I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 109

I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods

#109. Pyramid Delivery (2)

The massive pyramid, , had entrances to the north, south, east, and west.

“The line is enormous, isn’t it?”

Damdeok squinted at the sun and looked at the queue stretching towards the entrance.

A never-ending line of gods waiting to enter.

“When are we ever going to get in…?”

At Baekgureum’s words, Damdeok just patted his shoulder without saying a word.

“Just trust me, brother.”

Leading the way, Damdeok strode forward, blatantly ignoring the long queue.


“Cutting in line?”

The gods in line glared at Damdeok and Baekgureum but soon stepped aside, noticing the ‘Pyramid Delivery’ written on their blue vests.

“He’s a delivery god.”

“Working hard in this heat.”

“Make way. Make way.”

Papi had already told them. Delivery staff could enter anywhere inside the pyramid without question.

“Pass through!”

Even the grim entrance guard shouted a clear pass upon seeing Damdeok and Baekgureum’s blue vests.

“See? Told you the blue vest is a free pass here~”

Damdeok, seemingly thrilled, nudged Baekgureum’s ribs and led the way.

“Ah… Nice, bro…”

While Baekgureum kept grumbling about how the blue vest didn’t suit him, Damdeok wasn’t listening.

The sound of footsteps echoed.

A narrow corridor.

The dim corridor barely let in a sliver of sunlight through tiny cracks in the walls.

Just when the claustrophobic atmosphere seemed to last forever, a light at the end of the corridor appeared, opening up into a vast, bright interior.

“Wow… killer view?”

An exclamation of awe escaped Damdeok’s lips.

Even the usually sullen Baekgureum was impressed.


The inside of the pyramid was much larger and more splendid than expected!

“Choose! Choose! Today’s special sale!”

“Oasis fruit cactus juice, now on a dramatic sale!”

“The mystical elixir highly praised by Lord Horus!”

Row upon row of dazzling merchants.

They were busy buying and selling unique items and equipment.

But that wasn’t all.

“Try the sand monster roast~”

“Freshly caught, plump camel roast~”

Tempting exotic foods were everywhere,

“I tell you~ the power I gained from this part-time job~”

“Selling a strategy guide for Greek mythology~”

“Fairy king’s herbs, available by class~!”

Storytellers leveraging their experiences, strategy guides, and mysterious potions filled the space.

‘It’s a completely different world from the outside.’

It was no wonder Damdeok and Baekgureum’s eyes were spinning.

“Makes downtown Seoul look like nothing… Hey, hey!”

Damdeok, drooling, caught Baekgureum by the scruff as he dashed towards a restaurant.

“This guy, can’t hold back…”

“Ah bro! We’re just trying to eat and live, let me just try one bite…”

“No. Don’t waste time. Our goal today is to stay as inconspicuous as possible.”

Damdeok firmly held Baekgureum back and quickly moved on.

“Let’s see. According to Papi, from the east entrance straight ahead, turn right at shop 16, then go straight and turn left at shop 235, and loop around towards the restroom….”

It sounded complicated, but the layout wasn’t that hard to navigate.

The first floor of the pyramid was like a well-planned new town, neatly divided into sections.

“Found it!”

“Uh… I really want to eat that…”

Dragging the still distracted Baekgureum, they reached their destination.

A sign read ‘Area A’.

Above it, a seemingly endless spiral staircase.

Guarded by fierce-looking guards on either side of the entrance.

‘They look just like the statues in Egyptian murals.’

One had the head of a bird, the other the head of a dog, each gripping a large spear in their right hand.

Their emanating divine power suggested they were quite formidable.

Probably mid-level gods?

As they approached,

the dog-headed guard spoke out sharply.

“Delivery? You’re late.”

The bird-headed guard added gruffly.

“You’re the last delivery guys today. You do know what kind of customers are in Area A, right?”

With a threatening tone, Damdeok shrugged.

‘How would I know what kind of customers are in Area A?’

He didn’t know.

‘Nor did he want to.’

All he needed was to find the fourth guardian.

The face of the dog-headed guard twisted oddly.

“Anyway… such a stupid expression. Fine, just hurry up and get inside.”

Despite his rude words, he let them in.

‘So much for the free pass of the blue vest.’

He almost wanted to smack that rude bunch but managed to restrain himself.

“…Excuse us then.”

Damdeok was exercising his patience, thinking of the fourth guardian.

“Yeah, hurry up~ If you don’t want to get in trouble with the higher-ups, you’d better run like there’s fire under your feet~”

Just as they were about to ascend the stairs,

“Ah, wait a minute.”

The dog-headed guard tapped Baekgureum’s back of the head with the tip of his spear.

“You’re human, aren’t you? Humans, except for the Pharaoh, are not allowed here.”

With a flick of his chin, he signaled for them to come down.

It was a demeaning gesture.

Baekgureum’s face instantly turned sullen.

Before he could draw his sword, Damdeok stepped forward.

“…Look here, this boy is my priest. Is there a rule that humans can’t enter this area?”

He had asked Papi before, and there was supposed to be no issue. Why were they being stopped?

Damdeok’s voice carried a slight irritation, but the guards seemed oblivious.

“Of course. This place isn’t for just anyone to enter. Well, if you really want to get in, there’s not exactly no way?”

Their circling demeanor suggested they wanted something.

“…A bribe?”

The dog-headed guard bristled.

“Bribe? It’s a show of respect. It’s like a deposit to ensure the little human doesn’t cause any trouble.”

“Is the deposit refundable?”

“What? You think we’d take it if we were going to give it back?”

“And why are you speaking informally? The gatekeepers are under the sacred orders of Lord Horus. Show some respect!”

The guards glared at Damdeok threateningly.

They looked ready to pounce at any moment.

‘We were supposed to keep a low profile…’

Damdeok decided to comply with them for now.

“…We need manpower to finish the job quickly. Plus, this boy is a priest bound to me, so he won’t cause any trouble. I promise.”

He even spoke politely while calmly asking for understanding, but it was no use.

“Ah, forget it. It’s too late. You’ve already ruined the mood. Both of you, get down here, you bastards.”

Their thuggish demeanor was plain to see. Damdeok’s face involuntarily scrunched up.

“These damn bastards…”



The guards were puzzled.

They didn’t understand the Korean swear words.

“What’s a dog-bird…?”

“What does it mean…?”

Caught by the guards’ confused questions, Damdeok regretted his outburst.

‘Need to keep quiet. Just keep quiet…’

He forced a smile.

“It means guards with heads of dogs and birds. Short for dog-bird… Yes, that’s right. Dog-bird sirs. Ha ha.”

The guards seemed suspicious but somewhat mollified since he added ‘sirs’.

Still, their attitude about wanting a bribe hadn’t changed.

Baekgureum, hand on his sword, asked,

“Bro, what do we do? Should we handle it?”

“Enough… We need to get through this quietly. How many times do I have to say it?”

Just as Damdeok was about to reluctantly pay them off, the dog-headed guard suddenly charged.

“I was already in a bad mood today! Just consider that money as compensation for your rudeness!”

As the fool’s face came close, Damdeok’s eyes sparkled.

He had thought of a quiet way to handle this.

Swoosh— Bang! Crash! Bang!

In the blink of an eye, the dog-headed guard was flying across the room, kicking up a cloud of dust as he crashed.

Damdeok looked satisfied, dusting off his hands and gesturing to Baekgureum.

“Let’s go. Saved some money and it’s none of our business now.”

As the bird-headed guard looked back and forth between Damdeok and his crumpled companion, he screamed furiously.

“Hey! You there! Don’t move! How dare you lay hands on a gatekeeper?!”

He swung his spear threateningly and yelled,

“Stop!! I said stop!! Move any further and it’s instant execution?!”

“Ah, bro. This is so annoying. Let’s just kill them.”

Baekgureum drew his sword, but Damdeok still just waved his hands dismissively.

“Leave it. Let’s just quietly move on.”

“Stop, you bastards!!”

As the bird-headed guard lunged at Damdeok on the stairs, the dog-headed guard suddenly bit his shoulder and rolled around.

“Argh! Why are you doing this! Jack!”


“Argh! Let go!!”

[The trait ‘Dog King’ has been activated!]

[Number of followers in your pack: 202.]

“Ah, these dog-birds… So noisy. We didn’t do anything. They’re fighting among themselves~”

Covering his ears, Damdeok ascended the stairs, followed closely by a wide-eyed Baekgureum.

* * *


“Who is it?”


“Just leave it there.”

Damdeok hesitated for a moment.

Baekgureum did the same.

Leave it there…?

Damdeok’s gaze drifted downwards.

Tightly gripped chains.

Connected to them was…

– Growl! Roar! Roar!

A lion-like monster tried to bite Damdeok’s thigh while muzzled.

Baekgureum swallowed hard and asked,

“…Isn’t there like a cage or something?”


It was originally tied to a stake in a grassy field inside a cube, so there was no cage.

They had to hand it over still chained.

Damdeok cleared his throat again.


“Ah, customer. This delivery needs to be received in person. Could you please open the door for a moment….”


“Ah, really! I told you to just leave it! Here!”

“Sign here…”

“Here! Done, right?”


The empty hallway echoed as a piece of paper fluttered down.

Damdeok chuckled awkwardly, picking up the paper.

The situation remained the same thereafter.



“Oh, just a moment~”

Though they said just a moment, no one came out even after waiting for 10 minutes.

What exactly did they mean by ‘a moment’?

Thirty minutes? An hour?

So, when you knock again, they get angry for being rushed.

But still, he endured and moved on to the next floor.



“I’m busy right now. Just leave it at the door.”

So, if you leave it at the door, a few hours later,

[Papi: Sir, there’s a complaint from customer 135 on the 97th floor. It’s an expensive item, and they’re upset you just left it at the door…]

It’s infuriating.

They told you to just leave it, right?

“Damn these Egyptian gods….”

He was reaching his breaking point.

Where exactly was the fourth guardian!

He tried searching every floor for any suspicious locations, but the pyramid’s interior was too vast, and the higher floors were mostly personal spaces of the gods, making it difficult to find anything.

“We need to find it quickly to get out of here….”

While the interior of the pyramid was fascinating and fun at first, the longer they spent there, the more desperate they became to escape.

“Ah, ah. Damn these stairs!”

“Huff, huff, why isn’t there an elevator!”

Damdeok and Baekgureum’s heavy breathing echoed through the stairs.

Really, if they were going to follow the Korean delivery system, elevators should have been mandatory for high-rise buildings!

Thanks to , they were spared the effort of carrying the packages, but the hellish height of the pyramid was anything but easy.

“Phew. Done. This floor is the last delivery spot for the first cube.”

“Ah, really tough… Bro, which floor is this?”

“333rd floor. We’re only halfway there.”

The sound of the wind outside the window indicated an alarming height.

‘This is serious. We’ve come this far and still haven’t found any suspicious rooms.’

According to what Jusayul had told them, to find the fourth guardian, they had no choice but to comb through the pyramid.

His secret room changed like a maze every day, and since the gods inside the pyramid hardly knew about him, they literally had to work tirelessly to find him.

‘But this is too much. How are we supposed to find it in this lifetime?’

It was like searching for a needle in a desert.

As Damdeok pondered deeply, Baekgureum looked around the corridor and grumbled.

“Seriously, how are we supposed to find a suspicious room if there isn’t one? All the rooms look exactly the same. Big stone doors with two torches on each side, and instead of a nameplate, just a statue of their own face… All the same! All of them!”


The Egyptian gods lacked individuality.

While their interiors might be different, at least the entrances were all exactly alike.

“Which means any place that doesn’t look like that might be the suspicious room.”

Damdeok said this as he began to stroll along the 333rd floor.

That’s when it happened.

“Ah~ I was really scared! Really, I saw the Sphinx peeking through a crack!”

“Keke, didn’t you say you wanted to see her again? If you ask the Sphinx, she’ll tell you right away where she is~?”

“Yeah. The Sphinx knows everything about the pyramid.”

“I wanted to help you get in~ Too bad.”

The higher gods with animal heads passed by Damdeok, chatting among themselves.

“Are you crazy? If you get the question wrong, she’ll eat you!”

“Then just answer correctly, right?”

“Hahaha! That’s also true!”

“You were all bold earlier~ The god of cacti is a coward~”

“You jerks! If you’re so confident, why don’t you go in first?!”

As their voices faded away, Damdeok and Baekgureum’s steps came to a sudden halt.

The Sphinx?

Knows everything about the pyramid?

As if drawn, they approached the corridor from which they had come.

“Wow… that door definitely looks suspicious, bro.”

In the darkest corner, where no sunlight reached, stood a massive door without the usual statues or torches.

‘There are no other doors around here.’

Instead, the entire corridor was covered in chaotic murals.

At the center,

a creature with the head of a human, the body of a lion, and the tail of a snake.

“The Sphinx.”

Before he knew it, Damdeak had approached the massive door.

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