I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 102

I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods

#102. The Hellgate (1)

“When you call someone over, you should say something.”

Elliya, grabbed by the shoulder, stared at Damdeok and told him that.

But Damdeok couldn’t help but swallow back the words he was about to say.


The name Pandora had suddenly surfaced in his stream of thoughts just moments ago.

“The box of Pandora that will bring about true calamity has not yet been opened.”

“Find Pandora. By finding him, you will gain the power to oppose the world.”

If Prometheus’s prophecy was to be believed, Pandora was not only a bringer of disaster, but also a being possessing the power to confront the world.

In other words, a being with a power stronger than anyone else’s.

I wasn’t sure about the true extent of Elliya’s power, but she was certainly a suspicious candidate.

‘An unknown high-ranking god who uses the system of the gods, despite being human.’

There was more than one strange thing about it all.

However, there was one strong error in the assumption that Elliya was Pandora.

“Pandora, in the myth, is not a ‘woman’.”

Prometheus had clearly stated that Pandora in the prophecy was not a ‘woman’.

But Elliya in front of us was unmistakably…

“Why aren’t you saying anything? If you don’t have anything to say, let go of me.”

Elliya shook off Damdeok’s hand.

Then, she looked back and forth at Jusoyul and Damdeok with an expression that showed her discontent.

“…Now that I see you two, do you ever listen to other people? Are the words of a stranger not worth listening to? Is that it? Does everything I say sound like a lie to you?”

When Elliya said that, Jusoyul gestured to Damdeok as if there was no point in dealing with him any further.

It was a gesture that said, ‘Let’s leave this kid alone and do what we have to do.’ However, Damdeok wanted to satisfy his intense curiosity right now.


“Why do you keep saying ‘you, you’ and not speak? What kind of big question are you trying to ask?”

Elliya, who had become more talkative than before, made Jusoyul’s eyes grow anxious again.

Jusoyul, pretending to be calm, forcibly pulled Damdeok by the arm.

“Stop dealing with her and go. We have much to do. If we listen to everything this kid says…”


Damdeok removed Jusoyul’s hand and took a step forward.

“Are you a woman?”


Elliya asked back, bewildered.

Jusoyul reacted the same way.

What kind of nonsense is he talking about now?

Both of them looked at Damdeok with that kind of gaze simultaneously.

“Are you really a woman? Or maybe, you were a man at birth and changed with medical technology… that’s not it, is it?”

Damdeok was more serious than ever.

Elliya’s face, which had been filled with bewilderment, now spread to a look of incredulity.

Unable to speak, looking at Elliya’s speechless expression, Damdeok realized that his conjecture was nonsensical.

‘After all, there’s no way I would find Pandora this quickly.’

If it were as Prometheus said, by finding Pandora one would obtain the power to rival the world.

Typically, such an incredible opportunity comes after defeating the final boss, or is found in a hidden dungeon or even a hidden stage within it.

‘If it’s easy to obtain, it’s not the Pandora from the prophecy. Indeed.’

Damdeok nodded and turned away.

Elliya called out with a slightly bewildered voice.

“Hey, are you just going to leave like this?”

“Of course, what else? You’re a foreigner so you probably wouldn’t know, but right now in the middle of Seoul, the mutant gate is causing chaos. We don’t have time to stand around here.”

Actually, text messages had been flooding his phone continuously.

They were all orders to assemble due to the disaster situation.

After discussing with Jusoyul, they were about to go destroy the gate, but they had been delayed here because of the unexpected interference from Elliya.

‘If this kid is not Pandora, that’s that.’

His curiosity ended there.

Of course, he was curious about how Elliya became human and how she came to use the system of the gods, but what could he do if the person herself wouldn’t share it?

‘Then that’s the end of it.’

He didn’t want to waste any more time.

With that in mind, Damdeok showed his phone, which was flashing with missed calls from Namgung Do-eok, and said,

“Priorities. This is what we need to deal with first.”

After saying that, Damdeok turned and walked away.

Elliya spit out her words as if pressing them down hard.

“…Really. Aren’t you curious at all about his identity? Aren’t you going to listen?”


Damdeok turned back around.

“Identity? What, isn’t Jusoyul the prophet?”

He spoke indifferently.

In fact, Damdeok hadn’t been intrigued by that subject.

Ever since he saw the fragments of memory, he had hypothesized that Jusoyul, like himself, might be going through an infinite cycle of reincarnation.

‘If everything recorded in the system is true, then Jusoyul and I have been endlessly reincarnating for 1,869 times.’

Perhaps the decisive reason why he was able to handle the system of the gods lay in his past lives.

Of course, he didn’t know the exact reason yet, but he could already guess at several possibilities.

With his casual query, both Elliya and Jusoyul, the subject in question, were frozen stiff.

The tense atmosphere lingered, but Damdeok spoke on, unphased.

“It’s one of the two anyway, right? A reincarnator or a regressor. Isn’t that so?”

His words, full of confidence, left both people speechless like bees with honey in their mouths.

“Done talking? Then I’m really going now~”

Damdeok turned around coolly and waved his hand goodbye.

Elliya and Jusoyul could only blankly watch his retreating figure.

* * *

In front of Independence Gate Station.

Heavily armed troops stretched out endlessly.

They were confronting the Seodaemun Prison, which was engulfed in black mist.

“Advance! Forward!!”

Stamp-stamp. Thump!

The quiet streets due to the road closure echoed unusually loudly with the sound of marching.

A harsh tension flowed,

And the commander-in-charge of the Independence Gate, Namgung Do-eok, bellowed.

“In one minute! The 112th wave is about to begin! Everyone on standby!!”


The sounds of weapons being drawn were synchronized perfectly.

A whopping 112th wave.

The longest standing record of monster waves in South Korea had been 12, until now.

But this damned gate had already set a record more than ten times that and was still spewing out monsters.

A rookie mercenary adjusted his helmet and whispered to his colleague.

“…Do we have a chance in this fight? How much longer do we have to keep repeating this before we don’t have to see these monster bastards?”

“Hey, quiet down. Didn’t you hear the commander? Any word that lowers morale will be sanctioned! Don’t make unnecessary comments.”

His colleague motioned for silence with a finger to his lips as he looked around nervously.

The rookie’s complaints, however, did not cease.

“It’s just too much, however you look at it. Are they telling us to fight endlessly until we die? There’s no plan, no plan at all!”

As the volume of his voice rose, surrounding mercenaries began to glance at him.

His colleague hastened to appease him, gaze darting around.

“Look, what can we do? We can’t help it. With such a mutant gate emerging in the middle of Seoul, if we fall, then Jongno will fall, then the Blue House, City Hall, one by one… it’s all over then, over!”

With that, the rookie mercenary’s eyes welled up.

“Damn it, really. I just had my second daughter born this time…”

His fellow mercenary, who’d been scolding him, hesitated.

He had a three-year-old son who could do no wrong in his eyes.

He was overwhelmed with the memory of the smiling child playing with his toy car that morning.

Without a word, he reached out to pat the shoulders of the two fathers.

“…So let’s hold on, right? We’re the people who protect… no, not just the country, our families.”


The sound of a horn resonated.

It was a signal for the monster wave.

The hand that had been comforting fell casually to grip their weapon.

The fierce eyes of the mercenaries directly faced the black mist.


The terrible monsters would emerge, and the roads would be filled with the smell of blood and screams.

“Huhk, damn it…!”

The rookie mercenary, trembling, gripped his sword with shaking hands.

The other combatants around were already holding their weapons, taking deep breaths.

“Huff, huff.”

Their breathing became rough with tension.


The black mist briefly swirled before a sinister roar began to emerge from the depths.

“Maintain formation! Don’t scatter! Everyone ready!”

Namgung Do-eok’s voice thundered.

– Growwwwl!

– Kyaoooo!

– Kaakakak!

Various monsters burst through the fog.

Namgung Do-eok’s hand stretched forth vigorously.



Rumble rumble rumble—

The asphalt trembled as if hit by an earthquake.


Without his consent, the rookie mercenary felt his body being pushed around.

“Get a grip! Stop shaking and face the enemy directly!”

His colleague’s voice faintly reached him amidst the sound of marching and cries.

When he came to his senses, he was already in the midst of a hellish battlefield.

Clash! Crack! Snap! Whoosh!




Blood sprayed, flesh was torn away, heads exploded, and bones shattered… yes, for just a brief moment, the rookie mercenary thought that this place was no different from hell.


This was, undoubtedly, hell itself.

– Growwwwl!

A demon with black wings.

The rookie mercenary saw it with his own eyes.

A strange lifeform ruthlessly slaughtering his fellow mercenaries.


His steps involuntarily moved backward from the sight of a monster he had never learned about or seen before.

It was true.

Neither at the academy

Nor at the hunter training center

Had he ever seen such a bizarre monster.

He had already panicked.

– Kyaak!

“Uh, ugh! Save me!”

His colleague’s desperate hand was torn away before his eyes like a piece of paper.

“We need long-range support fire! We can’t hold them off with melee combat alone…!!”

Soon, arrows imbued with magic and special bullets poured down endlessly from above towards the monsters, but that was all.

While some monsters fell, the majority stood back up and continued their rampage.

The rookie mercenary had no choice but to watch the scene unfold in frozen terror.

He regretted.


Why had he volunteered to join this battle?

In a super-large gate battle classified with an SS danger level,

Why had he, an insignificant low-level mercenary, volunteered…?

But it was too late for regrets.

– Growwwwl!

A strange lifeform began to slowly approach from ahead.

Its black wings were riddled with countless arrows and bullet holes.

Staring into its pitch-black eyes, he finally realized why he had come here.


The amount he would receive for participating in this gate defense battle was way beyond what a low-level mercenary like him could typically handle.

For his eldest child, the daughter just born, and his beloved wife…

“No… no, it’s useless if I die!”

The rookie mercenary turned around and started to flee.

Facing such a monster was impossible! Absolutely impossible!

To make matters worse, other renowned hunters around were injured and groaning.

They were at a complete disadvantage.

Whether numerically, in vigor, or skill, it was clear that in this 112th wave they would all be utterly defeated.

“Money… I don’t need money… I just want to see my family again…!”

Swish crack!

The monster’s black claws swiped brutally.

With a burning pain in his back, the rookie mercenary’s vision plunged directly into the asphalt.



His face burned with pain, likely from a broken nose, given the heavy fall from his hefty armor and helmet.

But he was in no state to consider the pain.

– Rumble rumble rumble!

Tusks like saw teeth crept closer to his face.

As a grotesque lower demon opened its vast mouth, drooling, he was utterly trapped in fear.


When the mouth began slowly to engulf the rookie mercenary’s head…


With a chilling sound, his view brightened in an instant.

A man casually shook off a blood-stained sword, having effortlessly kicked aside the severed head of the strange lifeform.

Short two-block hair.

A white sword in hand.

The rookie mercenary’s pupils shook violently.

The man smiled cheekily and said,

“Reinforcements have arrived.”

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