I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 105

I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods

#105. 마계 게이트(4)

“What is this…?”

Children beneath a shimmering blade.

Damtuk hastily sheathed his sword.

He couldn’t quite grasp the current situation.

The Netherworld Granny was fussing over the children with her frightening face, trying to console them, while they clung to the hem of her skirt and cried out loud.

Joo Sooyul’s dumbfounded face met Damtuk’s gaze.

“…What’s going on?”

“…I have no idea.”

Baekgureum and Adel Sharon were in the same boat. They remained wary of the Netherworld Granny but the unexpected appearance of the children had somewhat eased the tension on their faces.

Only Elia remained expressionless, simply observing the situation.

[Ah, why you making those peaceful kids cry, damn it!!]

The Netherworld Granny, who was protecting the children, glared fiercely.

Damtuk nearly unleashed his Formless Sword Technique and Dark Moon Execution, but barely held back upon seeing the children dangling limply.

‘Why on earth are the children here…?’

While everything was incomprehensible, the situation before his eyes was real.

[Damn it all! You’re going to close the gate? Fine! Try if you will! While you’re struggling, I’ll be slipping away from this place.]

After shouting, the Netherworld Granny quickly escaped through the gate with the children in her arms.

Something about her actions…

‘It looks like she’s relieved rather than upset?’

The Netherworld Granny’s clothes were full of signs of being attacked.

Before he could grasp the oddity,

“Why you hurt our granny!”

“Yeah! Bad guy!”

The children lashed out at Damtuk with resentful words.

It was utterly maddening.

The numerous corpses he had seen before.

The horrific scenes that had reflected in the eyes of the Netherworld Granny were still vivid in his memory…

And now she was holding children?

Surely she hadn’t been known to devour children?

But to anyone’s eyes, the children genuinely seemed to follow the Netherworld Granny.

‘Could it be she’s raising them to eat later…?’

As Damtuk stood there dazed, the Netherworld Granny passed by him and spoke.

[Even if I’m no good, I wouldn’t harm our own Korean kin, you brat. Keep the promise. Since you guys are closing the gate keep watch to prevent those damn creatures from escaping.]

Finally, Damtuk’s gaze moved forward.

The now widened gateway through which the Netherworld Granny had escaped showed the vista of the Netherworld.

A red-stained plain, sky, horizon.

All as he had seen before.

The only difference was…


The words slipped out quietly from Joo Sooyul, standing closest to the hole.

The red eyes of the monsters lined up like cars on a gridlocked highway.

An astronomical number of low-tier demons.

It was evident at a glance.

The number of demons he’d killed earlier was but a drop in the ocean.

The soft voice of the Netherworld Granny reassuring the children could be heard in the background, telling them it was all okay now and that the gods had come to fight in her place.

‘Could it be… those demons were blocking the gateway the whole time…?’

The Netherworld Granny, crouching in front of the gateway, hadn’t moved an inch.

Her conspicuous exhaustion and tattered clothing came to mind again.

Was that because she had been holding the children…?

His thoughts did not continue.

He did not know how long the Netherworld Granny had been blocking the pathway, but as soon as the gap was exposed, the infuriated demons began rushing in like mad.

– Krrrrrraaaaah!!

– Kyaaaaaaah!!


“It’s like a zombie horde!”

Another intense battle began without pause.

The snarling and drooling faces of the demons blindly charging them were extremely terrifying, and their number was unimaginably immense.

‘I only dealt with a fraction outside…!’

Damtuk gritted his teeth and shouted.

“We have to stop them at all costs! If this number spills out past the gate, it’s game over!!”

Right in the middle of downtown Seoul.

The outside forces had already suffered considerable damage.

‘Plus, these low-tier demons are much stronger than regular monsters.’

From the way seasoned mercenaries struggled, it was evident.

Moreover, the gates had become ridiculously powerful lately, and now even three or four guilds’ were barely sufficient when previously a single guild’s would suffice.

Based on this morning’s news, there were already 12 gates across the country.

With major guilds scattered across the nation to block gates, it was difficult to concentrate power in one place.

Of course, the government had brought in expensive foreign healers and mercenaries, but it was still a stretch.

‘With gates worldwide growing in size…’

They couldn’t send mercenaries and healers carelessly abroad when any minute, a gate could appear in their own backyards.

‘The waves of monsters are bound to last longer.’

This time it was the 112th, but from the next gate onwards, they might stretch to 1,000.

‘It must not come to that.’

Anxiety began to fill Damtuk’s heart.

It wasn’t just because of his mother.

He couldn’t just let unsuspecting people die.

He could not allow a world where the weak must silently suffer, as he once suffered!

Slash! Boom! Kwoooom!

Damtuk unleashed his skills toward the swarm of demons, and with each thrust of his sword, large quantities of black blood sprayed everywhere.

Yet, their numbers seemed to hardly dwindle, compelling Damtuk to keep swinging his sword relentlessly.

Even Elia, who usually stood by and observed, had to continuously summon skeletal soldiers.

Joo Sooyul’s flashing lightning skills shone bright like club neon signs and disappeared, while Adel Sharon’s 6th-Circle fire spells roared like flamethrowers, sweeping away the demons.

Baekgureum, like a solo guerrilla operative, continued to rush in like a fiend, blending swordsmanship and martial arts into his combat.

Though their number was great, at least they were all low-tier demons.

With every team member’s combat prowess exceeding a 5-star hunter, fighting with focus seemed manageable.

‘What about the Netherworld Granny…?’

Taking advantage of a brief lull, Damtuk glanced over.

At a distance from the realm’s barrier, the Netherworld Granny was crouched, holding the children tight with her ability.

‘…If she’s escaping, why is she just sitting there? What a bizarre granny.’

Damtuk then turned back to the charging demons, swinging his sword with nonchalance.

The fissure in the Netherworld opened wider.

The endlessly pouring in demons.

They posed a dangerous threat with combat prowess far beyond ordinary monsters.

Damtuk saw it that way.

‘I need to find the boss.’

Though his sword continued to hack at the foes before him, he kept his gaze wide and distant, scouring for the gate boss that could end this ordeal.

Damtuk’s eyes gleamed for a moment.

‘I’ve found it.’

Amidst the endless onslaught of black demons,

a solitary shadow stood out in the distance, unmoving amidst the chaos.

Damtuk quickly leaped into action.

[ skill activated!]

The demons clung to Damtuk as he raced forward, but he cut through their limbs without hesitation, headed straight for his target.

– Krrrrr?

A figure about 1.5 times larger than the low-tier demons; its folded wings were hard to see, but at a glance, it appeared much larger.

– Kyaaaaa!

The meaning of its words was incomprehensible.

More imposing was the sight as it unfolded its dark wings, threatening a repeat of the day he first encountered Asmodeus.

– Krrrrr!

And the sinister metallic screeching was similar too.

‘But you are not Asmodeus.’

Yet, indomitable, Damtuk charged at it.

Before him was a mid-tier demon.

Despite not wielding divine power, its sheer aura was enough to tell.

This creature was…


Definitely stronger than Baekgureum or Adel Sharon, who were ferociously battling behind him.


“You’re weaker than me.”


Damtuk’s body tore through one of its wings in an instant, soaring upward.

The demon screamed in agony, attacking in vain as Damtuk remained untouched.

“You’re not the only one with wings.”

Damtuk was already flying through the Netherworld sky, his feet filled with divine power from Hermes’ boots.

He attacked from the air.



If he touched the ground? A direct attack!



A counter while rising again!


An additional blow during a swift descent!


An unremittingly chaotic assault.

The mid-tier demon was already unable to keep up.



Damtuk’s final sword stroke pierced through the demon’s heart.

– Keeeeeek!!!

Its now tattered body collapsed powerlessly to the ground.


An instinctually violent species, the surrounding demons hesitated to attack Damtuk.


He planted his sword into the demon’s heart, yanking the core nucleus out swiftly.

[You have been faintly imbued with the power of darkness!]

A system window popped up as Damtuk continued to annihilate the remaining demons.

* * *

At the independent Monument Station Gate,

The Temporary Base Camp.

Beneath the tents where numerous injured people were recovering, cheerful voices could be heard.

“Ah, really~ It’s true! Have you ever seen daddy lie to his little princess? I bravely fought alongside that hero Yoo Damtuk! Hahaha!”

As low-level mercenary Mr. Kim nattered with his daughter on the phone, his colleague, Mr. Choi, watched him with an indulgent smile.

“Oh, you! That’s hardly a fight. We were saved by a hero. Kekeke.”

His arm was heavily bandaged—it had been a wound severe enough to warrant amputation—but thanks to a top-tier healer’s quick action, he avoided losing his hand.

“This guy…! She can hear you! Quiet, quiet! Shh!”

As Mr. Choi teased him to be quiet while talking to his daughter, the surrounding people chuckled.

The mercenaries tried to maintain a light-hearted mood.

“But still… how will this end now?”

One mercenary, lying on a stretcher, gazed distantly ahead.

At his words, everyone turned to look.

The chaotic scene near Independence Monument Station.

Though most of the injured and corpses of monsters and victims had been cleared away, the stains of dark red fluid remained etched onto the asphalt like tattoos.

And the black fog still shrouding the gate…

“…But still, some of the country’s best hunters went in there, right? It should work out.”

“Yeah, you saw it too. One man shows up and instantly turns the tide~”

“Damn, if only! Today was impossible with our forces. Those higher-ups never listen, damn it!”

“Just you watch, didn’t you see?”

A composed mercenary nodded, guiding everyone’s attention.

There lay a middle-aged man swaddled in bandages, Nangong Doeok from Sanguk Guild.

“…That man led the charge and saved many lives. Much better than wandering around defending minor gates like the leader of Iris Guild out in the provinces.”

“…That’s true, but.”

The atmosphere grew solemn.

The mercenary who had been cursing the higher-ups spoke up quietly.

“Well, really. If it weren’t for Hunter Yoo Damtuk, we would all be… Damn it, to think of relying on help as a hunter…!”

Swearing, he roughly wiped his eyes.

“Come on, don’t talk like that. He’s a 7-star hunter and we are just lowly 1-stars. What’s so shameful in receiving help?”

“Yeah, let it go. Being alive is all that matters.”


The mercenaries consoled each other with pats on the back.

Just then,

There was stir from the tents of the broadcasting station.

Before long,

“Look there!!”

Following someone’s exclamation, everyone’s eyes turned toward the gate.

“Did they succeed?!”

“They did! Look! They destroyed the gate!”

As the black mist started to lift, the deflated crowd began to cheer and stand up.

Broadcasting camera crews hurried to check their equipment and focused on the scene.

Soon after,


Something burst through the thinning fog and into the air.

“It’s flying…?”

Heads turned collectively to watch.

Faces flashed with anxiety, ‘Could it be another black-winged monster emerged?’


“It’s a person!”

“A human!”

As joy and amazement erupted, a flying man smiled broadly.

Then he forcefully crushed something he held in his right hand.


The core nucleus shattered and with it, the gate was destroyed, creating a wave of impact.

Boom~! Hssss.

As the fog completely dissipated, everyone was left in awe.

The army.

What lay before them was a massive army.

Deadly hounds, Sun wolves, Ice wolves, giants, and skeletal soldiers—all sullied with dark blood, stood firm amidst the vanishing mist.


Damtuk landed lightly at the forefront of the troops.


However, the grand cheers he anticipated did not come.

Instead, the silence broke as people slowly lit up with smiles and then just strong claps that filled the streets.

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