I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 101

I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods

Chapter 101: The Identity of Elia (2)

Calm down.

Stay calm.

Dam-deok mumbled to himself as he alternately looked at the silvery-haired figures before him.

Leo Lux was trembling so much that his hands shook, while Elia had an expression of utter annoyance—or in other words, a face like she’d just eaten something disgusting—as she looked at Leo Lux.

“Elia… how did you, how could…?”

“Haah, Leo. Can’t you just pretend you didn’t see anything?”

“What?! That’s ridiculous! Do you have any idea how much I searched for you? Mum and Dad! Even our dog Wendy! How much we…!”

Leo Lux dramatically rushed over and embraced Elia in a hug.

His shoulders were shaking violently.

Caught off-guard by the sudden situation, not only the patrons but also the staff were in disarray.

Dam-deok’s face was becoming oddly twisted.

‘Is this even real…?’

Even with clear evidence before his eyes, it was hard to accept the situation.

Look at them.

Same hair color.

Same eye color.

Both have beautiful faces. Both are attractive.

And the ultimate evidence—last names,

even their surnames are identical!

Then surely these two must be…

“Sorry about that. I misunderstood. My sister went missing during a monstrous hunter incident, and I got a bit overly sensitive….”

For some reason, the words spoken earlier by Leo Lux suddenly came to mind.

Dam-deok mumbled in disbelief.

“Whoa… can this even be real?”


These two are siblings.

Was this really something to suddenly surge in like this?

But the appearance, conversations, and the atmosphere of the two certainly looked like blood-related siblings—a real family.

‘It can’t be. Elia clearly possesses divine power to post job listings directly, and even flew to Gorgon Island with me to take on the Medusa job?’

‘A necromancer child god with foresight abilities is siblings with a human hunter?’

‘Is Leo Lux a god too?’

‘Or is Elia human…?’

‘Joo So-yul insisted that we were the only humans who could use the gods’ system…’

Questions bred more questions in his mind.

And then, one conclusion hit him like a hammer.

“You, which god did you come from again?”

“Korea? Hmm, it’s a dimension I’ve never heard of before, but judging from the suffix ‘국,’ it seems similar to the dimension called ‘America’ where that god visited last time?”

The conversation with Bermut.

He knew there were humans who could manipulate the gods’ system just like himself, leading him to suspect Leo Lux.

“…It wasn’t Leo Lux.”

He had been wrongly suspecting an innocent person.

Dam-deok looked intently at Elia.

‘Elia Lux. That’s the American god who visited Atlaum.’

By now, Elia had noticed Dam-deok, her expression turning icy.

Her chilly gaze carried remnants of resentment from the time at the Medusa job.

‘I’m losing my mind… what exactly is going on here?’

Dam-deok felt utterly confused.

Was there another human apart from himself and Joo So-yul who could use the gods’ system?

It was too soon to jump to conclusions.

‘On the contrary, perhaps Leo Lux is a god hiding his identity….’

Yet, Dam-deok couldn’t feel any divine power from Leo Lux.

‘It’s too early to judge.’

‘It could be a powerful god hiding all their power.’

‘Is that why the battle at Seoraksan seemed as if it was held back?’

While various thoughts stormed through Dam-deok’s mind, a familiar woman emerged from the distant spa door.

It was Joo So-yul, observing the commotion with keen interest as she shook her wet hair.

Joo So-yul’s gaze first landed on the tears of joy shed by Leo Lux, then shifted and froze upon seeing the annoyed Elia being embraced.

“Excuse me, everyone… we should stop this… Other guests are feeling uncomfortable. Please… outside…”

“…Please work with us here.”

The employees’ awkward demeanor prompted Elia to push Leo Lux away first and then head out.

“El, Elia! Wait a moment!”

Leo Lux hastily followed after her, and as the crowd that had gathered to watch dispersed, exchanging regrets, Joo So-yul and Dam-deok’s gazes met perfectly.



Without exchanging words, they ran towards the direction where Elia had vanished.

* * *

Thump thump-

Cho Yoon-hee was fluffing the blankets with a content smile.

The wide lawn, the shining sunlight.

It was the perfect weather for drying laundry.

Cho Yoon-hee’s affectionate gaze wandered to where Dam-deok and his companions had gathered on the distant lawn terrace.

They were too far away to make out what was being said, but it seemed they were engaged in an eager discussion.

‘Well, that boy of mine. He’s making a lot of friends these days.’

Cho Yoon-hee chuckled to herself as she vigorously shook out the remaining laundry.

Baek Gureum, the high school student with white hair, and Adel Sharon, the blonde foreigner, had stood out when she’d first seen them, but the new girl with the silver hair who had turned up a few minutes ago truly looked like a model out of a drama, with a striking appearance and a mysteriously elegant aura.

Cho Yoon-hee’s eyes welled up with tears.

‘Sigh, in the past, he was so occupied with part-time jobs, and now he’s made so many friends…’

Her son, who worked around the clock to pay for his hospital bills and living expenses, was now a respectable hunter, had such a magnificent house, gained international repute, and most importantly, made such vibrant friends with personalities brimming with joy and vitality.

Cho Yoon-hee couldn’t help but smile proudly.

Humming to herself, she mused.

“Hmm~ I should bring out some fruit from the fridge~ But what could they be talking about so seriously?”

After peeking at Dam-deok and his friends through the laundry, Cho Yoon-hee commented,

“They sure seem to get along well~”

With that, she picked up her laundry basket and slowly went back into the house.

“No way, so you’re telling me, you two are actually siblings?!”

Just as Cho Yoon-hee left, Baek Gureum pointed back and forth between Leo Lux and Elia as he waved his finger in the air.

“Are you kidding me?! Hey, kid, weren’t you a god?!”

Baek Gureum’s voice was filled with intense excitement, and Leo Lux grimaced, brushing away Baek Gureum’s finger with annoyance.

“Be careful. If that filthy finger does so much as scratch Elia, can you take responsibility for it? And gods? What pointless thing have you been saying since a while ago… Elia is the most precious little sister a guy could…

Before he could finish, Elia swiftly withdrew her sharp hand from underneath the table.

Leo Lux seemed to be in pain from where he was pinched, wiping sweat from his brow.

Dam-deok got up and cut to the chase,

“No need for a long conversation, Leo. Step aside for a while, Elia. Let’s have a talk.”

Joo So-yul, who had been silently listening, stood up as well, followed by Elia, who got up nonchalantly. Only Leo Lux rose roughly, slamming the table.



“Are you crazy?!”

Baek Gureum and Adel Sharon both scowled at Leo Lux, but he didn’t seem to care as he stood protectively in front of Elia.

“Nonsense! How can you talk about my sister like that? If there’s something to say, say it in front of me!”

Electricity crackled from his eyes—a hint of lightning mana ready to explode into action at any moment. Leo Lux was all set to fight, but Elia simply ignored him and nodded at Dam-deok.

“Just leave him be and let’s go.”

“Eh, Elia! What are you…!”

“Ah, it’s enough. Don’t bother me anymore, or I might disappear again.”


Ignoring a crestfallen Leo Lux, Dam-deok and Joo So-yul followed Elia to the backyard.

* * *

The backyard spanned a size comparable to the front yard, stretching out far and wide.

They moved towards a secluded spot near the vegetable garden, where Elia finally halted.

As she stopped and turned around, Dam-deok inquired,

“So, what exactly are you?”

Elia’s eyes, sharp as blades, were fixed solely on Joo So-yul, even though Dam-deok had asked the question.


In the space between them, sparks of tension flew unnoticed.

Finally, Joo So-yul broke the silence.

“…Aren’t you going to answer the question? What’s your true identity?”

“Well, isn’t it customary to reveal your own identity before inquiring about someone else’s?”


The mood shifted peculiarly.

Quickly, Dam-deok intervened between them.

“Alright, alright. Let’s avoid any unnecessary fights. I’ve got just one question right now. Elia, are you… human?”

Elia locked eyes with Dam-deok and then nodded affirmatively—an acknowledgment.

Without confusion, Dam-deok fired off another question.

“You’re human, yet how do you manage to handle the gods’ system? You even posted a job listing? Why did you try to cut off Medusa’s head?”

“Well? Do I really have to tell you that? And you, what exactly are you? I hired you because I thought you were a god. Because of you, I even missed capturing Medusa…”

Elia’s eyes half-closed in fatigue.

She had thought he was a god, yet Dam-deok clearly seemed human.

Right before her stood a noteworthy house and a welcoming mother, Cho Yoon-hee.

Frankly, Elia found Dam-deok’s identity to be the most suspicious.

Joo So-yul was a returner; that much she knew from what he told her, but Dam-deok?

She had never heard of him before.

Was he pretending to be human, or, like herself and Joo So-yul, was he another human using the gods’ system?

If he truly were human, then how to explain the abilities he showcased during the Medusa job?

‘Suspicious. There are too many questionable points.’

Both Elia and Dam-deok were curious about each other’s true identities.

Dam-deok muttered in bewilderment,

“Really human?”

His eyes quickly shifted to Joo So-yul.

“…Seems so.”

“It’s a lie.”

Joo So-yul’s response was firm.

Elia laughed without a hint of tension.

“You’re the liar. You said earlier that you knew all about the wars of the gods and the twelve guardians because of your foresight, right? Are you sure? Is that really all thanks to your prophetic abilities?”

Caught off-guard by Elia’s sudden question, Joo So-yul’s hardened gaze drilled into Dam-deok.

“What’s wrong? Not me.”

Truly it wasn’t.

He swore that he wasn’t the one, especially since it made no sense for Elia to be at the hunter-exclusive spa, let alone for Joo So-yul to have babbled about such things…

Just then, from the front yard, a loud commotion reached their ears.

Baek Gureum and Adel Sharon.

The pair were fervently debating, or rather, bickering, about what kind of personality the next guardian would have.

Dam-deok and Joo So-yul’s faces simultaneously scrunched up.

“Ahhh… Those guys unnecessarily blabbering about nonsense….”

With Dam-deok shaking his head in disbelief, Elia stepped closer to him with a provocative stride.

“Do you think Joo So-yul is a real prophet?”

Dam-deok glanced up cautiously.

Right there, the silver-haired child was smiling coyly.

“…What do you mean?”

As soon as he asked, Joo So-yul moved to block the path in front of him.

“Stop talking nonsense and get out of here. Whether you handle the gods’ system or not, it has nothing to do with us.”

“Oh really~? If it doesn’t concern you, why were you so eager to find out? You thought you were the only one in the world who could manipulate the gods’ system? Such a great prophet, but it seems you don’t know everything after all.”

Elia taunted him.

Joo So-yul seemed to be holding back, emanating a barely contained aura of danger, as though any wrong move might trigger a significant conflict.

In an atmosphere as tense as walking on thin ice, Elia, on tiptoes, whispered into Dam-deok’s ear.

“Don’t you want to know how you came to manipulate the gods’ system? Why Joo So-yul lied to you about being a prophet? I can tell you everything.”

Seeing Elia smile so slyly, Dam-deok couldn’t help but think of her as a type of Pandora’s box—a dangerous repository of tempting curiosity.

Pandora’s box.

Wait, Pandora?

A sudden realization struck Dam-deok, his eyes sharpening.

He reached out and firmly grasped Elia’s shoulder, breaking the silence with a weighty urge.

“Hey, you…”

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