Genius of unique lineage Chapter 265


Genius of a Unique Lineage

Chapter 264: Hunt

With an explosive force, the gate burst open.

A Unique Invader, Thornz Knight, sprang from the dark abyss within.

The sudden event didn’t faze any of us.

Dawn was breaking.

The sunlight shone upon the wrecked land.

The destroyed asphalt, snapped power poles, and piles of crumbled concrete made the toppled scooter amidst them look like a gravestone in a cemetery.


Thornz lifted its massive body, and I could feel the tremendous weight of its form.

An immortal’s senses and instincts scanned the invader’s physique.

Not all the shotgun pellets had missed their mark. Some embedded themselves within the dense scales.


The embedded thorny scales rose and fell, and the pellets lodged between them clattered to the ground.

The sunlight reflected off the monster’s body, almost blindingly bright.

For a moment, the intense light made me blink.

I was about to move again.

Aim and fire. Just when I was about to repeat the simple action.


The ground under Thornz caved in. The broken asphalt was pushed further down by its weight.

What was it trying to do?

I focused my senses, and my finger naturally pulled the trigger.

Whatever it does, offense is the best defense…

Huh? Wait?


The scales bundled up at the bottom, swirling, and transformed into something resembling feet. These thorny scales formed feet reminiscent of a part of medieval armor.

The monster’s transformed feet rolled over a wheel as if covering it.

Replacing wheels with feet?


An explosion rang out, and in that same moment, Thornz’s body was flung backward.

It soared into the air and cleared the battlefield.

“…Did it just leap away?”

Mother muttered to herself.

The Thornz Knight fled right after appearing without hesitation.

Wow, it really did take off.

That was absurd. What kind of Invaders were these?

Born as natural human killers, created solely to extinguish humanity.

They were like bulls charging at the sight of a red cape, eager to kill any human in sight.

Above all, this was a Unique Invader, even worse than a regular one.

Yet it fled.

Crackle! Boom!

Blue lightning struck timely from the gate.

The sky was so clear that it felt more like a bolt out of the blue.

“Stick to Plan A.”

I lowered my gun as I watched the fleeing creature.

The surprise wasn’t just because of the jumping Invader.

It was because of Brother Panda and Miho.

Those two, they were truly remarkable.

They had predicted this.

* * *

“An Invader using tactics means they’re playing by plan.”

Brother Panda tapped his head as he spoke.

“That means there’s a higher chance it’ll exhibit unusual behavior.”

Miho agreed with a look of understanding.

“We’d better assume it has intelligence equivalent to a human.”

“Let’s split up the plan. Seems like three parts should do?”

“That ought to be enough.”

The two spoke with great rapport.

Even though I was right there, they discussed as if I were invisible.

“Hey, don’t you think you should explain this to me since I’m the one heading into action?”

When I wedged myself in their discussion, they both looked surprised.

“You didn’t catch that?”

“I’m in stupid mode right now. Just leave it.”

They were united. A high-five between them would have been perfect.

But that didn’t happen.

Instead, they just exchanged nods – annoyingly.

“Just stay put if you don’t want to think.”

Brother Panda said, and I did just that.

My mind was already filled with thoughts of slaying Invaders.

Not that I’d forget what I heard.

They were both geniuses, and the combination of the two wasn’t just additive – it was multiplicative.

* * *

Accurate predictions and expectations grant the power to prepare.

Thornz Knight pushed off the ground and jumped to the side, heading towards the outskirts of the battlefield designated by the command.

The fact that it came from the outskirts and was heading further out was of note.


I heard the communique in my in-ear.


The message was clear: follow it.

“We’ll form up and pursue it.”

I said. Mother took the lead, Mari and Ginam flanked her, and I covered the rear.

More Invaders poured out of the open rift that Thornz had emerged from.

Despite stumbling and tripping over each other, they were eager to spill out.

Although we couldn’t outrun a Wheel Knight’s mobility, that didn’t mean we’d get caught.

“Destroy them!”

A lively voice called out. It was a voice I recognized – a woman’s.

It was Brother Panda and Miho’s arrangement.

Hwarang Special Forces rushed from behind.

It was Jeong-ah.

Her movements gave her away.

About twenty elite transformation-users lined up behind us, winding up their throws.

Immortals naturally excel at hitting targets with anything in hand.

But they weren’t transformation-users.

They filled that gap.

Through bullpen training and countless practice throws, they had honed their aim.

And though the transformation-users were of a special breed with innate strength, their aim was solid.


Hand bullets held in their palms flew out.

Thump, splat, smack!

The hand bullets thrown by them stuck to the Invaders’ bodies like children’s toys.

The goopy texture was visible even to the naked eye.

Soon, the sticky semi-liquid hand bullets attached to them exploded with a bright light.


It was a new kind of weapon.

Adhesive grenades capable of being thrown.

“We’ve got this side covered.”

Pijical’s voice could be heard.

I waved back and ran. Mother had already cleared a path ahead.

Nothing could trouble her.


The path before us had been made clear.

Codename: Miracle of Moses.

The Tactical Police Force paved the way, wielding their riot shields and firearms to make a wedge rush into the heart of the Invaders.


While Thornz did jump a couple more times, without springs attached to its feet, its mobility was limited.

After pulling away, it merged with the standard Invaders looking to lash out.

That was its tactic.

And we had anticipated every bit of it.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

I muttered before my thought could even finish.


From a distance, the teeth of a hippo flew towards us.

The Cash Hippo, a large caliber sniper rifle, spewed flames to scathe the enemy.


A satisfying sound resounded as the face of the hit Thornz Knight caved in.

It rebounded quickly, but was enough to tether it in place.

Ginam fired his gun.


Three consecutive shots were fired from a custom gear inspired by his brother’s weapon.

A machine gun-shaped device with a round grenade launcher attached to it.

It was like a modified, oversized revolver.

Thunk, the first grenade hit the ground, and the shattered shell froze the area instantly. It was a freezing grenade.

The second grenade exploded above the monster’s body, pouring out a sticky substance like a spider’s web.

Each thorny scale on the Invader could act as both shield and spear.

The adhesive was there to disrupt those transformations.

The last grenade was a special net.

A net reinforced with adamantium weave tangled around the monster’s supposed wheels.


The wheels emitted light, attempting to gain propulsion.


The net got entangled with the wheels. Despite bits being torn apart, some of it remained wrapped around the wheels.

Thus, its feet were now bound.

As I hefted the number four bat onto my shoulder and walked forward, I spoke out.

“Kid, what’s with the running at first sight? We’ve got a lot to discuss.”

Checkmate, you bastard.

Humanity has worked hard to research and understand what it has faced.

Corporations exist that study Invaders exclusively.

Governments buy those research papers.

Sometimes they even deal with mad scientist groups, taking risks and conducting experiments.

All this gathered information…

We’ve lived through Huez Gates, faced Named, and have fought against Unique Invaders.

I knew dozens of ways to kill these bastards.


Several Living Armors attacked from the right.

Mari drew out the axe on her back, swinging it both horizontally and vertically in quick succession.

Her hands moved so swiftly that afterimages of the axe blade lingered in the air.

Crunch, squish, clang!

Mari’s axe cleaved the Living Armors into six separate parts.

An excellent and precise cutting technique.

Power distribution and execution were flawless.

Mother ran ahead. Nothing stood in her way.

Thornz Knight formed its body into a shield to block Mother’s advance.


It wasn’t an ordinary shield, though. The shield bristled with sharp spikes.

Mother stamped her left foot down.

Thud, the heavy impact sank her foot several centimeters into the ground and, simultaneously, she drew back and thrust her right fist forward.

A magnificent straight punch.

Yet, before her was a shield of spikes hard enough to tear through even hardened compression armor gloves.

Nonetheless, Mother showed no hesitation.

Fist met spiny shield.


An explosion resonated, and suddenly, the cosmos seemed to burst in the air.

It was the Galaxy Field. I had lent my gloves to Mother.

A steadfast shield transformed into a formidable weapon.

Mother had proven that.

The tremendous strength crumpled the monster’s spiky shield in half and sent its wheels flying backward.

A correctly timed arrow flew towards the creature’s head. That was Jeong-ah’s handiwork.

Following the Cash Hippo’s silent arrow sniping.

Thunk, ping, ting!

The monster managed to move the thorny scales covering its head to deflect the arrow.

Unique Invaders were powerful.

But no matter how ferocious the invader, it was merely prey to a well-prepared humanity.

I made a dash. Closing the distance between us, it felt like the air itself was being sucked towards me.

With enhanced empathic sense and my presence snuffed, I crept closer.

Pointing the muzzle forward.

My left index finger rested on the trigger of number four, while I drew the jungle knife with my right hand.

Pulling the trigger as I drew it out.

Kra-aaaack! Boom!

The jungle knife clashed with the monster’s thorny armor, sparking blue flames. It couldn’t cut through. Adamantium pellets struck its chest at point-blank range.

Caving in, though not penetrating.

Yet, that sheer force was enough to send the monster flying backward, rolling pathetically as it hit the collapsed concrete.

Thump, it bounced upwards after hitting the ground.

All the while attempting to roll backward by creating wheel-like arms.

Was it trying to dodge?

Was it a reflexive action on the part of the Invader?

It didn’t matter.


I took a step forward and spoke out.

“Hurts, doesn’t it? Well, I’m not hurting.”

“What are you talking about?”

Ginam called out from behind as he approached.

“Hm, son, this armor is quite something,” Mother said, caressing her fist.

“Should I chop it up with my axe?” Mari asked.

I walked forward.

As I walked, I was aware of the situation around me.

My senses, honed from battling Invaders, instinctively took in the surroundings.

Everyone was doing well.

The hunt of four Unique Invaders was a guaranteed success.

Everyone had their one shot prepared.

Thornz Knight struggled. It bounced its body sideways, attempting evasion.

It had somehow managed to cut all the net that had entangled it on the ground and now rolled its wheels.

Although shaken, it still seemed intact.

Yeah, if it ended this easily, it would be disappointing.


My heart raced.

In this very moment of slaying an Invader, I felt alive.

“Let’s go, Ginam.”

“Don’t act chummy with me.”

We started running again. Mother struck, Mari swung her axe, and caught up in the excitement, I too snapped a punch at the vicinity of the wheels with my left fist.

When the Galaxy Field exploded, the defenses became a heavy glove that enveloped my fist.

The creature kept transforming its thorny armor.

At times, they became swords and shields, and even weaponized both arms into blades to strike.

Mother caught those blades and deflected them to the side.

Mari took advantage of the opening created, swinging her axe from below upwards.

Casually, the bastard Thornz’s chin split then rejoined.

The thorny armor seemed to fend off all attacks.

We pressed harder. Relentlessly striking.

In no time, we found ourselves quite a distance from the central battlefield.


It was time for Thornz’s body to roll back again.

I gave the signal.

I’m going to kill you. Absolutely, positively.

Drawing forth my killing intent, I targeted it with a wild predator’s ferocity.

Mother and Mari followed, spreading their killing intent.

After countless strikes and sheer pressure.


Thornz Knight reacted. It gathered spikes to its front, forging both spears and blades.

And then, an immortal, who had concealed his presence, seized it from behind.

Time seemed to slow for me.

I pondered and reflected on everything leading up to this moment.


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