Genius of unique lineage Chapter 44


Genius Of A Unique Lineage Chapter 44. The Night of Misunderstanding

I wonder, is everyone predicting Jungki-nam’s victory? Maybe they are.

Distracting presences, my sharpened senses caught the trace of Forsythia’s movement.

There you are.

With a half-twist of my waist, I dodged the punch from Ki-nam and grabbed his left arm while stepping forward with my left foot.

In one step, I positioned myself to Ki-nam’s left.

Take this, Ant Punch.


One good hit.


Ki-nam stepped back, stumbling, after taking the hit to the face.

There are people in this world who still look handsome even when they’re struck.

This bastard was one of them.

Moving forward, I slipped my left foot through his legs and hooked Forsythia’s right foot.

Reacting, Forsythia tried to lift his foot to avoid it. I kicked in the opposite direction I had intended to wrap—namely, to the outside.


Exerting strength and yelling a battle cry.



I heard Ki-nam’s second groan.

This was a Taekkyeon kick. I had just developed it on the spot.

My friend who had his calf harshly beaten retreated backward.

Now where do you think you’re going, buddy?

I took another step closer.

Ki-nam’s elbow sliced from low to high.

It was a razor-sharp, swift strike.

I dodged by tilting my head and clinched him close.

“Buzz off!”

Ki-nam tried to push me away while raising his knee.

This guy is aiming for something shady.

He’s targeting my lower body with knee strikes.

I pressed down on the top of the knee he was raising with my right foot.

With the force he used to push me, I staggered back and raised my elbow in the same trajectory to strike back.


A crisp sound echoed.

Ki-nam’s chin caught on my elbow.

Thanks to his head being tilted back, I could see his adam’s apple beneath his jaw.

This bastard’s throat was also good-looking.

You become an ugly duckling for just a few days.

After the first hit, one more for good measure.

Ant Punch is making its departure.

I braced myself and thrust my left fist.

My fist swept past his jaw and shot up to the sky.


His jawbone must have split. Simultaneously, three of his front teeth shattered and scattered in the air.

Scatter, teeth blossoms.

As an immortal, he wouldn’t be missing his front teeth for life.

Still, it would last about a week.

It will be Colonel Jungki-nam with no front teeth.

“Ah, a lucky punch.”

After laying him out, I said,


The supervisor clicked his tongue.

When immortals gather, it’s usually quiet. Even considering that, an icy, chilly silence circulated through the training ground.

This is awkward.

I quietly returned to my spot.

The supervisor, who had been responsible for half the silence, picked up the tablet PC that had been laid aside.

Touching the screen, he wrote a few letters, no, quite a lengthy sentence.

It must be my sparring evaluation.

Aside from the tapping sound of the touch, not even the sound of an ant crawling could be heard.

Back to my spot.

“Do lucky punches usually come in combos for you?”

Yohan had somehow appeared behind me, talking, with Gwi-tae standing next to him.

“Coincidence, just a coincidence. How could someone as weak and powerless as I, a mixed-blood, dare to knock down the noble pure-blood of pure-bloods, Jungki-nam?”

“The world champion of sarcasm.”

Yohan gave a thumbs up.

Well, any compliment is nice.

Then Gwi-tae grabbed my shoulder.

“Surely not, right? That can’t be it.”

Gwi-tae and Yohan were my closest classmates.

These two knew who I’d pick next for sparring.

“Who did you choose for the second round?”

Gwi-tae’s grip tightened.

“You know.”

Calmly answering,


Gwi-tae turned and raised his hand.

The supervisor looked up from the tablet PC to Gwi-tae.

“I want to fight Yoo Gwang-ik right now.”


The supervisor tilted his head sideways.

Why is there silence following the sparring?

No matter how dirty someone’s nature, until now, nobody dared to disregard Jungki-nam.

Why? Because he was skilled.

His physical fitness? I had long-ago caught up with that.

But he had sensory physicality.

The incredible talent that came with being a pure-blood.

That’s why he shouldn’t have fallen to someone like me.

At the very least, he should have been matched evenly, or he shouldn’t have fallen so easily.

But there he was, having his front teeth knocked out, passed out cold on the ground.

Doesn’t somebody need to clear him away?

As I watched him collapse with blood oozing from between his teeth, I was reminded once again that even a handsome bastard can’t ignore the importance of teeth.

In this situation, Gwi-tae stepped forward to fight me.

“I’ll knock you down and protect my love.”

“Unrequited love.”

I corrected his words.

“Shut up.”

Gwi-tae showed his sincerity, then pushed Ki-nam to one side and moved forward.

“I’ll take that as permission.”

Speaking confidently, the supervisor asked,

“Are you sure?”

“Of course.”

I couldn’t ignore his earnestness.

“Don’t kill him. And don’t mess with his teeth either.”

The always loyal Yohan spoke up.

I nodded in agreement and stepped forward.

Oh, prisoner of love, your name is Gwi-tae.


What was he about to say? I don’t know.

I rushed in and struck his solar plexus with my fist, slid my body into the shape of a ‘giyeok’ (Korean letter) and locked his neck under my arm, compressing his carotid artery.

Eleven seconds to unconsciousness.

I pushed his struggling body to the side.

“What a lucky headlock.”

I commented and met the supervisor’s gaze.

“I want to fight Umiho.”

Today, it feels like I should take out even that child’s front teeth to feel satisfied.

I looked at the supervisor with half-joking sincerity.


The supervisor agreed.

* * *

“You’re in high spirits?”

The team leader spoke.

“A question?”

I replied.

“Do you intend to become a dentist? Going around knocking out your colleagues’ teeth?”

“I’m Yoo Gwang-ik, a grade 3 employee.”

I had just properly gotten rid of my probationary status.

Even as I responded politely in a parade rest position,

“Should I knock out your front teeth too?”

The team leader was annoyed.

This team leader would get annoyed four times a day, curse eight times, and have his fits six times.

Hence, this was something I could handle with equanimity.

“Not at all.”

“Good, if you’re in high spirits that’s fine. Our Ki-nam lost his front teeth, and our Miho got her molar cracked.”

Gwi-tae was the only one missing from this narrative, having been knocked out.

I guess that’s outside of the team leader’s defensive range.

The grade 3 employee, top of the class.

The company promised me the right to choose my office space and bonus pay.

My evaluation changed based on the score.

It was raised to an A-class.

Internally, there seemed to be a little a chatter, but that wasn’t for a lowly employee to know.

Moreover, the team leader’s assessment of me changed a bit.

You’re crazier for writing such a thing on an employee evaluation form.

I answered inwardly and went on wrapping up the day’s work, and before I knew it, the day had flown by.

Signing reports and new security agreements as a grade 3 employee.

Grade level applications started applying to the internal company intranet from grade 3 employees.

Promotion certainly comes with a lot of work to be done.

My salary increased, and I could move into the office space as soon as next week.

Honestly, I had mixed feelings about it.

It wasn’t too far to commute from home.

Still, the allure of ‘independence’ tempted me.

Although I knew I would have a roommate,

a single room was available only from grade 1 employees.

Would Yohan or Gwi-tae make it?

The office assignments are based on performance. Gwi-tae might not make it, then.

Well, I think he said his home wasn’t that far.

Yohan would be fine, and Puleum would be, too.

While I sorted through these random thoughts and reset security protocols, the day came to an end.

It was another fulfilling day.

I patted my fists alternately.

You did well today. With my humble Ant Punch, I knocked down that formidable pure-blooded immortal and a mixed-blood who topped the orientation assessment.

While at it, I crossed my arms, resting my hands on my shoulders and patted them.

Well done, Yoo Gwang-ik.

Good job.

“The halfwit has gone crazy.”

The team leader left behind those words as he left.

There was no time to respond.

If that fellow couldn’t fight, I’d really beat him to a pulp.


“Gwang-ik, what do you think about this?”

Even though it was time to leave, Panda Deputy seemed to have no intention of going anywhere.

He pulled up his chair next to me and asked.

A flashy watch on his left wrist caught my eye.

“Oh, an expensive watch.”

It was a Rolex.

“I received it as a gift.”

Panda Deputy smiled sheepishly.

A gift, a watch like that?

It must cost several million won at a glance.

“That looks quite expensive.”

“Seventeen hundred.”

Who would give such a gift?

It cost the price of a decent second-hand domestic car.

And our Deputy knew the exact price.

“Who gave it to you?”

Did Panda Deputy finally find a wealthy girlfriend? Has spring finally come to Deputy Panda?

Christmas was right around the corner after all.


“Excuse me?”

“It’s a gift I gave myself. It’s the end of the year, after all.”

…Thankfully, he’s lost his mind in a harmless way.

At least he’s not bothering anybody.

“Aren’t you going a bit overboard with your salary as a regular employee?”

“I saved up.”

To be fair, if Panda Deputy were a property owner in Gangnam, that gift would seem quite appropriate.

Sure, everyone should live their life as they please.

I gathered my things and stood up.

It was time to go home.

I bid the supervisor a silent farewell and left the company building, walking to the subway station.


A black sedan, an imported luxury car, parked by the side of the road.


As the rear door window lowered, I saw a man with pomade slicked back hair from the side.

“If you’re on your way home, hop in.”

…Huh? Am I being picked up?

And by a man at that?

Looking at his face, he was immortal, and judging by his appearance, he was pure-blooded.

He was handsome with thick double eyelids and a high nose, but he had an oily look about him.

I glanced around. There was nobody else that this guy seemed to be talking to.

“Aren’t you Yoo Gwang-ik?”

“Yes, that’s me.”

“I’m Hwarim Kim Dong-cheol, the director.”

But why me?

What is this all about?

He’s someone from the same company. It wasn’t a kidnapping or being held captive.

He merely suggested that I open the door and get in by my own will.

I opened the door and sat down.

Next to him.



He offered a case containing cigarettes. I shook my head and refused.

“I don’t smoke.”

He rolled down the right-side window, pulled out a cigarette, and placed it between his lips.

Puff, click.

Kim Dong-cheol, the director, lit it up with a Zippo lighter, took a puff, and then said,

“I’m pushing for a project.”


“And there’s a vacant spot.”


I was taken aback. What should I say?

“I was thinking that I’d like to have our employee Yoo Gwang-ik fill that spot.”

Without explaining what the job was?

“Ah, okay.”


The car glided onto the road, and I could feel a gentle vibration.

“Uhm, I’m not sure what to say.”

“Just keep working as you do now, and when I start the project, volunteer.”


“Well, let’s go with that then. Do you like meat?”

Who in the world doesn’t like meat?

I’m not vegan.

“Take this. Think of it as a gift because you left quite an impression yesterday.”


We had unexpectedly arrived in front of my apartment.

As I got out of the car, I held the box the director had handed me.

It was heavy.

“See you at the company.”


Before I could properly bow and say goodbye, Director Kim Dong-cheol sped away.

Is this a hidden camera show?

A mere employee who had just shook off the probationary label, and a director gives me a gift?

What does he want to do together?

With that thought, I went up to my home and handed the gift box to my mother.


Mom opened the package.

I also peeked at the contents beside her.

Red. White. Beautiful.

It was Hanwoo beef, and not just any cut, but prime ribeye.

By rough estimate, it was more than five kilograms.

The kind of beautifully wrapped ribeye you’d find at department stores, meticulously sliced and lovingly packaged.

“Do you plan on blowing your whole salary on this kind of thing?”

Mom asked.

“No, it’s a gift I received.”

“From who? Your team leader?”

“The director.”

“…Which one?”

Mom stopped taking the meat out and looked at me.

“Eh, he said I did something that left an impression, so he gave it as a gift.”

“You did well.”

Mom replied. I must have done well to receive such a gift.

Transforming races tend to be simple-minded and easily trust others. Mother believed my words.

Of course, I believed it too.

I did well and got meat for it.

“Huh? It’s meat?”

Coming back from a business trip, my father came out of the bathroom and said.

There was no need to repeat the same story.

Father was an immortal, and his keen hearing had already taken in all the facts.

“What did you do to get this?”

Father asked in a low voice.

“I just worked hard.”

I was suddenly enlightened by a new truth.

Work hard, and even the director will give you meat.

* * *

Director Kim Dong-cheol was a pro among pros when it came to company politics.

He was also a master of subtle suggestions.

Ordinarily, there would be no reason for him to personally deal with a lowly employee.

Just a hint from his subordinates to join his line would have most people groveling.

That’s how companies work, that’s the power game.

However, this time he approached personally.

The executive director appeared to be upset by the employee hand-picked by the president.

“Would it be fine if I have that guy as one of my men?”


And with that, the conversation ended.

It’s just a lowly employee after all. He had given him beef, and he would give him work.

Surely he knows the implications.

Kim Dong-cheol laid out the line.

He had essentially extended an invitation to join his side.

However, Kim Dong-cheol only knew one thing and was unaware of another.

He believed Gwang-ik to be cunning and capable.

What he didn’t understand was Gwang-ik’s ignorance of company politics.

Gwang-ik had simply taken the beef because it was offered.

He hadn’t given much thought to the later suggestion to work together.

The director offered work, so naturally, he must have work to assign.

The night of misunderstanding continued to deepen.


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