Genius of unique lineage Chapter 267


Genius of a Unique Lineage

266. Everyone Has a Hidden Blade (2)


With a powerful shout, all psionic energy is unleashed.

The Iron Knight, with its four wheels swirling, attempts to break away. I catch it with my hands as it tries to jump to the side. It was like grabbing the ankle of a human to hold them down.

Creaking noises emerge.

Sparks fly from the vicinity of the psionic armor’s gauntlets, yet I do not let go.

The strength in my grip is comparable to that of the Transforming race.

The armor’s integrated state-of-the-art system and analyst provide real-time environmental analyses to the wearer.

Lady Bora, the vice president and a key figure in the Association, played her part.

She immobilized the wheels of the Iron Knight.

Boom, clang!

The lance-like spear in the enemy’s hand strikes the back of the armor. Though my insides reverberate from the impact, they are not breached.

A shield of psychokinesis, formed by the accumulated energy in the armor, blocks the attack.

This is a marvel of scientific achievement by the Association.

Buldak, a reputed psycher in the Association, upon seeing the Iron Knight’s immobilized state, poured the remaining psionic energy within himself into the fray.

‘One shot.’

He repeats to himself and then explodes off the ground.

Not a double or triple but a single master.

There is a reason why he is recognized for a single ability.

It is due to the absolute amount of psionic energy.

A culmination of innate talent and effort.

The energy is transmitted clearly through the armor.

Buldak grasps a spear, now glowing red with intense heat, in his hands.

Psionic gear customized for the armor.

The tip of the spear, which heated up in an instant, was dyed a bright red.

Buldak, holding the spear, charged forward.

He kicked off the ground. The pressure of gravity weighed down on his shoulders, and despite the armor mitigating the shock, it was overwhelming.

It took quite a long time of training to withstand this.

That time allowed him to maintain consciousness and thrust the heated spear accurately.


The spear strikes the enemy’s body.

Crackling and splintering!

Although it does not penetrate, the flames lick up along the creature’s body.

Buldak’s attack was only partially successful.

It may not have penetrated, but it left a long scar, as deep as two fingers’ breadth, from the chest to the lower left side.

After that, the battle was easy.

“Enemy’s reaction speed decreased.”

“Remaining energy at 27%.”

The psionic armor is designed to be operated by two people, paired up.

The wearer is assisted by an analyst.

The analyst assesses the opponent and manages the state of the armor.

This information is transmitted to the wearer via a communication device.

A perfect symbiosis had been achieved.

In the head of the Iron Knight, a blade imbued with cutting psychic power was embedded.


The light fades from the creature’s eye sockets, indiscernible whether they were a face or just part of the helmet.

“Enemy entity, no response.”


A voice mixed with joy expressed.

Buldak, Lady Bora, the vice president, and even the rest of the master level special species psychers.


They rejoiced. And rightly so.

The practicality of the psionic armor had been proven.

No longer would they be easily dismissed within the world of special species.

But this moment of triumph was fleeting.

“What’s that?”

The vice president exclaimed. The high-performance camera attached to the armor replaced her vision.

The analyst observed through the cracking Gate, a tear in reality, and announced.

“Invader horde, second wave inbound.”

The first wave consisted of Spell Knights and their ilk bursting forth. And now already a second wave?

It was alarmingly fast. Too fast.

The defense against the first wave had been a resounding success, if not a grand victory.

After all, they had captured four unique invaders before the Azure Knight could even appear.

Weren’t these the minions of that vile creature?

But if this was the outcome, it spelled doom.

“It’s not a new form of invader. We have Number 43 Living Armor and Number 65 Wheel Knight, however.”

The analyst’s report was cut off. What they saw differed already.

The Living Armors emerged with violet runes inscribed over their entire bodies, similar to those of the Spell Knights.

And the Wheel Knight horde?

Three wheels instead of four. One in the front, two in the back.

Clad in bluish armor, they replaced one arm with a conical lance tethered to the side.

They were different. Slightly different from the ones seen before.

“Their energy readings are high. Measured to be 1.5 times that of a regular Invader.”

“Current residual energy in the armor is at 17%. You must retreat.”

“Joining the battle now is not possible.”

The analysis team reports. The vice president bit her lip.

Whether from the pressure, her lip burst, tasting of blood.

‘Damn it.’

She felt utterly outsmarted. That thought dominated her mind.

* * *

“We’ve been outplayed.”

Donghoon’s words were confirmed with a nod from Miho.

At the moment the named monster emerged, the remaining invaders charged.

The allies bombed them upon witnessing this.

The fight was so simple that the sole objective of the strategy was to maximize efficiency with minimal casualties.

It was both the decision of the Unique Commanding Officer and the commander himself.

He was at ease. And should have been.

With arms crossed, he surveyed the battlefield, seemingly under no threat.

Across various fronts, clever warriors toyed with the invaders.

They lured charging fiends onto mines and blazed them with direct-fire cannons.

Overwhelming firepower.

Without the Spell Knight to protect them, they lacked any means of defense.

That was all that was needed.

The battle was devoid of chaos. Though to the front-liners, it might have seemed frantic, the command was far from such disarray.

A smooth victory was anticipated.

Now, it was merely a matter of discussing how to capture the Azure Knight.

But those expectations shattered.

“Status report.”

The commander spoke. He remained collected.

Had predictions gone awry? There had been countless such occasions.

Not many of those called first-generation heroes still work actively to this day.

As one such individual, a living part of history,

the Unique Commanding Officer was doing what had to be done.

“The energy levels of the invaders are abnormally high.”

“It’s not a new type but appears to be an evolved form.”

“If we charge, frontal defense is impossible.”

“We must widen the battlefield.”

“Predicted damages incalculable.”

Several analysts bickered. They, too, echoed the collected voices of around a dozen analysts.

Ultimately, it was the view of a hundred analysts.

Combining these inputs into a solid decision was the commander’s responsibility.

The opinions of the analysts culminate in the words of the deputy commander, a woman with unusually long hair.

If she were to untie her hair, it seemed it would reach her ankles.

“We need a temporary retreat to re-establish the battlefield.”

“What about the Immortal Special Forces at the front?”

At this, Park Youngdon spoke up. He currently represented the situation of the Immortal Special Forces.

Just moments before, everything was favorable.

He bore the grave responsibility of the frontline. If this matter ended smoothly, or at least if they managed to fend off the Azure Knight back to its realm, he would receive substantial credit.

Perhaps even more so than that commander over there.

Even his son lent a hand in ambition.

Taking to the front to demonstrate his valor.

His son did just that. Wielding customized gear, he blasted and bent the Wheel Knights and Living Armors that emerged at the forefront with optical weapons.

But what if they retreated? What of his son then?

“If this force is annihilated?”

The deputy commander frowned.

“Then the metropolitan area will be paralyzed. Do you intend to create a second Lost North? We must be rational.”

The long-haired female deputy commander spoke.

Unforeseen circumstances always occur.

Park Youngdon’s complexion paled.

Yet, there was no stepping forward. He was no fool but certainly had the insights to scan the current situation.

Fear gripped Park Youngdon.

His son had become an expedited death sentence.

Donghoon watched the command center with his eyes while organizing his thoughts.

‘Was the enemy’s true intention focused here all along?’

If the unique invaders applied similar strategies, then so could the Azure Knight.

And the enemy did just that.

The unique invaders were mere bait.

While concentrating forces and bickering amongst themselves, the real blade lay hidden on the other side of the Gate.

A blade sharp and formidable indeed.

For instance, rather than facing four in battle, hundreds at 1.5 strength posed a much greater threat.

But these creatures seemed far from the realms of just 1.5.

Their appearance alone was anything but ordinary.

Humanity may have concealed a blade to slice the unique invaders, but the enemy did likewise.

Everyone has a hidden blade.


“Firearms are ineffective. Long-range sniping is impossible.”

The leader of the analysis team states. He’s part of the Unique Command’s forces.

Unless they intended to use massive bombs capable of demolishing central Seoul, the range of usable weapons was restricted.

Even those restricted instruments could not penetrate Living Armor’s defense.

More precisely, the violet runes floating above their armor rendered long-range sniping useless by creating a shield.

“What a doggone situation.”

The commander speaks out.

Donghoon’s gaze followed him. The commander’s expression and posture were as before. Arms still crossed and no signs of desperation shown.

A retreat might seem logical, but it could never be the correct answer.

Leaving the Azure Knight free to roam was a defeat for humanity.

The resulting damage?

Invaders are attackers by nature.

They act precisely as the name humanity has given them, invading Earth.

Thus the battle is as if they are fighting over the manicured lawn in one’s front yard.

If forced to take even one step back, thus widening the battlefield, it’s only natural that more lawn would get ruined.

“Get the safety distance analyzed. Let’s take just two steps back.”

The commander orders. The most rational command there is.

Minimize the expansion of the battlefield and then counterattack.

Of course, there are things that must be sacrificed.

The allies who advanced to the frontline. Especially those who delved deep to hunt unique invaders – their end was imminent.

For they would soon be indistinguishable from the very front.

“Darn it.”

Donghoon stood up. There laid a company president, and certainly a hero who would openly shape a new era, right out there.

He couldn’t just leave him behind, could he?

But there was no persuading the commander.

Fortunately, his absence wouldn’t be much noted.

“No, I will.”

Miho’s voice is heard. Donghoon turned his head.

Her usual expression met his eyes.


“Don’t ask when you already know.”

Donghoon just shrugged his shoulders.

It felt like a suicide mission, and he wondered if it was okay to take her along.

“Cover my back and clear the way. I’ll open up the front path. I’ll scout for the escape route.”

Such audacious confidence.

She claimed to have a sharper eye on the battlefield than himself.

Really? To him who once heightened the value of the special species world as a mixed-blood immortal.

“We don’t have time.”

Miho turned.

She attempted to communicate as she left. Understandably, there was jamming on Kwang Ik’s side.

She couldn’t establish contact.

Instead, she gathered the remainder.

“All NS employees assemble.”

Donghoon watched her departure and then found his duty.

If he were two people, this would have been his strategy.

Send one to the frontline to create an escape route.

And the other?

“Will you leave it at that? If we lose the forces inside, we lose anyway.”

It’s about swaying public opinion.

It’s not just about pulling back but pulling back while defending the frontline. To do so, someone must be sacrificed.

And there’s only one group that could be it.

“We won’t lose. Holding out will cause more damage.”

An analyst spoke up. The commander furrowed and relaxed his brow.

The Unique Command placed its forces in the rear.

One could view it as efficient, but from another angle, it seemed more like saving one’s own troops.

There were valid reasons for that idea.

The Unique Commanding Officer’s nickname? Scrooge.

He indeed deeply treasures his own forces.

Donghoon began his difficult battle.

He wanted to save Kwang Ik, even at the cost of some losses.

Regardless of the gains and losses, moved by the heart, he took action.

“Really? It doesn’t seem like that to me.”

The Unique Command was not alone here.

Even a commander is not free from politics.

Donghoon began his political maneuvering within the command center.

If he convinced the Immortals, Hwarang, and the Association, he could manage to push the Unique Command’s back.

‘This bastard?’

The commander glared.

For the first time, someone who was once his right-hand in command had now struck him from behind like a snake.

‘Maybe I’m becoming more like Kwang Ik.’

Not his preferred method, but sometimes madness wasn’t too bad.

Even if things ended well, it seemed he’d be on bad terms with the Unique Command.

‘Well, that’s for the representative to handle.’

He was merely a member of the organization and thus needed to protect his leader.

To ensure someone else takes the commander’s scolding, if only just to bear the brunt of his killing gaze.


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