I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 1

I Became A Part Time Employee for Gods

I Became A Part Time Employee for Gods Chapter 1: Prologue


In the Korean dictionary, the definition of this term is as follows:

[Noun] A person who works a job in addition to their main occupation to earn money.

This explanation rubs me the wrong way.

A job outside of the main occupation?

Then what about those for whom part-time work is the main occupation?


I didn’t pinpoint it exactly, but doesn’t it seem to imply that you shouldn’t make part-time work your profession?

The Korean dictionary.

This insensible brat made of mere letters.

As if anyone in the world actually wants to just work part-time. It’s all because of that damn money.

Yeah, I’m no different….

“Sigh, cursed world.”

A perennial part-timer, a failure, a loser…

These are only a few of the many negative terms that describe me.

But they didn’t stick for long. That once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that everyone supposedly gets in life.


It came to me too.

“…Is this for real?”

[6th Ragnarok. Recruitment for otherworld mercenaries! Top compensation guaranteed!]

Employer: Odin

Divine Power: Over 100,000,000

Requirements: Extensive war experience, preference for veterans

Job Description: War of the Gods

Work Hours: Negotiable

Salary: 10,000,000 Odins; Weapons (Mythical), Armor (Mythical), Helmets (Mythical), Powers (Mythical)… (omitted)

A Word from the Boss: May Asgard last forever!!!

One day,

A status window appeared before me.

No, a ‘part-timer window’ began to surface.

A slightly special part-timer window…

#1. I became Thor’s part-timer (1)

“Have you ever helped people before?”

Without looking at me, the interviewer asked.

The atmosphere was tense.

However, I was not nervous.

I had painstakingly rehearsed every one of the company’s predicted 300 questions.

On top of that, I had excellent academic credentials, high specs, and an impressive list of extracurricular activities.

There was nothing I was lacking, so who else would they hire if not me?

I confidently began my response.

“Yes. When I volunteered in Africa last year, I participated in purifying the drinking water for the locals. Through that activity, I…”

It was a rewarding experience.

Despite the changing world, African children still suffered from poverty and disease, and with the sudden outbreak of hundreds of malformed dungeons, nearby rivers rapidly dried up.

Africa’s worst water crisis in its history.

To be one of the representative volunteers sent there was a rare opportunity and provided me with many invaluable insights.


It seemed the interviewer had something else in mind.

“How did you purify the water? Your resume lists you as having no talents.”

A blank expression, signifying complete disinterest, was painted across their face.

‘That look again…’

I couldn’t help but stiffen.

My surging confidence was ebbing away.


Allow me to slightly adjust the information I’ve shared about myself so far.

I wasn’t lying.

I graduated from one of Seoul’s prestigious universities, had top grades, and received scholarships throughout all four years.

Most people, from professors to peers, liked me, and my home was filled with various awards from within and outside the school as well as numerous certifications—all true.

However, once again, I’m about to be rejected from the final interview.

Because I am…

“Yudamduk, Mr. Yudamduk? How did you purify the water, I asked.”

I came back to my senses upon the interviewer’s prompting.

I knew what the question implied.

“Yes. That was done with a special purification device provided by the government…”

“So it was the machine that did it, not you, Yudamduk.”

Blatant disregard.

A surge of heat began to rise silently within me.

Is how we purified the water that important?

Isn’t it enough that it was helpful to people? I wanted to retort, but I held back.

Instead, I presented a standard answer.

“Yes. Of course, strictly speaking, that’s true, but seeing the children guzzling the clean water…”

“Ah, that’s enough. Let’s move on to the next question.”

In the end, I was forced to shut my mouth.

The interviewers whispered and snickered among themselves.

“Why even ask such a thing. It’s written here he has no talent, right?”

“I was just checking in case he awoke any talents before the interview.”

“Oh, really. No talent almost always lasts a lifetime. Useless for a lifetime.”

Another hot wave surged inside me.

‘The damn no talent thing.’

High education and high specs had long become outdated.

The world now revolves around a single thing: ‘talent.’

Talent (才能).

An extraordinary ability that 99.9% of humanity possesses from birth.

Ever since dungeons appeared, this became a natural phenomenon.

The world had long entered the era of superhumans.

Unprecedented powerful forces.

Infinite resources lying dormant inside dungeons.

A perfect environment able to solve even human violence.

The Dungeon.

Since the appearance of dungeons, the progression of civilization has changed at a rate faster than any previous advancements.

As a result, dungeons are being talked about as not a disaster, but rather a blessing to humanity.

‘Blessing my foot.’

99.9% have received that blessing.

But what about the remaining 0.1%?

I remained outside the superhuman category, the old generation.

In other words, I was a no talent within the unblessed 0.1%.

From birth.

“Ha. Just when these pointless candidates increase, my departure from work gets delayed…”

“Oh, forced into this by that damn anti-discrimination policy or something…”

Still muttering, the interviewers’ comments made my fists clench of their own accord.

Without thinking, words flew from my mouth.

“…Are you discriminating against no talent right now?”

Being born without the ordinary supernatural abilities that are expected to have.

While there were no physical or mental defects, the gap between a common person with talents and those without was insurmountable.

The government defined no talents as a socially disadvantaged group and decreed a ban on discrimination….

As you can see, it’s utterly useless.

The employment quota system for the socially disadvantaged is still—after all this time, and for a very long time yet to come—only being discussed in law.

The atmosphere in the interview room abruptly turned chilly.

“No discrimination, what are you talking about?”

“Oh my. What a thing to say, young man….”

While the older interviewers showed their displeasure, the youngest one amongst them shuffled through the documents and cleared his throat.

“Oh directors, let me handle this.”

Shrugging his shoulders, he began to speak with an air of arrogance.

“Ahem. To be honest, let me tell you. Yudamduk, your academic background, various overseas volunteer experiences, language skills, and the variety of national technical certifications you possess. Oh? You even have different types of heavy vehicle and special vehicle licenses? Yes, all these things are commendable. But there’s just one thing. Something about you doesn’t fit with our company.”

The air of a successful professional.

With a forced smile, he explained.

“You don’t have a talent, right? No talent. This isn’t discrimination; it’s a fact. The company has the right to hire the necessary talent. You’re simply not that talent. This isn’t about discrimination but about difference, Dif-ference.”

The other two interviewers nodded in satisfaction, and he looked at me with an expression that seemed to ask if I had finally understood.

I responded with a faint laugh.

“Who said anything to the contrary?”


“Hire the talent your company needs. Who’s to say otherwise? What I want is an apology for the discriminating remarks. Can’t you understand?”

They seemed flustered.

Right, no one behaves like this in an interview room.

But you started it first.

Creating a big note of no talent on the resume, then asking about and mocking talents. Plus, what? Saying no talent is useless…?

Isn’t that blatant discrimination?

“Look here, Yudamduk. Why do you keep speaking so aggressively….”

“Apologize, all three of you.”

If I’m going to be rejected anyway, I may as well receive a proper apology.


“Ah, really…”

“Yudamduk! If you have no talent, just do a no-talent job. Why come to a decent company and cause trouble!”

The young interviewer shouted.

Ignoring him, I pulled out a pen from my pocket.

“Everything you’ve said so far is recorded here.”

I had brought this not anticipating such an occasion, but as a form of self-defense due to the discrimination I often faced in interviews.

Although this was the first time I actually pulled it out….

Seeing the recording pen, the colors drained from their faces.


I thought it wasn’t discrimination?

“If you won’t apologize, I’ll file a complaint with the Human Rights Commission and see whether it’s discrimination or not.”

I stood up.

The interviewers rushed to me, trying to stop me.

“Oh, why is he like this?”

“Look, calm down first….”

“If you don’t let go, I’ll charge you with physical abuse against a no talent.”

Only then did the clinging hands fall away in a fright.

“Sorry, sorry, we will.”

“Yeah, we were wrong. We didn’t mean it.”

With tangible evidence in my hand, the Human Rights Commission would undoubtedly have to investigate the matter. In the end, even if not a prison sentence, they would at least have to face a fine….

Well, if they’re unlucky, they might even make it to the human rights news?

In a company that lives off its image, the interviewers messing up like this wouldn’t do.

I dusted off the lapels of my jacket.

“It’s too late. I feel thoroughly insulted. You should’ve apologized when I told you to.”

Leaving the stunned group behind, I walked out of the interview room.

* * *

“I have no talent, but do I lack dignity!”

I glanced at my smartphone.

A freshly received message.

[2030/05/26 PM 17:30, Mr. Yudamduk, your complaint has been filed.]

“Sigh~ How long must this go on….”

It has been 27 years of living as a no talent in South Korea.

Despite numerous instances of discrimination, I have stood my ground with pride, but over time, exhaustion is inevitable.

“Sigh~ Let’s keep going. So what if I lack talent, I can eat and live well enough.”

Yes, that’s right.

I have the brilliant economic activity called ‘part-time work’!

Even without employment, I can feed myself—a savior.

Part-time work.

Or just part-time for short!

“Ha-ha. What a splendid world!”

Forcing out a laugh, the moment I took a big step forward,


A mushy sensation was felt under my newly bought shoes.

“Eeek! Dog poop?!”

Chocolate-colored dung smeared all over the bottom of my shoe.

“Sigh, I paid a lot for these in Secondhand World….”

Out of necessity, I scrubbed the soles against the dirt in the nearby park for quite some time.

When the foul smell finally began to fade,


Suddenly, a deluge of water was dumped on me.

“Oh dear! Why are you in the flowerbed?!”

The park maintenance man looked at me with incredulity.

In his hand was a hose.

Apparently, he was about to water the flowers.

Water dripping down from my hair.

I was soaking wet.

“…Ha-ha. So today’s that day.”

Which day?

A day covered in bad luck!

Rejected from the final interview, stepping on dog poop while walking, and now getting soaked by hose water in the park!

On such a day, it’s best to hunker down at home instead of doing anything else.

“Ha-ha-ha. Let’s just go home.”

Damduk donned a bitter smile and walked off silently.

* * *

“Ugh! The smell…”

As soon as I entered the house, the scent of ammonia assaulted my nostrils.

“Not again?! You drunkards! Why do you keep peeing here?!”

A semi-basement on an alleyway filled with bars.

As a result, the drunken humans continued to spray urine against my windows.

Of course, today, in my rush, I had forgotten to close the window…

“Ugh! What on earth did they eat?”

I sat down and began scrubbing away someone else’s urine as soon as I entered, and I felt the urge to throw up.

“…Nothing is going right today.”

An opportune text message.


[My son, don’t work too hard because of the hospital bills. If only your uncle returns the borrowed money….]

My expression darkened with rage.

“Mom, that guy’s been overseas for ages….”

I ground my teeth.

New types of cancer had emerged since dungeons appeared.

In a scene straight out of a melodrama, Mom penetrated the slim odds and contracted dungeon cancer, becoming someone who couldn’t survive outside of the hospital.

Hospital bills pouring in like water into a sieve.

Dad, with his E-rank driving talent, was killed in a bus crash, and during the chaos, the scumbag uncle ran off with all of Mom’s savings.

What remained was a mountain of debt and more hospital bills.

“Ha… really…”

Ultimately, I went outside and pulled out a cigarette.

I felt like my heart would burst if I didn’t do something to distract myself.

Flick, flick!

Just as I was about to light it,


Out of nowhere, a downpour began.

The crisp cigarette quickly became soggy.


At this point, it seems like the whole world is rejecting me.

Something warm welled up from the pit of my stomach.

Finally, I screamed at the sky.

Why create me if this is all you had planned?

If there is a God, then you are truly a piece of work!


Rain—or perhaps tears—flowed freely down my cheeks.

“Huuu… damn, if you made me, shouldn’t you take some responsibility…?”

A distant rumble followed by a bright flash of lightning split through the dark clouds.

The sky turned increasingly hostile, as if saying, ‘Just survive!’

I raised my head defiantly toward the heavens once again.

“I don’t want to live like this!! Someone take responsibility, damn it!!!”

And then, at that exact moment,


Amidst the clouds, a flash of lightning seemed to strike,



A shocking sensation ran through my entire body.

My rigid body wavered for a moment and then, with a heavy thud, vision turned to black.

How much time had passed?

The relentless rain slapping my face slowly brought back consciousness.

‘Am I still alive?’

I cautiously opened my eyes.

And the sight before me.

Involuntarily, my mouth gaped open. There, hovering before my eyes, was a pale blue window.

“…What’s this?”

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