Genius of unique lineage Chapter 33


Genius of a Unique Lineage

33. Well, What Should i Say ??

What should I say?

“Hi, I’m Deputy Manager Shim Moo-yong from External Audit Team 2.”

Deputy Manager Shim Moo-yong said with a bright smile.

I could tell who he was by his name. Memorizing the company directory wasn’t for nothing.

“It’s a joke. You’re being summoned from above.”

He said with a smiling face.

“Yes, sir. Summoned.”

My heart skipped a beat for a moment there.

I thought the call to the audit team was serious.

“Speak well.”

This is the disciplinary hearing for First-Class Employee Kim Jung-ah. And I was involved, so technically, I should be facing some sort of discipline too.

Of course, I would speak well.

I’d be cautious and truthful, making my statements as favorable and reasonable as possible.

I took the elevator up.

This is my first time attending a disciplinary committee. In fact, most things I do at this company are firsts. And doing something for the first time is always nerve-wracking.

Walking with a pounding heart, I heard a familiar voice.

“Things happen at work sometimes.”

“Hey, Joong-Bong, talk properly, will you?”

“Damn it, did I speak backwards?”

He’s a lunatic.

It was the voice of the team leader.


For immortals, there’s no need to raise their voice, but that one word said it all.

Ever since awakening as an immortal, I’ve become eerily perceptive of the atmosphere.

Right now, my instincts told me.

The atmosphere is as bad as a dog’s dick even before I enter.

“New employee Yoo Kwang-ik here.”

I said at the door. The staff standing guard answered with a pale face.

“Hey, why is your team leader like that?”

A whispering voice.

It probably wouldn’t be heard inside.

I don’t know either. Why is that bastard my team leader?

Before I could respond, the employee knocked on the door.

Knock, knock.

“Are you here?”

“Yes, new employee Yoo Kwang-ik here.”


The door opened, and I stepped inside.

All eyes focused on me.

“So, you’ve arrived.”

There was a mix of unfamiliar and familiar faces.

At the center of a long, horseshoe-shaped wooden table, my mentor Kim Jung-ah sat on a folding metal chair, cool but not dry.

Her attire, tidy as always, made me suspect her hobby was ironing, and she held herself upright.

The familiar faces were Lt. Instructor Latte and Park Da-ram.

The rest seemed to be at the director level.

There were five people seated in total, with two unfamiliar faces.

Sitting directly opposite the door, next to my mentor, was a familiar face.

He had his head tilted partially to the side, his entire demeanor screaming dissatisfaction.

Even without immortal senses, anyone could guess his state of mind just by his posture.

“Hey there, Kwang?”

A man who maintains his pace everywhere.

But not guarding what needs guarding just makes him a lunatic.

Our team leader was a lunatic.

“Employee Yoo Kwang-ik, let me ask you something.”

The person sitting directly in front of me spoke. Outwardly, she seemed in her mid-thirties.

Being immortal, she was probably much older.

A woman in black stockings and red shoes.

She had light makeup and large eyes, with an obvious flair for looking dazzling.

The appearance of an immortal is truly a con.

“Did Employee Kim Jung-ah force you?”

“No, she didn’t.”

Forced? Not at all.

“Even though you knew the trouble a probationary employee could cause?”

The only permissible punishment for a probationary employee is termination.

“In that situation, I believed it was the best I could do.”

“And what does a probationary employee know?”

The man with white hair sitting next to her said.

Interesting hair dye preference.

“He’s been taught for months; he should know enough.”

Hey, team leader, why are you butting in?

The team leader spoke, cleaning his ears, oblivious to everyone else.

The two presumed directors ignored him.

“I was able to save someone.”

Here, honesty is the best policy.

In the end, I saved a life.

My mentor defied orders, but his judgment was correct. No one died, and despite the wave-like black hole opening, the damage was minimal.

The only thing that got destroyed was the armor I was wearing.

“Yeah, saving lives is what matters. In the end, what’s more important than saving people while on the job? Some people are just so inflexible.”

“Hey, can’t you shut up for once?”

The female director said.

“Is this some kind of communist state? It’s like you’re expecting a medal every time you open your mouth.”

She mumbled as if to herself, but it definitely wasn’t.


The white-haired director called him.

“Yes? Did you call me?”

He was more carefree than the local thugs.


I couldn’t help but laugh in such a situation.

“Ah, my ears are itchy. Someone must be talking crap about me.”

I am. Damn you, Joong-Bong. Why are you making things worse?

“Get out.”

“This is my team’s disciplinary hearing. The team leader must attend.”

“Not going?”


“Then shut your mouth.”

“This isn’t communism, for crying out loud…”


Chills. Why is he like this?

Unknowingly, I stared fixedly at the team leader.

“What are you looking at, punk? Never seen a handsome face before?”

The team leader said.

Yeah, never seen one. A handsome lunatic like you.

The tension between the team leader and the white-haired director was intense. The air sizzled with their deadly glares.

They looked like they were about to throw punches.

“Well, sometimes things happen at work. Can’t we just let this slide?”

His tone made it impossible to want to go easy even if they wanted to.

“Let it slide? How?”

The female director asked.

“A few months of salary reduction and let’s call it a day.”


The female director sighed deeply and gave me a nod.

“Let’s go.”

The staff member who brought me in pulled my arm.


As I exited, the lunatic’s words rang in my ears.

“How can you work when you’re scared of being disciplined?”

I quietly left the meeting room.

It was unexpected to see this side of him. After all the chaos yesterday, to see him stepping up like this today.

“Should I see this as a good thing?”

One of the employees who accompanied me to the elevator said,

“Why did you do that?”

He looked at me, sighed once, and then spoke.

Yeah, you need to understand some things. His eyes seemed to say.

“It’s good to step up for your team, but there needs to be a limit. Doing that will wreck your performance evaluation.”

So, it’s a mess, huh.

Yeah, it’s really surprising.

Stepping up like that without caring about his own standing.

When I got off the elevator and sat down, Panda Assistant Manager had already arrived.

“How’s the atmosphere?”

Could I say it was like a dog’s dick?

“Team leader is in super carry mode.”

I spoke in the most roundabout way possible.

Panda Assistant Manager frowned at my words.


He understood with just that?

“It’s a mess.”

Panda Assistant Manager muttered that much and buried his nose in his monitor.

A little while later, the team leader and my mentor came down.

“What’s the punishment?”

Panda asked.

“Sorry, sir, I’m barred from participating in operations for 30 days.”

“What? Then…”

Panda trailed off.

“That’s enough.”

The team leader cut in, sighed a couple of times, and then sat in his seat.

“I should just quit.”

My father used to say he’d never seen anyone actually quit after saying they’d quit themselves.

So, what the team leader said was a commitment to work even harder from now on.

Fighting, damn team leader.

“Get to work.”

The team leader said, and with that, we all focused on our tasks.

I started my first task of the day.

The reflection sheet.

But what should I write? I decided to emulate the team leader’s posture from earlier.

After writing a few words and correcting typos, I printed it out.

I got up and placed the printed reflection on the team leader’s desk.

“Write one every day.”

He threatened as he started reading my reflection sheet.

I didn’t look directly; instead, I turned off my monitor and adjusted the angle to use it as a makeshift mirror to observe the team leader.

His reaction was priceless.

At first, he shuddered, then he snickered.

Finally, he crumpled the written reflection I’d handed in with both hands.

“Are you crazy?”

The team leader asked.

“No, sir.”

I answered dutifully.

“Then what is this?”

“A reflection sheet?”

“When you’re working, you’re bound to face unavoidable situations. Not being able to adhere to each one meticulously is inevitable. Well, what can you do? I’ll be more careful next time?”

It all started like that.

“It’s my first time writing a reflection sheet.”

Though I’m a man who doesn’t know how to make excuses, it seems all I’m getting better at in this corporate life are excuses.

Feeling myself getting more and more worn out by society is quite bittersweet.

“It’s a masterpiece. Damn.”

The team leader remarked.

Panda Assistant Manager, who had been holding back, burst out laughing.

Then, the Assistant Manager from Security Team 2, sitting across, also giggled.

My mentor sat there with her usual doll-like expression, while everyone around who’d heard the story laughed in unison.

Sure, I’m quite the scribe.

Even if my mother couldn’t carve like Han Seok-bong’s mother, she sure used her fists much better.

My mother’s discipline, often ending in corporal punishment, instilled a suitable fear in me.

I became a child who wanted to excel at everything.

Hence, I got pretty good at writing.

How’s that? My ‘reflection sheet’ could move even Kim Sowol to tears.

“A lunatic.”

A lunatic calling me a lunatic.

Sitting silently, the team leader huffed and puffed but didn’t say anything more.

I wondered what content to write tomorrow. I was looking forward to it.

They probably thought I was some spineless worm, but I’m not someone you can just walk over.

My personality is not as soft as a sponge cake soaked in milk.

As I went about doing various tasks, the atmosphere remained somber.

I wondered if the punishment handed to my mentor had been too light.

Looking at the expressions around, it seemed like it, but the content wasn’t that significant.

“Muttering about people’s weaknesses.”

The team leader had mumbled something like that.

I couldn’t imagine what he meant.


“Hey, Kwang.”

“Yes, new employee Kim So—I mean, Yoo Kwang-ik.”

I almost rambled because I was thinking about tomorrow’s reflection sheet.

I was planning to copy ‘Azaleas’ for it.

“What did Shim Moo-yong say?”


“What did that bastard Shim Moo-yong say?”

Daytime words are heard by rats, nighttime words by birds.

Someone must have told him.

“He told me to join the audit team. But he said it was a joke…”

The team leader cut me off.

“Oh, getting a scout offer, are we? Damn it.”

This seems ominous. Very ominous.

Right on cue, Assistant Manager Sim passed by my desk, winking.

“Hey there, Kwang-ik.”


The sound of a desk being kicked echoed.

Reflexively, I heightened my senses.

“You damn bastaaaaaaard.”

The team leader launched himself like a rocket, cursing and kicking his desk out of the way.

A foot moved faster than words, flashing past my eyes. It wasn’t aimed at me.

Assistant Manager Sim reflexively raised his arm.


The heel of the team leader’s foot landed on Sim’s arm.

“Panda Assistant Manager called it.”

“Why’d he do it then, knowing full well?”

My mentor mumbled.


Assistant Manager Sim went rolling.

“Have you lost your touch after being away for a few months?”

The team leader kicked his slipper aside and stormed over.

Seeing this, Assistant Manager Sim’s face turned pale.

“Ugh, why, all of a sudden, why.”

“You bastard, you drugged our newbie and told him to go to the audit team?”

“It was a joke.”

“Joke? JOKE? JOOOOOKE? Fine, let me play a little too. My leg was itchy for a good kick.”

Excuse me, Team Leader, but I think Assistant Manager’s arm is broken.

“Team Leader Joong-Bong Lee!”

A thunderous voice. It’s rare for anyone to shout like that among immortals.

Turning around, I saw someone standing at the end of the office corridor.

It was the External Audit Team Leader, Park Pil-Ro.

A top-tier immortal who became the team leader of the so-called Royal Road Audit Team at thirty.

“What, what?”

This was Joong-Bong Lee, the Team Leader of External Security Team 3.

Good at fighting, but such a crazy personality that he’s repeatedly excluded from promotion.

Their eyes locked in the air.

“What are you doing?”

“Playing around.”


Oh, this is getting intense.

“Two more jokes, and I’ll capture an immortal.”

“One broken arm seems a bit much.”

“Too much?”

As he spoke, Team Leader Park Pil-Ro approached.

The atmosphere was menacing.

“Should a team leader react like this over a single joke?”

“…A joke? Ah, so you knew about this? Was it you who ordered it?”

The situation was becoming unpredictable.

“Ordered what?”

“Told him to test out our newbie?”

“Mr. Blender, who grinds every newbie who joins, why are you acting like this? Yes, I ordered it. Wanted to test if the kid had guts. If being stuck in this grueling Team 3 is worth it, it would be better if I took him.”

“No way.”

It was firm. The team leader’s tone was resolute.

Watching with bated breath, the team leader continued.

“That’s mine. Whether I grind him into juice or beat him into a rag, he’s mine. Don’t touch him. This is a warning to other teams too. Some of you are eyeing gravity control and this matter, right? Damn, try touching. You know who I am, don’t you?”

Yes, I know. A complete lunatic.

“Is this a communist regime? Individual freedom is more important.”

Team Leader Park Pil-Ro stated.

That’s something from the disciplinary committee, a line the team leader himself had uttered.

“Mr. Kwang-ik, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Speak freely.”

Park Pil-Ro handed the choice to me.

The attention of the team leader, Panda Assistant Manager, Kim Jung-ah, and all the surrounding employees was on me.

Even Assistant Manager Sim, whose arm was broken and moaning in pain, was focused on my decision.

So what should I say?

There was no need to hesitate.


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