Genius of unique lineage Chapter 264


Genius of a Unique Lineage

Chapter 263: Signature

There was a wealth of information.

About the Azure Knight, and about the four mid-level bosses that were supposedly beneath him.

Based on the information I had seen, heard, and remembered, I was forming an image in my mind.

Walking around helped me think better than just standing still, so I meandered through our hastily constructed fortifications.

Step by step, I built up the image in my mind as I walked.

“Thank you.”

A nattily dressed immortal approached me, a worm-like scar visible on his face. It was a healing wound.

He seemed to be a member of the Immortals’ Special Forces.

To be exact, he was one of the immortals I had saved. A man I had rescued from the onslaught of Wheel Knights and Living Armors.

“Are you Hwarim?”


“My junior, then.”

“It’s an honor.”

He didn’t raise his voice or show visible excitement, but his eyes sparkled.

Being regarded as a figure of admiration by someone wasn’t entirely unpleasant.

I continued to construct the images in my mind even as we spoke.

It was a kind of training.

A multitasking training exercise.

On the battlefield, anything can happen. Although we decided to deal with the Unique Invader with just a few elites.

No one can predict what will happen.

So, I was training to build up images while distributing my attention elsewhere.

Nobody told me to do this, nor was it a standardized training method.

I just thought it would help, and so I did it.

Another immortal walked by.

I kept on moving.

From the Thorn Knight to the Iron, Spell, and Stealth, all four of them are complicated.

If they weren’t complicated, they wouldn’t be called Unique.

Strategies to face each of them naturally flowed through my mind.

Although ‘strategies’ might not be the right word.

It was more about the way we fight.

I would be at the forefront with Mother and Mari as my wings, supported by Ginam at the rear, and the sniper taking shots.

The overlapping images forecasted the direction of the battle.

We could lose. A 100% victory was not guaranteed.

Then what would be the reason for our loss?

Mari becomes overexcited, jumps forward, and we overextend trying to save her.

Was it a mistake to bring Mari?

No, that wasn’t it.

Shapeshifters with her abilities were not common.

I ran the simulation in my head again, sorting out my thoughts.

After having my fill of food, I took a pleasure in a solid 30 minutes of rest.

The bombing sounds had stopped, so the noise had died down.

The government had also brought sleep capsules.

Strictly speaking, these were survival capsules that could save those on the brink of death, but I had used them as sleep capsules.

It’s all up to how the owner uses their possessions.

After a good sleep and a walk, my brain was working even more crisply. How wonderful.

After all, nobody objected when I decided to use it.

The supply manager saw me and passed me through with a free pass.

After several simulations and acknowledging familiar faces with nods, I hear a welcome voice stopping me in my tracks.

“Yoo Gwang-ik.”

It was my senior, Honam. Of course, I recognized him by his presence before even looking.


“Taking Ginam with you?”

I nodded instead of replying. His eyes showed a slight tremble.

A mix of complex emotions.

“Take good care of him,” he said and turned away abruptly.

That fool for a brother.

I couldn’t bear to stop him.

Perhaps Ginam threatened to cut ties if he interfered?

I walked again.

Before I realized it, I was in front of a panel building marked “Command.”


In front of it, I saw an immortal.

He looked youthful, but my sixth sense told me he was not young.

“Are you Sechoit-special?”

He called out to me.

Another thank you, perhaps.

Probably someone else who survived the wave of Wheel Knights and Living Armors thanks to me.

I almost finished the simulation in my head when he interrupted, so I replied casually.

“Yes, I’m fine. Saving people is kind of my hobby.”


“You seem fine, not too injured. Lucky. Still on the front lines despite getting old? I know someone from Hwarim like that, getting more abrasive with age. So, pull yourself together. The sun will rise tomorrow, too.”


I approached and tapped his shoulder comfortingly as he blinked in surprise.

“Stay strong.”


He gritted his teeth in response to my encouragement. What’s with this guy?

Maybe I overstepped.

“My name is Park Yeong-don.”

Oh, ah.

Realizing who he was, I turned to a soldier passing by.

“The Unique Unit has arrived, right? I can see soldiers in uniform.”

“Excuse me, sir?”

“Do you have paper and a pen?”

“Yes, sir.”

I borrowed a sheet of paper and a pen, signed it, and wrote ‘To Mr. Park Yeong-don.’

“Are you asking now?”

Park Yeong-don, trembling with emotion.

“Here you go.”

I handed him the signed paper, and he seemed to tremble with joy. Seems like he’s a fan.

Even in between all this, my mind was still running simulations.

His evident emotional response made it clear to me, even without focusing my senses too sharply.

A die-hard fan.

“This crazy…”

“Shush, if people crowd around, I’ll be signing autographs until dawn.”

I patted his shoulder again and walked inside.

“What are you doing here?”

Panda-hyung greeted me.

“Oh, just ended up here while walking. What about you?”


“Why is NS staff working at the command center?”

“Miho’s there. Everything runs smoothly without me.”


“And it’s not for free. I’m getting paid for this outing.”

He’s making money.

“Good for you.”

I complimented him.

Inside the command center was spacious, but no one else was around.

“Where did everyone go?”

“Resting, there’s a sense a major battle is imminent.”

Everyone was preparing for the upcoming battle.

While talking, I finished the simulations in my head.

At the same time, I thought of a few things I needed to do. It was time to head back.

“Earn your money and make sure our people don’t get hurt.”

“What does the outside guy have to say about that?” Panda-hyung asked immediately.


Wasn’t he a fan?

“Special Forces Executive Officer Park Yeong-don.”

An executive? And he came out to the front lines? He must be a decent person, an example of leading by example.

“He asked for an autograph?”


Panda-hyung looked confused.


Park Yeong-don walked in.


Just then, my phone rang. It was Miho.

I showed the palm of my hand and answered the call.

“Oh. Hey, Miho, okay, got it. I’ll come now. I just took a little stroll. The rain’s stopped, so the sky’s clear, absolutely.”

The sky was still overcast, but it was clear enough.

The dawn was still far off, but tomorrow morning seemed likely to bring a clear sky.

“Nonsense? You’re not shy with words to the boss. You should marry Gwitaerang and live happily ever after.”

Miho hung up after my blessing.

She was busy and wanted to make sure where I was headed.

“I’m going, hyung.”

I told Panda-hyung and turned to leave when Mr. Park Yeong-don tried to grab my arm. Reflexively, I dodged and twisted away.

“I already gave you an autograph. Photos will have to wait.”

With that, I spun around and moved on.

The observation of where Unique Invaders might appear was finished.

It was time to take position and wait.

As I left, someone’s murmur followed me.

“That bastard.”

* * *

Park Yeong-don had to admit it.

He had never been this angry in his life.

He was dying to grab that bastard by the scalp and slam him to the ground.

To take his arm, twist it, and pound his head into the floor.

But he couldn’t do it.

Even if we set aside his abilities.

“What? Check the ability? Are you joking? Leave him, he’ll be taken out by elite teams for Unique impacts.”

A colleague from the command center, who had history with me, said that.

He was a close associate of the Unique Unit commander.

This was basically the words of the supreme commander, the head of operations.

It meant, “Do not touch.”

The name Sechoit-special whispered here and there within the command center.

Actually, I heard it across the entire stronghold.

About how I had saved them.

How I suddenly appeared and smashed the Wheel Knight’s front armor with a shotgun blast.

All of them were stories I didn’t like to hear.

It made me want to bring him down.

Park Yeong-don held back.

Then he encountered Gwang-ik looking dazed in front of the barracks.

He was thinking of shaming him, but then…

“You got his signature.”

A mongrel resembling Panda said something.

At that, Park Yeong-don crumpled the paper in his hand.

No, he tore it completely.

What the hell, this madman. He didn’t clearly show hostility but to autographe and leave just like that.

It’s no wonder Sechoit-special had quite the reputation.

The mongrel resembling Panda giggled as if no one could hear.

I can’t stand that son of a bitch.

Of course, I couldn’t lay a hand on him.

Strange, but here, the influence of NS was immense.

Especially since the Unique Unit commander and operations head valued him so much.

‘From the association, right?’

A hero of the first generation, a legion commander from the association.

Why does he care for Sechoit-special?

Park Yeong-don didn’t know and didn’t want to.

He was only preparing to take him down when the opportunity arose.

After the mongrel Panda left.

Someone familiar approached.

Not quite of the pureblood Jungs, but close—a testament to his own family lineage.

He was brought into this world through a strategic marriage designed precisely for that reason.

Now, the peak of his lineage’s talent was standing next to him.

Clean-faced with exceptional abilities.

He hadn’t placed him in Hwarim, instead grooming him for a key position in the Ministry of Public Administration and Security.

And he had had opportunities to prove his worth.

“It would have been nice if you went to the Unique strike team.”

The son spoke.

“Yes. I regret that too.”

Park Yeong-don erased his displeasure as he looked at his son.

The best of his family stood right here.

And certainly capable of thoroughly handling Sechoit-special.

Delusions are free after all.

* * *


The rift broke open.

The appointed time approached.

I had finished all that needed to be done before then.


“Yes, Brother, Mari understands.”

Good, my dear sister.

You understand that I can’t afford you to rampage here.

Mari was instructed to stay in human form and stay composed, unless her life was threatened.

I also asked Jung-ah to back Mari up.

Although her capabilities were impressive, her experience in large-scale combat was limited. That was Mari’s weakness.

She was easily excited.

Such a composed and demure girl becomes someone who, in battle, draws two axes and roars her battle cry. It’s hard to imagine with her current demeanor.

“We only need to target Thorn.”

Looking at the breaking rift, Miho’s voice came to mind.

She came here and explained the tactics to me up until just before my departure.

She sorted the surroundings, analyzed the Invaders’ forms, their behavioral patterns.

She broke down everything.

Some parts I had anticipated, others I had missed.

I stored all this in my mind and adjusted the simulations accordingly.

Miho spoke as if pouring it all out at once, and seeing that made me feel awkward, so I joked.

“It’s troublesome if you fall for me instead of Gwitaerang-hyung. It’ll be a love triangle.”

“You crazy bastard.”

Miho, without any emotion or facial expression, just stated the facts and left.

“Mom, she’s pretty good. Quite honest.”

My mother praised Miho nearby.

“Where are you going?”

“Aren’t you crazy about her?”


Before Miho left, the Association had sent out powerful individuals. They stared and stared at the rift.

At first, I thought they were trying to kill the Invaders with their gaze.

That wasn’t the case.

Their ability was ‘measurement.’

The troops began to move based on what they had observed.

Hwarim, Dangun, and the government pooled more than half of their forces for this mission.

It’s the Named Gate Closing.

That’s why I ended up waiting here.


The rift broke open as if exploded.

Through it, slim, wire-like tendrils emerge.

My eyes caught them.

“Jeong Ginam.”

“I saw.”

I wasn’t the only one who had seen.

A wire-like tendril sprung out from the cracked rift, writhing like a whip. Ginam’s gun blazed, and he took the shot.

Close-range sniping. The large-caliber bullet flew, striking the wire.


A heavy metal clang resounded. The wire was not broken. It bent, reflecting the bullet.

It buckled somewhat, but then it hissed and flattened out like a reptile’s scale, straightening out the buckled spot.

“Rapid fire.”

I commanded.

At the same time, I pulled the triggers of the machine guns in my hands.

The moment Thorn Knight emerged from the rift, even before it could announce itself and await the battle, we showered it with bullets.

So the cut segment of the Thorn Knight wire quickly retreated back through the rift.

What’s this? Afraid of a few bullets?

As I pondered…


There was a sound like air exploding—a tremendous roar. And then, a hole opened in the rift.

Unusually fast. I had never even heard of such speed following a rift.

And from within, a massive, metal-clad knight burst forth.


The knight, adorned with spike-like scales all over its body.

It was Thorn Knight.


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