Genius of unique lineage Chapter 269


Genius of a Unique Lineage

Chapter 268: Transformation

“It’s dangerous.”


As I opened my eyes, I heard my mother and the Log Teacher exchanging words. They stood side by side, looking at me.

“What’s going on?”

I asked, and then I realized the air on my skin was chilly. Looking down at my body, I saw I was wearing nothing.

Why am I naked?

The Log Teacher’s eyes scanned my body up and down. I barely had a towel covering my thighs.

“That one sure has a solid build. I wonder if it will be a majestic climax or if he’ll stay small and cute.”

The teacher’s gaze lingered on my lower body.

“That’s sexual harassment, you old hag.”

My mother chuckled at the Log Teacher’s words, then added a phrase.

“It’s two hundred per peek.”

“Why is it so expensive to see me naked?”

“Because you have the potential of a first-class stripper.”

Mother? Why are you talking about turning your son into the star of a strip show?

Blinking my eyes, I recollected my memories.

Why am I standing naked here, being evaluated by two women?

After the endurance training, I had meditated.

After extreme training, I started practice for transformation.

Fur grew on my body, and like during the awakening of the transformation, my blood seemed to heat up.

Then my memory stopped.

“When he’s not a transformed being, he’s not swayed by such instincts.”

“A person can’t be perfect.”

My mother and the Log Teacher spoke again.

Only then did I realize I had lost my memory after transforming.

This was the first blackout I had ever experienced.

It was unfamiliar.

It was also an intriguing experience. Would it happen again when I transform?

“Did I perhaps make a mistake?”

While missing memories, a transformed being driven by instinct can do crazy things.

Indulging in sugar or munching on candies is the lesser of offenses.

Amongst the hybrids, some become rapists.

Sometimes they unleash hidden desires.

Do I have any dissatisfaction normally?

I don’t think I did.

Seeing me like this, my mother and the Log Teacher laughed.

“Our son, our dear son.”

My mother called me with a forlorn smile.


The Log Teacher covered her mouth, bursting into laughter. She wasn’t trying to hold back the laughter; she wanted me to hear it.

I didn’t want to ask for more.

“Fine. Yes, I don’t want to hear it.”

Seeing is believing, better than hearing a hundred times. The training session was recorded. I saw my transformed self through the recorded footage and what I had done.

There was nothing major.

Besides my transformation being a bit unique and me getting excited and babbling nonsense, such as:

“Women, money, I love it!”

“Women, money, I love it!”

I yelled it twice and:

“Kill the invaders!”

“Kill the invaders!”

“Squash the terrorist bastards!”

I chanted several times.

What a relief.

Only my mother and the Log Teacher saw it.

I then spent considerable time on my transformation training.

“Transformers often lose their memory on their first transformation. During a transformation, try focusing on one thing. Imagine eating a cream cake right after transforming, or perhaps getting dressed.”

I followed my mother’s advice.

After transforming, I focused on one action.

Breathing quietly.

“… your son is really annoying.”

The Log Teacher said after I transformed.

I remembered there was no memory loss this time.

One blackout was enough.

It took me 30 minutes to learn how to use my transformed body.

And controlling instincts after a transformation took less than a minute.

Everything was as easy as learning to breathe.

So I tried to create something that was my own, beyond just learning.

Didn’t the Immortal do the same?

Learning various fighting techniques and secrets, interpreting them in my way, and digesting them.

That was the right method.

No one taught me, but I could see the path to take.

“Even though he’s my son, I must say he’s really annoying.”

My mother observed and then said.

“Why does this feel so sad?”

Uncle Gongnyak, who spent three years on transformation training, mumbled as he looked at me.

“The world is terribly unfair.”

Uncle said so and didn’t come around for a week.

Whatever shocked him so much.

Later, even Donghoon, my brother, was surprised to see me, but he wasn’t shocked.

“It’s just, when you do it, I tend to accept it.”

His tone sounded resigned.

Mother, Uncle Gongnyak, and the Log Teacher all agreed:

If my grandfather on my mother’s side saw my transformed form, he’d gladly hand over a building just to have me come over.

A very rare trait among transformers.

I inherited the form of an ancient kind.

* * *

Ancients, also sometimes called Primitives.

Creatures that no longer exist in the present times.

I was one who had awakened that bloodline.

A very rare case.

Even among pure-blooded transformers, it’s a lineage that isn’t easily awakened.

And I, a hybrid, achieved it.


Also known as Saber-toothed tiger.

A feline predator with long canine teeth.

Surrounded by invaders, I relentlessly pulled the trigger of the fourth hitter.

No matter how sturdy the Triangle Field was, it couldn’t block the adamantium buckshot at close range.

Several succumbed to the buckshot. Twirling on my left foot, I drew the jungle knife.

The centrifugal force-driven blade strikes the helmet of an approaching Wheel Knight.


A metallic sound rang out. The knight’s helmet bore a long gash as I reclaimed my jungle knife.

Controlling the poorly balanced blade with sheer strength, I stabbed.

Seen from the side, it looked like a single fluid motion to swing and thrust.


A hefty recoil was felt through the knife hilt.

Still, I managed to pierce its throat. I put strength into my arm. The biceps and triceps swelled as if they were about to burst. With the force of an iron arm, I pulled the blade sideways.


As the jungle knife emerged, it left tattered scars on Wheel Knight’s neck.

The one with half its neck torn falls. Behind it, dozens more invaders with brightly shining visors on their helmets rushed toward me.

An unending wave. A wave of invaders charging in formation.

Dizziness shook my head.

At the same time, my heart raced at several times its normal speed.

Occasional shots from Cash Hippo’s gun restrained the opponents. One struck in the head fell to the side. Still, that was all.

The living armor and wheel knights, armed with armor and spells, couldn’t be stopped by a single sniper.

Especially when the shots did not result in instant kills.

It was time to fall back.

Judging from the invaders’ behavior, they would quickly catch on to the sniper’s location.

Especially since the sniper keeps firing continuously without changing position.

They’d pursue shortly.

I put away my concern for Jung-a Sister.

A spear grazed my cheek.

The side of the faceguard I was wearing was deformed.

I threw off my helmet.

A living armor swinging a blade on its left arm struck off my helmet.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

My previously racing heart feels heavier.


Heartbeats accelerated several times over.

Blood circulated. Blood boiled. The hot blood starting from my lower abdomen whirls throughout my body.

I was ready.

The surging blood transformed my body.


Long teeth sprouted between my gums first, followed by the fur covering my body.

My skeleton grew and my point of view changed. Muscles thickened, and skin turned tough like leather.

I felt every single change.

Everything around me slowed instantaneously.

Transformed beings acquire several times the dynamic vision and athletic abilities of their usual self.

Their strength and explosive power increase several times over.

High on adrenaline, even without taking drugs.

If immortals suffer from an insensitivity disorder, transformer folks have something similar.

Not just a failure to control instincts, but falling madly into the drug called transformation.

Addiction to transformation.

Those who dislike transformers call these addicts Psychotransformers.

They are addicted to the rush of adrenaline during a transformation.

Usually, such addicts are driven by instinct.

But that wasn’t going to happen to me.

Because I could sense everything even while transforming.

Now was the time. This is the moment to exercise restraint after a transformation.

Not to succumb to the bliss.

And that’s why I needed self-control.

To those not in the know, it seems like a talent that I keep my wits after transforming.

But this was thanks to my mother.

Extreme training called self-control, including hiking and various other practices since I was a child.

Of course, Mother told me to avoid getting controlled by instincts later.

But that was enough for me.

Time speeds back up. I rolled my eyes. With the body still, I rolled my eyes to cast my vision around.

Spear points, blades, they all fly toward me.

That sly Blue Knight.

Living armor’s weapons are all the same. They all replaced their arms with blades.

They were different from the first to shoot out, with arms replaced with swords, shields, hammers, and such.

These were the true essence of Blue Knight’s forces.

Which makes him a cunning one.

His ace in the hole, hidden behind the gates.

The transformation happened in an instant, but my brain, which felt everything slow down due to the adrenaline rush, pondered.

Those thoughts now culminate.

I’m back in my original place.

In the middle of the battlefield, where I stood.

I raised my arm. My claws grew. I saw my arm in my eyes.

Actually, the fur that grew on my arm was visible.

Black fur interspersed with blue stripes.

I still don’t know why this color.

My transformed body had the form of a saber-toothed tiger, with black fur, blue stripes, and golden eyes.

Raising my claw, I swung.

Living armor attempts to block with its Triangle Field. I cut it.

The head was sliced as if cutting tofu. No seams were visible, but it was cleanly severed.

It’s not difficult. I cut the armor’s head straight off and split its body into six pieces.

As I spun, I flung my elbow.

A lodged spear snapped in half from the impact.


The sound trailed behind. Taking a step forward, I did a front kick.


A fountain erupted from the ground. Asphalt shards, cement crumbs, fragments of Wheel Knights mixed in the fountain.

The spray that arose scattered the dawn light, the morning sun.

Continuing to spin, I held the handle of the fourth hitter and swung.

It felt heavy when I was human, but now it felt light.

Like swinging a knife.

Of course, the power was anything but.

The fourth hitter, an adamantium bundled mace, accelerated, smashing everything in its path.


A thunderous sound flowed.

Metallic sounds continuously rang, producing such bizarre noises.

The area where the fourth hitter swung cleared out.

The lower halves of the Wheel Knights rolled aimlessly and stopped at my feet.

I exhaled a breath I had been holding since before the transformation and kicked it away.


My breathing turned into an animalistic growl.

Even with all restraint, it wasn’t an easy task.

Especially with piles of invaders before my eyes.

Is it easy to contain the thrill?

Isn’t it like telling a candy-addicted transformer to tumble through a cotton candy field?

The area around me was all cotton candy; no, invaders.


I released a roar, one of joy.

And moved again.

I sprinted, kicking off the ground. I swung my fist to clear the path ahead.

After transforming, my skin became several times tougher than in human form, but there’s no need to take a hit.

I could see every attack.

I dodged them all. What couldn’t be dodged was caught or deflected.

If that failed, then I swung my fist.

I even drew the jungle knife and swung it randomly in the midst.

Its heavy blade unbalanced, but what did it matter? It felt like swinging a toothpick.

“Ha ha ha ha ha!”

Laughter burst forth uncontrollably.

Every invader in sight crumbled and shattered like brittle paper.

How could this not be joyful?

I rushed forward. Crossing the battlefield, knocking down everything that blocked my view.

I hadn’t thought about it consciously.

I just raced towards where the invaders gathered.


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