Genius of unique lineage Chapter 38


Genius of a Unique Lineage

38.Yes, new employee Yoo Gwang-ik.

The shoulder bag remained silent.

I trudged forward and stood in front of it.

Fumbling through my pockets, I found my lighter.

Though I kept the proper posture of a newbie by not smoking, I carried a lighter.

It was a high-end item that let me light up for my seniors or superior officers anytime they wished, allowing me to fit into social smoking situations without actually smoking.

“From what I’ve learned…”

Click! Click!

I spoke as I pressed the thumbwheel, testing the lighter’s function.

It was a turbo lighter, and with a swift hiss, a pretty blue flame rose.

“Shape shifters can mimic the texture of steel but can’t actually become real steel.”

I said this as I crouched down.

For some reason, the shoulder bag seemed terrified.

But still, the bag was silent.

To any onlooker, I might seem to be practising a monologue, or worse, like someone who had just broke out of a mental institution.

But I was certain.

It wasn’t a confidence born of analysis, though.

Just a sharp intuition and sixth sense told me – this bag is no ordinary bag.

The theories I’d learned through training supported my hunch.

Shape shifters had the supernatural ability to alter their appearance.

But does possessing the same ability mean having the same level of power?

There are immortals divided between purebloods and half-bloods, and even among half-bloods, successful ones like me exist.

Looking back, it’s quite a horrifying thought.

Though my parents acted in ignorance, had they erred, their child could’ve become a monster.

Anyway. How anxious they must have been when conceiving and raising me.

As a child, I used to throw tantrums wishing for a sibling.

Now, I understand why they resolved never to have another.

Above all, I finally realize why my mother so readily resorted to fisticuffs whenever I showed any misguided thinking or attitude.

Because I had to be raised right.

Lest I become a screw-up.

Her fists were indeed miraculous. Thanks to her, I grew up disciplined early.

Corporal punishment is an essential element in raising a child and a necessary process in the educational field.

At least, that’s what I believe.

Anyway, not all immortals possess the same power level.

The same goes for supernaturals.

In fact, supernaturals are even more varied.

Among shape shifters, there are those with exceptional abilities.

A special subspecies of supernaturals that can turn into objects.

An advanced form of shape shifting, the second stage – object transformation.

And so, the conclusion.


I lightly touched the bag with the lighter.


The bag moved.


I mimicked the sound as I held up the empty lighter.

“I surrender!”

The shoulder bag spoke.

Should’ve done so earlier.

A tongue protruded from the middle of the bag, and I could see teeth.

The bag, now with a mouth, looked somewhat creepy.

This thing could be a hit in a Hollywood horror film.

In fact, some shape shifters work in the movie industry as an alternative to special effects makeup.

“I’m curious about something.”

I said.

“Maybe put away that lighter when you talk?”

I obediently pocketed the lighter.

It cost a thousand won. Best use it sparingly.

“Don’t expect a satisfactory answer. That would ruin my career. But I’m open to a deal.”

The shoulder bag continued, rattling off like a machine-gun rap.

Ignoring the creature’s words, I asked out of pure curiosity.

“Can you get even smaller?”

Really, it’s curious.

How can a person shrink to such a tiny size?

I heard that the weight remains the same.

Volume changes, but mass stays constant. While the outer texture can be altered, if you burn it with a lighter, it still leaves a burn. So, it purely changes appearance.



“Pop your ears out. Can’t hear well, can you?”

“Hey, no, I mean what are you curious about?”

“Can you get smaller?”

“…What kind of guy are you?”

The shoulder bag exclaimed.

“What, dude?”

Just when the person is starting to seem reasonable, perhaps I ought to introduce them to capsaicin.

“I can’t. This is my limit.”

It said.


Still, it’s interesting.

“Then, you should transform back into a human.”

I told it.

It, no, she, quietly demonstrated her supernatural ability.


The sound of bones meshing was the prelude to a grotesque but fascinating transformation before my eyes.

Hands shot out from the bag, followed by feet. Eyes popped out on the surface of the bag and a nose formed.

Hair sprouted and grew down to the chest.

Long, pale legs came into view.

“Stop staring.”

The shape shifter said.

I boldly replied.

“Planning to escape the moment I avert my eyes?”

“I saw you running earlier. I can’t run that fast.”

“I can’t trust that.”

Regardless of the protruding chest and pale legs, I had duties to fulfill.

I am a member of the special unit, and I’m obligated to give it my all.

I glared.


The shapeshifter hurled a personal attack at me.

She said this while stripping the fallen man’s coat and loosely draping it over herself.

She didn’t have pants, but the long coat somewhat covered her.

During the briefing, the assistant manager mentioned.

The target was a postman.

In this case, a postwoman, I suppose.

Anyway, “postman” is the slang term.

To elaborate, they are free-agent mercenaries.

They carry information or important documents. It’s a profession often occupied by shapeshifters.

Footsteps approached from behind, and others on the scene converged on our location.

Realizing she had no escape, our postwoman’s expression fell.

She had quite a pretty face.

But upon closer inspection, her butt was a bit small. Not my type.

Not that it matters if she was my type.

Despite the term “free-agent mercenary,” they’re half-criminals.

Hence, we’re here to catch them.

“What are you staring at?”

Surprisingly, Woo Mi-ho arrived first.

She saw me and asked.

“The target.”

I answered simply, and she responded.


“Why am I?”

Woo Mi-ho didn’t reply. Instead, she approached the target and produced handcuffs.

Special metal handcuffs designed to suppress superpowers.

She cuffed her.

Shortly after, more people arrived.

Among them was the assistant manager from the analysis team.

“Beta Three, giving a situation report.”

Reporting to the superior once the situation was handled was fundamental.

I succinctly conveyed what had happened.

The PWAT (Post World Anti-Terrorism) team leader examined the fallen man.

“Are you saying your team member captured this individual?”

His tone was formal.

There was no need to hide it.


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