I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 103

I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods

#103. Demon Realm Gate (2)

“Uh… huh?”

The rookie mercenary gaped in astonishment.

Before his eyes was a hero of the nation.

No, it would be apt to call him a god.

He was a 7-star hunter, the only human able to destroy gates,

a national asset,

the president of children,

the hero of hunters…

“Are you alright?”

Such a dignitary was reaching out to him, with a brilliantly radiant smile.

“…Yes, I’m fine!”

The rookie mercenary sprang to his feet.

Feeling his wet trouser-leg cling to his skin, a late wave of shame and embarrassment washed over him.

‘I’m supposed to hunt monsters… and here I am, unable to handle a little fear.’

He couldn’t face his own country, let alone the children back at home.

With his head bowed, too ashamed to lift it, the rookie mercenary gripped his sword tightly.

“…I may not be much, but I will still be of help! From now on, you’ll see my true strength…!”

He gritted his teeth and raised his head determinedly.

But the ferocity in his eyes soon turned to befuddlement.

The sight before him.

Flurries of splendid effects were engulfing the battleground.

Battles reminiscent of CGI from movies.

It felt as if he had stepped into a giant screen.

“Ah, glad to see you’re okay. You can show me your real strength next time. As you can see… the battle will soon be over.”

The man said, smiling broadly.

Behind him, with a remarkably kind visage, numerous wolves and towering ice giants overwhelmed the battlefield just by their sheer size, and some familiar celebrities were also engaging in a spectacular combat.

The previously losing battle had already turned around.

“What is this…”

The rookie mercenary’s eyes darted around.

Wolves engulfed in flames,

wolves cloaked in ice,

wolves of all sorts were biting and killing the monsters.

– Grrrr!

– Roar! Howl!

And that wasn’t all.

On one side, a blonde foreign woman was firing columns of fire,

Whooosh! Whooosh!


On the other side, a silver-haired Western man brandished a lightning sword,


“How pathetic. Can’t even handle these mediocre monsters.”

The boy called a genius swordsman of the East was joyfully slicing up the limbs of monsters.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

“Die, all of you!! Kahaha!!”

The superstar of the Mountain Guild, Ju Sooyul, was rapidly disappearing and reappearing, performing one-shot, one-kill maneuvers with his dagger.

The scene before him was as dazzling as watching an action movie.

The Avengers of the hunter world.

It was no wonder the rookie mercenary was at a loss for words.

The man asked with concern.

“Oh no, you don’t look so good. Are you really alright?”

“Yes, yes….”

The rookie mercenary nodded repeatedly, sneakily glancing at the man.

Floating around the man were bluish magic daggers.

Although his gaze was fixed on the rookie, the floating magic daggers precisely pierced the throats of approaching monsters, and with every wave of his hand, black flames and ice shards extended and immediately killed any proximate creature.

The repulsively emerging gate monsters gradually vanished from sight, and the peculiar devils with black wings also fell, unable to muster any strength.

The situation was unbelievably getting resolved swiftly.

‘We couldn’t even manage this after days of toil…’

Was this what a difference in strength looked like?

Along with a severe sense of disparity, the faces of his wife and children suddenly came to mind.

The relief of being alive.

As the tension released, the rookie mercenary’s body slowly slumped down.

The man softly caught him and then shouted somewhere.

“Over here! We need a medic!”

At that call, several healers ran over and started to check on his condition.

“Are you alright?! Oh no, you’ve got severe lacerations on your back…!”

“I’ll apply the healing skill!”

A wave of hurt and dense pain flooded in.

With his vision blurring due to the pain, he saw the man’s receding figure moving further away.

“Wait… I didn’t even… get to say thank you….”

“It’s not good to talk during treatment!”

“Please, rest!”

The healers’ shouts were annoyingly persistent.

The man was resolutely moving towards a specific place.

The black mist covering Seodaemun Prison, filled with dreadful monsters within…

“No… you can’t go in there….”

“You mustn’t speak, patient!”

“Everything will be alright, just let go and relax!”

His body felt afloat, then he was laid down on a hard stretcher.

Such bothersome people.

Humanity’s hero was entering danger, yet why wasn’t anyone stopping him?

Trembling, he stretched his hand out towards the man, but the man, leading an army, slowly disappeared into the black mist.

* * *


Damdeok swung his sword ceaselessly.

Inside the black mist were far more demons than monsters.

They were grotesque, malevolent, and also… incredibly strong.


No matter how much he cut, as long as there was breath left in them, they kept on attacking. Like zombies.

He tried to locate the entrance of the gate, but the onslaught of creatures made it difficult to move forward.

While he would normally be exhausted by now, Damdeok felt surprisingly invigorated.

[ skill activated!]

[ skill activated!]

[ skill activated!]

Schwwwk! Schwwk!

The ranged attack spread around, and the Excalibur swung even more smoothly than before.

Everything felt effortless.

‘Maybe it’s because Baeksul has leveled up quite a bit.’

He glanced at the profile.

The stats, neatly arranged from the last time he checked, were impressive.

[Moonlight Fox (Lv.22)]

– Solidity +39.4 – Agility +45.2

– Acumen +57.6 – Sharpness +72.3

– Loyalty +35.9 – Magic power +65.4

Initially, leveling up didn’t significantly improve the stats and it was hard to notice any change…

But now, over level 20, even the sensation itself was clearly different.



The cutting felt smoother, and the cut surfaces were cleanly separated.

“Not only that.”

Damdeok grinned.

The demons that charged recklessly around him suddenly hesitated.

[ title effect activated!]

[‘Fear’ influence rises!]

The title effect dampened the spirits of the enemies, making them less of a threat.

Damdeok swung his sword, cutting through the low-level demons cluttering his path, with a satisfied smile on his face.



Watching Damdeok, who seemed to enjoy swinging his sword so cheerfully, Ju Sooyul stood silently behind, obeserving.

‘He’s grown a lot.’

Yoo Damdeok had already become an intermediate god, and his divine power had significantly increased.

‘Looks like Baeksul’s level is over 20 now.’

At this rate, by the time they meet the Fairy King, Baeksul’s level would surely surpass 50.

‘I should start moving separately soon.’

Until now, he had been feeding all the experience points to Damdeok so he could grow rapidly while playing a support role.

However, the ultimate battle could not be won by strength alone.

All the guardians, including himself, needed to grow equally.

‘I’ll need to take a trip to that world for some time.’

Solo training was required.

The next guardian was notoriously peculiar and not an easy person to deal with.

Additionally, to counter the variable named , he needed to become stronger without a doubt.

‘I also need to gain the power to uncover his true identity.’

With a momentarily stern expression, Ju Sooyul sighed softly.

‘But it’s already time to recruit that guy.’

The fourth guardian, a symbol of sarcasm.

His personality was one thing, but the world of Egyptian mythology he belonged to was truly a headache.

‘Mummies are revolting… and the gods protecting relics are extremely conservative…’

But what could be done?

Both Damdeok and himself were destined to keep moving forward.

* * *

“Hmm, this is strange… doesn’t it feel strange?”

Adel Sharon looked around, her eyes as suspicious as a detective’s.

“What’s strange about it, you fire idiot?”

Baek Gurum retorted brusquely.

His sword was covered in black blood.

It was the result of diligently hunting demons following Damdeok.

Adel Sharon pointed at the blood on Baek Gurum’s sword and grimaced.

“That blood on your sword, that! The black blood! Have you ever seen that?!”

“…Monster blood varies by species, you know? Hmm, I haven’t seen black blood before either. So what?”

Baek Gurum nonchalantly brushed the blood off his sword.

“Black blood is the blood of a demon.”

Ju Sooyul, walking beside them, commented quietly.

“A demon?! Wow, like the devil? So I’ve been killing devils?!”

Baek Gurum’s eyes widened in a delayed realization. The fact that he had grown strong enough to even slay demons seemed to greatly please him.

Adel Sharon clicked her tongue in disapproval.

“That’s why you can never beat him… you’re far too dull.”

She snapped her chin towards the spot where Damdeok was standing.

“Why suddenly bring me into this?”

Damdeok was walking at the forefront of the group.

Through dense fog.

After a furious battle against countless monsters and demons, they had barely found the entrance to the gate.

But as soon as they stepped into the gate, they couldn’t discern even an inch ahead.

If the outside of the gate was ashen due to the fog, the inside was…


It seemed as if void itself was laid out before them.

And what’s more peculiar, once inside the gate, they could no longer sense the presence of monsters or demons.

‘There’s nothing. How can this be?’

He had never experienced this sort of gate before.

Fortunately, Adel Sharon had enwrapped her hands in flames to serve as torches, which provided visibility in the immediate vicinity.

‘Black flames are of no use at this moment.’

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Her hands beautifully illuminated the surroundings.

“Ah! You scared me!”

While scanning the area, Adel Sharon jumped back in surprise upon spotting Elia, who had been quietly following behind.

“…Why are you here again?!”

“Mind your business.”

“What? Seriously, you brat. Where’s your brother?”

“That’s my business too.”

“This brat is really…”

Adel Sharon shuddered, while Elia openly ignored her.

Ju Sooyul watched Elia with a quiet glower.

Damdeok seemed to simply overlook the entire situation.

Baek Gurum whispered to him.

“Hyung, who is that? Will they be joining us from now on?”


“Then why are they following us? I thought only gods can enter the gate.”

“They’re also a god.”


“They can use the system of the gods, like me and Ju Sooyul.”



Baek Gurum and Adel Sharon turned their heads simultaneously.

Elia remained unaffected.

She just kept moving forward.

‘What is that kid really thinking…?’

Damdeok glanced at Elia before shifting his gaze away.

He didn’t know what scheming was running in her mind.

She was a bundle of suspicions, yet in the current situation, where they clearly had enemies to fight, there was no time to be concerned about anything else.

‘Do whatever you want. I’ll follow my own path.’

Their goal was to prevent the war of gods, not to bicker with a suspicious brat.

Damdeok suddenly stopped walking after a while.


An ominous feeling traversed his sensitive nerves.


At Damdeok’s command, everyone halted.

A transparent barrier inside the gate.

Fumbling around, Damdeok discovered what looked like a gaping hole.

It was probably a passage to the world on the other side of the gate, the Demon Realm.

“Could it just be left open?”

Damdeok asked Ju Sooyul.

Wasn’t it a barrier that only gods with intermediate divine power could open?

Ju Sooyul seemed just as clueless.

‘An incredibly ominous sense permeates from the other side of this barrier.’

Although reluctant, there was no choice.

To destroy the gate, they needed to find the one with the core nucleus.

Most likely, that would be the Netherworld crone.


Damdeok leaned forward.

The darkness seemed unusually intense.

Something crouching behind the hole, small as a doghole, appeared vaguely visible.

“…There, shine a light here.”

On Damdeok’s command, Adel Sharon, swallowing hard, extended her flame-encased hand, gradually dispelling the darkness.


Instantly, Damdeok’s face stiffened.

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