I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 108

I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods

Chapter 108. Pyramid Delivery (1)


As the blinding white light cleared, someone suddenly grabbed Damdeok’s arm and pulled him forcefully.

“Hey! No time to daydream! We’re swamped with work right now!”


Damdeok was dragged along, taking in his surroundings as he went.

“One, two, hup!”

“One, two, heave!”

He found himself inside a massive stone structure.

‘The roof is wide open…’

Not only that, but the walls were riddled with holes and partially collapsed sections. Despite the shoddy condition, people were busy loading and unloading various items and sorting them out.

‘It’s just like a typical logistics warehouse.’

It was surprisingly similar to those in the human world, enough to make him feel a bit bitter. The only noticeable differences were that instead of trucks, they loaded items into large crates, and instead of conveyor belts, white portals were bringing in the cargo.

Apart from that, the mechanical chants to coordinate lifting and the stark, communication-free atmosphere to conserve energy were eerily similar.

Indeed, whether in the world of gods or humans…

Damdeok finished scanning his surroundings, no longer surprised.

‘I don’t see the employer Seth…’

The man dragging him was probably playing the role of his supervisor.

This place operated in a haphazard manner.

“Man, it’s busy enough without having to summon new recruits so far away!”

The presumed supervisor grumbled before suddenly stopping and turning to face Damdeok.

“I’m your partner today! Though we’ll split up to make deliveries once the loading and unloading is done, let’s not hold each other back in the beginning, okay? Got it? Let’s do well!”

The man emphasized the word “well” while twitching his thick eyebrows. Despite his intimidating demeanor—dark skin and a large build—Damdeok wasn’t fazed.

‘Judging by the divine power I sense… he’s a lower-tier god?’

The strength of the man’s grip on his wrist felt weak to Damdeok.

“Hey, why aren’t you responding? You need to answer promptly. Looks like I need to teach you some discipline… Hmm?”

The man cracked his neck and leaned in closer, examining Damdeok.

“Wait, are you a mid-tier god?”

“Yes, why?”

The man’s eyes widened at Damdeok’s answer. He stepped back in shock, scrutinizing Damdeok from head to toe.

“Why… why is a mid-tier god here?”

“Why? Can’t a mid-tier god work here?”

The question seemed odd. Was there a rule against mid-tier gods doing this job?

Seeing Damdeok’s puzzled expression, the man waved his hands frantically.

“No, no, it’s not that. It’s just… well, lower-tier gods usually fill this place. I’ve never seen a mid-tier god here.”

Suddenly using formal language, the man’s anxiousness was palpable. He likely used to boss around new recruits due to his relatively high divine power among lower-tier gods.

Pretending not to notice, Damdeok asked,

“Why don’t mid-tier gods come here?”

“Because the work is insanely tough but the rewards are ridiculously meager. The pay is random, but it’s usually some worthless item, like discarded parcels.”

Ah, so that’s what they meant by random rewards.

Discarded parcels.

He chuckled. Seth was indeed a terrible employer. Damdeok hadn’t paid much attention to the random pay since his goal was to find the fourth Guardian.

Seeing Damdeok chuckle, the man, sensing a change, continued speaking.

“Of course, sometimes you hit the jackpot with random rewards. All the lower-tier gods here are hoping for that.”

“Jackpot? You’re using human terms now that you’re a god?”

“Hehe, without humans’ belief, we gods wouldn’t exist. We learn from each other. Anyway, sometimes divine artifacts get discarded. Even with flaws, they’re still beyond the reach of lower-tier gods, so it’s a jackpot.”

The man whispered conspiratorially, clearly pinning his hopes on the random rewards.

“Hehe, and the more deliveries you make, the higher your chances of hitting the jackpot. The pay is quota-based.”

“So you’re saying you want me to use my strength to make more deliveries?”

“Since the points are combined for partners… Hehe. We both benefit if you get a divine artifact.”

What a character. He was twice Damdeok’s size but called him “brother” and asked for help.

Since Damdeok chose this job to avoid suspicion, he intended to do his best.

‘It’ll be a hundred times better than when I used to work without any abilities.’

“Alright. I’ll use my strength.”

“Really?! Thank you!”

The man, now delighted, bowed deeply.

“My name is Papi! Nice to meet you, brother!”

Just as Damdeok was nodding at Papi’s quick attitude change, a loud voice rang out from afar.

“Hey!! What are you doing there?! Move it!”

“Yikes, the supervisor. He’s an upper-tier god, so if you get on his bad side, you’re done for. Let’s move, brother.”

Papi quickly led Damdeok away.


A dreadful scream echoed through the air. The white portal formed a straight path, like a conveyor belt. At the end, a huge container box stood wide open, and Damdeok was steadily loading it with cargo.


The eerie sound echoed again. Papi, lifting a massive stone, screamed as if he were about to collapse. The stone was almost as tall as he was, causing the large-built Papi to stagger visibly under its weight.

“Huff, huff. Brother! Another stone block!”

Papi panted heavily as he handed over the huge stone to Damdeok.


Unlike the wobbling Papi, Damdeok received the stone block relatively steadily and placed it inside the container with a thud.

“Phew. This is so heavy.”

In the human world, there were trucks for loading and unloading; in the divine realm, there were these container boxes. The inside of the container, several times larger than an ordinary one-ton truck, resembled a small meadow. It was lush and green, designed to cushion the packages.

‘It’s officially called Horus’s Cube, right?’

Horus’s Cube, a treasure of the sun god from Egyptian mythology, would compress to the size of a palm once the door was closed, no matter how much cargo was inside.

‘It also becomes weightless, so you can carry it by hand to the delivery location.’

What a revolutionary concept. If introduced to the human world, it would make countless laborers do joyous flips for days.

“Aaagh! Brother! This one is really heavy!”

Papi’s urgent voice snapped Damdeok out of his thoughts. He saw Papi struggling with a small pond.

His mouth fell open.

“Wow… who orders something like that as a delivery…?”

Even though it was a small pond, it was over four meters in both length and width. The scale of deliveries in the divine realm was extraordinary, unlike anything in the human world. In the human world, the most annoying deliveries were bags of rice or boxes of fruit, but here…!


The feeling of receiving a pond with both hands…

“Damn it! Instead of ordering deliveries, go see it yourself! What’s the point of having divine power! $%^#···!!”

He couldn’t help but curse. Without divine power enveloping his limbs, the weight was unbearable.

Carefully setting the pond down, worrying that the water might spill, Damdeok thought,

‘Good thing I didn’t call him now.’

Baek Gureum. He had considered calling him to work together, but seeing the scale of these deliveries changed his mind.

The orders ranged from massive stone-made dumbbells and barbells to supplies for building small bathhouses with large quantities of sandstone. There were even enormous containers filled with unknown spices.

‘These weights are too much for Baek Gureum to handle.’

He was still operating at only one circle of mana. Though his swordsmanship and martial arts had significantly improved, brute force work was another matter.

‘I’ll call him when Papi and I split up for deliveries.’

That’s when the real search for the fourth Guardian would begin.

“Aaagh! Brother!”

Snapping out of his thoughts, he received another item from Papi. This time, it was a life-sized elephant statue.

“Ugh! Damn it!!”

Whoever decided to apply human delivery systems to the divine realm…!

For the first time, Damdeok unleashed a torrent of curses upon this wretched divine part-time job system.

“Alright! Brother! Good job! See you in a bit!”

Papi bowed his large upper body in greeting.

“Yeah, sure~”

Damdeok waved, and Papi entered the pyramid, grinning ear to ear. A single cube dangled from his waist.

“I’ve got two…”

Damdeok looked at the two cubes hanging from his own waist. Despite treating him with utmost respect for being a mid-tier god, Papi had only taken one cube, leaving Damdeok with two.

‘Well, I was going to search the entire pyramid anyway, so I needed two cubes.’

The delivery cubes for Pyramid Delivery were divided into two types: those for floors 1 to 333 and those for floors 334 to 666.

‘666 floors…’

Damdeok looked up. In front of him stood a majestic pyramid, so tall that he couldn’t see the top.

‘Living all crammed in there… What a ridiculously closed-off community.’

In the Egyptian mythology world, the gods lived in massive pyramids, much like the Greek gods on Mount Olympus.

“Wow… Brother, this is my first time in Egypt. I can’t even see the top from the middle.”

Baek Gureum, summoned by the call of the gods, expressed his amazement.

“This isn’t Egypt. It’s the divine realm. Strictly speaking, it’s a different dimension from Earth.”

Damdeok explained while pulling out a vest. The blue uniform had “Pyramid Delivery” written in white on the back.

“You need to wear this to move around inside the pyramid.”

Baek Gureum’s eyes widened.

“…Why is it written in Korean?”

“…They copied our delivery system because it’s the best.”

Papi had explained it while they were working.

‘They paid attention to unnecessary details.’

Still, wearing the vest was essential for moving around the massive pyramid without issues. As Damdeok reluctantly put on the vest, Baek Gureum burst out laughing.

“Puhahaha! Brother, you have to work in that? Pfft! Puhahaha!”

Baek Gureum laughed so hard he was nearly rolling on the ground.

Damdeok squinted at him.


He admitted it.

This uniform was ridiculously tacky. If they were going to copy, they should have done it properly, not half-heartedly.

But was this really something to laugh about?

As Baek Gureum laughed his heart out, Damdeok pulled something from his waist.

“Ahaha… Ahaha…?”

Baek Gureum froze when he saw what Damdeok was holding.

[Pyramid Delivery]

Damdeok held up an extra blue vest, smiling.

“You have to wear it too.”

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