I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 107

I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods

Chapter 107. VIP’s Reward (2)

“A bunker? You want to build an underground bunker beneath our house?”

Jo Yoon-hee set her coffee cup down, her eyes wide with surprise.

“What is this all about? Weren’t you at the banquet hosted by the President? And isn’t the banquet still ongoing on TV? Why are you home already?”

Damdeok glanced at the TV, which displayed a small caption at the bottom:

[National hero Hunter Yoo Damdeok dining with the President… expected to conclude around 9 PM.]

Damdeok turned back nonchalantly.

“I just came home early. They can’t exactly announce on TV that a young hunter left early, can they? It would be embarrassing for the high-ranking officials.”

Damdeok grinned mischievously. He had gotten the confirmation of his reward and politely declined the subsequent events, eager to meet the next Guardian without wasting time.

Jo Yoon-hee was exasperated by her son’s attitude.

“How could you decline a banquet with the President!”

Her voice boomed, reflecting her regained health. Damdeok remained cheerful.

“What’s the big deal? I got the certificate of appreciation. You can show it off to everyone.”

He waved the large plaque around, laughing. Just then, the TV aired another update on the banquet.

Yes, the banquet with Hunter Yoo Damdeok is still ongoing at the Blue House. It was supposed to end around 9 PM, but there has been a slight delay…

Damdeok chuckled. He was already home, yet they claimed the banquet was delayed.

‘They’re probably heatedly discussing how to grant my request,’ he thought.

‘That’s not my concern anymore.’

Jo Yoon-hee gulped down her coffee and asked again.

“So, what’s this about building a bunker under our house?”

Damdeok gestured casually as he explained.

“You know how gates have been appearing more frequently lately. They’re harder to predict and more dangerous than dungeons.”

“So, you want to build a bunker under our house for me to take refuge in?”


Damdeok grinned playfully.

“That’s not something money can just buy. You need a construction permit, and specialized construction crews are likely all tied up with national projects due to the gates and dungeons…”

She knew quite a bit, but Damdeok continued to smile.

Jo Yoon-hee’s face turned pale.

“Did you… request the bunker as your reward from the President?”

Damdeok waved his hand dismissively.

“Oh, come on, Mom. Of course not.”

Jo Yoon-hee looked at him with a relieved expression.

A bunker? This house was already fortified with earthquake-resistant and shock-absorbing materials, akin to a fortress. She couldn’t believe her son would waste such a significant wish on a costly bunker.

She smiled and nodded.

“I knew it.”

“Of course. One bunker under our house wouldn’t be enough. I asked for ten to be built nationwide.”


Jo Yoon-hee spat out her coffee.

“Mom! What are you doing?”

“What are you doing! Why do you need so many bunkers? Is there going to be a war?”

The word ‘war’ made Damdeok’s face harden momentarily, but he quickly composed himself, and she didn’t notice.

Damdeok grabbed a napkin and started cleaning the spilled coffee.

“Mom, monsters are scarier than war, don’t you think? I asked for ten bunkers because other people need to take refuge too. So what I’m saying is…”

The atmosphere grew tense. Jo Yoon-hee’s expression hardened.

“Take refuge? Are you saying there’s really going to be a war?”

Damdeok scratched his head.

“Well, something like that.”

Jo Yoon-hee finally realized the absurd story about building bunkers was true.

“Don’t worry too much. I’ve arranged for you to stay at a hotel while the construction is ongoing.”

Damdeok tried to smile reassuringly, but Jo Yoon-hee’s eyes remained filled with worry.

In the San-gun Guild’s accommodation, the long-abandoned room of Joo So-yul was filled with the musty smell of dust. Damdeok’s team each took a seat, their expressions serious.

“The war of the gods is imminent….”

Baek Gureum muttered despondently. Before leaving, the Reaper had told them:

“The preparations for the war are almost complete. Soon, forgotten gods and demons will lead a massive invasion.”

The whole world would become a battlefield.

The Reaper had seemed solely concerned with protecting the children from the coming devastation. She planned to take them to a place where Tartarus wouldn’t find them, leaving them with some advice:

“Destroying a gate doesn’t eliminate the space itself. The core is just proof of the contract with Tartarus. Breaking it only closes the gate on the surface. Understand?”

This meant none of the gates created in preparation for the war had truly disappeared. Gates had vanished on their own before because preparations weren’t complete.

‘Now they can invade whenever they want,’ Damdeok thought.

No wonder the gate at Independence Gate had reached the 112th wave.

Adel Sharon, who had been pacing, suddenly turned and shouted.

“We’ve only gathered three Guardians! What do we do?”

Damdeok replied calmly.

“We go get the fourth Guardian.”

“The Reaper said the war would start soon! Gathering twelve is impossible!”

She was right. It was impossible. But…

“We have no choice. We must do what we can.”

With less than half of the Guardians gathered, they’d have to face the war with their current strength.

“Two of you go ahead and find the fourth Guardian. Adel and I have somewhere to go first.”


Adel Sharon looked at Joo So-yul, surprised by the unexpected plan, but she remained silent, staring at Damdeok.

“Leveling up, right?” Damdeok said with a smile.

Joo So-yul nodded quietly.

“In this situation, splitting into pairs will be more efficient.”

Damdeok nodded in agreement.

They had already heard detailed descriptions of the fourth Guardian so often that there was no need for Joo So-yul to guide them.

“Our team’s strength might drop a bit…”

Damdeok glanced up and down at Baek Gureum with a look that said, ‘I wonder if I can manage with this guy alone~’. Baek Gureum quickly took offense and started hopping madly.

“I’ve gotten a lot stronger, you know?! Wanna test it?! You always use the same sword techniques anyway!!”

“Very funny. You’ve got a long way to go~”

In reality, Baek Gureum had grown significantly according to his profile, but it still wasn’t enough.


Fuming, Baek Gureum glared at Damdeok, but soon realized there was no other choice and sat back down. Damdeok enjoyed teasing him.

Smirking, Damdeok adopted a serious tone and spoke.

“Alright. That settles it. The Reaper said she’d send a message right before the war starts. Until then, we’ll gather as many Guardians as we can.”

Damdeok checked the system messages as he spoke.

“Wow, she’s turned into a spy now.”

“The Reaper is our mole?”

Adel Sharon and Baek Gureum asked simultaneously. At the words “spy” and “mole,” Elia, who had been quietly sitting in the corner, flinched. Damdeok glanced at her.

‘Why does she keep following us…?’

Elia had been helpful in battles against the demons, but she never answered any questions and refused to leave when asked. She was a strange, troublesome companion.

‘Sigh, don’t waste energy on unnecessary things.’

Even Joo So-yul had given up trying to understand her. Damdeok shook his head and turned to Baek Gureum.

“We leave in three days.”

That was when the underground bunker would be completed. He wanted to ensure his mother’s safety before departing, as the war could start anytime.



Just as their discussion ended, the door burst open.

“Elia, there you are. I’ve been looking everywhere for you!”

It was Leo Lux. Everyone frowned as they looked between the two siblings.

“That’s enough. Meeting’s over. Let’s go.”

Joo So-yul led Adel Sharon out the door, followed by Elia and Baek Gureum.

“Hey, where are you going, Elia?”

Leo Lux called after her as she left, and Damdeok watched them closely. Leo Lux had always seemed suspicious to him. Prometheus’s prophecy echoed in his mind:

“Pandora is not the ‘woman’ of myth.”

Could it be…?

Damdeok stared at Leo Lux’s retreating figure for a long time.

“Wow, it’s really spacious~”

Baek Gureum’s voice echoed through the bunker as he marveled at its size. It had only been a week since Damdeok received the promise of an underground bunker from the President, and now a large bunker had been built beneath his house.

“Things move quickly when the government is involved.”

Damdeok inspected the completed bunker with satisfaction.

‘This will do.’

The entrance was designed like a maze, making it nearly impossible for monsters to infiltrate. Similar bunkers were being built across the country as shelters.

‘The existing ones couldn’t withstand the war of the gods.’

Bunkers that could withstand nuclear attacks were being constructed rapidly. Although it was an ambitious request, Damdeok’s influence made it possible.

“Shall we go?”

Damdeok looked at Baek Gureum. Elia was there too, but he didn’t mind.

‘Joo So-yul left with Adel three days ago.’

Leo Lux was still persistently following Elia, but Damdeok decided not to worry about it.

‘Focus on strengthening our forces.’

Determined, Damdeok opened a job listing on his system.

[(Day Job) Pyramid Parcel Delivery!]

Employer: Seth

Divine Power: Irrelevant

Experience: Beginners welcome (as long as you have all your limbs!)

Job Description: Deliver parcels to various rooms in the pyramid! Must carry heavy loads! Must withstand mummies, bugs, and heat! Laziness will be severely punished!

Working Hours: Until all parcels are delivered! (No breaks)

Payment: Random!

Employer’s Note: If you don’t work, you don’t eat!!!!

The job listing exuded an intense atmosphere, but there was no other choice.

‘The fourth Guardian is said to be sleeping somewhere in the pyramid….’

Instead of blindly searching each room, infiltrating as a parcel delivery worker seemed like a discreet and efficient plan.

“Phew. It’s been a while since I did parcel delivery.”

The hellish days of his past flashed through his mind. Feeling a mix of excitement and anticipation, Damdeok’s finger touched the system.

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