Genius of unique lineage Chapter 34


Genius of a Unique Lineage

34. Your Kinam

“I’ll stay here,” I said.

It wasn’t a difficult choice.

The crazy team leader, the grumbling panda-like deputy, and the icy-cold but actually warm-hearted and respectful senior… The team might seem like a mess from outside, and truly it doesn’t look any better from the inside.

“Is it because of the boss? I can handle that,” Team Leader Park Philo said.

“No, it’s not,” I shook my head. I honestly didn’t expect such a blatant recruitment attempt.

“Hey, you little shit, you said no,” the team leader interjected. Seeing him made me second-guess my decision to stay, but I had to press on.

It was crucial to differentiate between Park Philo, the team leader, and another team leader like Lee Jung Bong; even though the latter was a supposed audit team Royal Road Elite.

Despite their same rank, the difference in skills was too vast to ignore. My instinct told me that Lee Jung Bong would win should they compete. Despite being socially inept, that crazy team leader’s combat ability was top-notch.

My criteria were clear: choose between climbing ranks quickly or genuinely honing my own skills. Of course, I would stay where I could learn, even if everyone seems to have the worst personality.

“Since I’m staying, what you gonna do about it?” I mocked Park Philo. It’s true, he’s a nutjob, but no one can deny his capabilities.

Honestly, except for my mother, no one has ever knocked me down like him. Hey, Team Leader, you forget your age? What’s with the tongue sticking out?

“Why then?” Park Philo looked away from the agitated team leader and at me.

“There’s still a lot I need to learn.”

“Even under that guy who only makes you write reflection papers?”

I guess my notoriety for writing reflection papers was well-known.

“Yes,” I replied plainly, to which Team Leader Park shook his head in disbelief.

“That guy? Are you referring to me?” Our team leader snorted like an enraged dragon. Park Team Leader simply shrugged it off.

“Let’s go, Shim Deputy.”

“Me? Yes.”

Shim Deputy hastily got up and stuck close to his team leader.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“Team Leader, Team Leader, our team leader, that’s enough. Don’t make it worse.”

The heavy-bottomed panda deputy interceded, stopping the team leader.

The scene ended with the team leader pouting and turning to me.

“You’re naturally staying, why act all high and mighty?” Annoying to see, yet he grinned smugly. What a disagreeable guy.

Anyway, my abilities aren’t so bad right now.

Kim Jung Ah, my senior, patted my shoulder, I witnessed the team leader fighting for her in the committee, and the panda deputy casually resolved the whole affair.

Both my father and mother always said if decisions get tough, follow your heart. So that’s precisely what I did, I learned on the side.

While sitting and pondering, I suddenly felt a chill down my spine. As I ducked, something whooshed over where my head had just been.

“Did you dodge?”

“What is this about?” I questioned.

It was the team leader, slinking around like some kind of cat, attempting a sucker punch from behind.

“Out of affection.”

He said it and walked off.

“What is this about?” I asked Panda Deputy.

“He says it’s out of affection.”

“Affection warrants a hit to the back of the head?”

“You still don’t know the team leader.”

Well, now I understand a bit. He’s not normal.

Maybe it was a mistake to stay. Afterward, it was nothing special. Training, scribbling some paperwork, writing reflection papers when I arrived at the office.

My second reflection paper was more sincere than the first.

<Even if things can happen while working, perhaps I should not have done that. Alright, but how many characters should I write? And which font should I use?>

I included my sincerity and curiosity.

“You nutjob.”

As expected, the team leader rushed in. It’s become a part of my morning routine, submitting reflection papers and dealing with him.

But things had changed, significantly so. I had learned a lot, picking up skills on the side.

I might not win with a few punches, but the fights don’t end quickly either.

As this repeated over several days,

“Today, I’ll last 5 minutes,” predicted an onlooker at the team leader and my sparring session.

“7 minutes 28 seconds, my intuition tells me. Today, I’ll endure that much.”

My personal best was 4 minutes 52 seconds.

But 5 minutes? This jerk underestimates my growth.


It was the fourth day of sparring with the team leader.

That day, I lasted 6 minutes and 1 second. The team leader used his feet for the first time.

Up until then, it had been just punches.

He’s exceptionally good at fighting.

I learned and absorbed his techniques.

Honestly, they were enjoyable days.

Strangely fun.

Besides that, there was more to the training process.

Combat driving, defensive driving, firearms usage, handling various weapons.

Dealing with other special types, managing conflicts with civilians.

There was an overwhelming amount to learn, but I found it all incredibly thrilling.

This was what I had always wanted to do.

The harmony of my immortal and shapeshifter abilities allowed me to excel in all these trainings, bringing me a sense of accomplishment.

Ah, satisfying.

“Alright, from here on out.”

And changes had occurred.

Kim Jung-ah, my mentor, had begun to take me around for one-on-one coaching.

“Trust your feeling, your immortal sense, rely on that.”

She occasionally also taught me how to handle the team leader.

“Then, how do you handle it, mentor?”

Though she lacked the immortal’s enhanced senses, she still had an A-class close combat ability.

“I block everything. Everyone has two hands.”

What nonsense is that?

She explained more through actions than words.

It made it easier for me to understand.

We spent more and more time together, and my days increasingly ended seeing my team’s faces rather than my fellow trainees’.

From morning to evening, she stuck with me, and the amount of time we spent together grew significantly.

If we got any closer, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to imagine her sitting at my family’s dining table.

Let’s not. She’s far from my ideal type.

“Trickery. The team leader’s habits are undisciplined.”

Here, “habits” meant his physical routines.

He could fully control his body, even using his bad habits for deceit.

That’s actually a pretty smart tactic.

Besides learning how to handle the team leader, she also taught me my combat role as a team member.

“You’re a sniper.”

Close combat was the team leader’s forte; mid-range combat was my mentor’s specialty.

Thus, it only required minimal effort for me, an immortal who could outclass most snipers, to take the sniper position—it was the easiest role.

“Let’s lock down the combat direction.”

Even if the speaker lacks skills, a clever listener can create a great dynamic.

That was the case with us.

She wasn’t an excellent teacher.

Compared to the two private tutors I had before, she didn’t have a significantly outstanding teaching talent.

But she compensated by showing me everything physically.

That was more effective for me.

I memorized her positioning, movement patterns, everything.

Why did she sidestep to the left at that moment?

Why did she prepare for close combat rather than firing at that time?

It was a continuous process of imprinting.

By the time people started saying that External Security Team 3, despite seeming chaotic, had great teamwork,

“Who do we send for this?”

“The half-wit.”

Panda Assistant Manager asked, and the team leader answered.

Here, “half-wit” referred to me.

The nickname had changed from ‘Kwang’ to ‘half-wit’, and I wasn’t happy about it.

In tomorrow’s reflection sheet, I’ll write that stopping the wave was the best a half-wit like me could do.

“Yeah, no one else to send.”

Panda Assistant Manager said.

The punishment given to Kim Jung-ah, my mentor, was a prohibition from participating in operations.

So, she wouldn’t be able to go out.

But why is that considered a punishment?

“Where is it?”

My tight-lipped mentor asked first.

“Still don’t know. Anyway, people are so petty. They dig up weaknesses and use them as excuses for punishment.”

What weakness?

I shot a curious glance.

“What the hell are you staring at, damn it.”

The team leader reacted. I’ll have to slyly ask my mentor about it later.

Will she answer? I shouldn’t get my hopes up.

“Where are we going?”

I was getting used to this and was now capable of asking questions when needed.

I had already proven I could handle tasks.

Even as a probationary employee, I needed to do my job.

External Security Team 3 is field agent-focused, meaning participation in operations or missions is our job.

And now, we had just received one.

“Go to the airport and act as a human detector.”

The team leader said.

“What for?”

“There’ll be some human detectors—detective dogs, if you will—there too.”

Damn, can you speak more clearly?

“Are other teams providing support?”

Ignoring me, the team leader asked Panda Assistant Manager.

“That guy is going.”



“Our Gi-nam?”

They were having a conversation over my head. How lovely.

And what is our Gi-nam?

You’ve never referred to me as our Kwang-ik even once.

“Yeah, they’re sending Gi-nam and Mi-ho too.”

“Do you have to include a half-wit with the elites? It would have been enough to send Jung-ah. Damn it. This sucks.”

Yes, listening to this also sucks.

And my training scores are better than those two elites anyway.

Isn’t it normal to have forgotten the orientation scores by now?

On the surface, Jung Gi-nam is a hyper-sensitive guy who still can’t fully control his senses, yet everyone gives him special treatment.

“Are only the newbies going?”

My mentor asked.

“It’s minor work. We’re just going as support.”

The team leader replied.

Now I needed to know what exactly the job was.

“Explain it.”

Panda Assistant Manager said to my mentor.

“Can’t we hear it from you, Assistant Manager?”

I am an excellent listener, but when it comes to mission briefings, I’d prefer to hear them from someone more coherent.

My mentor, when it comes to explaining things, isn’t exactly clear.

She has the talent to drag the entire team down if tasked with making a presentation.

“Fine, have it your way.”

I had grown quite close to Panda Assistant Manager during that time.

He briefed me,

And I finally understood why the team leader had me act as a human detector.

The senses of an immortal are unique. When combined with intuition and a sixth sense, it’s almost like being a fortune teller.

If you say someone passing by looks suspicious, that person will likely turn out to be suspicious.

Of course, it’s not perfect.

But it can be quite an effective suspicious character detector.

“We need to catch this guy. A master of disguise. A special ability type.”

In other words, a superhuman.

His ability is shapeshifting.

In Korea, it’s known as the form-changing ability.

Being able to change into any appearance he remembers, it’s the perfect ability for a spy on the run.

However, no ability is without flaws.

It’s been many years since special types emerged, and the relentless pursuit of science and paranoia has identified every ability’s weakness.

Although the pupils, hair, and appearance can change, shapeshifting cannot erase scent.

“Ah, so that’s why they’re bringing in detection dogs.”

“You seriously think they’re bringing actual dogs?”

“They’re not?”

“The domestic firms under Excuraci are sending shapeshifters. They’re the best in this field.”

Panda Assistant Manager pointed to his nose.

He was implying that shapeshifters had the best sense of smell.

This man would be stunning if he lost a bit of weight.

But he doesn’t.

I recalled Blue from the orientation. I wonder how her diet is going these days.

“So, what’s my job?”

“Stand around like a background prop, and if your rudimentary senses detect anything suspicious, discreetly point it out.”

…It’s really not something I necessarily have to do.

“Do I really have to?”

Does the rookie who single-handedly stopped a wave black hole have to? The dark horse of Hwarim?

“They requested three immortals at the minimum, and we don’t have any available personnel to assign. So three newbies are going, and an analyst from the analysis team will accompany you, but don’t expect much from him.”

Panda Assistant Manager provided additional details.

“It’s nothing special,” he said.

It’s a request that happens several times a year.

Some people just see immortals and shapeshifters as sensors.

So, my job is to point out anyone suspicious.

Then their personnel will handle the capture.

Their personnel are from a special unit under the police,

A unit made up of superhumans.

Being a national superhuman unit,

Why does it remind me of the Power Rangers?

But why are Jung Gi-nam and Woo Mi-ho coming with us for such a task?

When I asked that question,

“This request specifically called for someone like Jung Gi-nam, and you are immortal on the surface but internally, a bodyguard of sorts.”

It seems the company values my combat abilities highly.

They paired me with that Gi-nam brat. Feels like I’m his bodyguard.

Ah, what a shitty feeling. This feels uncomfortably bad. I’ll have to start tomorrow’s reflection sheet with a stronger statement.

I needed an outlet for my frustration.

“Hey, take good care of our Gi-nam.”

The team leader said.

Yes, if your Gi-nam lets his guard down, I’ll smack him on the back of the head. Damn it, team leader.

Expect a strong comeback in tomorrow’s reflection sheet.


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