader’s cry, a glow of hope shone on their faces.

“That’s right!”

“It’s coming to an end!”

Monster waves typically lasted for an hour, unceasingly pouring out, followed by quiet for the next hour.

After withstanding the first, second, and third waves, gates normally dissipated naturally.

No matter how easy the gate monsters were to kill, hunting non-stop for an hour was no easy task.

The defense squad’s breathing was ragged; it was the perfect moment for injuries.

“Alright! Not much time left until the lull! Everyone, stay focused until the end!”

Having just beheaded a goblin, the squad leader, Nam Doyil, encouraged his weary troops.

However, his steps halted abruptly as he spotted something.

“What is that?”

At the leader’s comment, the squad members’ gaze turned above.

There was a man standing on the cliff edge over the creek.

“Hey you! Didn’t we put out a civilian control request?!”

“Oh, no sir! We made the control request to the nearby police station. Seems like he snuck in somehow…”

Nam Doyil’s face contorted.

Incidents like this were not uncommon.

Curious bystanders or novice hunters would sneak in to get a look at a gate.

“Tell him to come down immediately!”

If an accident occurred near the gate, the responsible guild had to take responsibility.

And the current accountable chief in this locality was none other than the squad leader himself, Nam Doyil.

‘What the hell is that guy doing?’

Nam Doyil’s eyes flickered uncertainly.

The man persisted in standing precariously on the cliff edge.

Normally the deep creek waters would cushion a fall, but the current state, with the gate active, was perilous.

‘Right below is the gate! You’ll die instantly upon impact!’

A gate’s crack is incredibly solid.

Though it appeared one could be smoothly sucked in, its physical properties were actually harder than a diamond.

Nam Doyil’s mouth went dry.

“Hey, don’t worry about it too much, Captain. It’s probably just an extortion attempt. He won’t really jump.”


There were individuals that exploited such situations to defraud insurance claims.

But even with his subordinate’s attempts at reassurance, Nam Doyil remained anxious.

‘An extortion attempt? He looks like he’s about to jump right now!’

Moreover, a fall from that height was utterly lethal.

The sheer cliff was as tall as a 7-story building.

To jump toward the gate from such a height was tantamount to leaping off the roof of a building onto concrete.

“What’s happening?”

“Did a civilian sneak in?”

Whispers arose from the rear.

They were gate-specialist journalists.

‘This won’t end well.’

There was nothing good about being covered in the media.

Several of his members, already swimming with the current, had reached the foot of the cliff, but the man atop seemed poised to leap at any moment.

It was desperate.

The troops wouldn’t be able to stop him.

He had to intervene himself.

“Sigh, what a bizarre troublemaker…”

In an instant, a gust of wind stirred beneath Nam Doyil’s feet, and in the blink of an eye, his body shot towards the cliff.

<Wind Dash(C)>

Upon his arrival at the top, the man looked surprised, staring at Nam Doyil.

He was clearly a rookie hunter.

“Let’s go down nicely, shall we?”

Nam Doyil reached out roughly with his hand.

The man before him was unarmed, without weapons or armor, while Nam Doyil himself was a fully-armed 4-star hunter.

Subduing him should have been effortless…

The man suddenly burst into laughter.

“Heh, that got me. You reacted just as I expected.”

“What? You—!”

He violently grabbed the man’s collar, but the man continued laughing nonchalantly, looking elsewhere.

‘What’s he looking at?’

The man was gazing down into the valley.

All the journalist cameras had them in their sights.

“Heh, the captain jumping into action really causes a stir. I guess the attention-grabbing tactic worked?”

“What nonsense are you…”

It was a fleeting moment.

The white summon that hovered above the man’s head extended suddenly.


A burst of light exploded in front of Nam Doyil’s eyes.


His vision blurred and cleared in cycles.

‘I’m sure he had no weapon!’

A ringing echoed in his ears.

Between the unsteady sights before Nam Doyil, a white club appeared.

‘When did he get that club?’


Nam Doyil’s balance faltered, and he fell.

The cold earth met his head.

The bewildered faces of his squad members appeared below.

‘To suffer such humiliation…’

His flickering vision darkened completely.

Nam Doyil collapsed.


“It’s a scoop! Get it!”

The shocked voices of the defense squad and the clicking of the journalists’ cameras started to fill the valley.

Click! Click, click, click!

“Good, good. Keep shooting. The real show’s just about to start.”

Damdeok stepped perilously close to the edge of the cliff.

Stone fragments skittered down, sending shivers to his heart.

“Stop him, damn it!”

“Hey! You’ll die if you jump from there!”

Despite the pale faces and cries from the crowd, Damdeok only grinned wider.

“One death is enough, isn’t it?”


As if the speakers were muted, a profound silence enveloped the entire valley.


The body was falling directly towards the gate.

‘That madman…’

‘He’s lost his mind!’

Everyone shared the same thought.

‘He’s going to die!’

The man’s body, expected to explode on impact, seemed certain to meet a violent end. They closed their eyes tightly, some even turning away.

But just before hitting the gate, the man raised the white club high.

“Here I go!!!”

<Dwarf Hammer(B)>


That was the end of it.

The body with the club was smoothly sucked into the gate.


Silence continued in the valley. Not even the sound of cameras’ shutters broke it.

Everyone simply stared dumbfounded at the gate.

* * *

“Looks like it really worked.”

Damdeok slowly stood up amid the dust.

A message appeared before his eyes.

[You have entered the Otherworld.]

[The Watcher from the Abyss observes you.]

It was a gamble to charge into the gate.

Or to put it correctly, only half a gamble. The other half was certainty.

“Sure enough, that which was in Baeksul’s memory was indeed a gate.”

When the gate appeared on TV, snippets of Baeksul’s memories flashed by.

‘Undoubtedly, it was the gods that were crossing through the crack.’

Several gods were seen gathering and casually entering the crack. To Damdeok, that crack clearly resembled the ‘gate’ of the human realm.

‘The same… no, it was identical.’

‘Humans cannot enter, but gods can…’

He had checked his profile several times since then.

[Name: Yu Damdeok (Human)]

[Occupation: Lowest-grade God]

He wanted to validate it.

If the profile was correct, he would be uniquely straddling both human and divine realms.

As a result…

“It’s a resounding success.”

Damdeok murmured as he surveyed the large crater around him.

A crater formed by smashing down the Dwarf Hammer with all his might.

It was a precaution in case entry failed. Even if he couldn’t penetrate the gate, this would prevent him from smashing into it and dying.

‘Although my arms might have broken…’

Regardless, since he had made it in, it was fortunate.

He slowly emerged from the crater and looked around.

“There’s less here than I expected.”

The inside of the gate was austere.

A vast wasteland, a land that was truly barren and devoid of life.

“Hmm, it’s even more desolate than a dungeon…”

If anything was special,

First, there was a small cave visible directly ahead, and


“Is that a barrier of some kind?”

A thin film blocked the center of the wasteland. The opaque barrier prevented visibility beyond.

‘It’s like a game barrier that prevents you from moving to the next stage.’

He approached the barrier.

[You lack divine power.]

[You dare not approach.]

[The Watcher from the Abyss observes you.]

Adjacent messages cascaded down as he drew close.

“Seriously, that damned divine power again?”

What is this so-called ‘Watcher from the Abyss’?

But he dismissed the concern.

“Anyway, I need more divine power to cross, right? Interesting.”

Thump! Thump!

After banging on the barrier a few times, he turned away without remorse.

The divine power would naturally increase in time.

“No, it will start increasing now.”

The outside world was likely already in pandemonium.

[The hunter who entered the gate?!]

He could already picture the headlines.

Just stepping out and proclaiming, ‘I can enter gates!’ would ensure a divine power boost of at least 5,000.


“That’s not enough to satisfy me.”

In the world of attention-seekers, the more extreme the act, the greater its effect.

Damdeok halted in front of the small cave’s entrance.

“Since we’re here, we might as well go all out.”

There was one keyword Damdeok was aiming for.

[Destruction of the Gate.]

Into the pitch-black darkness, Damdeok slowly submerged.

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