I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 106

I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods

#106. The VIP’s Reward (1)


Jo Yoon-hee, who was pruning plants on the second floor, glanced down at the courtyard.

There, Dam-deok and his company sat around the table with grave expressions.

“Kids these days can’t even sit still long enough to eat some fruit before taking off…”

Jo Yoon-hee tsked lightly and set aside her gardening scissors.

She had brought out a plate filled with nicely cut fruit for her son, who had been comfortably resting in the garden hammock in the morning, but he was already gone without a trace.

Feeling a bit upset, she went inside to catch up on her drama series, but soon, the broadcast was interrupted by a sudden news flash.

[(Breaking News) Independence Gate Station successfully destroyed!]

Following that, the broadcast showed a close-up of her son’s face.

“Now he’s become such a public figure. I no longer need to leave the house to know what my dear son is up to….”

Recalling what had happened earlier, Jo Yoon-hee glanced down at Dam-deok with a hint of resentment, but a trace of an undeniable smile crept onto her lips.

Such an occurrence would have been unimaginable in the past.

Her fond gaze lingered on Dam-deok, sitting with dignity among his friends.

Then her eyes shifted to a new guest, an old woman in a black hanbok, seated across from him.

The peaceful sounds of children chasing butterflies in the garden floated through the window.

Jo Yoon-hee naturally crossed her arms.

“It might be impolite to say this, but there’s something about that grandmother…”

The grandmother who had appeared with Dam-deok earlier felt somewhat, no, very strange.

“She mentioned she was the doyenne of the hunter industry and had come to discuss upcoming freelance hunter work….”

Why she felt this chilling sensation, she couldn’t fathom.

‘Her face is completely covered with black cloth… And the hem of her hanbok skirt is all tattered….’

There were several odd things about her.

But the oddest thing was that although she was an old lady, she was significantly larger than Dam-deok.

‘To think a grandmother could be over 180 cm tall.’

When Jo Yoon-hee first saw the grandma, she was so shocked that her eyes widened, and Dam-deok only quietly pushed her back into the house, urging her not to worry.

“…Sometimes he treats me as if I’m a sack of borrowed rice.”

Jo Yoon-hee mumbled with a feeling of discontent.

Well, in today’s world, even if a grandmother was as tall as a 2-meter basketball player, it wouldn’t be altogether shocking.

After all, with status windows and dungeons, and hunters literally flooding the world, nothing seems strange anymore.

“Sure, maybe the grandma is a bit tall.”

That’s a possibility.

Jo Yoon-hee shook off various thoughts and returned her hand to the bonsai she’d been working on.


Cheerful laughter from children floated in at just that moment.

Jo Yoon-hee’s pruning scissors paused.

The children who came with the grandmother had also given her an odd feeling from the first moment she saw them.

“The children seem a bit dark…”

She didn’t mean that the children’s faces or expressions were just physically dark.

The atmosphere, the very energy that emanated from the children, felt heavy.

To be more specific… They didn’t quite seem like living children.

For a moment, Jo Yoon-hee shuddered with a start.

“Oh my, what am I thinking! Judging people by their appearances is wrong. And to think such thoughts about those angelic children…”

She felt guilty for even entertaining such a thought for a mere instant.

That was when she heard it.

The sound of movement outside the window, and she saw the dark-clothed grandmother standing up.

Adel Sharon and the silver-haired Western siblings she had seen earlier hadn’t come in together, leaving only Dam-deok and Baek Goo-reum to face the grandmother now.

“It seems their conversation has come to an end.”

With a motion of the grandmother’s pale hand, the children orderly gathered around her.

“…Are you leaving already? Well, it’s too bad we couldn’t entertain you properly.”

Jo Yoon-hee regretted not being able to properly greet the grandmother because Dam-deok had insisted on her staying inside.

“Oh? She really seems to be leaving. Well, we should at least say goodbye properly.”

Jo Yoon-hee hurried out to the courtyard, but by then, the grandmother had vanished without a trace.

“Why does everyone disappear whenever it’s just me?”

In the courtyard, only Dam-deok and his friends remained, staring blankly in the direction the grandmother had gone.

* * *

“Do you really believe that?”

Baek Goo-reum swung his fist repeatedly, as he asked.

Thud! Thump!

Crab-shaped monsters fell easily to their blows.

Dam-deok and Baek Goo-reum were in the thick of clearing out a small gate.

Dam-deok grimaced slightly and swung his sword silently in response to the question about whether he believed in the story of the Underworld Grandmother.

‘It’s hard to believe indeed….’

Dam-deok kept swinging his sword as he recalled the stories he had just heard.

The crab-shaped monsters fell like autumn leaves.

“Forgotten beings….”

He muttered unconsciously.

The tales the Underworld Grandmother had shared resolved some of Dam-deok’s questions about the gates and the forgotten gods.

‘Joo So-yul has always given me limited information, after all.’

Gates crafted to prepare for the gods’ war.

The forgotten gods who were amassing their divine powers through these gates.


To connect a gate to other worlds, it required a medium from the middle realm, and that medium was supposedly the Demon Realm.

‘So to put it simply.’

The Demon Realm served as a <tunnel> of sorts that the forgotten gods used to travel to other dimensions.

‘And the gate is the <tunnel’s exit>.’

The monsters in the gates weren’t manufactured like dungeon monsters; they were creatures that had once coexisted with humans.


These creatures were also forgotten beings.

‘All these forgotten beings gathering to plot all this are none other than Tartarus.’

Suddenly, Dam-deok’s eyes sharpened, and all the crab-shaped monsters froze.

Thanks to the title <Ruler of the Gorgon Island>.

While Baek Goo-reum joyously pummeled the immobilized creatures, Dam-deok continued his thoughts.


The king of the forgotten gods and the instigator of the gods’ war.

An entity in itself that became a world and another form of darkness.

Even the forgotten gods feared it, according to the Underworld Grandmother.

‘Then the final boss I saw in the fragment of memory is likely to be Tartarus.’

The thoughts settled calmly.

Consequently, his swordsmanship also became more composed.

‘After all, the Underworld Grandmother made a pact with Tartarus to protect the children.’

Since a forgotten god would gradually lose divine power and vanish, proactive measures were necessary to safeguard the children.

In exchange for providing an environment to freely raise the children, she had agreed to participate in the gods’ war to regain her former glory.

It was not a bad deal for her, from her standpoint.

‘But demons wouldn’t just leave the children unharmed.’

Predictably, trouble ensued.

When her playfully cruel game led to child casualties, the enraged Underworld Grandmother ended up wiping out all the lower demons.

‘It’s not surprising that other lower demons and even higher demons swarmed in after hearing about it—total mayhem.’

During that fierce battle, a crack formed in the boundary of the Demon Realm, creating a loophole. Lower demons, eager and premature, surged out of the gate, despite the Underworld Grandmother being too preoccupied to deal with them at the time.

‘So she too followed after to stop them.’

Spreading dark mists inside and outside was meant to restrain the demons from wreaking havoc, while also giving the children in the gates a hiding place.

‘It was also intended to keep humans away from the vicinity of the gate.’

Everything made perfect sense.

The corpses the Underworld Grandmother had shown were all the doings of demons,

And breaking his system window was merely meant to scare him away from the gate.

‘If she had truly intended to kill me, she would’ve pierced my throat rather than the system window.’

The Underworld Grandmother was just a kindly old woman concerned about children, despite her terrifying appearance.

‘That the Independence Gate Station, known as one of the worst gates, was the result of a granny god’s loving rage…’

Before Dam-deok could continue his train of thought, Baek Goo-reum bluntly interrupted him.

All crab-shaped monsters had already been overturned.

“Bro? Did you hear me? I asked if you think the grandmother’s words were true!”


“It’s all too strange for me. If she’s that powerful, why not just kill all the demons? Isn’t that right? Why was she crouching in that loophole with <Reaping of the Underworld> in the end? It feels too contrived~”

Baek Goo-reum dusted the blood off his fists as he spoke.

This guy was mostly good, but sometimes failed to understand things properly.

“But she already explained all that. Underworld Grandmother can’t act freely because of her pact with Tartarus. Moreover, when she tried to kill all the higher demons, Asmodeus… no, the King of Swords appeared and commanded her not to interfere with the Demon Realm forces anymore.”


He was preoccupied with the fight for the Demon King’s throne and did not concern himself with affairs outside the gate.

‘So that’s why he hasn’t been seen since that day.’

The memories of that day keep resurfacing.

It was chilling.

“If we’re done, let’s get out of here.”

Dam-deok spoke heavily, and Baek Goo-reum came over grumbling, holding a core nucleus from the giant Crab.

“Even so, since Underworld Grandmother is a forgotten god, sharing information so freely with us seems odd. Sometimes you’re too soft, brother.”


His point was valid.

However, at least most of what he heard this time was likely true.

“It probably is.”

“Why? How can you be so sure?”

Dam-deok answered with a sly smile.


* * *

“I truly don’t know how to express my gratitude….”

In the grand building, awash with chandelier lights and a red carpet, the Minister of National Defense repeatedly bowed in thankfulness to the young man before him.

That man had not only destroyed the problematic Independence Gate Station but also demolished all 12 gates scattered nationwide in just three days—a feat that made him a hero.

Not just domestically, but the international press was also abuzz.

“You, Yoo Dam-deok, have performed remarkably, and the President has promised a reward befitting your heroics. You certainly won’t be disappointed. Haha.”

At the Minister’s words, distinguished guests smiled contentedly, offering a soft round of applause.

Soon, the President himself was set to enter and honor Dam-deok’s achievements.

Considering even the renowned Iris and Mountain Guild were struggling with gates, having such a competent young man as a citizen of South Korea was a true blessing.

Amidst the friendly atmosphere,

“President entering.”

With solemnity, South Korea’s VIP made his appearance.

Following the formal proceedings of awarding commendations, Dam-deok, Joo So-yul, and Baek Goo-reum, along with Adel Sharon, couldn’t hide their boredom.

And then, finally,

Just as the President, seated at the banquet table, was about to discuss <the reward>, Dam-deok abruptly leaned forward from his plush chair.

He then whispered into the President’s ear.

“I have something specific to say about that….”

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