I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 100

I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods

#100. The True Identity of Elia (1)


“How can she be that pretty?”

“But wasn’t she of the Gorgon race? I thought she was a goddess.”

“She might as well be a goddess with that beauty.”

Terrifying remnants of a memory.

Tears tremble at the edges of Medusa’s eyes.

“Did you hear that? They say last night, Poseidon shared love with Medusa in Athena’s temple.”

“How dare they do such blasphemous things in the temple!”

“Shh! Shh! What can we do? She’s not a goddess, so she can’t behave chastely. You can’t hide your true blood.”


That’s not the truth.

That night, Poseidon didn’t whisper words of love to her.

Blood started to form on Medusa’s firmly closed lips.

“I am, I am innocent! I only had a conversation with Lord Poseidon!”

“Oh my, what did you talk about?”

“Yeah, why would you have a conversation in Athena’s temple of all places?”

“That, that’s because Lord Poseidon asked me to go there… the contents of the conversation are secret, so I can’t tell…”

“Who would believe the words of a monster…”

“How despicable.”

She was in despair.

Despite her fervent cries, no one listened.

No, as if they had been eagerly waiting for this moment,

people… gods…

Those who once praised her beauty were now busy spewing ugly curses from their mouths.

“Be, believe me. Goddess Athena… I am….”

“Prove it.”


“Prove that you did not do those filthy acts with that scoundrel in my temple.”

There was no proof.

No, there was no way to prove.

How could she possibly prove that nothing happened?

“If you cannot prove it, I cannot overlook the responsibility of desecrating the sacred temple. Gorgon Medusa, I accuse you of committing sacrilege.”

“It’s all because of your beautiful appearance. Ideally, I would transform you to look just like your two sisters, but I will show mercy and not do so. However, from now on, anyone who locks eyes with you shall turn to stone, to deeply reflect on the impious act of meeting the gaze of a male deity in the temple of a goddess.”

“No, please! Goddess, please…!”

She was furious.

She was sad.

She was wronged.

Why must only she endure such fate?

All she did was listen to the tales of the mighty god of the sea…

It was much later when Poseidon appeared.

“What? You would tell Athena what we discussed?”

“…Lord Poseidon. Now I can’t mingle with anyone except my sisters. Not only my old friends, but also the animals and plants I cherished, all turn to stone when our eyes meet! See for yourself! Even you, Lord Poseidon, can’t look me in the eyes!!”

She appealed with tears.

The feeling of being shunned by everything that once whispered love.

The feeling of becoming distant from all life in the world.

It was truly difficult.

But he was a much more… shameless god than she thought.

“Nonsense. If it gets out that I spoke ill of Athena to a mere creature like you! How disgraceful that would be! Absolutely not! Absolutely not! Ahem!”

In hindsight, that night, he may have merely spoken ill of the goddess to become closer to her.

To use her, once admired for her beauty by the gods, for his own power, to insult Goddess Athena, just for that trivial role.

But why,

Why did he,

“Ahem, this won’t do. Medusa, if you blabber unnecessary things, it’ll be troublesome, so it’s better for you to live on an uninhabited island from now on.”

A curse.

It was a clear curse.

Instead of consoling a weeping Medusa, he cast another curse in replacement.

For him, it was a more convenient method.

In a place where not gods, not humans, not monsters would seek…

Since that day,

I could no longer smile.

“Huh? Hey, why are you suddenly crying?”

Before she knew it, a blurry vision, she saw the figure of a man hovering in front of her.

She wiped her eyes fiercely.


The man’s face was too close, prompting a short scream.

A living face she hadn’t seen in a very long time.

More like a human boy than a typical god….

As Medusa stared intensely, she instinctively averted her gaze.

Her lost eyes roamed around.

“If our eyes meet… you might turn to stone…”

At her quiet mumbling, the man’s eyes widened and he smiled.

“Keke, what are you talking about? If it were going to happen, it would’ve happened already. Look at this. I’m not affected by your gaze at all. I’m invincible now.”

With those words and a cheerful laugh, Medusa slowly lifted her gaze to look at him again.

Light brown hair, and eyes a deeper shade of night.

It was the first living creature’s eyes she had seen in a long time.

‘They’re sparkling.’

No, more than sparkling, they were mystical.

They were so beautiful it was as if she could become lost in them right away.

Naturally, old memories surged up like an undertow.


She once loved the beauty of all life on Earth….

“Huh? What’s up, are you crying again?”

The perplexed voice of the man.

“Or not? Are you laughing? You’re really strange.”

Before she knew it, Medusa was smiling brightly.

For the first time since that day, a genuine, deeply happy smile….

* * *

In the outskirts of Gyeonggi-do,

At the house of Madam Jo Yoon-hee.

Damdok lay in a hammock attached to the garden, staring blankly at the sky.

‘That girl… she smiled at the end.’

The image of Medusa’s face he saw at the end kept lingering before his eyes.

A look filled with sad, happy, inexplicable tender joy.

A gaze that made his heart ache.

‘Why don’t you say anything after looking at someone with that kind of gaze till the end?’

He had asked Medusa about Gorgon Island, her race, and herself, but she never gave him an answer.

She simply smiled at him for a while, then slowly turned and disappeared with her sisters across the lakeshore.

That was the end.

‘The myth was all wrong.’

Isn’t that so?

What terrible monster, the Medusa he saw up close was a coward, a crybaby, someone who couldn’t bear to see anyone turn to stone because of her, a truly fragile being.

‘Well, it ended well anyway.’

Damdok looked at the system window in front of him.

A proud smile appeared on his face naturally.

[Title: Lord of Gorgon Island]

Description: O man who met eyes with Gorgon Medusa. Your brave deeds have spread far and wide across Olympus, even shaking the lands of the underworld, so you are duly granted a title worthy of standing shoulder to shoulder with Medusa.

Title Effect 1: Resistance to all fear.

Title Effect 2: The aura of ‘fear’ can be activated.

Two-round effects.

Not just resistance to fear.

Now, it was also possible to instill fear in enemies.

Although he felt sorry for Elia, the Medusa part-time job clearly achieved his goal.

Thinking of Elia, Damdok hardened his face for a moment.

‘…That kid left without a word.’

When the Medusa killing turned fruitless, Elia left the island without a word.

No matter how much he called after her, it was no use.

Her receding figure seemed very angry.

‘Of course, it’s my fault for not following the job posting properly….’


That kid god probably had his own circumstances too.

Something that required him to specifically behead Medusa.

But the same was true on this side.

‘What can you do when you don’t want to do something, even if it kills you?’

From the start, there was never an intention to kill Medusa.

Wasn’t that why he even imitated a Gourmet Hunter, specializing in tasting monsters’ innards and unique parts, and tried consuming the eyes of the Gorgon?

Though the result was successful, it was not satisfying for either party.

‘I even said I would return the prepayment I received for the job…’

The sent message was blatantly ignored.

Dukdam fiddled with the system in frustration.

It had been a short partnership, but the kid had a lively charm to him,

which left him feeling somewhat bittersweet.

“Ahh! Sis! 30 minutes are up. Come on down!”

“I don’t wanna~ Hehehe~”


From a corner of the garden, Baek Gurum and Adel Sharon were seen playing with Hermes’ shoes, flying around.

The mirror shield and the invisible helmet had been unfortunately destroyed, but it was a relief that at least Hermes’ shoes were left.

‘But when is Jusoyul coming?’

It had been an hour since the part-time job ended, and Jusoyul, who had said he’d be out briefly, showed no sign of returning.

‘There’s a mountain of things to do ahead….’

If an important consultant is absent at a time like this, that could spell trouble.

Dukdam swung in his hammock for a while before finally getting up, unable to stay still any longer.

‘This won’t do. I’ll have to look for him myself.’

* * *

“Yes. Mr. Yoo Dukdam, your VIP ticket has been confirmed~ Please wait for a moment~”

Dukdam silently nodded to the kind employee’s instructions.

In front of his eyes was a luxurious hall with people of various appearances seated.

There were those enjoying games on small monitors attached to each sofa, watching TV, browsing guidebooks, or having a chat.

This place, equipped with a simple snack bar and mini-café, somewhat resembled an upscale airport lounge…

A slight frown formed on Dukdam’s face.

“A hunter-exclusive spa… Did Jusoyul really come to a place like this?”

As soon as he sent a system message asking for the location, Jusoyul promptly replied.

The answer was this place.

The hunter-exclusive spa.

It was a welfare operation, launched by the guild alliance to commend hunters who fight dangerous monsters every day, providing facilities such as spas, massages, aroma therapy, art therapy, psychological counseling, and more to relieve their fatigue and stress.

‘I’ve only heard about places like this. It’s my first time coming to one like this too…’

Moreover, the spa Dukdam was in was one of the top among the top, run by one of the three major guilds in South Korea.

‘Has Jusoyul been under a lot of stress recently…?’

According to others, his mood had been quite low. It seemed like the stress had piled up quite a bit.

‘After all, he always has that serious look on his face, talking about the war of the gods, or what the prophecy indicated, or about the Twelve Guardians…’

It was enough to cause a headache.

His face had noticeably darkened since the near-fight with Elia…

‘Elia is a high-ranking deity, while Jusoyul’s a mid-level deity. Jusoyul might lose to him. Anyway, that guy thinks too much.’

Dukdam was conjecturing about that intense atmosphere that day.

‘I told the employee, so if Jusoyul shows up, they’ll guide him here.’

There was a lot to discuss.

Reviewing the news articles, it seemed that since that day, the grim reaper had been quiet, but the monsters from the gates were becoming increasingly bizarre.

‘I should sort everything out and then perhaps go gather the next Guardian.’

That would allow him to feel a bit more at ease.

Dukdam settled into the soft sofa and picked up a magazine.

– Ding-dong!

– Mr. Kang Dacheol, please enter Spa Room 32.

As the broadcast played, the man next to him stood up and walked toward the spa room.

Soon, someone took the empty seat.

Without thinking, Dukdam’s gaze shifted.

His eyes widened in surprise.

“…Leo Lux?”

Wasn’t he supposed to have returned to America?

His short, silver crew cut and angular jaw accentuated his rugged features.

“…It’s you again. Korea is quite small, isn’t it?”

Leo Lux glanced at Dukdam for a moment, then stood up with a look of distaste.


Then he casually walked away and plopped down in a seat far from Dukdam.


It was irritating in a strange way.

As if that hulking guy would think I’d want to sit with him.

And there he was, in a place like this, reeking of soap!

Dukdam swiftly turned his head away.

That guy…

I don’t need to pay him any attention either.

“You know about the dozens of casualties caused by the gate breach this time, right?”

Leo Lux, who had deliberately chosen a distant seat, asked—his gaze still fixed on the magazine.

“Yeah, I just saw the news.”

“And you, a Seven Star Hunter, why are you wasting time at a spa?”

A vein popped on Dukdam’s forehead.

Was this guy picking a fight right now?

Dukdam straightened up in his seat.

“…Why the hell should I explain that to you?”

Sensing the unusual atmosphere, people around began to discreetly move away.

Leo Lux quietly closed the magazine with a thud.

“Don’t get the wrong idea. It was just a question.”

“Don’t ask then.”


He answered agreeably, so perhaps he didn’t want another direct confrontation.

After all the fuss last time…

‘But why start this pointless argument?’

“Sigh. Leave me alone. I’m already tired enough.”


Leo Lux remained silent, not saying anything else.

Dukdam leaned back comfortably on the sofa again.

‘Jeez, is he still acting like this because of whatever monsterification or whatnot?’

The hunter transformation had made his own sister disappear, so I understand why he would be sensitive.

Yeah, I understand, but why…

‘Why take it out on me?’

Dukdam grumbled and irritably flipped through the magazine.

He was not in a good mood.

When is Jusoyul finally going to show up?

While he was grumbling to himself, it happened.

– Ding-dong!

– Elia, please enter Spa Room 17!

The broadcast rang out clearly.

Dukdam’s brow furrowed swiftly.



Did they just call for Elia?

‘Nah, it must be someone with the same name…’

Dukdam’s gaze moved quickly.

A familiar silver-haired figure rose from the diagonally opposite seat.

It was clear.

“This is insane… What on earth is going on?”

Dukdam muttered unintentionally to himself.

A high-ranking deity in the human world, and a foreign deity at that, in Korea for a spa?

As Dukdam stared at Elia in disbelief, a loud “bang!” sounded, and the large man rose.

“You… you…”

Leo Lux, who had gotten up without Dukdam noticing, looked at Elia with a disbelieving expression.

The crowd began to murmur, and Dukdam was trying to comprehend what was happening.

Elia was certainly a high-ranking deity.

But how did Leo Lux recognize him?

Just then, another announcement came over the speakers.

– Ding-dong!

– Elia, please enter Spa Room 17!

– Is Elia not here? Customer Number 387, ‘Elia Lux’, are you present?

Dukdam’s head rang.

Lux… Lux?! Elia Lux?!

Dukdam’s eyes slowly shifted.

The American hunter with silver crew-cut hair, Leo Lux.


The child with exotic long silver hair, Elia Lux.

Their faces looked strangely similar.


Dukdam’s mouth hung open.

…What on earth is happening?

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