Genius of unique lineage Chapter 263


Genius of a Unique Lineage

262. Why am I actually looking forward to this?

I scanned the two of them with my eyes.

The bald division chief and that woman with the purple hair?

There seems to be a bit of an age gap, doesn’t it?

“The division chief said he beat it,” added Johan Hyung.

“You, you won’t die a pretty death. My hope is that you’ll struggle your whole life and ultimately drown,” the Purple-haired woman cursed utterly void of any kindness.

“I will arrange my own affairs, so don’t worry about it,” she continued.

The two said this and turned away from each other. Both of their gazes fixated simultaneously on my father.

“They seem to get along well,” my father remarked.

Does this seem like it to you? It looks more like they’re about to stab each other in the gut with knives.

“One side is running late,” my father added, interlocking his fingers.

His demeanor was completely unfazed by the menacing atmosphere.

It was a statement as if it didn’t matter to him what those two did.

Father seemed to command the room’s energy with his gravitas.

Yeah, it’s great that he’s got this commanding presence, but there was a red stain around his mouth, perhaps from wiping off some sauce. It would be nice if someone cleaned that up for him.

His face bearing that mark detracts from his imposing demeanor.

Before I could lift a hand, Mother reached out with a wet wipe and cleaned the corner of his lips.

Father accepted her touch with pleasure.

“Thank you,” he said, looking at Mother.

“It’s nothing,” she replied, their eyes meeting in a flood of affection. It’s the type of scene that would have single people who spent Christmas alone or divorced couples that bite at each other’s throats throw a spear at 250 km/h in envy.

To put it simply, it was a prime example of showing off.

“Time is passing. Let’s get started,” said the bald division chief.

He either had outstanding mind control skills, or he was just being mindful of my father.

In any case, he spoke with an expressionless face.

“Time after time, what are you intending to do?”

The Purple-haired woman, the bald division chief’s ex-wife, couldn’t hide her feelings easily.

She didn’t finish her sentence, but even by the shape of her mouth, I was 1500% sure that it was an expletive.

Nevertheless, she restrained herself befitting the status she held, visible effort evident on her forehead despite her simmering anger.

In some ways, she seemed like a straightforward person.

You could tell at a glance she was the type who spoke frankly without deceit.

“Right on time,” my father commented, seeing the two of them, and at that moment, someone entered the room.

I too had sensed the presence somewhat. I turned my head to look back at the entrance of the restaurant.

Someone had entered through the hastily installed plastic door.

Mother was the first to recognize the newcomer.

“Ah, Hoyeong.”

Mother murmured. It was a name I had heard before.

“The traffic was heavy,” said the man as he entered. He was big, just slightly smaller than Kim Muscle.

His presence was sharp. It reminded me of the first time I saw my maternal grandfather.

Hoyeong, a name that stuck in my mind, and seeing Mother’s reaction, he must be an uncle.

Indeed, not just any uncle but one of the strong influential figures within the Dan-gun Group.

I recalled hearing that grandfather was famously promiscuous and had many children.

Mother had mentioned that she left because she hated the infighting over succession among his offspring.

It’s very rare. A shape-shifter that dislikes fighting doesn’t come out often.

In that sense, Mother was an extraordinary being.

If she weren’t able, she wouldn’t have even spoken.

At one point, being labeled as the ‘Rehabilitation Witch’ and the nightmare of the Dan-gun Group.

“Your excuse is weak.”

“Deliberately being late has been your habit for a decade. Do you think that gives you the upper hand? It’s just annoying.”

Is this the power of past lovers, or even spouses?

Purple Hair and the Bald teamed up swiftly in their rebuke.

“Actually, the road was blocked.”

However, the fresh shape-shifter uncle was not having any of it.

The group behind him now counted to five.

Behind Uncle, I saw Doan Gyeol.

And three other shape-shifters I didn’t know.

They marched in silently.

And suddenly, the room was divided into three parts around the table including my father and I, Mother, my companions.

It felt like three groups of beasts ready to brawl over their territory.

But what exactly is happening here?

“Are you the commander?” the uncle asked.

Father nodded and spoke.

“I am the overall operation commander, having taken charge from the Yuil Unit, Phoenix Team’s Yoo Yeonho.”

“Hwarang Kang Ho-yeong. I bring four under me,” the uncle began.

“What’s the operation?”

The bald division chief asked, following up.

The straightforward Purple Hair summed up the current situation with a short sentence.

“So, the real power is with you.”


I looked around. Even though briefly, it was enough to grasp the situation.

So, all three of them were called by Father.

They came at his summons.

Considering the people he called, they could form a team of Invincible Special Forces.

The Hwarang Elite Team.

And the Elite Team of the Psychic Association.

Such individuals respond to a call?


I looked at the leaders of these three groups—all they did was stare at Father.

I understood the situation.

I admit, I was surprised.

I had heard that my father had a fairly high rank in wartimes.

But this situation was on another level.

Operation Commander.

Separate from the Frontline Combat Commander, he was in command of individual operations.

In other words, he was basically the number two in this current situation.

Wow, that’s my dad.

My thumb instinctively raised in approval.

But why am I here?

Was my father showing off to his son on purpose by holding the briefing here?

“Let’s begin the operation briefing.”

Father stood up, and as soon as he finished speaking, the lights in the restaurant turned off abruptly and a hologram appeared in the center of the table.

One Named and four Unique Invaders.

One boss and four sub-bosses.

The image of the boss faded, leaving only the four sub-bosses in holographic form.

“Our targets are these.”

Father crossed his arms as he spoke.

The hologram’s blue trace reflected on his face.


Purple Hair unwittingly muttered.

Father responded to her words without taking his eyes off the hologram, his pronunciation precise.

“Yes. Immortal, Hwarang, Psionic, and NS. The four teams will hunt the Unique Invaders.”

His enunciation was strikingly clear.

* * *

The Cheong Knight leads four Unique Invaders.

One, the Spell Knight.

A crazy bastard that uses spells. Even tattooed with purple letters all over his body.

The origin is a Living Armor.

Two, the Thorn Knight.

A creature covered in spiked armor.

It has a very simplistic attack pattern—it simply charges at sight.

However, the issue is with the spiked armor it wears, which can withstand almost any bullet, bombardment. A moving armor that is tricky to fight.

Furthermore, the armor changes as it charges—sometimes it becomes a spiked ball or a spear. Simply put, it’s like a 200kg spear that dashes irregularly.

The origin is a Wheel Knight.

Three, Dark Templar, or rather, Stealth Knight.

Formally named Stealth Knight, but it pretty much behaves like a unit from a certain RTS game.

This one, among the three, has the worst armor durability, slowest movement, and lacks the crazy charge.

Its only weapon is a thin blade attached to its right arm.

However, it’s good at hiding. ‘Stealth’ isn’t in its name for nothing.

It doesn’t always stay invisible. The principle of how its outline becomes transparent is similar to animal camouflage.

With a close look, or rather Immortal-level senses, its contours can be faintly visible, or if you can’t see it at all, spray it with paint pellets.

If it’s coated with a special solution, camouflage can’t hide its presence.

It is also detectable by infrared devices.

The problem is, it not only camouflages well but also has a passively incredible talent for hiding its presence, blending with the Invader group.

It sneaks around within the group, waiting to slash and cut from the shadows.

It’s hard to deal with because finding it is the issue, not the fighting.

The origin is Living Armor.

Four, Iron Knight.

The fourth is the most straightforward.

The origin is a Wheel Knight.

It knows the same skills as a Wheel Knight.

The peculiarity lies in its four wheels, allowing for nimble directional change.

Unlike standard Wheel Knights, who can only move straight, this fellow can move in curves.

It’s like a guided missile.

These four are our prey.

The briefing was brief.

A short silence followed the briefing, interrupted only by a voice resonating in the quiet.

“Spell is ours.”

Representing Hwarang, Uncle flicked his right index finger in the backdrop of the hologram’s blue light after the briefing.

Without any instructions, he stepped forward first.

Shape-shifters have a knack for taking down magicians, so it was a reasonable proposal.

“We’ll take Iron.”

Purple Hair announced, with her arms crossed.

The Iron Knight is the most basic form of Unique Invader.

And psychic diversity can be an efficient method to deal with simplicity.

I looked at the bald division chief. Glancing at me briefly, he then spoke.

“Hiding is Immortal’s specialty.”

Don’t we have pure-blooded Immortals right here?


“Then, Thorn is NS’s responsibility, and the Association has completed the precision measurements, right?”

Father clapped his hands as the hologram went out and the lights came back on in the restaurant.

“We have, at most, six hours,” said Purple Hair.

“What about Father?” I asked abruptly.

Without thinking, Miho answered.

“Since specialized elite operations involve splitting teams to perform tasks, we need a team to coordinate everyone. Representative. Having one team on standby for any variables is essential, and there’s no better team than Phoenix with extensive experience and teamwork.”

She did put noticeably more emphasis on ‘Representative.’

It was a pinpoint accurate remark.

Upon Miho’s words, the two shape-shifters behind Uncle nodded unwittingly.

It was a nod of realization: ‘So that was the plan.’

Father whispered to me.

“You must have good fortune with people.”

Good fortune?

I worked those connections while dealing with Mr. Nam Myung-jin’s complaints; it’s about my capabilities.

“If you’re tired of thinking, just keep quiet.”

Miho whispered back to me.

How did she know? The sleep deprivation and the current bustle, complemented by the warmth filling my stomach, were making me drowsy again.

It was an inconvenient time to think.

After all, isn’t that why I recruited people—to avoid these tiresome tasks?

Panda Hyung was probably in command because he knew too.

Now, the real briefing was over.

“Until next time.”

The bald division chief left.

Purple Hair turned away without a word.

Uncle Shape-shifter gave me a long look before turning away too.

Everyone departed with their respective groups.

The restaurant suddenly felt cooler, almost empty, as if it had been packed with people that had now left.

They would all be busy. Gear to prepare, conditions to optimize, and operations to plan—there’s so much to do, and we only have six hours.

And we had similar tasks ahead too.

“How will the team assemble?”

Miho nudged me with her question.

“I’m going,” Ki-nam declared.

“I’m not participating,” said Jeong-ik.

“I’d like to join too,” Mari added.


Mother called out to me.

Everyone had different wishes. Without any need for deliberation, I responded immediately.

“Assign Jung-a noona as the sniper, with Mother, Mari, Ki-nam, and me, that makes five.”

Miho nodded in agreement.

That settled it.

The remaining members would join the frontal combat.

No one spoke of the impending tasks, but we all had a shared understanding.

A frontal battle would take place.

It would be a fierce fight. Beyond the ongoing fray with the Invaders leaking from the rupture, this would be even more brutal.

Amidst the battlefield, the elite few will maneuver, taking down Unique Invaders.

It wasn’t precognition, just the unfolding of upcoming events before my eyes.

We’ll fight and fight again, killing Invader after Invader.

I’ll be pulling the trigger for the 4th hitter and swinging the jangle knife vigorously.

That’s what I will do.

Images of the battle began to take shape in my mind.

And so.

Ah, strangely, I feel.

It’s all because of Mother. Sometimes, the blood of a shape-shifter simply boils on its own accord.

Why am I looking forward to this?

The thought of smashing my fist into the face of a 1st generation Unique Invader sent a thrill through my heart.

“Brother, why are you smiling?” Mari asked.

“It’s fun,” I replied.

To that, she said.

“Clearly, even the representative is not normal.”

“When have I ever been normal?” chimed in Kim Muscle and Rose from the side.

Hearing that from those two, my excitement cooled swiftly.

One is a princess-born muscle gangster.

The other, a former terrorist, now just a gangster, right?

Who are they to say who’s normal or not?


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