Genius of unique lineage Chapter 268


Genius of a Unique Lineage

Chapter 267. Everyone has a hidden blade. (3)

Even as the fight raged on, I continuously checked the surroundings.

And that’s how I knew.

The efforts of the transformed beings who maintained their cool even after shifting forms.

The prowess of the Immortal Special Forces, who were leaping around after consuming their stimulants.

And finally, the strength of the Association armed with the evolved version of wearable gear.

“If Dong-hoon senior saw this, he’d go crazy.”

I heard Jung-ah noona’s voice through the communicator.

Her voice seemed a bit distant. Wireless communicators near the gate are susceptible to various kinds of interference. It was expected.

“The rift is breaking.”

Paying attention to the surroundings allowed me to notice the changes in the gate rather quickly.

As Jung-ah noona had said.

A shiver ran through my body. Beyond my line of sight, through the cracks of the broken rift, I could see them bursting out.

Living armors levitating with their purplish glow.

Wheel Knights with an additional wheel.

They had changed their appearance. More surprising was that they emerged in formation.

As if they were marching to a rhythm, they regulated their speed.

It’s a march. The excellence of their formation soon shows the level of their training.

The charging Invaders looked like soldiers who had undergone years of training.

It was electrifying. My brain hummed.

The danger-sense in my six senses sent frantic signals.

And at the same time, my combat instincts sharpened.

“Mary, carry Kynam.”

I took a hit from behind.

If I were the Blue Knight, and if the Invaders had the ability to strategize,

then manipulating the Unique Invaders was part of the strategy.

Thanks to that, three teams, excluding the Psionic Team, had pushed deep into the battlefield.

Meaning, the Invaders were closer than our allies.

And the Wheel Knights were Invaders known for their speed, faster than most unique species.

Turning back to run meant getting caught by the scruff and rolling on the ground together with an Invader.

So retreating is not an option.

What now then?

If we can’t retreat, we just don’t.

“Yes, brother.”

“What is this?”

Kynam too had heightened senses. He may have lost his sight, but he could sense the seriousness of the situation just by feeling.

Times like this, he seems to have finer instincts than me.

True pure blood of the Jung family.

The talent to see even a moment into the future with senses alone, that is the pure blood Immortal.

“Do you like being carried by a girl?”

When I said that to Kynam.

“This crazy bastard, just explain the situation.”

What would that change?

“Mother, please take Mary back to the main forces.”


“If we leave Kynam like this, he’ll die.”

If Mary carries him alone, either both will die, or one of them will.

“I’m your mother, not Kynam’s.”

Ah, my mother, Wonder Woman, not losing her wit even in such a situation.

“He’s so devoted to his brother, if he dies, I’ll be in trouble.”

“What nonsense. Regardless of my brother, I am me. Let me down, I’ll fight.”

Our crazy Kynam.

Did he aspire to become a butchered hunk of meat in the future?


Mother looked at me earnestly. How could I not grasp the worry in her eyes?

Hoping to alleviate that worry, I opened my mouth.

“I will make use of the angelic girl Neti’s bloodline, inherited from Mother, this time.”

“…Be careful.”

Mother said so quietly as she calmly grasped Kynam’s neck.

“Gek, what, what are you doing?”

Even in the midst of all this, he was polite. This bastard, strangely, he was always unusually nice to my mother.

I had always been cautious from the start.

Why? Because she’s a friend’s mother?

Feeling this way makes me somewhat guilty.

I would threaten Kynam’s father and such.

Saying this, it feels like my moral compass fostered in Dongbang Yeiuijeongguk with Confucian ideology is wrecked.

But that’s not it.

I’m the embodiment of Confucianism itself.

When I was a child, my nickname was ‘Yeui Yu Gwang-Eik.’

During my high school days, I recalled secretly taking a forty-something delinquent into an alley and beating him up.

No, that memory has nothing to do with manners.

The delinquent was extorting money from middle and high school kids. Why would such a bastard need manners?

Manners are needed between people.

Therefore, there’s no need for manners or dialogue between an Invader and me.


As Mother gripped Kynam’s windpipe like she was snapping a neck, the friend soon gurgled and lost consciousness.

“Mary, Mother will transform and clear the way. You just run.”

Listening to my mother’s voice, I threw off my gloves, and Mother, who caught them in mid-air, immediately slipped them onto her hands.

“Don’t be modest. It might become a relic.”

Mother, your wit is excessive. Is this the time for jokes?

“Return it later. If Al knows you gave it to me, he might kill me.”

“The king of Choneungguk wouldn’t be so petty as to use it, would he?”

“Yes, that friend, if you get to know him personally, you’ll say he’s quite unique.”

That kid is a bit like that.

Raised in a palace full of intrigue, no wonder he’s been that way since he was ten.

Communication is dead. I pulled out the in-ear and threw it on the ground.

“Go ahead.”

I said and turned around. Various thoughts flooded my mind.

Hye-min, this son of a gun, my former tutor, the guy next door, and the current CEO of the company, what is he doing while I suffer like this?

Jung-ah instructor will have retreated properly, right? She wouldn’t foolishly rush in to save me, would she?

Twelve shots left for the fourth batter.

The Junggle Knife has seen rough use, so its edge is a bit dull, but it’s still good to go.

The wire knife is still intact.

I didn’t even bring the pistol. The opponents are two types of Invaders known for their thick skin.

Sniping won’t matter unless it’s from a Cash Hippo caliber.

As expected, that’s what unfolded before my eyes.

Beyond my senses, near the front lines, the dying efforts of the gunman.

Bullets and explosives shot by our forces are flying.

Some of the Living Armors come forward from the unit.

Then, with a humming purple glow, an invisible barrier forms in the air.

It’s not a hexagon, it’s a triangle-shaped shield.

One of the defensive spells. It may not be as solid as a Hexagon but is quite useful for physical defense, though it can’t block magic.

Triangle Field.

It was sufficient.

Unless a bomber was deployed, there’s nothing one could do about it.

And would a bomber sorties even happen?

Beyond the rift, the shoulder of the Blue Knight is visible. The shoulder armor harmonious with elegant curves and straight lines.

The Blue Knight, with its mere presence, jams all communications.

Jamming is passive.

The moment a bomber appears, the high-flying Blue Knight will ascend.

Then what would be the outcome?

No aircraft can be as graceful as the Blue Knight.

The bomber would turn into fireworks within roughly 10 seconds.

To catch the Blue Knight, the matter had to be settled on the ground.

Well, that’s a matter for later.

Right now, the immediate problem is the horde of three-wheeled Wheel Knights and purple-tattooed Living Armors rushing in front of me.

They moved like well-trained soldiers.

Some of them split off and scattered. Their mobility was incomparable to humans.


They communicate as if they’re telepathically gifted identical twins.

Some of them headed my way.

I would do the same.

If Unique Invaders were used as bait, it was natural to eliminate the special force that took the bait.

The Blue Knight did just that.

And they rushed in.

Not a towering number, just about fifty or so.

Twenty Wheel Knights and thirty Living Armors.

But even the regular Wheel Knights and thirty Living Armors are not something a single unique species can handle.

Of course, I am a bit different.

To attract their attention so Mary and Mother could leave?

Instead of just running away.

I took a deep breath with the fourth batter in hand.

My chest swells. The ribcage expands. I took a full breath within my swollen chest.

And then, with a wide open mouth, I let out that breath as a shout, filling the entire battlefield with a wild murderous intent.

“Blue Knight! You son of a bitch!”

The shout containing a wild murderous aura rings out. It heats the atmosphere. The roaring sound overwhelms the noise of the bombing.

This is the vocal cords of a wild beast.

At that moment, the horde of Invaders closed the distance.

In a few seconds, we would be in reach to strike each other’s weapons.

In my vision, the triangular shield spouts purple energy.

Seemingly deaf, they ignore my shout. But perhaps they sensed the murderous intent within it because they all aimed their weapons straight at me.

The dynamic vision of my transformed species catches the movement of the creatures. Like a cut film, they charge with a frightful speed—a sight that would probably scare the piss out of ordinary unique species.


And then my heart beats. The palpitations do not cease.

Why did I want to enter the world of unique species?

Because I wanted to kill these bastards.

I am a person who kills Invaders.

It was a moment to realize those words, so I didn’t hesitate.

* * *

Hiding his body, Chungbong had to hold back his laughter while observing the battlefield.

He can’t afford to laugh and reveal his presence in his state of suppressed energy.

The Blue Knight, you son of a bitch.

Named Invaders can’t hear it. They wouldn’t understand it either.

But still, Chungbong felt a refreshing sense of relief.

A lifetime of hatred, and the end is just around the corner. Holding back his laughter, Chungbong submerged into the darkness.

* * *

Yoo Yeon-ho clicked his tongue at his son’s shout.

“That kid.”

His son. It was soon clear what he was up to.

“Let’s go and rescue him.”

His subordinate suggested. Yeon-ho didn’t reply.

Yes, originally, he would’ve dashed out right away.

But he couldn’t. He wasn’t allowed to.

Before the operation started, his wife came to him and said,

“Honey, trust Gwang-eik. If not him, then trust me. Behave professionally.”

Saying that, as she lightly hit his chest, confusion struck him from the affection, or rather, camaraderie he felt.

It was advice from his loving wife, and someone who had built as much history as a unique species as himself.

“I’m a Thousand Faces.”

That’s how he replied.

That was it.

He is a professional, Thousand Faces, the team leader of Phoenix Team.

“We maintain our positions for now. When Chungbong starts his action, we will contend with the Blue Knight.”

Phoenix Team’s operation never focused on Unique Invaders from the start.

His goal was the elimination of Named Invaders.

He pulls himself together for that purpose. Yeon-ho suppresses the burning desire in his chest wanting to respond to his son’s shout.

* * *

Kim Jung-ah heard that shout.

And she laughed.

A laugh that had not come out in so long.

She had lost her family and laughter had become a rare occurrence.

Gradually, she showed less and less emotion.

But at some point, she found herself smirking.

Whose fault was that?

Through the scope of the Cash Hippo, she could see the source of the shout.

It was Yoo Gwang-eik.

Once a junior, now the CEO of the company.

She wouldn’t let that kid die.

Thinking that, she aimed.

Jung-ah pulled the trigger.


The Cash Hippo spewed fire. The bullet struck near the head of a Living Armor rushing to the front.

The Triangle Field springs up to block it. Still, there should be an effect. Even if unseen, she knows by sensation.

It must have cracked. Fire again.



The power of the elixir aids in aiming. Though brief, it captures the talent of an immortal within one’s body.

She fires.


The bullet flies. Gwang-eik’s figure is now hard to discern.

Still, she continues to fire. Shooting over and over.

She saw Gwang-eik being swallowed amongst the crowd of Invaders.


Gwang-eik can’t die like this.

Before she knew it, she ran out of bullets.

She pulled out her bow and sat down. Kneeling on one knee, she drew her laser bow.

Jung-ah focused too much. That’s why she didn’t guard her surroundings or notice the approaching presence.

An uncharacteristic mistake.


The blade of a Living Armor falls towards her head. By the time she noticed, it was too late to avoid a fatal blow.

But then, shoot that arrow for Gwang-eik, right?

‘Am I dying?’

There’s no flashing life review. Her vengeance, Gwang-eik will do it for her.

A thump.

The Living Armor’s blade stops right before it hits.

Behind the shaking creature, a light suddenly shines.

A silent burst of light soon takes the form of a person.

The superpowerful photonic transformation.

The newcomer yells as they forcefully stab the blade into the back of the Living Armor.

Crack, thud.

Strained with power, they pull it to the side.

The body of the Living Armor is split in two. Watching this, others shoot a shotgun or such over the fallen Invader.

“Right at the weak point, right?”

“As expected from our Miho.”

A duo from the Immortal Special Forces appears, Johan, and Gwitaem.

Behind them, feeling another presence, she turns to see.

Rose, emitting a fierce light from her eyes.

The eyes of the superpowerful Medusa.

The gaze restricts the movement of the object it faces.

Did the Living Armor have eyes? They should have some sensory organs equivalent to that.

The fact that Medusa’s gaze worked suggested as much.

“It sure is a good day for a suicide.”

The ex-terrorist who saved her says.

Jung-ah doesn’t continue. She only glares.

Unable to stand it, Johan steps in between them.

“Why do you talk like that, Rose? If you talk harshly, you won’t meet a good man.”

“…You’re psychotically crazy.”

Johan gets nothing out of the intervention.

Dawn breaks.

Jung-ah looking in one direction spoke.

“Gwang-eik is in danger.”

Her tone was as stiff as usual.

“Just have to secure the escape route.”

U Miho takes charge. Where Gwang-eik had been, now invisible, she directs her gaze and speaks again.

“Everybody has a hidden blade, and the CEO has never drawn his sword.”

A transformed species is most perfect when in their transformed body.

Even the transformed species, who are prone to mistakes too absorbed by their instincts, are no exception.

Why is that?

History proves it. The transformed bodies of the talented transformed species have always been like that.

Dawn shines with sunlight. Where the sunlight illuminates.

From within, a hand suddenly shoots out.

Sharp nails scrape a Living Armor’s head.


Triangle Field? Ridiculous.

The nail slices through the soft field as if cutting through tofu and split the Invader’s head.

After a couple of slashes.

A Living Armor’s head split into six parts.


Deep within the encircled horde of Invaders.

A beast roars.



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