Genius of unique lineage Chapter 270


Genius of a Unique Lineage

269. Is that an Invader?

The son who had a leader of Hwarim as his father did his best. He crushed the approaching enemy and displayed his abilities. His name was Park Daegi, and his father’s name was Park Yeongdon. He did not want to tarnish his father’s name, and he also tried to be a person who wouldn’t be ashamed of himself. “That’s quite challenging.” Thanks to his efforts, he had gained a few followers.

“Are you from Hwarang, the special force unit?” “Remember the name Park Daegi, he’ll be more famous than the Special Warfare Command.” Like father, like son. The son also had a bit of arrogance in him. And he genuinely believed in his abilities—especially with the two optical weapons attached to his waist. He was confident that given the chance, he could make as famous a name for himself as the Special Warfare Command.

“Section Chief Park, they’re coming to the front again.” A subordinate spoke. Park Daegi repeated to himself that there is no more waiting in his life as he picked up his gun. He aimed and fired. Woong. A sound unlike the explosion of gunpowder rang from the barrel of the gun. A beam shot from the muzzle, piercing the enemy. A Wheel Knight with a gaping hole in his head rolled on the ground, unable to overcome its own inertia. Try to stop this if you can. He had brought a hundred cartridges to replace the magazine. He had invested half of his family’s assets for this one battle. The military achievements he wanted were fitting for that. That’s what his father wanted too.

Amidst the fighting, there was a moment when short cheers for him were exchanged among those around him. The tide of the battle turned quickly. Just when he thought they had beaten them all. Park Daegi internally cursed that he should have been the one to catch a Unique Invader. Amid such thoughts, the situation rapidly changed.

It suddenly occurred. It wasn’t just a blink of an eye, but still quick enough—it happened in the time it took to shoot a few times and swing a sword a few times. After dodging an exploding bombardment and looking up, a slightly different kind of Invaders began to emerge from the rift. ‘Are they lining up to come out now?’ It looked like an army of Invaders positioned for an organized attack. The tide of battle was overturned in an instant.

“Damn it, what do we do about that?” A special forces member muttered. Just as he said, a Living Armor leading with a Triangle Field approached. It wasn’t very fast, but there was no way to stop it. Boom. A few grenades exploded, but they were useless. He didn’t spare the optical cartridges as he shot them. After he took down about five of them, his cartridges ran out. It took at least five shots to take down a Living Armor covered in purple-character tattoos.

The operating time of the close-combat beam sword came to his mind. 22 minutes remaining. “Hold the line, maintain the frontline, there is no order to retreat,” the unit commander ordered. Even if they wanted to run away, they couldn’t. The Wheel Knights were adjusting their speed and pressing in.

“Damn it, are we supposed to die like dogs here?” One of the special breeds with psychic powers muttered before turning to retreat. He was a flyer. His feet were in the air. He was about to float up into the sky. Whoosh. The three-wheeled Wheel Knight, who came accelerating from behind, shattered the head of the flyer who had just taken off with its spear. Overwhelming speed and timing. In unison with that single charge, a dozen others with wheels blocked the sides.

‘Am I going to die?’ That thought crossed his mind. It was dizzying. Park Daegi didń’t want to die. He had diligently trained his whole life, waiting just for this day under his father. The day when a crisis would come to Earth, and it would be time for him to step forward. Those days of waiting came to mind, even though his acquaintances half-jokingly called him ‘Waiting Park.’ It was all for moments like this. But why did it turn out this way? It was chaos. He was going to die. Definitely going to die.

Fear stayed in Park Daegi’s eyes. His pupils shook. It wasn’t just his own problem. Several of the short-experienced special breeds fell into panic. They were taken completely by surprise, and the command center could not act flexibly. A dizzying moment overtakes them. The spears of the Wheel Knights and the blades of the Living Armors, which ignored the bullets and the grenade bombardments, struck over the protective gear. The blades wielded by dozens of them eventually ripped through the protective gear. The abdomen was torn open, blood and guts spewed out into the air and scattered. “Aah!” Screams resounded across the battlefield. “Save me!” They were begging for their lives in the end. But the opponent was an Invader. Please for life didn’t work on them.

Park Daegi involuntarily took a step back. “What are you doing? At least swing your beam sword around.” Was it a subordinate? No, he seemed to be police. Someone who had come to the front and was happily collecting merit by his side. He looked like he gave up halfway. Whether he pumped himself with drugs or not, his eyes were bloodshot. He had sold his helmet or something, as there was no armor to protect his head. He was about to ask where he put his helmet but gave up. What was the point? He looked up to the sky. It was clear. The clear, cloudless sky was visible. Dawn broke, and bright light shone in all directions. It was a terribly unsuitable composition. On such a sunny day, hell on earth was unfolding beneath it. Sunlight and hell. Two incongruous words made him realize that this was real.

‘Father.’ Park Daegi was moved to tears. It felt like tears would come. He drew his beam sword. The remaining operating time was 4 minutes and 22 seconds. Burn brightly in your last moments. “Waiting Park, here I go.” Park Daegi ran out, muttering to himself. He swung his beam sword. He was brave. He racked up military achievements. Even if he was unseen in the grand scale of the battlefield, he killed three Living Armors. He couldn’t catch the agile Wheel Knight, but he killed three Living Armors in 4 minutes and 22 seconds. It was a performance beyond his limits. And that was his last.

Ching. The short stick that was his laser lost its light, and the laser blade with its overwhelming cutting power disappeared. “Shit.” He didn’t even feel like cursing. The effects of the drugs began to slowly wane. He didn’t want to close his eyes. An Invader’s blade flew toward him—the blade of the Living Armor wrapped in purple characters fell above his head. ‘I’m going ahead.’ No matter what anyone said, they were a father and son with a good rapport. Park Daegi mentally said his goodbyes to his father. ‘Father.’ He couldn’t close his eyes. He wanted to savor the last moments. As he thought this and opened his eyes wide.

An irregular sight unfolded before him. Whoosh. Something flew in, and the Living Armor was flung away to the side. “…Hmm?” He blinked. Boom! Bang! Woosh! “Hahaha!” Laughter followed the overwhelming violence, assaulting his eyes and ears. “Euh…?” Park Daegi’s body stiffened in surprise. It had all happened so quickly. A shadow appeared and swept away the Invaders around it. What was this? A dream? Park Daegi repeatedly blinked his eyes. No, he rubbed his eyes until the dirt in his hands made him tear up. It was an unbelievable event happening before him.

The shadow he thought was a dark body. ‘What’s this?’ Black fur with blue stripes and protruding fangs between the jaws were noticeable. Should he call it a tiger? It didn’t look like one, though. The transformed creature swung its fist. The body of the Living Armor it hit was crushed. It swung its claws. The Wheel Knight’s body was torn as easily as newspaper. It executes a spinning kick. Bang! It was as if a tank had fired its cannon. There was no Invader left where it kicked.

And more astonishingly, it dodged every attack coming its way. Tilted its head and twisted its waist. Despite its menacingly large transformed body, it was disgustingly flexible. ‘Is that an Invader?’ His thoughts led him there. He had never seen such a transformed body before. It didn’t look and didn’t act like one. Besides, what special breed would wreak havoc among a horde of Invaders? Bang, boom, woosh. “Haha!” And amidst all that, it laughed. It laughed uproariously. “…What is it?” “What kind of monster is this?”

The murmurs of those who were in a similar state around him could be heard. “Invaders… I like!” He stopped laughing and shouted something. His words were cut short by punching an approaching Invader in the middle. Listening more closely now, he shouted, “I love killing Invaders!” He was insane. Completely insane. But he was also the madman who had saved him. The mad, transformed creature rushed through the battlefield. Invaders blocking his path were like toys. He tore them apart, beat them, and crushed them.

Only then did Park Daegi recall the name. “Special Warfare Command?” The suspicion was confirmed. Waaaaaah! Cheers erupted from behind shortly afterward. It was both a battle cry and a cheer. Allies, a large army began to surge in from behind. It was an offensive that clutched at the victory opened by one. Of course, Park Daegi didn’t know such things. He was just relieved to have survived and found his life saved.

He dropped to his knees. ‘I survived.’ It was an experience that those who hadn’t experienced it couldn’t know for a lifetime. The experience of nearly dying and then surviving. It was enough to change a person. “Haha, I love killing Invaders!” The back of the insane transformed black-striped tiger, Geomchiheukho, could be seen speeding away. ‘I survived.’ He savored the survival. Park Daegi unwittingly cheered as he watched the retreating figure. “F*ck, I survived!” A battle cry erupted from deep within his chest, and that cry spread like an epidemic.

“Geomchiheukho!” “Special Warfare Command!” “Heukho, well done!” Various cheers became a chorus of encouragement for him. “Kyah!, everyone die!” In the midst of that, Yu Gwangik, whose eyes had turned from the massacre of Invaders, was laughing.

* * *

The appearance of elite Invaders. The retreat order. Every decision was accurate and clear. The leader of the Unique Unit thought so. In such a moment, the tide of the battle changed again.

“…I never thought I’d say this again after decades. I said it when I first saw a black hole.” The leader of the Unique Unit, the supreme commander of the battlefield, muttered. Park Yeongdon’s ears perked up. He lifted his head at those words. Meanwhile, one eye of the deputy by the commander’s side turned white.

“Commander, please hold the retreat order. The situation has changed…” “Open your eyes.” “Yes?” “I said to open your eyes.” The conversation between the commander and the deputy. Soon the deputy opened his eyes and looked forward. “Huh?” The deputy was startled. The commander asked with a face devoid of any smiles. “This isn’t a dream, right?” It was an event worthy of a dream unfolding before them. Black fur with blue stripes. A black tiger ran across the battlefield, roaring fiercely. Not just a struggle of one transformed body. It rampaged. It broke and shattered. The elite Wheel Knights, synchronized to roll in, were disassembled as though they were Lego pieces. What was this? Never thought to see such a thing in reality.

All special breeds organizations aim to nurture a powerful individual entity. Just as Invaders do. Named and peculiar breeds prove it. That’s why gears were created. Because to become a powerful individual entity, the help of gear is essential. But what about this now? It was holding and swinging something, but that wasn’t the issue. The body itself was a weapon. It swung and hit and kicked. Just by that, an army of elite Invaders staggered. It was the work of just one transformed body. “…How can it be earlier than the prophecy?” The deputy asked. She had lost sight in one eye but had the vision to see tens of years ahead. The future is variable, so prophecy doesn’t mean much, but short-term prophecy alone can create a fairly advantageous situation. The deputy saw it with the eyes of prophecy.

The black shadow prowled among the Invaders. But she was baffled that the prophecy had come true faster than expected. “The time for thinking has passed.” The hero of the first generation, the commander, spoke. “Advance all troops, spread out the front line in a circle and strike. Not a single Invader shall be missed.” “Advance the army.” “Secure the front. The Immortal Special Unit, Hwarang, the Association, the Police Mobile, without distinction—tell them to secure their areas!” The deputy’s shouts echoed everywhere. “Aren’t you the head of the Immortal Special Unit? Are you just going to watch?” Someone asked. It was a military officer. Stirred by that voice, Park Yeongdon came to his senses. It felt like lightning had struck his mind. ‘My son.’ If the front line is maintained, then his son, who was active at the front, might still be okay. Above all, thanks to the rampage of that transformed body, hadn’t all the Invaders’ attention been drawn to that black tiger?

Park Yeongdon saw it too. The change in the frontline, everyone’s attention focused on the center of a tiger. If it weren’t for the jamming that arose with the appearance of the Blue Knight, he might have been able to stand idly at the forefront and watch the tiger’s performance. Of course, even if he saw that, Park Yeongdon wouldn’t have the leisure to just watch. “All members of the Immortal Special Unit, advance. Snipers take position, and the close combat units move forward—move out.” While he didn’t shout as an immortal, he was so desperate that he spoke quickly. If only his son would be saved, he would be willing to sell his soul to the devil.


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