I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 10

#10. Gate Destruction (1)

Inside the VIP room.

Silence pervaded the space.

“Phew, it’s been a while since I’ve invested so much emotion into something.”

The appraiser, an elder, was sitting on the sofa, wiping off sweat. Beyond him, a spacious solid wood table.

On it lay a pile of Dwarven bric-a-brac, and the manager, looking at the items, had eyes that were shaking violently.

“Is all of this really…?”

“Yes, I’m selling.”

At Damdeok’s resolute words, the manager’s hands twitched.

He almost let out an exclamation without realizing it.

“Haha, then what about the item behind you…?”

The manager’s words trailed off.

He was more cautious than ever.

Behind Damdeok was a club, a piece of equipment that had been appraised as five-star.

Damdeok fell into thought.

‘A club of Hercules valued at 2 billion won.’

Considering that the stack of other equipment summed up to 1.9 billion won, this alone fetched a tremendous price.

‘And this isn’t even genuine?’

The system had clearly labeled this club as a replica.

Paying 2 billion won for a replica.

Was this not a real windfall?


“I’ll exclude this one.”

At those words, the manager’s face showed a hint of disappointment. He must have coveted it, being the highest grade item.

‘Since Baeksul cannot mimic the weapon’s options.’

The club of Hercules had a rare option – a 10 percent chance to inflict ‘stun’.

Selling such a rare option for money was out of the question.

‘I’ll have enough with 1.9 billion won.’

“Excluding the club, the rest of the equipment…”

Just as he was about to proceed with the trade.

– Intention!

Suddenly, Baeksul above our heads jumped down onto the table.

Due to that, the transaction documents got all crumpled up.

“Ack! What are you doing!”

It was surprising.

Everyone there felt the same.

However, Baeksul only stared at me with wide eyes.

Those round eyes seemed to say, ‘Don’t you trust me?’

‘No, what did I do…’

– Intention!

The creature grumpily shouted and curled up into a ball.

In that moment,

Everyone’s mouths fell open.

“It, it can’t be!”

“A summon transforming?!”

Along with the dumbfounded eyes of the manager and the appraiser, I suddenly found myself holding a white club in my hand.


A message appeared above the club.

[Hercules’s Club (Rare)]

Description: A replica of Hercules’s club used to defeat the Nemean lion.

Effect: Grants a 10 percent chance to inflict the status effect ‘stun’ on all living creatures.


What? It can even mimic the options?

A half-hearted laugh escaped me.

Baeksul proudly raised its head before me.

This moonlight fox, this creature was truly something…

Damdeok quietly laid down the club that had been hanging behind him.

“I’ll sell this.”

* * *

On the dimly lit streets.

The pale blue light from the smartphone illuminated Damdeok’s face brightly.

“3.9 billion won…”

The amount displayed on the account,


“This doesn’t feel real…”

The night air usually felt chilly, but now, it felt wonderfully pleasant. The breeze teased his mind. With this money, he could clear his owed hospital bills and debts…

There would be 3.7 billion won left over!

It was enough to live a life of leisure.

There would be no need to live in that dingy semi-basement room anymore.

– Intention!

Baeksul suddenly popped its head out.

Those sparkling eyes.

The meaning was clear.

“You little rascal!”

He hugged the creature tightly, petting it passionately.

“Well done, you’re such a treasure!”

Baeksul purred and rubbed its head vigorously against him.

The creature’s cute actions naturally brought a smile to his face.

After petting the fluffy creature for some time, a sense of peace washed over him.

A person naturally came to mind.

“Ah, right! Mom!”

After clearing the labyrinth dungeon, he didn’t go straight to his dwarf part-time job.

It was fortunate that the dungeon incident had just happened earlier that morning.

‘Not too much time has passed.’

It wasn’t too late to visit the hospital.

‘Considering mom saw me on the news, she must be really surprised.’

He remembered the relentless cameras of the reporters.

‘The talentless son who suddenly cleared the dungeon…’

It must have been an unbelievable reality for a mother.

“Let’s go see Mrs. Jo.”

His mother had always felt sorry and saddened about her son having no talents. But now, there would be no need for that anymore.

He glanced at the smartphone.

The bank account with a whopping 3.9 billion won.

“Hmm, what did mom like again?”

A shopping mall center glittered in the distance.

* * *

“What’s all this…?”

Jo Yun-hee looked at her son with wide eyes. Everyone in the hospital room did the same.

“Why? You like pig’s trotters, mom.”

I casually lifted the packaged pig’s trotters.

Mother’s eyes, wide with shock, shifted behind me.

“It’s not just trotters. What are all those other things?”

The shopping bags filled with various colors and packaged foods lay neatly behind me.

I grinned and began setting up swiftly.

“Let’s eat first and then talk.”

Chicken, pizza, pork wraps, mala-tang, sushi, lamb skewers, you name it. An array of foods spread out on the long table like a buffet.

Everyone in the hospital room cheered.

“Wow, our Damdeok has made it!!”

“Where did you get such money from?!”

“Hey, don’t you know! Our Damdeok is now successful!”

They knew that I had awakened.

‘Surely everyone watched the news.’

The only one who seemed overwhelmed with unsure emotions was mom.

“Damdeok, you…”

I shrugged nonchalantly.

“I brought a lot of gifts for mom too.”

I began to take out the colorful shopping bags.

Brand name clothes, bags, health products poured onto the bed, one after another.

The room exploded with exclamations as they busied themselves with looking at the goodies, while my mother stood there in shock.

“Did you really awaken your talent?”

“Hmm, perhaps?”

“How? How did it happen?”

Mom covered her mouth.

Tears began to stream down silently, and the atmosphere of the room turned solemn in an instant.

I understood.

Mom always blamed herself for me being born without talent.

Her warm hands gently caressed my face.

“Is it really… true?”

I barely managed to suppress the surge of emotions and answered.

“Yeah, it’s true. Now I’m 99.9 percent like any normal person.”

A normal person deserved to have a talent. Now, I was included in that category.

‘Although strictly speaking, an SS-rank talent isn’t exactly normal.’

But what does it matter?

After all, today was a day for my mother to be truly happy.

“Don’t worry. There’s only happiness ahead.”

Upon my words, mom finally burst into tears, and I, without a word, hugged her frail body.

The others in the room began to sob one by one.

“…Hey, why are you all crying?”

They were all patients, companions in suffering from dungeon cancer.

Since we had lived like a family, they must understand mom’s feelings to some extent.

The room turned into an ocean of tears in no time.

Mr. Kim, sitting in the corner, rubbed his eyes before shouting.

“Hey! Stop crying everyone! It’s a happy occasion, what are you doing?!”

“What? You’re the one with red eyes, what are you…?”

“Ah, forget it, forget it! Let’s all stop crying!”

As Mr. Kim blew his nose, laughter burst out in the room.

Gradually, as mom calmed down and the atmosphere turned into a party, Baeksul was introduced amidst the lighthearted mood.

“This is my summon, Baeksul.”

In truth, Baeksul was a spiritual being (靈物).

However, owning a spiritual being was something done only by top-class hunters in the world.

It seemed wiser to introduce it as a summon for the time being.

The white fox in my hands.

Baeksul’s bright, alert eyes stared straight ahead.

“Ah, so cute. How can it be this adorable.”

“Look at it blinking its eyes. So tame!”

The interest in the room towards Baeksul was explosive. Everyone wanted to pet it once, take selfies with it, and so on—it was a true star.

Even mom, who had been fussing about her son until just a moment ago…

Holding Baeksul, she looked the happiest I had seen her in a long while.

“You adorable thing.”

“Look, even among all this, it still only looks at Damdeok.”

“It always looks out for its master, right.”

“How cute, so adorable.”

In the warm atmosphere, mom and the others eventually gathered around the table to share the food, and I, blending in with the mood, pulled out my smartphone.

A big news headline appeared on the screen.

‘Ha, I would’ve never thought it’d be headlined this prominently.’

[Dungeon Maze in the City! Cleared!]

[Enigmatic Hunter Who Knew the Way! Yoo Damdeok. Who Is He?]

[Namgoong Doeok, guild leader of Sangoon Guild: If not for Yoo Damdeok, Gangnam would have collapsed!]


Namgoong Doeok’s interview article nearly made me die of embarrassment.

‘It’s been a long time since I’ve received such one-sided praise.’

But that was not the end.

My name ‘Yoo Damdeok’ was prominently on the real-time search engine.

“The dungeon hunter’s bold statement… To us, affiliation and guilds are not important.”

Phew, it was so cringe-worthy that I stopped reading halfway through.

They really sensationalized it.

‘I only said whatever came to mind to get away.’

I’d become an unwilling celebrity overnight.

However, to properly use the realm of the part-time work of gods…

‘I have no choice but to become a celebrity.’

It would raise my divine power, and I’d be able to do other part-time jobs.

‘I’ve already bookmarked a few good part-time jobs.’

*Bookmark list of part-time jobs*

[(Hades) Feed Cerberus! Fully insured!]

[(Michael) Purge the spirits from the Garden of Eden! Golden apple gifted!]

Part-time jobs I was not yet qualified for due to lack of divine power.

‘I wish I could do either of them soon.’

The Cerberus part-time job was generously compensated for the work done, and the Garden of Eden part-time job came with the reward of a ‘golden apple’.

[Golden Apple]

Description: The fruit responsible for the immortality of the gods.

What if my mother, who is enduring dungeon cancer, had a bite of that mystical apple?


The excruciating dungeon cancer might just disappear….

I was tempted.

Really tempted.

Yet, the divine power required to feed Cerberus was 10,000, and to purge the spirits from the Garden of Eden, it was an astonishing 100,000.

‘What? Do these spirits have ultra-power installed in them or something?’

It was frustrating needing so much divine power just for one part-time job.

Anyway, whether in the human world or the realm of gods, this obsession with educational background, ability seems inescapable.

‘My own divine power is now just 1,480.’

Meaning, I have to do ten times more attention-grabbing stuff than the labyrinth dungeon to surpass 10,000 divine power.

Phew, I sighed involuntarily.

“Damdeok! You’re on TV, it’s you!”

Mr. Kim’s cheerful shout made me lift my head.

The news was showing the same embarrassing interview of Namgoong Doeok I had just read.


“Wow, Yoo Damdeok, you’re amazing~”

“Isn’t that guy high up there! Our Damdeok has indeed soared high!”

The people in the room started shaking their thumbs up, getting excited. Mom looked at me with proud eyes.

My face heated up.

That interview was really…

In my embarrassment, I turned my head away.

That was when the smooth broadcast was abruptly cut off, and the screen switched.

– Breaking news! A gate has appeared in Yongin City, Gyeonggi Province…

The news alert interrupted the broadcast for a ‘gate occurrence.’

In the news footage, a fluctuating rift was visible.

Surrounded by people, Baeksul suddenly stood up.

‘Why is it acting like that?’

The creature seemed terrified, whimpering before rushing into my arms to burrow in.

Why is it behaving like this all of a sudden?

I was confused when, all of a sudden, a piece of Baeksul’s memory began to play in my mind.


Baeksul’s recollection was brief.

But it was intense.


“…Found it.”

I murmured unintentionally.

It seems I may have found a way.

A way to acquire 10,000 divine power in one go.

‘Yes, that’s it!’

The fluctuating gate on the screen.

Damdeok’s eyes, watching the Gate, were tumultuously shaking.

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